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2021 NFL Draft - Pre Super Bowl
Published at 1/28/2021
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2021 NFL Draft - Pre Super Bowl 

First Round 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson

  • Anyone who wants to make this a story now with Urban Meyer in Jacksonville and his connections with Ohio State is clearly just trying to drum up some drama for the draft. I doubt Meyer takes the job if the Jags have had the 2nd pick and no shot at Lawrence. If you ask me I am sure Meyer attempted to recruit Lawrence during his time at Ohio State and I am sure he has been dying to work with the generational talent since then. Lawrence in Clemson’s offense seemed a tad bit held back as they tried to get guys like Etienne and others more involved. Under Meyer’s pass happy and fast offense I think Lawrence could really reach his true potential as a passer. Now I am not ready to call him the next Andrew Luck since Luck proved himself in college. I always felt Lawrence left a lot to be desired in his lackluster matchups the past few years in the playoffs. He always played with a lead and rarely proved himself capable of coming back when the team was down a few scores. If you ask me I can see him being a similar if not a slightly better version of Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert of last year. He is the younger, more natural passing talent compared to those two and has a little more athleticism. Either way the move to get Urban Meyer and now drafting Trevor Lawrence the Jags have certainly made them a more interesting team to watch out for next year. 

  1. New York Jets - Penei Sewell OT Oregon

  • Like many in the Jets organization I am not ready to call Sam Darnold a bust just yet. There is still some hope that he can develop now without Adam Gase there to ruin him much like Ryan Tannehill has done in Tennessee after he left Gase. Plus, you really cannot convince me that Justin Fields or Zach Wilson is any better than Darnold at this point. Barring a miracle trade to obtain Deshaun Watson I suspect the Jets will just roll with Darnold to see if this new coaching staff can turn him around. That being said if they are going that route with Darnold I would try my hardest to move down with the Lions, Broncos, or 49ers who will be seeking a rookie quarterback in this draft. If they fail to get a good deal staying here and taking Sewell seems like the other no brainer. Sewell is a stout, high caliber, and excellent left tackle who will pair excellently with Mekhi Becton from last year’s class. Sure Becton played well as a left tackle, but his health has to be concerning. If they have Sewell locking down the left side and Becton on the right they will have an excellent tandem to protect Darnold for the next few years. 

  1. Miami Dolphins (via Houston) - Justin Fields QB Ohio State

  • I think the end of the road is quickly coming upon Tua Tagovailoa in Miami. I was a big champion for Tagovailoa last year, but after seeing how timid, shy, and unsure he was this season had me very concerned. He was nowhere near as masterful as he was at Alabama where he looked completely in control of the offense. Maybe he is still concerned about his injuries and playing careful, but in the NFL that will not cut it. If I were the Dolphins with a rare opportunity here to fix the quarterback position thanks to the Texans ineptitude I would have to use it to replace Tua. Especially, since the coaching staff and roster in Miami is probably going to be too solid to be picking this high despite uncertainty at the quarterback position. Fields to me is the complete opposite of Tua in terms of poise, confidence, and grittiness having played this past playoffs with most likely multiple broken ribs. He also possesses great accuracy, vision, mobility, and pocket awareness that reminds me more of Russell Wilson than others have over the years. My only hesitation with taking Fields this high is the terrible track record of Ohio State quarterbacks in the NFL. However, I will say he seems to have a higher IQ, more maturity, and poise than guys like Dwayne Haskins or Cardale Jones had coming out of Ohio St. 

  1. Atlanta Falcons - Ja’Marr Chase WR LSU 

  • I can see the Falcon sticking with Matt Ryan for at least another year with new head coach Arthur Smith being an offensive minded coach. However, I cannot say the same about Julio Jones who seems to be getting stale in Atlanta. To me you can even contend that Calvin Ridley is more important to their offense now than the oft-injured Jones. Plus, Jones’ contract is a bit hampering now that the salary cap is bound to go down this offseason. They could probably still get a first or at least a few second round picks for Jones as well. In any case, finding his replacement with this high pick should be pretty easy by finding a younger, cheaper, and similar model to Jones with Ja’Marr Chase here. I know DeVonta Smith is the hot name out of college right now, but the year prior it was Chase who was putting up the numbers Smith put up. Chase to me is the more raw, bigger, and more athletic receiver who can dominate the outside receiver spot. He has excellent long speed, body control, and size to box out opposing defenders. Not that Smith is a bad prospect, but I give Chase the edge being the more upside option in this draft along with his bigger size. 

  1. Cincinnati Bengals - DeVonta Smith WR Alabama 

  • In my opinion, trading down for an offensive linemen seems like the best move for the Bengals here. However, the Bengals rarely if ever make moves during the draft and I doubt they start here despite having a bright future with Burrow if they can protect him better. If they are not taking a blocker or trading down here I can see them taking a flashy receiver instead to give Burrow some help. With A.J. Green set to hitting free agency and Tyler Boyd being hampered by injuries a lot finding more receiving talent could be high on their wishlist. Smith will be an excellent option with his speed, route running, and IQ that will always work in the NFL. Where Chase is all upside for the most part, Smith to me is a polished prospect who will be ready to play at a high level from Day 1. His size does not worry me at all since his teammates in college Jaylen Waddle, Henry Ruggs, and Jerry Jeudy all had some sort of injury in college while Smith never missed a game. As mentioned earlier you cannot go wrong with either Ja’Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith here since both should be great players at the NFL level. 

  1. Philadelphia Eagles - Micah Parsons LB Penn State

  • The Eagles tried to tank for DeVonta Smith, but I think it will be still hard to land the Heisman winner. Plus, I really do not see receivers as such a huge need with guys like Jalen Reagor, Greg Ward, and Travis Fulgham all still on the roster with a ton of upside. Where they need a lot of help in the backend of their defense or along their offensive line if they want to get back to their former glory. Part of Carson Wentz’ issues this year was it looked like he was trying to win the game on every throw and to me that said he did not trust his defense to stop the opposing offense. He was partly right, but he did his defense no favors by throwing a ton of picks. One way to help out their offense is by creating a stronger defense and one way to do that is finally finding a talented linebacker to man the middle of the defense. With Parsons in the middle with his size, speed, and athleticism their fanbase will no longer have to put up watching Nate Gerry or Alex Singleton try to play defense in the middle of the field. Parsons is a game changing linebacker along the same line as Roquan Smith and Devin White in the past few drafts. He is also a rare linebacker who covers not only very well, but also displays a lot of ball skills between his fumble causing abilities and hands to pick passes off. It might not be a flashy receiver that the Philly fans want to see, but if you ask me Parsons fits what they need more for their roster to get better. 

  1. Detroit Lions - Zach Wilson QB BYU 

  • Well as expected the Lions are set to move on from Matthew Stafford. I thought they would be a little more quiet about it, but they seem to be all out in the media about it taking away any leverage in trade talks. Regardless I would have them in the running to be one of the more likely teams to move up in this draft for a quarterback like Fields or Wilson. In this case, Wilson will most likely fall to them even if they do not trade up, but we all know teams not trading is very unlikely to happen with so many solid quarterbacks available. I am not super high on Wilson as he seems to be just an okay talent at quarterback. He does not have the impressive size, mobility, or arm strength that screams franchise quarterback to me. Sure he looked great this year, but the competition was certainly lacking unlike previous years where he struggled against better competition. To me he seems more destined to become the next Blake Bortles to me more so than the next Josh Allen or Justin Herbert here. Sure he can prove me wrong, but landing in Detroit will certainly not help his chances proving me wrong. 

  1. Carolina Panthers - Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama

  • I am kind of in the middle whether or not the Panthers should take a quarterback here. On one hand Teddy Bridgewater is only on a two year deal and has been known to be a great teammate. So, maybe he could turn into a solid mentor for say a Trey Lance or Zach Wilson here. On the other hand I think with Brees retiring, Ryan possibly out of Atlanta, their only real competition is over in Tampa. They did seem a tad stronger towards the end of the year with Bridgewater getting comfortable in Matt Rhule’s offense. I say go for it with one more year with Bridgewater and if they fail they can have a shot at a more talented quarterback next year. In this case, I think Surtain is one of the sneakier better high prospects in this class. He is getting overlooked by the flashier receivers and quarterbacks, but I think he is a sure fire lockdown corner. I would not be shocked if he actually turns into a more valuable player in the pros than Ja’Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith. Thanks to his dad I think Surtain is well coached, mature, and poised enough to handle the pros right away. His high end athleticism and coverage abilities certainly help a lot. 

  1. Denver Broncos - Mac Jones QB Alabama

  • Is anyone shocked that the immature and wild former prospect Drew Lock somehow has failed in the pros? I am not at all. He was labeled hard to coach, immature, and rough around the edges in college. Hence why he fell to the 2nd round despite his fantastic talent. The Broncos even with John Elway moving away from the GM role I bet he still has a hand in who they take at quarterback. Despite my belief that Trey Lance is better than Mac Jones I still think the quarterback who played more recently will be taken over the one who barely played this year. Jones gets the leg up over Lance due to playing lights out this season and having multiple starts in prior years. He might not have the athleticism teams search for now a days in their signal callers, but he is very aware and shifty in the pocket. I love his poise, maturity, intelligence, and quick decision making. Also, one has to love how well he performed when called upon in past years when Tua Tagovailoa or Jalen Hurts had to miss time due to injury. Call me optimistic, but I would certainly not be surprised in the least if he turns out better than Zach Wilson in this class or even Tua Tagovailoa, his former teammate. 

  1.   Dallas Cowboys - Kwity Paye DE Michigan 

  • The Cowboys should have their pick of defensive edge rushers here with the 10th pick in a rare draft class where there is not one stud to focus on. Normally, there is one at the top of the draft and a few others who fall in right behind them. However, this class lacks that top end stud, but there are still two who can be quick off the board in this range between Kwity Paye and Gregory Rousseau. To be honest I think both should be fine talents in the NFL, but I think Paye takes the edge here thanks to his versatility and experience. He played in some capacity in college every year he was at Michigan waiting for his opportunity to emerge. Paye has a lot of strength, power, and quickness off the edge to be a force on every down. Unlike DeMarcus Lawrence who seems to lack that extra gear or effort to beat his man on every down. Paye is the opposite who brings it on every down with a ton of energy and drive. My only issue is that he lacks that true athleticism to become a true game changing talent. Of course I can be wrong since he does have a lot poise and leadership that could translate very well in the NFL. 

  1.   New York Giants - Kyle Pitts TE Florida 

  • Talent and athleticism wise I think Pitts could challenge any of the top prospects in this draft class. He is a true game changing tight end who can be a mismatch nightmare to slow down in the passing game. I rarely say this about tight ends who get taken this high, but I think he is a pretty sure thing to make it in the NFL. I know the Giants still have Evan Engram, but the “Pro Bowler” despite all his natural athleticism has still struggled to improve his hands and routes to be more intune with Daniel Jones. I am not saying they just give up on Engram, but it helps to have a little push to make him play better. Coach Joe Judge learned under Bill Belichick and he certainly had to learn how great a mismatch having two terrific tight ends could be. I am sure a young Daniel Jones would love to have both Engram and Pitts to throw to on every down. Pitts to me will be an immediate number one target in this passing attack. 

