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Every teams projected head coaching hire.
Published at 12/1/2020
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Every Teams Projected Coaching Hire

As is with every year there will be several coaches getting replaced, 3 of which already have been fired, in this article I will project the most likely hire for each opening along with a few that I predict will be open.

Houston Texans: Fired Bill O’Brien

Projected Hire: Eric Bienemy, Chiefs OC

This was reported by ESPN almost immediately after O’Brien was fired.  Deshaun Watson wants Bienemy and ownership will probably oblige as he is almost all they have left at this point.  I would take pause before accepting though as it will likely be a long and painful rebuild in Houston with the lack of draft capital and cap situation.  I would say this is the mostly likely one to happen of all, even though the Texans will likely have to wait long after the season ends to make it official.

Atlanta Falcons: Fired Dan Quinn

Projected Hire: Matt Campbell, Iowa St HC

The Falcons may make a similar move that their division rival Panthers took in hiring a well-regarded college coach, some teams like to try something different than the traditional coordinator hire and I could see it here.

Detroit Lions: Fired Matt Patricia

Projected Hire: Robert Saleh, 49ers DC

Saleh was a hot name last year, but going to the Super Bowl hurt his chances at getting a job, not this time.  A coach from the Detroit area, this one makes sense and is probably an easy hire, unless the Lions opt for an offensive minded coach.

New York Jets: Will fire Adam Gase

Projected Hire: Joe Brady, Panthers OC

I think he’s too young, but I could see the Jets doing what the rams did with Jared Goff in pairing a #1 pick in Trevor Lawrence with a young coach.  The Jets job is only attractive because of the spot they will likely be picking, so some more experienced coaches may want a more built roster which makes this slightly more likely.  Some would say Cincy makes sense due to the Burrow connection, however I am not buying that Cheap ass Mike Brown’s firing a coach after 2 seasons…

Jacksonville Jaguars: Will fire Doug Marrone

Projected Hire: Byron Leftwich, Buccaneers OC

He is probably in line to replace Arians in a year or 2, but if he doesn’t retire after this season, Leftwich may get his chance elsewhere.  Much like Doug Pederson, just because you weren’t a star qb in the pros, doesn’t mean you can’t be a good coach, and Leftwich is definitely going to get a job sooner or later.  Jacksonville will want a offensive coach for whoever they draft at qb and they hire one here.

New England Patriots: Bill Bellichick Retires

Projected Hire: Josh McDaniel’s

It’s no secret McDaniel’s has been in waiting for the Patriots job for a long time.  The deal probably was Belichick would take the fall for the lousy season most people knew the Patriots are having this year, then McDaniel’s would get to start fresh next year with likely a new qb.  He gets his chance here.

Chicago Bears: Fire Matt Nagy

Projected Hire: Matt Eberfluss, Colts DC

The Bears are in a major freefall after a 5-1 start as I predicted, the buck has to stop with someone and this time it will be the HC.  The Bears go with a DC with a solid resume and defense, nothing flashy but a solid hire.

Wildcard:  Baltimore Ravens fire John Harbaugh

Projected Hire: Pete Carmichael, Saints OC

I am not saying that this one happens, but if the Ravens miss the playoffs after coming off a 14-2 season with a 1 and done playoff appearance, I could definitely see ownership making a change.  The longer a coach is somewhere, the higher the expectations are, and Harbaugh was nearly fired a few years ago.  If they do opt for a change, look for an offensive hire to help Lamar Jackson, who has clearly regressed this year.  New GM Eric Decosta may want his own coach to build around and this one definitely makes sense from the offensive choices in the NFL.

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