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WR Value Picks Week 3
Published at 9/22/2016
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TE Value Picks for Week 3

With Week 1 and 2 in the books, we start to get a better idea of what to expect from teams in the NFL. We have talked quarterbacks and tight ends, and today were moving to the playmaker, the wide receivers. Again, this is all based on Draft Kings salary numbers and scoring, these are my value picks, NOT my best wide receivers of the week. Also these are for Sunday’s games only. These are the guys that I foresee offering the best bang for buck when picking your rosters this week. With wide receivers I see a “Value” pick anything less than $4,900. When you pay $8,000 or more for a WR, that guy must be posting 27+ points. $6,500 to $7,900 should be getting you between 20 and 26 points. Then, $5,000 to $6,400 should be getting 14-19 points. So, when looking at the guys I’m listing below $4,900, they should ideally only be putting between 8-13 points. However, I feel offer you the ability to get more value.





1.  Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys V.S. Chicago Bears $3,200:

I don’t get it, Draft Kings what did Beasley do to you? Seriously, no love for this guy. He’s averaging exactly 13 points a game and This is the guy on who is on the field most of the time. I think Beasley offers the best value in all my selections again this week. Dak Prescott I think has found someone that he has chemistry with in Beasley and just kept going to him again in week 2. The Bears defense is a mess of injuries, they lost their starting nose tackle, pass rusher, and 2 defensive backs, letting Wentz look like Houdini. I like Beasley this week for 7 receptions, 70 yards and a touchdown for 20 points.



2.  DeVante Parker, Miami Dolphins V.S. The Cleveland Browns:  $4,900

Parker didn’t play week one and was not sure till Sunday if he was going to play week 2. However, he had a big day with 8 receptions on 13 targets. The Browns are in a tail spins and don’t even know where which way is up. On top of loosing RG3 for the season and Josh McCown. They just lost Corey Coleman with a hand injury for a few weeks, plus I’m pretty sure Josh Gordon is out forever after the warrant that was issued on him today. To put this into perspective, The Browns are staring their third string rookie QB, the top 2 WR’s are Pryor and Hawkins. I see the Browns not being able to move the ball very well resulting in the Dolphins getting a lot of time of possession and setting Landry and Parker for success here. I like Parker this week for 6 receptions, 70 yards and a touchdown for 19 points.

3.  Quincy Enunwa, New York Jets V.S. Kansas City Chiefs:  $4,800

Who is this guy? Oh, you know that other guy on the jets averaging 17 points a game right now. I wasn’t biting week 2 on him but with 2 weeks of consistency and the fact that he will probably be too much to put on this list next week I wanted to squeeze him in here. The Jets don’t really don’t have a TE right now, they run this guy all over the middle. Enunwa is big in the middle playmaker. If I’m the chiefs I’m cursing at the game film this week. You know there’s Brandon Marshall on one side, that TD magnet Eric Decker on the other, there’s that guy Forte who is one of the best receiving backs in NFL history, and then there is this big mismatch TE/WR monster eating up the middle. The chiefs just got picked apart (slowly I’ll add) by the Texans. Know I like the Texans, but this Jets offense is possibly one of, or just outside one of the top 5 offenses in the league. I like Enunwa for 6 receptions, 60 yards and a touchdown for 18 points.

4.  Phillip Dorsett, Indianapolis Colts V.S. San Diego Chargers $ 4,400

Dorsett put a good performance on the board in week 1, but was unable to re-produce in week 2. However, with the loss of Daunte Moncrief for a few weeks with a broken hand and what I’m sure is going to be a game that starts slow and escalates into a shootout. I really like Dorsett to get a lot of short slant routes to get him in space. I like Dorsett for 6 receptions,80 yards and a touchdown for 20 points.


5.  Tajae Sharpe, Tennessee Titans V.S. Oakland Raiders $4,700:

Deja vu? That’s right, for this price I still like Sharpe for week 3. I almost didn’t put Sharpe on this list. The Titans will be facing the worst passing defense in the NFL. This was a Raiders defense that was supposed to be well improved, however, they couldn’t stop a tumbleweed at the rate they are going. I like Sharpe again in week 3 against the Colts for 6 receptions, 70 yards and a touchdown for 19 points.  



6.  Tyrell Williams, San Diego Chargers V.S. Indianapolis Colts $3,700:

Williams has size and I think offers the most for San Diego when it comes to replacing Keenan Allen.  As I have discussed on here with other players and positions. I don’t like the Colts defense; they still have no good defensive backs with no depth at all behind them. I think that Williams could be that type of player to make a big impact. If handled well, Williams, Travis Benjamin amd Antonio gates could carry this team to a strong passing game. I like Williams for 6 receptions, 70 yards and a touchdown for 18 points.  

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