  1.   San Francisco 49ers - Trey Lance QB North Dakota State

  • It’s going to be hard to determine where Lance goes in this draft. In my opinion, he has just as much talent as Trevor Lawrence. The unfortunate part he has only had one full season of starting experience, which many scouts and GMs consider a big red flag. In my opinion he needs to be handled much like Patrick Mahomes was by sitting for a full season to grow and develop in the background. Unfortunately, the 49ers will not be allowing him that time if they move on from Jimmy G this offseason. However, they could use this as a stepping stone if they fail to real in say a Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, or Deshaun Watson and just stick with Garoppolo for one more year. When healthy Garoppolo should still be able to lead this loaded roster to the playoffs. However, if they use that time to develop Lance into the franchise quarterback he could potentially become they could be a dangerous team to watch out for moving forward. Also, yes I do think Lance has similar talent that could rival Mahomes in pure athleticism, arm talent, and mobility to becoming the next big name at the position in the NFL. 

  1.   Los Angeles Chargers - Gregory Rousseau DE Miami 

  • The Chargers will be in a solid spot here to land a difference maker who will slip out of the top 10. Whether it be Kwity Paye, Gregory Rousseau, Kyle Pitts, or Caleb Farley. Any one of those guys will be a very nice fit for the Chargers roster. In a division with Patrick Mahomes to compete with I would lean towards finding another pass rusher to pair with Joey Bosa. Especially, if Melvin Ingram is set to become a free agent this offseason. Rousseau had he played this season could have very easily turned himself into a top five prospect. For what it’s worth he put up a season that rivaled only Chase Young when he last played. Unfortunately, unlike Young who had multiple years of solid tape prior to his breakout year, Rousseau only has one full season of tape. He is an inexperienced pass rusher who only thrives off his athleticism and speed over true technique or pass rush savvy. It may take him a bit to reach his potential, but the Chargers under GM Tom Telesco has thrived finding blue chip talent like him falling into his lap. 

  1.   Minnesota Vikings - Rashawn Slater OL Northwestern

  • This Vikings pick is a tad tricky for me as they really have no obvious needs outside of a new quarterback and possibly a new edge rusher. I doubt they solve their quarterback issue via the draft this early and in this mock both of the top edge rushers are already off the board. Maybe they look to finally improve their offensive line a little further. They did find a great upgrade at guard with Ezra Cleveland, but the rest of the line needs a lot of work. Riley Reiff over at the left tackle spot along with Dru Samia at guard and Brian O’Neill at right tackle leaves a lot to be desired. In a run heavy offense having a better offensive line is the key to success, but that can be said about the offense in general. Despite not playing this season Rashawn Slater has a lot of fans in the NFL scouting circles to be a sneaky fast riser as we get closer to draft day. He offers a lot of versatility, which could give him a strong fall back plan where he will probably be best served to be an excellent guard opposite of Cleveland creating a strong interior of the line along with Garrett Bradbury. 

  1.   New England Patriots - Jaylen Waddle WR Alabama 

  • I like many people have no idea what the Patriots will do with the quarterback position this offseason. Sure the popular answer is Matthew Stafford right now, but who knows. Regardless if they still have their first round pick come next year I would assume they landed Stafford with lesser picks or decided to go a different route at the position. If they lose out on a veteran a rookie would make sense, but at this juncture reaching on Kyle Trask seems out of Belichick’s wheelhouse. Instead, he can finally solve his lack of speed on the offense problem with Jaylen Waddle. The Alabama standout was supposed to put up the year DeVonta Smith put up last year, but a broken ankle derailed his entire season. He is without a doubt the closest thing to a Tyreek Hill in this draft from a speed, size, and explosion standpoint. I do worry about his size and injuries being an issue for him in the pros like it was in college. It’s a risk that a team like the Patriots lacking speed should be willing to make here. 

  1.   Arizona Cardinals - Caleb Farely CB Virginia Tech 

  • The Cardinals will have a few decisions to make this offseason regarding some of their defensive stars. They have three stars Patrick Peterson, De’Vondre Campbell, and Haason Reddick all headed to free agency this offseason. I would hedge my bets that they keep Campbell and Reddick who are younger and offer more upside than even Peterson, their long time stud corner.  In recent years, Peterson’s talent has dipped a bit and then there was the whole issue between him and GM Steve Keim when he wanted to be traded. Maybe he will get his wish to go with a true championship contender to finish his career out. Farely is a true boom or bust prospect as a one year starter at corner. He came to Virginia Tech as a quarterback then turned to receiver then eventually over to corner in 2019. Despite opting out on the 2020 season many still love his athletic makeup and upside at the corner position. With more development and technique he could turn out to be one of the better prospects in the first round. 

  1.   Las Vegas Raiders - Jaycee Horn CB South Carolina 

  • The Raiders just drafted Damon Arnette in the first round last year, but he was way less than stellar in his rookie season. He had his moments, but he had a lot of bad ones. Like his fellow former first rounder teammate boarding on being a bust Jonathan Abram the two were tweedle dee and tweedle dumb in creating dumb penalties. Both need to dial it back if they want to stay on the field. Regardless, the Raiders would be wise to continue their search for a shutdown corner especially when they have to go up against Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes twice a year. Horn to me is a safe pick that the Raiders need to pick here. They so desperately need to find a win in the first round after so many busts and disappointments. Much like Patrick Surtain II, Jaycee Horn has the benefit of leaning on his Pro Bowl father Joe Horn for support and advice. Horn is a long, strong, and athletic corner that resembles a lot of former Gamecock Stephon Gilmore. Both bring the same sort of size mismatch that can be difficult to combat with in the NFL for opposing receivers. 

  1.   Miami Dolphins - Travis Etienne RB Clemson 

  • The Dolphins could be in play for a lot of unusual draft picks here. First they do the rare one and done on a former first round quarterback. Now they can come back around and take a running back in the first round. It makes a lot of sense for a Dolphins team that was so desperate at running back they had to bring in a guy named Saivon Ahmed to help out. In his defense, Ahmed ran pretty darn good, but I would only have to imagine how much better they would have been in the run game with a better back. One like Travis Etienne could be ultra dangerous in their offense giving them a much more balanced attack. It would also help give their new rookie quarterback in this draft Justin Fields a better runner to lean on than what they gave Tua in his rookie season. Etienne is a rare back worthy of being a pretty high first round pick thanks to his pass catching ability to be a true threat out of the backfield. Despite his smaller stature he is still a pretty strong back who shrugs off tacklers and can make a lot of yards as a runner up the middle. He should be one of the safest prospects from this draft class. 

  1.   Washington Football Team - Christian Darrisaw OT Virginia Tech 

  • Washington finally crossed the bridge in finally letting Trent Williams go in last year’s draft. However, they never really found a proper replacement for the former All-Pro tackle. Which in turn caused Alex Smith to be one of the most hit quarterbacks last season despite only starting about half the season. I think they will roll with Smith for one more season unless they find a miracle veteran quarterback via a trade or free agency this offseason. To be honest Smith deserves a fair shake at the job after how well he played last year. One way to make sure he plays all season is protecting him better with a stud tackle like Christian Darrisaw. The former Hockie has developed each season in college and only continued to get better. He is a big, powerful, and athletic tackle who could only see his talent get better in the NFL with better coaching. 

  1.   Chicago Bears - Rashod Bateman WR Minnesota 

  • With very little cap space and a ton of questions pertaining to their quarterback I doubt they have little hope in retaining Allen Robinson. The former Jag has quietly turned into one of the better receivers in the NFL, but if you ask me receivers are easier to find in the draft nowadays than it ever has been before. In the terms of the Bears I think they would be best served to let Robinson walk and find a cheaper option via the draft to pair with Darnell Mooney the speedster. Sure they could also use this pick to move up in the draft for a rookie quarterback or use it to land a veteran quarterback via trade. If they stick here I think a talent like Rashod Bateman could be ultra tempting to take to make a quick replacement of Robinson. In fact, Bateman has a lot of the same skills, traits, and ability that has him resembling Robinson. He has excellent hands, body control, and long speed with his long strides. It will be interesting to see if he can create as much separation in the NFL like he did in college due to his lack of elite speed or shiftiness. However, for whoever comes in to be the Bears quarterback only having Mooney, Montgomery, and hopefully a healthy Tarik Cohen to rely on on offense will be extremely difficult. So finding a talent like Bateman makes a lot of sense. 

  1.   Indianapolis Colts - Samuel Cosmi OT Texas 

  • Out of all the teams who are seeking new quarterbacks this offseason I think the most likely team to make a move for most people will be the Colts. They have a very strong roster ready to win now and if they can get a guy like Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford they could be a sneaky strong Super Bowl contender next year. If they fail to land one via a trade there still could be a few names via free agency or they can kick the tires on Jacoby Brissett or Jacob Eason to see what they can do next year. If they keep this pick there is now a huge hole over at the left tackle spot after Anthony Castonzo hung up his cleats at the end of the season. He was already flirting with retirement in previous seasons so this move is not shocking after he was knocked out with an injury this year. This class has one clear cut top tackle in Sewell, but there are also multiple strong starting left tackles who can be had later in the first round. Cosmi is one of them as an excellent pass blocker with elite footwork and hands keeping the pocket clean. He does have a bit of an issue being a bit finesse and lacking strength in the run game, but he has certainly gotten better each season in that department. I think it’s always easier to get better in the run game than it is in the pass game that requires more athleticism and quickness than just raw strength. Cosmi should be a pretty good heir apparent for Castonzo. 

  1.   Tennessee Titans - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah OLB Notre Dame 

  • The Titans just need to get better on defense in general regardless of what level it is on. They need better playmakers in corner spots, more help in the linebacker unit, and certainly more along the defensive line. Especially, if they want to go toe to toe with the top teams in the AFC like the Chiefs, Ravens, and the young Chargers to try to get to the Super Bowl with this solid roster. I think they may be more tempted to take a pass rusher here like Joseph Ossai or Zaven Collins, but the off ball linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is the much better prospect here. I will say the Titans have done well in the draft taking the best player available more often than not in the draft under GM Jon Robinson. Owusu-Koramoah is versatile enough to be put all over the defense with his quickness, IQ, and instincts that make him a playmaking machine. He is great in coverage built like a modern day coverage linebacker, but he is also strong enough to combat the run game shedding blockers. Pairing Owusu-Koramoah with former first rounder Rashaan Evans should give them a strong linebacker pair to build around. 

  1.   New York Jets (via Seattle) - Alijah Vera-Tucker OG USC

  • I would not begrudge the Jets for doubling down on blockers in the first round to help out Sam Darnold on offense. Sure their defense needs more help at corner, and edge rusher, but I think fixing Darnold should be paramount over any other needs with this new Jets regime. One way to do that is by giving him better protection. They landed Penei Sewell in the first round to pair with last year’s first rounder Meckhi Becton. Now they can still use some more help along the interior of the line where they really have no talent at all to hang onto or not have to find an upgrade over. Vera-Tucker is a versatile talent who could draw some appeal to become a tackle at the next level, but his talent fits best as a guard with his lack of length. He is an easy mover with great athleticism, awareness, and knee bend to be a terrific blocker on the inside. Not only will help Darnold to have a more clean pocket, but he will also help open holes in a run game that has been severely lacking in recent years. All in all I think the Jets should take a Chris Ballard with the Colts approach when he loaded up on blockers for Andrew Luck. The Jets are in a similar boat as the Colts here where they are at a crossroads with their highly drafted quarterback. 

