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QB Value Picks Week 3
Published at 9/19/2016
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QB Value Picks Week 3

With Week one and two in the books we start to get a better idea of what to expect from teams in the NFL. We will begin week 3 by checking out the Quarterbacks. Again, this is all based on Draft Kings salary numbers and scoring, these are my value picks, NOT my best quarterbacks of the week and these are for Sundays games only. These are the guys that I foresee offering the best bang for buck when picking your rosters this week. With quarterbacks I see a “Value” pick anything less than $6,000. When you pay $7,500 or more for a player, that guy must be posting 25+ points. $6,100 to $7,400 should be getting you between 17 and 25 points for the cost. When looking at the guys I’m listing, really should only be putting between 12-17 points but I feel offer you the ability to get more value.

1.  QB Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings V.S. Carolina Panthers $5,300:  

Wait, is my best value pick a quarterback with only 1 week in the offense? Yep. Carolina has one of, if not the best front seven in the NFL and I hate picking a quarterback against that. However, this is a rare instance. First there is no AP, meaning that the run game is going to struggle, leading to more short slant routes. Bradford’s O-line is not that bad and should be able to offer enough time to get the pass out. In weeks 1 and 2 the respective quarterbacks have been able to post respectable numbers against the panthers, and I like Bradford for 280 yards, 2 scores and an interception for 21 points.

2.  QB Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bangles V.S. Denver Broncos $5,700:

I swear I’m sober while writing this. Yes, I’m picking another quarterback against another amazing defense. Andrew Luck didn’t fare to well last week, why will Dalton do any better? First the Broncos will not have Demarcus Ware rushing the passer. This means that more attention can be put on Von Miller. Similar to what Caroline did in the first half against the Broncos, look for the Bangles to send a RB, TE or FB as a second blocker against Miller all game. Unlike the Colts revolving door, I mean O-line, the Bangles have a respectable line in front of Dalton. With all that, Dalton has posted 366 yards or more the last 2 weeks! I like Dalton for 300 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a turnover for 22 points.

3.  QB Ryan Fitzpatrick New York Jets V.S. Kansas City Chiefs $5,900:

Again, this is another quarterback going against another good defense. Now the Chiefs Defense has been playing well but still giving up plays down the field. Fitz-magic on the other side rebounded nicely from a down week 1 with a strong performance last Thursday night setting up 3 receivers for over 100 yards each. Plus Forte who looks like he still has not lost a step in his game. I like Fitzpatrick for 275 yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception for 21 points.  

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