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NFL Fan’s Sanity and Intelligence Test
Published at 1/13/2022
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NFL Fan’s Sanity and Intelligence Test

Answers below – do not cheat
.1. Name the only state of the US which is 50% land

.2. What is the most populous city in the North American continent.  You get 4 guesses

.3. The worst political party is
A: Democrats
B: Republicans
C: Neither of the above
D: All of the above
E: The party full of snakes; you know the one; the ASP (Anti-Sports Party).  Their main goal is MNF (Monday NOT Football)

.4. My favourite source of news gives me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth all the time
A: Yes (If you answered “YES”, go to question 12; you’re way too smart to have to bother doing the whole thing)
B: No (If you answered “NO”, proceed to question 5)

.5. Fauci was seen some time ago taking a jab in the arm. This was
A: A vaccine
B: A placebo
C: Not sure, but he was feeling pretty good for the next few hours
D: Truth serum

.6. The US has risen in the world power rankings recently
A: Yes
B: No
C: They have power rankings by country? Where do I see this data?

.7. My solution to the current medical situation is
A: Correct and everyone else is wrong
B: Wrong and everyone else is correct
C: The same as the authorities here, so it’s working pretty well
D: The same as the authorities here, so it’s working pretty badly
E: Ever-changing

.8. The most locked down city in the world is
A: My city
B: A City in a Democrat state
C: A City in a Republican state
D: None of the above (name it)

.9. The VAERS data...
A: Needs to be studied carefully to ensure safety of the public
B: Should be studied carefully in the year 2070 to ensure safety of the public
C: VAERS? Is that a College Football team I haven’t heard of?

.10.  India and Japan are faring better per capita than the US in terms of the pandemic because
A: They’ve been using something that rhymes with pectin
B: Whatever the fact-checker says – even though I cannot understand what it is saying
C: Strategic use of curry and cherry blossom
D: It’s illegal to look at data for these two countries – please remove this question

.11.  The FDA, CDC and NIH...
A: Are my inspiration in life as I strive to be a genuine person of high moral fiber
B: Would give me a good laugh if it weren’t so tragic
C: Are going to eventually succeed despite incompetence (a la Maxwell Smart)
D: Will be closed down in Jan 2025

.12. The current covid rules are..
A: For all - with no exceptions
B: For the general population, but not for the elite, because disease doesn’t affect them

Answers:  score 1 point for each correct answer and also 1 point for each incorrect answer
.1. Maryland (8 letters, 4 of them are LAND)

.2.  Mexico City.  If you got this right in four guesses, you’re probably new to this country...and you’ll soon be able to vote without being a citizen

.3. E

.4. Both answers are correct

.5. Who knows?  Give yourself a point

.6. Whatever you said is correct

.7. Whatever you said is correct

.8. You get a point for any answer but pat yourself on the back if you said Melbourne Australia (not Melbourne Florida)

.9. Whatever you said is correct

.10. D

.11. Whatever you said is correct

.12. B

Your total score
12: you are sane and intelligent
12: you are intelligent and sane
11 or less: you are sane and intelligent, but need some help with Math

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