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The Game of the Year - Seattle vs. Arizona
Published at 10/24/2016
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Chances are that most of you have been told by sports outlets such as MSN-BleacherReport, or ESPN, or Fox Sports, that the Seattle vs. Arizona game was the worst game of the year - it was an eyesore, ugly, unwatchable game - according to the major outlets.

I may be in the minority here, but I disagree. Here's why:

1) Defensive battles are harder and harder to come by. Flash back twenty years and games like this were way more common, and many fans were itching for offensive shootouts, like myself. Now, thanks to Roger Goodell, these games are few and far in between. With the current rules in place now, even the most below-average of quarterbacks can post stats that would make Dan Fouts salivate (see: Keenum, Case). Defensive backs are handicapped more than ever, which is why I believe it's now the toughest position in all of sports to play. Why do you think Matt Stafford has posted just about the best stats by a QB ever through his first 100 starts? I mean, Stafford is good, but there's no way in hell he's that good.

2) These defenses are damn good - Cliff Avril was an animal, and Seattle's legion of boom is still very good, even without Kam Chancellor. Arizona's defense is not that far behind - they may be the fastest defense I've ever seen.

3) Two blocked kicks! Just when it looked like Arizona was going to walk away with the 3-0 win, former Badger Quarterback/Safety Tanner McEvoy blocked the punt that put Seattle in a position to send the game into OT.

4) The offenses aren't actually bad (the defenses were just that good). Yes, clearly Russell Wilson is still hurt, but that shouldn't take away what Arizona's defense did during that game.

5) The clutch defensive plays-- Seattle stuffing Arizona on what looked like a sure-fire game-winning drive, despite clearly being completely drained, and the Seattle DB making a shoe-string tackle to save a TD.

6) The botched FGs. Wow. This sort of choke job leaves me with one big question -- How did Blair Walsh kick for both Seattle and Arizona? How was Blair Walsh traded back to Minnesota without anyone knowing? How was he snuck in and out of the stadium? Where are Haushka and Catanzaro now? Who took them out? How for does this conspiracy go up? When will douchey college frat kids get wind of this? Where are the hashtags?!




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