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WR Value Picks Week 4
Published at 9/28/2016
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WE Value Picks for Week 4

3 weeks in the books, we can start to get an idea of what to expect from teams in the NFL. We will continue week 4 by checking out the Receivers. Again, this is all based on Draft Kings salary numbers and scoring, these are my value picks, NOT my best receivers of the week. These are the guys that I foresee offering the best bang for buck when picking your rosters this week.

Ideal points for price for WR:

$8,000 and up should be getting 27+ points.

$6,800 to $7,900 should be getting 22 to 26 points.

$5,600 to $6,700 should be getting 17 to 21 points.

$4,400 to $5,500 should be getting 12 to 16 points.

$3,200 to $4,300 should be getting 7 to 11 points

$3,100 and less should be getting 3 to 6 points

Keep this in mind when I make my picks.




1.  Terrelle Pryor, Cleveland Browns V.s. Washington Redskins:  $4,300

Pryor is also my 17th ranked WR (PPR) this week. The Redskins are allowing 302 yards a game, and even though the Browns might not have an elite receiver group or quarterback I still like this matchup. I think that this game will have garbage yards to be honest. The Redskins will keep this game away from the Browns forcing the Browns to the air the majority of the time, giving Pryor a lot of targets and receptions.


Prediction:  I like Pryor this week for 6 receptions, 100 yards and a touchdown for 22 points.



2.  Adam Humphries, Tampa Bay Buccaneers V.s. Denver Broncos $3,000:

The Buccaneers learned a hard lesson with clock management and the Rams game will haunt them. With the departure of TE ASJ the Bucs offense changed a bit shifting Brate to the primary pass catching TE making Humphries (already the #3 WR) targets go up. Humphries was the 3rd down go to for Winston. With Jackson and Evan taking the top corners I like Humphries to continue to have 6-9 targets a game in the slot.


Prediction:  I like Humphries this week for 7 receptions, 80 yards for 15 points.  

3.  Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys V.S. Chicago Bears $3,900:

I think Draft Kings is finally starting to see Beasley’s value. I have had Beasley on this list every week thus far and again like the value. Dez Bryant may or may not play this week because of his knee, I think that even if he does he will not be fully healthy and at his prime giving Williams and Beasley the opportunity the chance to grab more receptions and yards.


Prediction:  I like Beasley this week for 6 receptions, 60 yards and a touchdown for 18 points.

4.  DeVante Parker, Miami Dolphins V.S. Cincinnati Bangles:  $5,200

Parker Had a nice week against a weak Browns defense catching 3 of 6 for 51 yards and a touchdown. Parker is a big time red zone threat in the Dolphins offense. Playing a Bangles defense ranked 13th against the pass, allowing only 247 yards a game. I think that in this game the Bangles and Dolphins will be going back and forth with little defense from the Dolphins. This is another game to where I think the Dolphins will be down late and have to play the 4th quarter throwing the ball.


Prediction:  I like Parker this week for 6 receptions, 70 yards and a touchdown for 19 points.


5.  Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints V.S. San Diego Chargers $3,800:

First time being present is Michael Thomas. He has had a decent fantasy season thus far and I like the matchup against the Chargers. Drew Brees Monday night really showed trust in his rookie receiver throwing the ball in tight coverage and multiple types of throws. My only concern, which is why he is my 5th value receiver is that with Snead returning to the lineup this week, Thomas will see fewer snaps and targets, especially with Fleener finally showing what he can do Monday night.


Prediction:  I like Thomas this week for 5 receptions, 50 yards and a touchdown for 16 points.



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