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Top 10 worst qb situations heading into 2021
Published at 3/31/2021
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The top worst qb situations heading into 2021

Free Agency is about over now, so there is a better idea of who the starting qbs will be for the 2021 season here are the top 10.

10. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia

It’s hard to say how good or bad Hurts will be yet, but a undersized second round pick doesn’t necessarily get too many fans excited, this one is a wait and see kind of deal.

9. Jared Goff, Lions

This one is another shot in the dark, Goff was borderline being benched last year or in some instances benched, probably just a stopgap qb.

8. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh

Big Ben is coming back for one more year and he really shouldn’t be, he looked bad at the end of last year and he will probably look bad this year, hes really only coming back because they have no better option at present.  Look for Pittsburgh to draft someone.

7. Jameis Winston, New Orleans

Jameis Winston is a decent filler qb but everyone pretty much knows he’s just that, New Orleans will probably move on after a year.

6. Andy Dalton, Chicago

If you just want a qb that will throw more td than int’s he’s your guy, but he will not take Chicago anywhere, a waste of time experiment that could have been conducted last year.

5. Carson Wentz, Indianapolis

Carson Wentz was pretty much the worst qb in the NFL last year per the amount of games he played this one is a total gamble and is based on hope that he will return to form than anything else, I am expecting more of the same from last year.

 4. Whoever starts for the Denver Broncos

Lackluster depth chart at qb and not a great pick to fix it…

3. Daniel Jones, Giants

Bust qb who will get another shot and will bust again…

2. Cam Newton, New England

Don’t understand this one at all after last year, better off going all in to get Garopollo

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington

Another stop gap destined to fail, no draft pick to save this team from the fallout of Dwayne Haskins…

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