  1.   Pittsburgh Steelers - Kyle Trask QB Florida 

  • The Steelers are going to be headed to a huge rebuild in the very near future. They have a ton of guys like Ali Villanueva, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Bud Dupree, James Conner, and others all set to hit free agency. To make matters worse they have one of the worst salary cap situations heading into this offseason that will make bringing back any of these guys very difficult. Which makes using this pick on a backup developmental quarterback that much harder to make. However, I do think it’s the right move to make with how poorly Big Ben played towards the end of the year. They have to start developing a plan of a life with Big Ben and one way to make it less painful is by finding his heir apparent earlier than later. Trask to me could be a perfect heir apparent to Ben as he is a very similar type quarterback to Roethlisberger. He is a big, strong, and relentless type of quarterback who rarely gives up on a play much like Ben used to be when he was younger. Trask like Mac Jones lacks the athleticism that has been in vogue in the NFL, but he is a tad more willing to run than Jones and is also able to do it sneaky well. I am just not sure he has an elite enough arm or decision making to turn into a true franchise signal caller. Maybe he could become one by learning from one of the best to ever do it. 

  1.   Jacksonville Jaguars (via Los Angeles (R)) - Terrace Marshall WR LSU 

  • I am not sure how big of a need receiver is with Laviska Shenault Jr, D.J. Chark, and Keelan Cole who are all solid receivers. However, none of them are truly dominant options that a defense has to key in on. Plus, all three have dealt with some sort of injury at some point last year. Also, Cole is a soon to be free agent this offseason and despite their huge salary cap space I think their money would be better served enhancing their leaky defense. It’s also become very easy to find talented receivers through the draft and the Jags should know finding Shenault and Chark who have been very good secondary options. One name that could rise if he works out as well as they expect him to is Terrace Marshall. Granted he will lose the Combine to show out at, but he will still have his Pro Day to prove he is the workout warrior everyone expects him to be. He has terrific hands, speed, size, strength, and run after catch ability to be a big time playmaker. I will not be shocked if he moves higher on many draft boards the closer we get to Draft Day. The Jags would certainly love having Marshall to pair and work with Trevor Lawrence as two great building blocks in Urban Meyer’s offense. 

  1.   Cleveland Browns - Joseph Ossai OLB Texas 

  • I think the Browns here should just take the best defender available here regardless of position. Outside of Myles Garrett and maybe Denzel Ward the rest of their defense is in need of an upgrade. So whether it’s a corner, linebacker, or tackle who sits here atop their board they need to take him. One sneaky good fit here for them here could be Joseph Ossai who can play all over the defense. At Texas he would move from the edge to off the line where he showcased a strong array of athleticism and skills. However, he is still pretty new to the game and learning proper technique that would only lend itself to be known that he will only get better in the NFL. His true home in the NFL will probably be along the edge getting after the quarterback with his speed, athleticism, and natural bend around the edge. Ossai will benefit greatly in Cleveland if he is placed at the other edge rusher spot across from Myles Garrett he will have a ton of opportunities to rack up sacks and big plays throughout his rookie season. 

  1.  Baltimore Ravens - Wyatt Davis OG Ohio State 

  • There could be a huge need at edge rusher if they let all three of their starters Yannick Ngakoue, Matt Judon, and Tyus Bower walk this offseason. I doubt they let all three go and I also trust the Ravens to find replacements there throughout the draft. The other big need that will be more fan driven than anything will be looking for a new receiver to pair with Lamar Jackson. However, instead of landing a rookie who will need to learn the position with a quarterback still sort of figuring out how to throw in a pro passing scheme I would go after a veteran free agent instead. Guys like A.J. Green, Allen Robinson, Keelan Cole, or T.Y. Hilton should definitely be on their radar. To allow them to find a better prospect here that will help them out more immediately than a developing receiver which they have shown not to be too strong in developing them compared to other positions. I think they need to retool the offensive line a bit at the guard spot vacated by Marshal Yanda when he retired last offseason and the center position where Matt Skura is thankfully headed to free agency. It’s a toss up between Wyatt Davis here or Creed Humphrey in my opinion as both make a lot of sense for them here. I lean towards the higher upside, stronger, and more athletic talent Davis. He will certainly help out in the ground game in the Ravens run heavy offense. 

  1.  New Orleans Saints - Eric Stokes CB Georgia 

  • I think the Saints may be forced to try out this Taysom Hill/Jameis Wintson experiment next season at quarterback. They will be picking way too high to either offer a trade for a veteran or to move up in the draft for a quarterback. Also, I think Sean Payton has ruffled too many feathers in the NFL and it may be hard for teams to be willing to cut him a fair deal for him to get his guy at quarterback. I doubt they will be willing to reach on a quarterback like Kellen Mond or Jamie Newman here. Instead, I guess they look to improve other positions on their roster. I would suggest a receiver, but this draft lacks the top end first round talent to take this high. However, despite sporting one of the better defenses in the league I think they could still use more talent on that side of the ball in particular over at the corner spot where MarShon Lattimore is their only long term option there. Stokes is a big, long, and physical corner who could be a sneaky strong late first rounder. He has strong instincts and reflexes to mirror opposing receivers using his length to beat his opponent. Fitting in the New Orleans zone scheme will be a very good fit for him to thrive with his lack of elite speed. 

  1.   Green Bay Packers - Kadarius Toney WR Florida 

  • I know I just said there is not enough top end first round talent at receiver, but the Saints will not be as held over a barrel to find receivers than the Packers. Recently Aaron Rodgers has threatened either a new contract extension or a move to another team. To me this screams power move by Rodgers who proved he is still in his prime a year after they traded up for Jordan Love and now he wants to make them sweat it out a bit. By using his leverage in this tactic the Packers may force themselves to take a receiver much higher than they ever have here. I think either Rondale Moore or Kadarius Toney would be a good fit here for their offense. Rodgers used to love throwing to his versatile weapon Randall Cobb and was publically upset that they let him go a few seasons ago. Toney is a similar style receiver who can do much of the same that Cobb used to do. He will be a nice versatile weapon who can play outside, slot, or even out of the backfield as a home run threat whenever he touches the ball. With many eyes focusing on Davante Adams I would imagine Toney to get a ton of opportunities to thrive with Aaron Rodgers. 

  1.   Buffalo Bills - Zaven Collins OLB Tulsa 

  • The Bills could be seeking a new edge rusher or two who can actually take down Patrick Mahomes. They also had one of the worst linebacking units last year in coverage. Both are not a great combination on defense when you are trying to slow down the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Like many teams in the AFC with Super Bowl dreams they have to build their defense up if they want to beat the Chiefs to get there. Zaven Collins is a very similar prospect to Joseph Ossai as a linebacker played kind of out of position in college. He was never given an opportunity to really just develop in one spot on the defense. Where Ossai seems more destined to be an excellent edge rusher, I think Collins is more destined to be the better off ball coverage linebacker. However, that does not mean he cannot rush off the edge either, but he just lacks that extra tick of speed and strength to be a full time edge rusher. His ball skills and coverage ability is certainly a special trait of his who had a knack of taking the ball away this past season. In Sean McDermott’s defense he will certainly be a terrific chess piece for him to move around in a multitude of positions to make an impact. 

  1.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Christian Barmore DT Alabama 

  • The Bucs are the definition of a win now roster with Tom Brady on a limited timeline in Tampa. Hence why winning the Super Bowl this season has to be such a big cloud over them right now. If they lose who knows if they will have a chance next year with Brady with one year left on his deal. Especially, with so many talented players hitting free agency this offseason like Lavonte David, Shaq Barrett, Ndamukong Suh, Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and others. Many of the better talents are on the defensive side, but there is still plenty of good talent on offense they have to determine whether to keep or not. I think finding cheaper deals for Gronk, A.B. and Fournette will be easier than those defensive stars. To me Barrett is more important to bring back than those other defensive veterans. Barmore could be a quick easy replacement to take over for the departing Suh. He is a similar big, strong, and athletic option to stuff the run with great effectiveness. I would also reckon that he should offer more in the pass rushing upside than Suh has the past few years as the former defensive star has sort of turned himself into just a run stuffing expert. Barmore will certainly be a nice addition to a defense that will be going through a bit of an overturn this year. 

  1.   Kansas City Chiefs - Alex Leatherwood OL Alabama 

  • The Chiefs will always be a difficult team to mock a pick for with Andy Reid always being a bit of an out of the box drafter. Along with their flexibility with where they can go with the picks thanks to how good Patrick Mahomes has been for them. He can be a great eraser allowing them to either take a risky pick that may or may not work and they can also reach for a need that can be a good fit despite passing up on better players. Regardless as long as Mahomes is there they can go after a myriad of different positions or players. One area of need could be along the offensive line where their interior of their line could all use an upgrade. Especially with an aging Kelechi Osemele heading to free agency and being one of the weaker blockers on their offensive line. Leatherwood is a talented blocker who has been a great tackle for the Tide this past season. He has experience playing all over the line at Alabama throughout his career and in the NFL will most likely thrive the best at either guard spot. For the Chiefs he should find a way to contribute right away along their o-line which is rare for a rookie to do on such a loaded roster. 

Second Round 

  1.   Jacksonville Jaguars - Jevon Holland S Oregon 

  • For some reason there are always a handful of good safeties who fall down into the 2nd round of the draft. This year is no different, but there is a little bit of a downside to most of the top safeties in this class since none of them have necessarily the size to be a reliable run stopper. For the Jags they do not have a need for that with their solid linebacking unit, but what they need is a playmaker in the back of the defense to take the ball away. That is where a talent like Holland thrives and also offers versatility to float down into the slot with his speed and twitchiness in coverage. 

  1.   New York Jets - Azeez Ojulari OLB Georgia 

  • The Jets not only need help along their offensive line, but they could also use a lot more help on their defensive line as well. They lack a true weapon off the edge with only an okay Jordan Jenkins offering any sort of talent at the position. This draft has a lack of top end talent off the edge, but they do have quality developmental type prospects like Zaven Collins, Joseph Ossai, or Azeez Ojulari who will probably see their best days in the NFL. Ojulari is the most raw out of the trio as the youngest player only starting one season as a redshirt sophomore. He offers a ton of talent, athleticism, and upside to be a very strong pick here for a team looking to turn it around. 

  1.   Atlanta Falcons - Najee Harris RB Alabama 

  • I think the Todd Gurley experiment down in Atlanta is going sour very quickly. The previous regime was grabbing at straws to fix the problem they started there by giving DeVonta Freeman who was damaged goods a massive contract before they ever needed to. Especially, with how easy it can be to find a top notch running back at any point of the draft for the most part. Harris is a first round caliber back in my opinion, but he may slip a bit due to teams hesitating with Alabama running backs being banged up coming into the NFL and the fact teams are shying away from taking a back in the first round. For the Falcons I think he will offer a ton of upside in their offense under Arthur Smith who puts a lot of emphasis on pounding the rock. 

  1.   Miami Dolphins (via Houston) - Jaelen Phillips DE Miami 

  • The Dolphins could use a little more firepower off the edges if they want to slow down the Bills within their division. Sure they may have to contend with an improved Jets roster with a better coaching staff, but their main rivals will be the Bills who love to throw the ball with Josh Allen. They brought in Emmanuel Ogbah and Shaq Lawson as buy low options to provide some pass rush. Both were solid albeit lacking as per usual throughout their careers. Phillips thrived with Rousseau being absent from the Hurricanes defense and turned himself into a very interesting prospect. He was once seen as a prized five star recruit prior to going to UCLA then transferring to Miami after disappointing in LA. It took him a bit, but everything seems to be clicking for him and should only continue that trend into the NFL. 

