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Pass, Don't Run
Published at 1/13/2022
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I often see teams slaughtering an opposition via the passing game, but not succeeding with their run game. 

You'll regularly see them up by, say, 10 points early in Q4. They may have the ball at their own 20.  What do they so often do? Run, Run, Run, Punt. Sure, they run the clock down by a minute or two, but they give the ball back to the opposition.

Maybe, if they're lucky, they'll get 3 runs and a rare 1st down; or Run, Run then Pass for a first down.

Yeah, I get it that the passing game can potentially be riskier.  But I would much rather give the ball back to the opposition at their own 25 after scoring a TD via the passing game than run down the clock a bit and give the ball back without scoring.

Think of it from the viewpoint of the other team's defence. Predictability makes life easy for them. They've been stressing out all game about their vulnerability to the pass. Clamping down on a one-dimensional run game is a piece of cake for them.

And it makes for a more boring game as well.

I hope to see teams in this space in future keep on doing what got them in front - passing - and building on their lead.

As a real left-field thought, maybe teams could get credit for Q4 scoring  EG if we need to separate two teams who have equal wins to decide which one goes to the play-offs, give it to the team with the higher total points scored in Q4 over the course of the whole season.

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