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Bears/Jets Trade Makes Sense
Published at 4/11/2017
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I wanted to pitch an idea that I think makes a ton of sense, and that is a first-round trade between the Bears and Jets. 

So we hear the Jets love Fournette, but he's likely to go #4 to the Jags. Why trade to #2 when the Bears might be open to a trade, and it saves them some resources? On the trade value chart, the value of #3 is 2200 and #6 is 1600. That 600pt value is worth the 31st overall pick. 

The Jets need their picks, or at least the high ones, to rebuild. So they shouldn't give up #39 or next year's 1st or 2nd. So how do they get that value? 

I suggest their first third-rounder, #70, worth 240pts on the trade value chart to start (they retain a compensatory pick). So what about the other 360pts in trade value (worth the 54th pick)? 
Sheldon Richardson. One year left on his contract, they already have Leonard Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson to cover for him. He's potentially gone in a year or two. Why not get a 2nd round pick's worth of value, which is much better than the compensatory third they'll get in a few picks? And, of their defensive talents, he is the one most likely to not be in their long-term plans. 

To the Bears, Richardson's worth a late 2nd. He is a first round talent and relatively young (27), but has some problems with suspensions. He fits what they need at 3-4 Defensive End, is a safer value than Jonathan Allen, and they still can likely land one of the two safeties they like at #6. They make two huge improvements to their defense and gain some playmakers, an area they are lacking in. On top of that, an extra third round pick for Chicago can net them some ammo to move up into the first for another talent (QB?). 

Its a good trade for both teams. 

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