  1.   Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Mayfield OT Michigan

  • I think the Eagles need to retool their offensive line with all of their aging stalwarts Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Jason Peters, and Brandon Brooks all looking to be one step away from retirement. It also does not help that former first rounder Andre Dillard has also been injury prone throughout his career thus far and unable to develop into the top left tackle hoped he would become. There is still some hope with him and even drafting Jalen Mayfield here will not put any pressure on Dillard. Mayfield’s home in the NFL will be at the right tackle spot where he can thrive dominating defenders with size and strength. He has proven to be pretty good against speed rushers during his time in Michigan being one of the only blockers to slow down Chase Young throughout his college career. So maybe there is some hope that Mayfield could offer some left tackle upside. 

  1.   Cincinnati Bengals - Liam Eichenburg OT Notre Dame

  • The Bengals would be wise to use a bunch of picks to protect Joe Burrow when he finally comes back from his knee injury. Burrow is much too valuable to their success to just have him play behind a very lackluster offensive line. Eichenberg is a nice high floor option here who can step in right away and lock down the right tackle spot much like Jalen Mayfield. Both have very similar builds, skill sets, and upside to offer some left tackle possability if he develops his technique a little further. He is a plug and play player who can be a sneaky great pick here for a Bengals team that has found good value in the 2nd and 3rd round the past few years. 

  1.  Carolina Panthers - Kellen Mond QB Texas A&M 

  • I had the Panthers pass on a quarterback in the first round in favor of a more talented prospect at corner in Patrick Surtain II that could help them right away. Whether they take Zach Wilson or Trey Lance in the first round both will probably be spending a year behind Teddy Bridgewater. That pick is way too valuable to take a back up player that high in my opinion. Instead, they can land Kellen Mond who has the strong arm, mobility, and skill set that could fit Matt Rhule’s offense very well. Mond was just okay for the Aggies in the years under Kevin Sumlin, but once Jimbo Fisher arrived his talent started to see a tick up in production and accuracy. I can see him turning out to be a very good starting quarterback who can be had on Day 2 offering amazing value. 

  1.   Denver Broncos - Jayson Oweh DE Penn State

  • The Broncos pass rush is a bit up in the air with the break up between them and Von Miller looming this offseason. I would imagine the decision would be a tad tougher had Miller not had a run in with the law a few weeks ago where we still do not know why he is under criminal investigation. Since it has hints of being a possible domestic violence issue Miller could have played his last snaps two years ago after missing this past season in Denver. With Bradley Chubb still there it’s not extremely pressing to find another pass rusher, but I am sure Vic Fangio would love to develop another one across from him. Oweh is a high upside and athletic prospect that offers a ton of talent moving forward. He might take a bit to develop much like Yetur Gross-Matos has after being taken in the same range last year. 

  1.   Detroit Lions - Rondale Moore WR Purdue 

  • The Lions have Kenny Golladay as a possible free agent this offseason, but I doubt they let him walk without being franchise tagged for at least one year. He is much too talented to just let walk despite having an injury riddled season last year. However, even if they do bring him back Marvin Jones who was a touchdown fiend for them the past few seasons may be a cap casualty this offseason as the salary cap dips this offseason due to the lost money without fans in the stands. One way to weather that loss or even upgrade the passing attack even if they keep Jones is by bringing in Rondale Moore. The former Boilermaker is a touchdown threat every time he touches the ball and could be an excellent speed weapon this offense has lacked for the past few years. 

  1.   New York Giants - Daviyon Nix DT Iowa 

  • The Giants have two of their top defensive linemen Leonard Williams and Dalvon Tomlinson all hitting free agency this offseason. I doubt they let Williams go with the type of season he just put up. While Tomlinson who is a terrific interior run stuffer and gap hog the Giants may be more willing to lose him this offseason with how much easier it can be to find his replacement. They really can do so right here with Daviyon Nix who offers the same sort of strength and size ability to dominate the run game. He offers a lot of upside as he continues to develop his technique and ability in the pass rushing game. 

  1.   San Francisco 49ers - Shaun Wade CB Ohio State

  • The 49ers are a rare team that can take a quarterback early in the draft and will not have to worry about finding him a complimentary piece on offense. Their offense is loaded with talent and Kyle Shanahan is one of the best offensive minds that will get the most out of Trey Lance in this scenario. While, I think to better help out their defense to prevent their run first offense from getting into too many shootouts. One way to help that is by finding multiple upgrades across their leaky secondary that lacks any coverage talent. With only Jaquiski Tartt to lean on as a quality coverage defender they really need more help in a pass happy division in the NFC West. Wade’s shine as a prospect has waned a bit, but he is a terrific versatile talent who can fit their defense very well. He still offers a lot of upside as he works on his technique to go along with his aggressive blitzing ability. I would not be shocked if he turns into a terrific player that everyone will be kicking themselves for passing up on him. 

  1.   Dallas Cowboys - Trey Smith OL Tennessee

  • The Cowboys should be looking into retooling this offensive line this offseason. They were once one of the best units in all of the NFL during Ezekiel Elliot’s and Dak Prescott’s rookie seasons. Now they are without Doug Free and Travis Fredrick opting to retire in recent years. Along with former All-Pro tackle Tyrone Smith no longer able to stay healthy anymore. Their only reliable blocker is Zack Martin at this point. Trey Smith will be an interesting blocker to watch out for in this draft as he was once seen as a lock top ten prospect just a few years ago. A blood clot derailed his career a bit, but he has rebounded just fine putting together a pretty good season last year. He should be able to continue to get back to his former greatness that his skill set and talent lends him to be. At the NFL level he can give it a go at either tackle spots, but landing at guard will most likely be his future. Anywhere he lands will be a great addition to the Cowboys leaky o-line. 

  1.   Jacksonville Jaguars (via Minnesota) - Rodarius Williams CB Oklahoma St

  • The Jags should be looking to improve their secondary with multiple picks in this draft after letting both A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey go last year. Even after just taking C.J. Henderson in the first round last year they still need more help across from him. Adding Jevon Holland with their first 2nd round pick is a smart move, but more is always needed in the secondary. Williams is an experienced, talented, and high floor corner who could fit very well in their secondary. He offers a nice upside as he improved every season at Stillwater. 

  1.   New England Patriots - Jamie Newman QB Georgia 

  • I am not sure the Patriots really want a retread quarterback like Matthew Stafford or Matt Ryan that offers nothing in terms of mobility. The reason I think they wanted to bring in Cam Newton was to include more of the modern day style of offenses to their own offense. Unfortunately, Newton showed his shoulder surgeries have severely limited him as a passer and he may never be able to return to his former glory. However, there is a prospect in this class that many have termed as the Cam Newton-lite quarterback of this draft. That being Jamie Newman who offers the same size, speed, and athleticism to the quarterback position. He is an extremely raw signal caller who has never played in a pro style offense like he was supposed to when he transferred to Georgia prior to opting out. I am not sure he can start right away, but he offers immense upside if someone is willing to develop him for a year in the background. Belichick has enough cache in New England to go through another rough season next year. 

  1.   Los Angeles Chargers - Brevin Jordan TE Miami 

  • The Chargers are most likely going to lose Hunter Henry this offseason after already franchise tagging him this past offseason. While he is one of the better tight ends in the league, health will always be a cloud looming over his potential to be a reliable playmaker. He will also probably be commanding a decent sized contract on the open market with the lack of tight end talent across the league. The Chargers would be wise to let him walk and get overpaid elsewhere. They can still land a quality prospect to fill his shoes here with Brevin Jordan who honestly offers more upside as a blocker than Henry ever did. He is also a terrific weapon in the open field who can create a strong rapport with their young franchise quarterback Justin Herbert. Jordan will also be a nice reliable weapon since Keenan Allen and Mike Williams can never stay healthy for a full season. 

  1.   Las Vegas Raiders - Jay Tufele DT USC 

  • The Raiders like much of the AFC have to build a roster to combat Patrick Mahomes, but maybe more so than most since they have to play him twice a year along with Justin Herbert who looks to be the next hot young quarterback to emerge. They did seem to handle Mahomes better than most teams in the league this year and I think they did so by pushing the pocket pretty well up front. Even despite lacking a true interior pass rusher who can really put pressure on Mahomes. That will change if they bring in Jay Tufele who specializes as an interior pass rusher. He is a bit small so he may not be as strong in the run game, but his high energy always makes him a threat there as well. With more proper development in his technique and stamina he could turn into a nice interior presence for a lacking defense in Las Vegas. 

  1.   Arizona Cardinals - Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma 

  • The Cardinals offense was starting to be figured out last year it seemed. In the first half of the season Kyler Murray rarely if ever looked rattled or under pressure. However, towards the end of the season it looked like they figured out how to keep him in the pocket and he was starting to take some big hits. It clearly started to get to him as he did not make the big plays he normally did earlier in the year. They need to improve the blocking in front of their smaller quarterback if they want him to play back to his high level. One way to do it is by bringing his former center during his time at Oklahoma back in front of him. For a smaller quarterback creating throwing lanes is sometimes more important than finding great tackles on the outside. For Murray it’s very needed to allow him to step up in the pocket and he is quick enough to avoid pressure from the edge rushers more so from interior defenders that can block his vision quickly up the middle. 

  1.   Miami Dolphins - Nick Bolton LB Missouri 

  • More help for the Dolphins defense that needs to slow down Josh Allen and the Bills if they ever want to win the AFC East. Brian Flores brought in a lot of familiar players from New England like Kyle Van Noy, Kamu Grugier-Hill, and Elandon Roberts. They had not played all that great this season and the latter two are set to become free agents this offseason. It should not be hard for them to find another quality linebacker to pair with Jerome Baker who quietly put together a pretty good season. Another linebacker in the same vein as Baker as a smaller, mobile, and coverage style linebacker is Nick Bolton. He has high end athleticism and speed to keep up with any slot receiver or tight end. Under head coach Flores I am sure Bolton will have plenty of opportunities to shine on his defense. 

  1.   Washington Football Team - Jackson Carman OL Clemson 

  • The Washington Football Team certainly should not be discouraged or swayed from doubling down on blockers to improve their terrible offensive line. Regardless if they had Alex Smith or another quarterback under center they would be under fire all season long if they do not improve the blocking unit. Just by playing a little over half of a season Smith was constantly under duress and one of the most hit quarterbacks in the NFL. Jackson Carman is an interesting blocker who has a ton of experience at left tackle during his time at Clemson, but moving to guard will probably be the spot he makes his hay in the NFL. Regardless his versatility and talent should only further enhance what was one of the worst lines in football. 

  1.   Chicago Bears - Carlos Basham DE Wake Forest 

  • Improving the offensive line should be pretty high on the list of needs for the Bears, but they really did not play that poorly down the stretch and in the playoffs once the unit had a few games together. Injuries also played a huge part behind their blocking units poor play in the middle of the year. So I am not that worried about their offensive line as most. Instead, what would worry me is the amount of money they gave Robert Quinn to have zero impact across from Khalil Mack and watching Leonard Floyd who they got rid of put together a great year. If they could I would debate letting Quinn go just a year after signing him. Basham is more athletic, stronger, has higher energy, and offers a lot more upside than Quinn provided. It is curious why it’s such a struggle for this team to find a compliment across from Mack who has so much of the opposing offense’s attention. Maybe Basham could fix that big issue for them next season finally finding another pass rusher to bolster this defensive front. 

