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Week 1: Daily Fantasy Football Lineup
Published at 9/10/2016
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Week 1: Daily Fantasy Football Lineup

Here it is. I’ve been giving my value picks through the week, and the following is going to be my Draft Kings Sunday games only starting roster.


Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles $5,000:  As I have stated in my last post, if Wentz can stay healthy, I believe this is a good matchup for him to put some points on the board against a weak Browns defense that is still rebuilding.


LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills $6,400:  This is a name that I have not written about but this I believe is the year we see McCoy in true form. Bringing back and building the offensive line I think that McCoy can rack up some yards against a Ravens Defensive line and also contribute in the passing game as well.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers $6,200:  This is another name I have not mentioned this week but I think this is one of the safer running backs to go with this week. The Bucs have the ability to go to the air and attack but they still want to run the ball a bunch and control the clock. I like Martin for 15-20 carries in this game and an average point pickup.


Odell Beckham Jr., Ney York Giants $9,300:  Draft Kings is a PPR format and OBJ will have a monster game this week against a weak secondary of the Cowboys. The running game has not looked good for the Giants so I can see a lot of passes being thrown in this game with OBJ being the beneficiary of those.

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders $7,200:  This is another name I have mentioned this week and I truly believe that Cooper could put up numbers similar to OBJ this week that why I love this grab for $2,100 less. It helps that the Saints secondary is a hot mess and the Raiders offense should be coming back strong. David Carr and Cooper should have a nice day in the big easy on Sunday.

Marvin Jones Jr., Detroit Lions $4,600:  Again this is a guy I have talked about this week and I love the matchup. Jones has really taken the role as the number one in Detroit and is Stafford’s guy it seems for the redzone. I like Jones to have a field day against an injured, aging and slow Colts secondary.


Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans $4,500:  If you did not catch my value picks for tight ends earlier today check it out I went into detail why I like Walker at this price and production. The matchup will be tough against a good Vikings defense but I still like Walker to get the receptions and produce this week.


Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots $3,400:  Again check out my tight end value picks for week one and this guy is right there next to Walker. With Gronk not making the trip to Arizona and not playing this week I really like Bennett to come away with a lucrative game. I like the value so much that I’m starting 2 TE’s this week in my roster.


New York Jets Defense/Special Teams $3,400:  This was a tough choice I really wanted to go with the Rams defense here but what I saw from the Jets front seven through preseason, I want to take them in this matchup against the Bengals. Dalton is not going to have a lot out there to throw to thanks to injures and losing their number 2 and 3 receivers in the offseason. If the Jets can shut the run down I like them to keep the Bengals in check and force some bad throws this week.

I ended up spending the full $50,000 salary for the week but I really like this roster a lot. As much research as you do and as much film as you watch though, no one can plan for what’s going to happen week one of the regular season and injuries. A lot changes and happens in the offseason and most people think that teams and players are just going to pick up where they left off and it’s just not the case. Different GM’s, Head coaches, coordinators, position coach’s. All this plays a role with the team and changing its identity for the new season. Last year we saw half the starting running backs in the league get injured for at least a couple weeks or longer, showing that running backs are very hard to fully commit to. Enjoy the picks, good luck this Sunday and may the Fantasy Football odds ever be in your favor.


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