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An Objective Review of the Colin Kaepernick Controversy
Published at 9/5/2016
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Much maligned former NFL star and current prima donna backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been the main storyline in national news both in and out of the sporting world over the past few weeks because of his decision not to stand for the National Anthem against the Packers. Before I give my two cents regarding the issue, I feel the need to issue the following caveat – I hate Colin Kaepernick… Not for what he’s done off the field – oh no – but for how he embarrassed my Packers twice when he was actually relevant on the football field. Every time I hear his name I get flashbacks of Erik “All Day” Walden biting on an obvious read-option and Kap taking off with plenty of green grass in front of him – *shivers*.

First off, I hate people in this country… I really do. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh - but I really do hate how people react to controversy. We are all so caught up in identity politics that we don’t objectively look at real issues plaguing this country. The Left, who are practically rubbing Colin Kaepernick’s racially-ambiguous nipples, are the same ones calling Chip Kelly a racist on Twitter for giving Gabbert the starting job. They are also the ones who have refused to call out Radical Islam, who have called for massive gun control (even though stats/facts prove that more guns = less crime), who are creating destructive and fascist “safe spaces” on college campuses nationwide, and who are basically encouraging BLM’s looting and destruction of cities – because, you know, the louder you whine, the more just your cause must be. Then you have the Right, who are supposedly for freedom of speech and expression, but these are the people who are villainizing Kaepernick for exercising his First Amendment rights!! These are the same people who, no matter what, always back the police officer in the matter of a shooting, who support Donald Trump because he’s a “conservative who upholds conservative values” (yeah, that’s BS too).

Why can’t we just come together and agree on a damn thing? You may not agree with the reasoning behind Kap’s protests – and frankly the reasoning doesn’t matter – because the men and women who have fought for this country risked their lives so that we all may exercise our most basic of rights – and yes, choosing not to stand for the national anthem is among them.

NOTE: I do find his socks that depict cops as pigs to be horrendously generalizing, misinformed, and foolish. But, hey, wear ‘em. That’s his prerogative.

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