  1.   Tennessee Titans - Joe Tryon OLB Washington 

  • Doubling down on pass rushers or potential pass rushers for the Titans should be a no brainer. They have no other bigger need than finding guys who can disrupt opposing quarterbacks and more namely guys like Patrick Mahomes and others in the AFC. I am sure coach Mike Vrabel, being a defensive guy, will make a big push for this to help out his defense that actually has an okay secondary that is young and improving. Tryon opted out of this season, but most of the PAC 12 players are flying under the radar despite playing in what was a very forgettable season for that conference. He is a speedy edge rusher with a ton of quickness and explosion. Clearly he needs more refinement after sitting out for the season, but I will give Vrabel some credit. He has developed young players very well during his time in Tennessee. 

  1.  Indianapolis Colts - Amon-Ra St.Brown WR USC 

  • Whoever is the quarterback for the Colts will need to have better weapons to throw to other than just Michael Pittman. Their veteran standout who came on strong for the first time in a while down the stretch T.Y. Hilton is set to be a free agent this offseason. I would suspect a receiver needy team like Green Bay, Baltimore, or New England will offer him a good amount of money to take his veteran savvy talents elsewhere. Especially since Chris Ballard despite having a lot of cap space continues to be a bit frugal using the money to build up the roster. Amon-Ra St.Brown could create a terrific USC tandem in Indy with Pittman, his former teammate. Like his former teammate, St.Brown is a very effective route runner who creates separation with his quickness and size. 

  1.   Pittsburgh Steelers - Dillon Radunz OT North Dakota State

  • I think the Steelers can find a receiver and running back later in the draft to replace Smith-Schuster and Conner. Especially with how well GM Kevin Colbert has been able to find skill position players. What I think will be harder to replace is Ali Villanueva who is one of the better left tackles in the league. If he hits the open market he will be paid very well for his services to play elsewhere. For a cap strapped Steelers team they will be forced to find a new option via the draft or a cheaper option in free agency. I would lean towards the draft as it looks more likely than not that next season will be one filled with disappointment with this aging roster losing so much talent. Radunz is a terrific athlete at the left tackle spot who could be a rare great find for the position later in the draft than you usually find them. He slips a bit due to not being able to play this season, but if he puts in strong work at the Senior Bowl his stock could shoot up quickly. 

  1.   Seattle Seahawks - Tyson Campbell CB Georgia 

  • I would highly recommend the Seahawks to look at taking a blocker here with their first pick of the draft. However, I think Pete Carroll and company want Russell Wilson to continue to prove himself by making miracles behind one of the league’s worst offensive lines. Instead, I can see them want to go back to the side of the ball they draft the best and fix their leaky defense. They did perform better down the stretch, but they still lack the blue chip talent that they once had during their Super Bowl runs. Landing another big and strong corner like Tyson Campbell could fit their defense perfectly. Ever since they let Richard Sherman go they have lacked a physical presence on the outside. In a division where they have to compete with DeAndre Hopkins twice a year having a physical and quick corner is a must have. Plus, Campbell was once seen as a highly thought of recruit coming out of high school and took a bit to reach his potential. This is a type of prospect that the Seahawks love to find when they fall down the draft boards a bit. 

  1.   Los Angeles Rams - Quincy Roche OLB/DE Miami 

  • The Rams have done too well of a job developing Leonard Floyd into the high end pass rusher many thought he would be coming out of the draft. He was only signed on for a one year deal and with a team also having a breakout star Damarious Williams at corner hitting free agency it will be hard to keep either emerging stars. I would imagine it would be easier to keep the corner on a cheap deal than the more highly sought after pass rusher. Now coming back to the draft the Rams need to go find another pass rusher now to compliment Aaron Donald upfront. Roche to me is flying under the radar as a sort of finished product after also putting a good season together for Miami this year. He is a bit stiff, but still possesses a lot of athleticism and quickness off the edge. 

  1.   Baltimore Ravens - Landon Dickerson C Alabama

  • The Ravens continue to rebuild the interior of their offensive line here, which I think is more key to their success than a receiver. They have gone the Day 2 receiver route a few times now with no lasting effect. Instead, I think looking back closer to the ball might actually be more beneficial, keeping Lamar Jackson comfortable in the pocket and creating more running lanes for their running attack. Dickerson might have been a higher pick had he not suffered an ACL tear during his playoff matchup against Notre Dame. Plus, he has had other ailments throughout his career. However, when he is on the field he is a technician along the interior of the line and has been known to bring a lot of blue collar attitude to the line. He will certainly be a quick upgrade at the center spot where this past playoff loss against the Bills we saw Lamar Jackson’s centers almost roll the ball back to him on most of the snaps. Adding both Dickerson here and Wyatt Davis in the first round could have a quicker more immediate impact than any other position on offense in my opinion. 

  1.  Cleveland Browns - Asante Samuel Jr CB Florida State

  • The Browns continue to hold out hope that Greedy Williams can stay healthy and prove to people they found a steal landing him in the 2nd round a few years ago. This team is too good to be waiting on that turnaround to happen. It also does not help that their one great corner Denzel Ward has also missed a lot of time due to injuries throughout his career thus far. They could certainly use multiple picks to find a new corner or two to help out one of their biggest weaknesses on the defense. One name that could emerge as a favorite for them is Asante Samuel Jr since he fits the smaller, quicker, and shifty corners they have drafted in recent years. He is a savvy defender much like his father was, but he lacks the true overpowering athleticism and speed his dad possessed. I would love to see a quality healthy corner for this defense to be properly prepared to go to battle in the playoffs next year where they will most likely need to face off with Mahomes, Herbert, or Jackson to reach the Super Bowl. 

  1.   New Orleans Saints - Nico Collins WR Michigan 

  • The Saints may not be able to find a quarterback in this draft for the future, but if Sean Payton was being truthful about Taysom Hill the youngish 30 year old quarterback deserves a fair shake at the starting job. He is nowhere near as talented in throwing his receivers open like Drew Brees was so he will definitely need more naturally talented receivers to throw to. Of course they will still have hopefully a healthy Michael Thomas, but I never thought Emmanuel Sanders really looked comfortable in their offense. Maybe age has finally caught up with one of the better secondary options in the league. Nico Collins opted out of the 2020 season, but his 2019 tape is still good enough to keep him in the conversation of being a Day 2 pick at the very least. He is a big and fast target who can dominate on the outside of the offense. I would not be surprised like many former Wolverines in their poorly run offense could flourish in the NFL much like Donovan Peoples-Jones did this past year. 

  1.   Buffalo Bills - Tommy Togiai DT Ohio State 

  • To the casual fan the loss of Jordan Phillips would normally not register to them, but to the more savvy ones they should know how big the loss for the Bills was this year. They did cover up the loss very well, but without him they were a poor run defense and often failed to generate any pressure up front. I would not be shocked if they put a huge emphasis on finding top end talent for their defense to slow down Patrick Mahomes come playoff time. Their offense can go toe to toe with anyone, but it’s all a moot point if they cannot slow down the Chiefs. Togiai is a high end run stuffer who plugs in on Day One as a dominant run stopper. It would be a great addition alongside Ed Oliver who has been very poor in that department since he was drafted two years ago. I could also see them drafting a running back here, but I think they would want to give Zach Moss another season to see what he can do. 

  1.   Green Bay Packers - Levi Onwuzurike DT Washington 

  • Like the Bills, I think the Packers inefficiency against the run game is a huge issue and has been for a little while now. Had the 49ers been healthy I think they would have run roughshod on them again like they did the year prior. Kenny Clark is their only significant interior defender, but even he has been very poor against the run game. Which is worrisome since the best way to beat Aaron Rodgers is by keeping him off the field with a strong run game eating up the clock. This draft lacked the high end talent of tackles to be used high in the first round, but there are a plethora of talented tackles who can be found on Day 2. Onwuzurike is one of them as a big strong and disciplined interior defender. He does have a bit of catching up to do after opting out on the season, but he certainly did not lose the talent that was so hard to block in 2019. 

  1.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kenneth Gainwell RB Kentucky 

  • If the Bucs win the Super Bowl I think there is a strong possibility that Tom Brady will be one and done in Tampa. However, if they lose I can see them trying to load up for another run in what could be his last season next year. Leonard Fournette is set to be a free agent, but I would be hard pressed to consider him a must bring back for next season after how well Ronald Jones Jr played. However, I do think they need to find Brady a better pass catching back to compliment Jones who has very streaky hands trying to catch passes out of the backfield. Gainwell is a very good pass catcher and it’s what will help him outshine other running backs in this class with his ability to be a game changer in the passing game. What is even more impressive for Gainwell hitting the NFL is his upside as he continues to grow more comfortable as a running back having only played the position for one season. Which also helps his draft stock with the light tread on his tires. 

  1.   Kansas City Chiefs - Dyami Brown WR UNC 

  • I would not be surprised if the Chiefs look to add more weapons on offense and why not it’s what makes them so dangerous to defend against. Mecole Hardman was one of the standouts in their victory over the Bills after causing what could have been one of the biggest game changers when he muffed the punt. However, to me he has not done enough outside of a few splash plays here or there to be secure as one of the starting receivers on this offense. He and Mahomes have not been able to create a strong rapport at all. With Sammy Watkins set to be a free agent and having flirted with retiring last offseason a new receiver certainly makes sense here. Brown is built in the same deep speed, smaller, and shifty receiver mold that the Chiefs love to find. He does provide more ability in the middle of the field than others and could add a nice little wrinkle to their offense. 

Third Round 

  1.   Jacksonville Jaguars - Pat Freiermuth TE Penn State 

  • Finding a tight end this offseason has to be high on the Jags wishlist. I could see them overspending on one in free agency like Hunter Henry. However, if they are wise they could find great value in the draft here and save some money to use elsewhere. Freiermuth would have been a much higher pick had he not been banged up often in college. He does have special talent to be a difference maker in the NFL if he can stay on the field. 

  1.   New York Jets - Elijah Molden CB Washington 

  • The Jets should be in the market for a corner or two this offseason. I would not be surprised if they go after guys like Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, or Xavier Rhodes to help out one of the corner spots. However, I still recommend going after a cheaper and younger option as well. Molden is an ideal slot corner who can cover and keep up with any slot receiver in the NFL with his quickness. Like many Husky defensive backs who have hit the NFL he has a ton of instincts and savvy ability to succeed in the NFL. 

  1.   Houston Texans - Trevon Moehrig S TCU 

  • I have no idea what the Texans could do with this pick with so many needs all across the board. Especially if they deal Deshaun Watson for hopefully a bounty of picks, but we all know how poor they are at making deals. If you ask me if I were a head coach in need of a job I would be very wary of taking this toxic job. In any case, I guess with this pick they can just take the best player available here and it could be Moehrig who is an excellent playmaker in the secondary. Theirs is one of the leakiest in the league and could use his talent in the back end after letting Tyrann Mathieu go a few seasons ago. 

  1.   Atlanta Falcons - Patrick Jones II DE Pittsburgh 

  • The Falcons could always use a new pass rusher or two to help out their defensive front. I liked what I saw from Marlon Davidson, but we have really seen successful Falcons pass rushers carry it over to the next season. So I would not just sit with only having Davidson off the edge next season. Jones fits the mold the previous regime would go after in the draft, but it will be interesting to see what sort of defense this new regime will deploy. Patrick Jones is a nice scheme diverse talent who can play with hand in the dirt or standing up thanks to his strength and speed. He offers a very nice high floor and quick starting ability on Day 2 of the draft. 

