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The Packers Suck
Published at 10/17/2016
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I honestly can't remember the last time I could say this about my beloved Green & Gold, but it's the truth. And if the truth don't sting like a b!@ch.

Anyways, I'm going to highlight the Packers' biggest problems that have been persistent over the last two seasons.

1) What the hell, Aaron?

Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? Rewind to two years ago, and he was throwing darts that I've never seen before, and as a Packer fan I had been spoiled with Brett Favre for 15 years. This guy was crazy, and could just about pick apart any defense - no matter how good. I'm not going to go into too much depth with A-Rod, because the media has beaten that horse already, but something is clearly off with him and has been for a while. As much as it pains me to say, he sort of looks like Jay Cutler out there - in terms of demeanor and body language.

2) The coaching staff and TT

It's clear Mike McCarthy is in way over his head. I have been saying for years that he's an overrated coach that has rode the success of Aaron. Now that Rodgers isn't doing so hot, he's been exposed. His half time adjustments have always been lackluster, his time management and challenge management have always been horrible, and his play-calling is just a has-been. He refuses to ride Eddie Lacy consistently (even when he's healthy), and all the routes the receivers run are designed so vanilla. There is no creativity in his playbook! It's so predictable. Honestly, the Packers are so lucky to be even 3-2 right now. His offense is 26th in the league in total yards, 25th in pass, and 16th in rushing despite Lacy averaging over 5 YPC. Oh, Dom... I have called for your head seemingly since after the Super Bowl season nearly 7 years ago. His defense is designed so poorly - as the team just gives receivers ten yard blankets time in and out, despite seeing the success of press-man coverage that has haunted the Packers. The run defense, which Democrat Packer fans (get it? Because their heads are up their a$$) have said is great and that the defense isn't a problem, was blown wide open by Ezekiel Elliot and that vaunted Dallas OL. Well? Can you be surprised? The Packers first four games haven't exactly been against good running teams (Jacksonville has a horrible OL, Minnesota had a banged up AP, the Lions haven't been able to run the football since Sanders, and the Giants also possess a horrid running game). And why run the ball when you can throw all day on this pass defense? Ahhhh, Ted Thompson. I was your biggest supporter for the majority of your tenure. Now? Well, now my patience has run thin. It's just hard to build a good team when you continually flop early round draft picks, such as Sherrod, Perry, and Jones (too early to tell on Randall and Clarke - although Randall has looked awful). His steadfast avoidance of pricey free agents is admired by many, including me. But even Ted takes that too far. Sometimes, especially when you have a future HOF quarterback, who although is struggling, you HAVE TO SWING FOR THE FENCES. This guy is way too conservative, and it has cost him. In years back when Aaron was elite, Ted wasted those years because the team around him, namely the defense, wasn't good enough. I'd be amiss if I didn't point out that Thompson let Casey Hayward walk for less than $4mil/year... Sure could use him now.

3) The receivers just can't get open!

I mean, aren't broken clocks right twice a day? Look, I get it - good corners will get the best of you at times. But every time? In today's soft NFL where corners are at such a disadvantage, you're telling me none of the Packers receivers can get open? Aaron has all day with that elite offensive line, and most of the time receivers just don't get open, and even if they do Aaron's been missing them! It's not like the Packers are running out D3 replacement receivers out there. These are some big name guys! Guys like Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb (and even Davante Adams to an extent) are consistently not getting open. Why? These guys are big name and high priced receivers! So what the hell is going on? Is it the routes? Is it all McCarthy's fault? Or is part of the blame on them?

4) The defensive backfield sucks and the run defense is overrated

A lot of these points are scheme vs. player production questions. And this point is no different. The Packers receivers face press-man coverage all day long, and it shuts them down. Then you look at the other side of the ball and the Packers play some of the softest cover schemes I have ever seen. It seems like we give ten yard cushions over 3/4 of the time! It's like Capers is playing a prevent defense all four quarters. But even when the corners play up tight, they constantly get beat. Damarious Randall, the Packers' 2015 first round pick, has been burnt to a chard black toast-like hue this year. This dude needed to pick up his jock strap so many times after getting dusted the first few weeks before injuring his groin. Granted, some of these problems can be attributed to injuries (Sam Shields and Morgan Burnett), but are you telling me that the rest of that secondary is that bad? Ha-Ha is a nice safety, but the corners on Green Bay have been terrible! Randall has been one of the worst in the league, Gunter looked like he was on ice skates the entire game against Dallas, and Rollins hasn't been great either. You can't win in this league if you can't stop the pass.

Is this how Browns fans feel all the time?

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