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My Response to How to Fixing the 49ers
Published at 12/29/2016
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I would fire Trent Baalke and fortunately they already brought in his replacement, Tom Gamble.  But that move may foreshadow Chip Kelly's future as they worked together in Philly.  Plus, I think firing two coaches after their first season sends a bad message to potential candidates.  The 49ers were seen as a burning building not long ago and they need some stability.  If Chip can continue to retool his offense I think he can succeed in the NFL.  He has a sub par offense right now, at best.  The offense has shown flashes and they aren't playing as fast.  I'd give him more time and Select Players For Him.  But not with Baalke!

I believe the niners should have more cap space with rollovers.  If Kap is gone and Brooks is cut, he should be, with rollover, the cap space is around $90M.  I like the free agents pick ups of Williams at NT and Reiff at OT but I would hope to get Bradford, if he becomes available.  Cutler likes to chuck and duck.

Trubisky at 1 would be the best thing to happen to the 49ers.  Myles Garrett is the best player in the draft by far.  A QB is the most important position and the biggest need but defense wins championships.  The Panthers took Cam at 1 and the Broncos got Miller at 2.  The Broncos lost to the Panthers in the Super Bowl ,Von Miller was MVP and Peyton was a nonfactor.  I don't see a QB prospect close to Cam.  I'm not saying Myles Garrett will be Von Miller but I'm saying the Denver Broncos had the most prolific offense and Seattle held them to 8 points in another Super Bowl.  Defense wins championships.  Imagine having Bucker and Garrett!

Maybe they can take a QB in the second round or trade up to get one.  I know they need a quaterback but I want them to get a corner and middle linebacker.  The corner class seems deep to me and they should be able to get a solid starter late 1/early 2.  There are better qbs next year and this is a multi year rebuild.  Whatever they do the next two drafts and free agencies are key.      

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