  1.   Cincinnati Bengals - Paulson Adebo CB Stanford 

  • While I would recommend the Bengals to take as many blockers as they can in this draft to hope some will provide upgrades across their offensive line. I would understand if they want to diversify their limited seven picks due to their unwillingness to move around in the draft. They still sport one of the worst passing defenses in the league and that has to do with both their poor corners and pass rush. Adebo could fit their defense very well due to his high floor talent and ability to be a strong press man corner. I think he will be one of the better finds outside of the top two rounds. 

  1.   Philadelphia Eagles - Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State

  • It’s no secret that the Eagles could use an upgrade or two at the receiver spot. However, I do not think it’s as dyer as people make it out to be. They still have Jalen Reagor who can develop after being a first rounder along with Greg Ward and Travis Fulgham. Both of whom had their bright spots last year. Hopefully all three continue to develop, but it never hurts to take another shot to find another weapon or two. Wallace to me has a very high floor to be a very strong secondary option at the very least. He is a thickly built slot receiver with very good straight line speed who could develop further away from Oklahoma State’s Air Raid offense. 

  1.   Denver Broncos - Cameron McGrone LB Michigan 

  • I would not be shocked if head coach Vic Fangio makes a push for them to find a new linebacker to man the middle of their defense. They have one good one in A.J. Johnson, but the rest next to him have been a mixed bag of mediocrity. Fangio values a strong linebacker duo to man the middle of their defense and stop the run. McGrone to me could be a sneaky great find here as he is a savvy run defender, with strong blitzing ability, and improving pass coverage ability. As mentioned earlier I would not be shocked if he is another former Wolverine who succeeds away from the overrate Jim Harbaugh. 

  1.   Detroit Lions - Rashad Weaver DE Pittsburgh 

  • The Lions are in the same boat as the Falcons who seem to be perpetually on the hunt for a better and more consistent pass rusher. They went out and overpaid for Trey Flowers’ services. Thus far he has given them almost nothing after two years and the same goes for their 3rd rounder last year Julian Okwara. Both were a part of the previous regime's acquisitions so I would not be shocked if this new one does not look to quickly replace the two. Weaver much like his teammate Jones II is a high floor, powerful, and explosive pass rusher along the same vein. Both should provide very nice ability for wherever they go to in this draft. 

  1.   Carolina Panthers - Chazz Surratt LB UNC 

  • It’s been a definite missing ingredient to their defense to be without Luke Kuechly this past few years. Without him their run defense has taken a huge step back each year. Hopefully their younger defenders Yetur Gross-Matos, Derrick Brown, and Brian Burns can turn that around as they continue to develop. However, it would not hurt to find a new linebacker who can hopefully fill Kuechly’s shoes just a little bit. Surratt is a raw linebacker as a former quarterback who continues to develop each season. He should be a very good gem here like many linebackers that have been found on Day 2 have turned out to be in the NFL. 

  1.   Washington Football Team (via SF) - Greg Newsome CB Northwestern

  • Washington has a very solid defense mainly thanks to their terrific pass rush that is littered with first rounders. For as long as they are there their defense should always be solid. However, they could also use a new corner or two to pair with the inconsistent Kendall Fuller who has his moments of greatness and more moments of mediocrity. Newsome has been an emerging corner who displays a lot of savvy ability as a long and athletic corner. He is also a very tenacious defender who is never shy from attacking the run game. 

  1.   Dallas Cowboys - Andre Cisco S Syracuse 

  • It’s been awhile since the Cowboys had a game changing safety in the back end of their defense. I would also recommend ridding themselves of their current starting safety Xavier Woods who had admitted during the season to not playing hard on every down. If you ask me that’s a death sentence for any NFL player regardless of playing status in my opinion. Cisco is a lunch pail type of safety who can fly all over the field making plays on the ball. He reminds me a lot of Jessie Bates a few years ago who turned into a pretty solid player for the Bengals. Having him in the back end of the Cowboys defense will be a very welcomed sight.

  1.  New York Giants - D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan 

  • Despite taking Kyle Pitts in the first round it would still benefit this roster grabbing another receiver or two to help out in the passing game at the receiver positions. Their only viable option right now is Darius Slayton who is just an okay second tier option. Sterling Shepard is a nice receiver, but health has been a big issue for him. While Golden Tate seems destined to be gone after the falling out with Joe Judge in the middle of the season. Eskridge is a hard working receiver who has a very seasoned route tree to go along with experience playing in the secondary when needed at Western Michigan. He plays receiver with a defender's mind set to attack every down even if he is not getting the ball. 

  1.   New England Patriots - Forfeited

  2.   Los Angeles Chargers - Javonte Williams RB UNC 

  • While I love what Austin Ekeler brings to the offense as a pass catcher and a pretty good running back. Unfortunately, I think he is destined to not be the full time ball carrier with his checkered injury history. While the likes of Kalen Ballage, Joshua Kelley, and Justin Jackson are just not good enough to play behind Justin Herbert on the offense. Williams is a big bruising back with a lot of speed and talent in the passing game. He and Ekeler could be a dynamic duo for what could turn into one of the more dangerous offenses in the NFL. Williams also comes with less wear on his tires after splitting carries with his equally talented teammate Michael Carter while at UNC. 

  1.   Minnesota Vikings - Dayo Odeyingbo DE Wake Forest

  • The Vikings drop off defensively had more to do with the roster over turn more than anything. They lost a ton of talent on that side of the ball over the offseason last year. Two none more impactful than Everson Griffen who left via free agency and then Danielle Hunter missed the entire season due to a neck injury. Neck injuries are always tricky to come back from so it will be interesting to see if he can ever get back to his Pro Bowler ways prior to his injury. Regardless they still need more talent on the edge across from Hunter upon his return. Odeyingbo will be an intriguing prospect to watch in the draft due to his length, strength, and quickness off the edge. He could develop into a very quality player for a Vikings defense in need of some more firepower. 

  1.   Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Wilson DT Florida State

  • The Cardinals have been kings of finding falling stars in the draft the past few years with guys like Josh Jones, Zach Allen, and even Isaiah Simmons to lesser extent only dropping a few spots lower than projected. However, most of the time it does fit a need and makes sense for a Cardinals roster that is on the rise. While Allen has been a solid player he still has lacked the pass rushing upside they had hoped from him. Marvin Wilson fits right into Steve Keim’s draft strategy as a bit of a falling asset. He was once seen as the next best thing at the defensive tackle position prior to having a down season. There is still hope that his best days are ahead of him on a better roster in the NFL. 

  1.   Las Vegas Raiders - Hamilcar Rashed Jr DE/OLB Oregon State

  • I think we all knew that the Raiders over drafted and reached on Clellin Ferrell a few years ago. Had they gone after the more logical pass rusher Josh Allen in that class then they would never be in this situation having to find another pass rusher here. They desperately need a steady force off the edge to get after Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert who they have to face off against twice a year. If they ever want to sniff the playoffs they must create a better defense. Rashed Jr is a hybrid pass rusher who can be effective standing up or with his hand in the dirt. He needs more refinement before he can be relied on as a full time starter. 

  1.   Miami Dolphins - Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma State 

  • If the Dolphins have a shot at taking Penei Sewell in the first round I think they would be hard pressed to let him go no matter how much they like Justin Fields. They desperately need to find a new blind side blocker to pair the rest of their young nucleus along the line. Guys like Austin Jackson, Robert Hunt, and Michael Deiter will only continue to get better in the NFL. Maybe Jackson or Hunt can emerge to be their future left tackle, but I never like to just sit and wait for stuff to happen in the NFL. Being proactive in finding another tackle to compete is never a bad idea. Jenkins offers a ton of size, athleticism, and talent to turn into a very nice developmental blocker in the NFL. 

  1.   Washington Football Team - Elijah Moore WR Ole Miss

  • Washington has essentially one go to receiver in Terry McLaurin. Whoever comes into being the starting quarterback here not only needs upgrades along the offensive line in front of him, but also could use a few more weapons on offense. Hopefully they can figure out how to use Antonio Gibson in the passing game more like he was used in college. There are always receivers to be had later in the draft and Washington knows that after landing McLaurin. Moore is a very similar receiver to McLaurin who utilizes his routes and quickness to beat his opponents. 

  1.   Chicago Bears - Deonte Brown OG Alabama 

  • The Bears offensive line did gel much better down the stretch of the season despite injuries ravaging most of the unit last year. However, they still have had a big need to upgrade their right guard spot for a long while now ever since Kyle Long retired. Out of all the disappointing moves that Ryan Pace has made throughout his career as Bears GM he has actually done a pretty solid job at finding blockers to enhance this offensive line. Maybe he can do it again with Deonte Brown who has a very high floor as a long time starter for Alabama. At the very least Brown will be an excellent run blocker for their budding running attack led by the emerging David Montgomery. 

  1.   Indianapolis Colts - Victor Dimjuke Jr DE/OLB Duke 

  • The Colts would be wise to enhance their pass rush this offseason. Especially with their only reliable option of note there being an ancient Justin Houston at putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks. They need a lot more than that if they ever want to get past the Chiefs to the Super Bowl as Patrick Mahomes puts a stranglehold over the AFC conference. Dimjuke is a typical Ballard prospect as a blue collar talent who can be a true leader on defense. He brings a lot of energy off the edge despite his lack of size or true athleticism. His talent will fit on most defenses from his high effort alone. 

  1.   Tennessee Titans - Seth Williams WR Auburn 

  • There is an outside shot that the Titans could lose Corey Davis this offseason. However, after his breakout season I can see them bringing him back on a franchise tag at the very least. If not some sort of hometown discount sort of contract similar to what DeVante Parker got from the Dolphins after breaking out from a very similar situation as a disappointing first rounder. Williams to me is a pretty good sleeper in this draft class after disappointing a bit due to inconsistent quarterback play in college. I think he has a very high floor with his size, route running ability, and solid speed. He is also a savvy receiver who just knows how to get open. I would not be surprised if he is another great receiver for the Titans after finding A.J. Brown just two years ago. 

  1.   New York Jets (via Seattle) - Tyler Shelvin DT LSU 

  • The Jets defense essentially is made up of just Quinnen Williams and a bunch of other spare parts at the moment. They bring in both Elijah Molden and Azeez Ojulari to help it out somewhat, but there is always more they can do. It will take a long time for them to turn this thing around, but under Robert Saleh they could really turn it around quickly with some more talent. Shelvin is a highly talented pass rushing tackle who has a ton of strength and ability to be a really strong disruptor. He does need more motivation and energy to put it all together. If anyone can get it out of him it has to be Saleh who is a true motivator. 

  1.   Pittsburgh Steelers - Michael Carter RB UNC 

  • Finding a replacement for James Conner should be the easiest task the Steelers have to do this offseason. The other major free agents like Bud Dupree and JuJu Smith-Schuster will be harder to find replacements, but beggars can’t be choosers right now if you are the Steelers with a ton of holes that can emerge on their roster. Carter makes up the other half of the Tar Heel’s electric running back duo and might be a little more shifty in the open field than Javonte Williams is. He lacks the power and speed combination that makes Williams so tantalizing. However, that does not make him any less of an attractive prospect in his own right. In fact, I think he brings more versatility and explosion than even James Conner brings. 

  1.   Los Angeles Rams - Walker Little OT Stanford 

  • The Rams have a big obstacle to overcome this offseason trying to find a replacement for their long time left tackle Andrew Whitworth who will in all likelihood end up retiring this offseason. They currently have no other options that will emerge there to really help out their offensive line moving forward. They could get a little lucky here and land a very quality high floor option in Walker Little here who can fall through the cracks a bit. Last we saw of him he was injured in 2019 prior to opting out the 2020 season. When healthy he was seen as a very highly thought of prospect. Maybe he can get back to that form at some point in the pros. 

  1.   Cleveland Browns - Jabril Cox LB LSU 

  • The Browns linebackers have been really lacking this year besides having a few sparks here or there. Mack Wilson is an oft injured linebacker who is not the quickest to diagnose the play. While Sione Takitaki is just an athletic player who gets lucky with teams picking on him. They could do better and used to be pretty good in the linebacker unit with Joe Schobert and Christian Kirksey. Cox is a talented linebacker with a ton of instincts and experience having played at North Dakota State prior to transferring to LSU. He has a very high floor and should be a nice fit for many teams in the middle of their defense. 

  1.   Minnesota Vikings (via Baltimore) - Dylan Moses LB Alabama 

  • I think the Vikings are ready for an overhaul in their linebacking core after overhauling their defensive line and secondary in recent years. They flirted with trading Eric Kendricks this past trade deadline despite how great he was playing. While Anthony Barr has been injured ever since he signed that new big deal. Both could be let go to save salary this offseason. One player who is a bit hard to predict here is Dylan Moses who was once seen as a top 10 prospect. After tearing his ACL he looked sluggish and slow this past season. Maybe he was still coming back from his injury, but even his quick instincts and play diagnosis took a step back this season. He is still a hard hitting linebacker who could make some big plays in the middle of the field. I think he could be a steal if he falls this far in the draft. 

  1.   Cleveland Browns (via New Orleans) - Jared Goldwire DT Louisville 

  • More help for the defensive side of the ball for the Browns. They should use a majority of their picks to help that side of the ball. As long as Kevin Stefanski continues to pound the rock with his stable of running backs their offense should be fine. The best way to compliment their offense is by slowing down opposing offenses to not force their offense to throw the ball a ton. Larry Ogunjobi is a nice interior defender, but he is set to be a free agent this offseason. It should not be hard to find a replacement here with Jared Goldwire. He has nice versatility as a tackle who can play the five-technique or the three-technique thanks to his length and strength. 

  1.   Green Bay Packers - Josh Myers C Ohio State

  • Corey Linsley is one of the best centers in the league if not the best overall. Unfortunately, after giving David Bahktiari a big contract you have to wonder if the perennial tight pocketed Packers are willing to give Linsley the big deal he deserves. I would not be surprised if they let him walk to the frustration of Aaron Rodgers. However, it is a tad easier to find quality centers in the draft than most positions on the line. Myers is a big center who can box with the best defenders thanks to his hands and frame. However, quickness may be an issue for the bigger center often a tad sluggish out of his snap. Maybe some NFL conditioning and coaching can get him to play at an even higher level. 

  1.   Buffalo Bills - Pete Werner LB Ohio State

  • I would not be shocked if the Bills will be in the market for a new linebacker or two to help out their defense. Matt Milano is an excellent linebacker, but he is a soon to be free agent this offseason. While he is a pretty good linebacker I am not sure he is worth a new contract extension. They need a guy who can cover tight ends and get after the run game, both of which were their biggest issues this year on defense. Werner carved out a role early at Ohio State as a tight end coverage linebacker until he worked his way into a three down role. His best days could be ahead of him away from a crowded linebacker group at Ohio State. 

  1.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Israel Mukuamu CB South Carolina 

  • The Bucs should be looking to find a new corner or two this offseason. Guys like Carlton Davis, Sean Bunting, and Jamel Dean are just okay corners. Had the Bucs not had their terrific pass rush to disrupt the passing game I doubt their corners would do very well stuck out on an island. It may be the reason why they lose the Super Bowl since none of their corners can cover the Chiefs weapons. Mukuamu is a bit “too good to be true” corner prospect at 6’4” with impressive quickness. If he fills out his frame he could offer some flexibility to move to safety if need be. 

  1.   Kansas City Chiefs - Marlon Tuipulotu DT USC 

  • The Chiefs really do not have many needs on what is a very loaded roster. However, there could always be some tweaks here or there on any NFL roster that can be upgraded. For the Chiefs it could be the interior of their defensive line that has stout defenders who play the scheme very well. However, outside of Chris Jones they lack a true game changing defender in the interior. Maybe a talent like Tuipulotu can change that thanks to his three down capabilities. Plus, the Chiefs have a few free agents like Tanoh Kpassagnon, Alex Okafor, and Taco Charlton there that could leave this offseason. 

Fourth Round 

  1.   Jacksonville Jaguars - Daniel Faale OT Minnesota 

  • Finding a tackle who can push Cam Robinson and Jawaan Taylor is certainly needed here with both failing to take the next steps to be reliable starters. Also, it never hurts having quality depth on the offensive line with how often an injury can derail the whole unit. 

  1.   New York Jets - Hunter Long TE Boston College

  • Waiting for Christ Herndon to finally emerge into the high end tight end talent his athleticism lends to is starting to get old. Darnold deserves a more reliable tight end to lean on in the passing game to compliment his solid receiving core. 

  1.   Atlanta Falcons - Talanoa Hufanga S USC 

  • Keanu Neal is still one of the better in the box safeties in the NFL when on the field. However, injuries have always been a big hurdle for him. Plus, they still need a better coverage safety next to him to help make plays in the middle of the field. 

  1. Houston Texans - Shaka Toney DE Penn State

  • The Texans need help all across the board on this depleted and terrible roster. It can get especially worse if they let J.J. Watt go this offseason and  with him their only reliable pass rusher. It will be hard to find his replacement this late in the draft, but with such a lack of picks they may have no other choice. 

  1. Cleveland Browns (via Philly) - Richie Grant S UCF

  • There is high hopes that Grant Delpit can return from injury and return to his former glory back during his days at LSU. However, prior to the draft his stock fell immensely after a terrible season. I would not hold my breath waiting for him to emerge with how easy it can be to find safety talent in the draft. 

  1. Cincinnati Bengals - Ronnie Perkins DE Oklahoma 

  • After trading away Carlos Dunlap the Bengals pass rush took a significant dip in production last year. It could take an even bigger hit if they force their future Hall of Famer Geno Atkins out the door next. Much like their offensive line, this defensive line is going to be in need of a huge overhaul. 

  1. Detroit Lions - Ifeatu Melifonwu CB Syracuse 

  • The Lions were not as lucky with Desmond Trufant on a one year deal as the Colts were when they gave Xavier Rhodes a similar one year deal. Trufant is a shell of his former self and has dropped off immensely. Coupled with the fact that Jeff Okudah did not perform as expected after being a top five pick last year this secondary is far from perfect. 

  1. Carolina Panthers - Trey Sermon RB Ohio State 

  • I think the Panthers should invest heavily in a quality back up running back to Christian McCaffrey. The All-Pro back is excellent when healthy, but at his size, price tag, and age it would be best to limit his carries a tad bit more than in the past. Mike Davis, the guy that stepped in admirably for McCaffrey this year is also set to be a free agent and has earned himself a nice paycheck after his performance last year. 

  1. Denver Broncos - Paris Ford S Pittsburgh 

  • Both Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson are soon to be free agents this offseason. It will be interesting if this new GM will be able to come to an agreement better with Simmons than the previous one, but it’s always interesting to see how teams value safeties nowadays. I would not be shocked if they let both walk this offseason. It might be hard to find a replacement for Simmons if he goes, but for Jackson should not be too hard here. 

  1. Dallas Cowboys - Spencer Brown OT Northern Iowa 

  • More offensive line help would not hurt for a Cowboys team in need of a rebuild along that unit. I doubt they move on from Tyrone Smith just yet, but one more injury than they officially will have to be looking for a new talent at the left tackle spot. It also does not help that the right tackle spot has been a turnstile in recent years. 

  1. New York Giants - Trey Hill C Georgia 

  • The Giants are still trying to find the right mix for their offensive line to succeed. There is still hope for Andrew Thomas to figure it out at left tackle and maybe Nate Solder is the solution at right tackle. Shane Lemieux played really well at guard, but the rest of the line is still up for grabs including center. 

  1. San Francisco 49ers - Kary Vincent Jr CB LSU 

  • The 49ers will have to go look for defensive backs in this draft to better compliment their terrific defensive line. Especially, if they let their only good corner Richard Sherman walk this offseason. Even then he has been just okay in the latter stages of his career. The 49ers are too good of a team to rely on okay corners. 

  1. Los Angeles Chargers - Ben Cleveland OG Georgia 

  • The Chargers are going to have to retool this offensive line this offseason. They have three starters Mike Pouncey, Forrest Lamp, and Dan Feeney all hitting free agency this offseason. I doubt they bring back any of that three with their inconsistent play and injuries over the past few years. An upgrade for one of the spots should be able to be made here on Day 3. 

  1. Minnesota Vikings - Shane Buechele QB SMU 

  • The Vikings will throw their hats into the ring trying to land a new quarterback this offseason, but I doubt they come out with any. I think they are more than one foot out the door on getting rid of Kirk Cousins. Maybe they can get lucky with a late round quarterback who can push him for the starting job. 

  1. New England Patriots - Jordan Smith OLB UAB 

  • Having only Chase Winovich as your go to pass rusher is never comforting. He is a nice linebacker, but the Patriots could certainly use more. Especially with Josh Allen throwing the ball over the yard in their division. Maybe they get lucky like Belichick has done in the past finding a quality linebacker on Day 3 from a smaller school. 

  1. Las Vegas Raiders - Joshuah Bledsoe S Missouri 

  • Jon Gruden has stated in the past that he would have drafted Derwin James in the first round had the Raiders previous regime had not just drafted Karl Joseph in the first round the year prior. Well now Joseph is gone and their current first round safety Jonathan Abram has not performed all that well thus far. Plus, he is a walking penalty on their defense with his overzealous play. Finding a better coverage safety and one who can compliment him could maybe fix their poor pass defense. 

  1. Houston Texans (via Arizona) - Whop Philyor WR Indiana

  • I doubt the Texans will be able to find any receiver who can replace DeAndre Hopkins with their lack of high end picks, but I doubt they even find someone to replace Will Fuller who is a free agent this offseason. However, they cannot just sit there and not try to get lucky finding a quality receiver later in the draft. Especially, with how bare their receiving core will be once Fuller leaves. 

  1. Miami Dolphins - Dazz Newsome WR UNC 

  • The Dolphins will be tempted to take DeVonta Smith or Ja’Marr Chase with their first pick of the draft, but I think it is wise to be patient at the receiver position. Especially, with how well even late round receivers have flourished in the NFL. They could maybe find a better compliment with a deep threat here to pair with their steady underneath options DeVante Parker and Preston Williams. 

  1. Washington Football Team - Drake Jackson C Kentucky 

  • More help to one of the league’s worst offensive lines. I am not saying every lineman will work here, but I always say it does not hurt to take a swing at it. Chase Roullier is about a league average center and could easily be upgraded. Especially, with how small and easily pushed aside he can be. 

  1. Minnesota Vikings (via Chicago) - Richard LeCounte S Georgia 

  • There was a strong possibility that the Vikings would have also traded Anthony Harris at the trade deadline had they not started to play a bit better around that time. Harris had a breakout season on what was his contract season last year, but the Vikings were wise to Franchise Tag him instead of giving him a big contract extension since his play dropped off immensely this past season. 

  1. Tennessee Titans - Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame 

  • Jonnu Smith is a free agent this offseason, but he was just okay this past season. The Titans should try their luck finding a better tight end via the draft to help out Ryan Tannehill. Having a strong tight end is a must in a run first offense to be utilized in a quick hitting play action roll out pass. Especially, with a lesser quarterback like Tannehill who needs a safety blanket to look for in the passing game. 

  1. Indianapolis Colts - Ar’Darius Washington S TCU 

  • Thanks to Matt Eberflus who is a great defensive coordinator the Colts secondary played a lot better than the talent they should have this past season. With Malik Hooker hitting free agency the Colts do not have much talent in their safety position to replace him. It would help to find a ballhawking safety here who can make some splash plays for a steady well coached defense. 

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Sage Surratt WR Wake Forest

  • The Steelers under Kevin Colbert have literally drafted a receiver in every draft he has been in charge of. Maybe that’s why it feels like the Steelers always have a receiver waiting to break out in their offense. I doubt that trend stops this year with an opening available once JuJu Smith-Schuster leaves in free agency. As Colbert knows there are always a few solid gems at receiver on Day 3. 

  1. Seattle Seahawks - Brady Christensen OT BYU 

  • I have no idea why it’s so hard for the Seahawks to put even a little bit of effort into finding better blocking for Russell Wilson. It’s really not that hard to take a swing on one earlier in the draft or via free agency. It feels like they are determined to find a gem in the later rounds of the draft every year to fix the biggest issue on their roster. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (via LA (R)) - Alim McNeil DT North Carolina State

  • It would not hurt for the Jags to find a new interior playmaker on their defensive line. Especially, with Taven Bryan not really developing into the playmaker everyone expected him to be coming out of college. He was also afforded a year of development when their line was loaded, but even then he has not looked the part as a strong starter. 

  1. Baltimore Ravens - DeAngelo Malone OLB Western Kentucky 

  • The Ravens should be looking for a new pass rusher or two this offseason with all three of their top options there hitting free agency. I doubt they are able to keep all three of Ngakoue, Bower, or Judon, but they should bring back at least one of them. I would assume Judon is the best of the bunch, but who knows since they did give up picks to land Ngakoue at the deadline. 

  1. Cleveland Browns - Aaron Banks OG Notre Dame 

  • The Browns have a pretty good starting offensive line that has been the key drivers to how dominant their running game has been. However, we saw in the playoffs how shallow the depth behind their starters. If they go through a spree of injuries during the regular season it could derail their whole season. Building quality depth along the offensive line is a very smart idea here. 

  1. New Orleans Saints - Ian Book QB Notre Dame 

  • I am not saying a quarterback taken this late will turn into the next starter for the Saints, but it never hurts to try for a team that still has a pretty good roster. If any quarterback on Day 3 can turn into a high end starter I would say it would Book here who looks and feels a lot like Dak Prescott in my opinion. I would not be shocked if he turns out to be a great quarterback at some point in the future. 

  1. Minnesota Vikings (via Buffalo) - Kenny Yeboah TE Ole Miss

  • Kyle Rudolph is a free agent this offseason and his play has dropped off immensely in recent years. There is some hope that Irv Smith can emerge as a full time starter, but he has only shown a few flashes here and there throughout his career thus far. Adding some competition here behind Smith should be a wise move and help them find a better tight end to work with Cousins here. 

  1. Green Bay Packers - Chuba Hubbard RB Oklahoma State 

  • Both Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones are set to be free agents this offseason. I know they just took A.J. Dillon in the 2nd round last year to be prepared for this scenario, but are they sure he is ready to be a full time back. It would be wise to take another back since Matt LeFleur loves to utilize two backs in his offense. 

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cade Mays OL Tennessee

  • The left tackle spot on the otherwise solid offensive line for the Bucs should be up for grabs this offseason. Whether they find competition through the draft or want to move Tristan Wirfs there. Donovan Smith has been one of the worst left tackles for a while now and if Brady is still around he deserves to be protected better. 

  1. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Robinson CB UCF

  • The Chiefs have two of their better corners in Breshad Breeland and Charvarius Ward both hitting free agency this offseason. I am not sure many teams will value them as much as the Chiefs, but I think the Chiefs are willing to let them go and find cheaper options in the draft. They lucked out with L’Jarius Sneed, maybe they can do it again this year on Day 3 in finding another solid defensive back. 

Fifth Round

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Keith Taylor CB Washington

  2. New York Jets - Ambry Thomas CB Michigan

  3. Houston Texans - Sadarius Hutcherson OG South Carolina

  4. Atlanta Falcons - Jonathan Cooper DE Ohio State

  5. Cincinnati Bengals - Thayor Munford OL Ohio State

  6. Philadelphia Eagles - Hamsah Nasirildeen S Florida State

  7. Carolina Panthers - Jaylen Twyman DT Pittsburgh 

  8. Denver Broncos - Rhamondre Stevenson RB Oklahoma 

  9. Detroit Lions - Marquez Stevenson WR Houston

  10. New York Jets (via NYG) - Jermar Jefferson RB Oregon State

  11. San Francisco 49ers - Cordell Volson OT North Dakota State

  12. Philadelphia Eagles (via Dallas) - Alec Lindstrom C Boston College

  13. Minnesota Vikings - Darius Stills DT West Virginia 

  14. New England Patriots - Matt Bushman TE BYU

  15. Los Angeles Chargers - Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State

  16. Arizona Cardinals - Anthony Schwartz WR Auburn 

  17. Buffalo Bills (via LV) - Baron Browning LB Ohio State 

  18. Las Vegas Raiders (via Miami) - Jaret Patterson RB Buffalo 

  19. Washington Football Team - Feleipe Franks QB Arkansas 

  20. Chicago Bears - Peyton Ramsey QB Northwestern 

  21. Indianapolis Colts - Tedarrell Slaton DT Florida 

  22. Tennessee Titans - D.J. Daniel CB Georgia 

  23. Seattle Seahawks - David Moore OG Grambling 

  24. Baltimore Ravens (via Pittsburgh) - Ta’Quan Graham DT Texas

  25. Cleveland Browns (via LAR) - Shi Smith WR South Carolina 

  26. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Cleveland) - Jack Anderson OG Texas Tech 

  27. Minnesota Vikings (via Baltimore) - Marlon Williams WR UCF 

  28. San Francisco 49ers (via NO) - Payton Turner DE Houston

  29. Green Bay Packers - Tutu Atwell WR Louisville 

  30. Buffalo Bills - Simi Fehoko WR Stanford

  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tre’ McKitty TE Georgia 

  32. Kansas City Chiefs - Ed Ingram OG LSU 

Sixth Round 

  1. Tennessee Titans (via Jax) - Khyiris Tonga DT BYU 

  2. New York Jets - Wyatt Huber DE Kansas State

  3. Atlanta Falcons - Thomas Graham Jr CB Oregon 

  4. Houston Texans - Ihmir Smith-Marsette WR Iowa

  5. Philadelphia Eagles - Charles Snowden LB Virginia 

  6. Cincinnati Bengals - Tony Fields II LB West Virginia 

  7. Denver Broncos - Mark Webb DB Georgia 

  8. Dallas Cowboys (via Detroit) - LaBryan Ray DT Alabama 

  9. Carolina Panthers - Robert Rochell CB Central Arkansas 

  10. San Francisco 49ers - Neill Farrell DT LSU 

  11. New England Patriots (via Dallas) - Sam Ehlinger QB Texas

  12. New York Giants - Caden Sterns S Texas

  13. New England Patriots - Deommodore Lenoir CB Oregon

  14. Los Angeles Chargers -  Jimmy Morrissey C Pittsburgh 

  15. Minnesota Vikings - Royce Newman OG Ole Miss

  16. Las Vegas Raiders - Forfeited

  17. New York Giants (via Arizona) - Amari Rodgers WR Clemson

  18. Houston Texans (via Miami) - Kylin Hill RB Mississippi State

  19. Las Vegas Raiders (via Washington) - Monty Rice LB Georgia 

  20. Chicago Bears - Olaijah Griffin CB USC 

  21. Los Angeles Chargers (via Tennessee) - Zion Johnson OG Boston College

  22. Indianapolis Colts - Daelin Hayes DE Notre Dame 

  23. Miami Dolphins (via Pittsburgh) - Malcolm Koonce DE Buffalo 

  24. Seattle Seahawks - Bobby Brown III DT Texas A&M

  25. Los Angeles Rams - Kelvin Joseph CB Kentucky 

  26. Baltimore Ravens - Tommy Kraemer OG Notre Dame 

  27. Cleveland Browns- Josh Imatorbhebhe WR Illinois 

  28. Houston Texans (via NO) - Jaelon Darden WR North Texas 

  29. Buffalo Bills - Cary Angeline TE North Carolina State

  30. Green Bay Packers - Kuony Deng LB Cal

  31. Pittsburgh Steelers (via TB) - Brenden Jaimes OT Nebraska 

  32. Tennessee Titans (via KC) - Camryn Bynum CB Cal 

Seventh Round 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Javian Hawkins RB Louisville 

  2. San Francisco 49ers (via NYJ) - Nick Eubanks TE Michigan

  3. Houston Texans - Elerson Smith DE Northern Iowa

  4. Chicago Bears (via Atlanta) - Ventrell Miller LB Florida 

  5. Cincinnati Bengals - James Empey C BYU

  6. Philadelphia Eagles - Robert Hainsey OG Notre Dame 

  7. Cincinnati Bengals (via Detroit) - Carlo Kemp DT Michigan 

  8. Buffalo Bills (via Carolina) - Frank Darby WR Arizona State

  9. Denver Broncos - Mustafa Johnson DT Colorado

  10. Dallas Cowboys - Chris Wilcox CB BYU 

  11. Denver Broncos (via NYG) - Marco Wilson CB Florida

  12. San Francisco 49ers - Patrick Johnson DE Tulane

  13. Los Angeles Chargers - Austin Watkins WR UAB

  14. Minnesota Vikings - Tariq Thompson S San Diego State

  15. New England Patriots - Cade Johnson WR South Dakota State

  16. Arizona Cardinals -Rakeem Boyd RB Arkansas 

  17. Washington Football Team (via LV) - James Wiggins S Cincinnati 

  18. Pittsburgh Steelers (via Miami) - Michal Menet C Penn State

  19. Washington Football Team - Paddy Fisher LB Northwestern

  20. Las Vegas Raiders (via Chicago) - Joshua Kaindoh DE Florida St

  21. Indianapolis Colts - Jhamon Ausbon WR Texas A&M

  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Tennessee) - Evan McPherson K Florida

  23. New York Jets (via Seattle) - James Hudson OT Cincinnati 

  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Pittsburgh) - Jose Borregales K Miami

  25. Los Angeles Rams - Jerome Johnson DT Indiana

  26. Denver Broncos (via Cleveland) - Brady White QB Memphis 

  27. Pittsburgh Steelers (via Baltimore) - Tyree Gillespie S Missouri 

  28. New Orleans Saints - Forfeited 

  29. Green Bay Packers - Tristen Hoge OL BYU 

  30. Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo) - Cory Durden DT Florida State

  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jonathan Abrams Jr WR Arkansas St

  32. Kansas City Chiefs - Demetric Felton RB/WR UCLA 

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