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Draft Vol 4
Published at 11/22/2020
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First Round

  1. New York Jets - Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson

  • The only way this is not the pick is if Lawrence takes himself out of the draft and returns to school. Even if he does remain in the draft and tries to pull an Eli Manning the Jets would still take him here. The same way the Chargers still took Manning and dealt him to the Giants. I honestly think in that sort of scenario the Jets could land a first round selection or two along with a quarterback like Justin Fields or Trey Lance. Lawrence is just that good to make that sort of deal for. He has all the makeups of what people look for in a franchise signal caller. Lawrence possesses the size, mobility, arm talent, and poise that have him looking like a very special talent. Returning to school could be a high possibility with student athletes now able to profit off their name and likeness. However, the possibility of COVID still looming next year could have him just want to take the job to the pros where they have a little bit better handle of it there. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Fields QB Ohio St

  • I would not be shocked if the Jets could put out some feelers and rumors that they are interested in Fields over Lawrence, but that would just be normal smokescreen draft rumors. However, I will admit the gap between Fields and Lawrence is not as huge as it was at the beginning of the season. Fields is proving he is more than just a one year wonder slicing up defenses to start the Big 10 season and displaying great pocket awareness in the pocket. He is an ideal pick up for the Jags who desperately need a franchise signal caller to build around. I love his leadership abilities after being on the forefront of the Big 10 to resume their season and putting his money where his mouth is playing lights out in what is a make or break season for him. My only drawback is the lack of successful quarterbacks from Ohio St and in Urban Meyer schemes at the pro level is very poor. Maybe Fields who is built like a modern day mobile quarterback could buck that trend. 

  1. Washington Football Team - Penei Sewell OT Oregon

  • There has never been three quarterbacks taken to start the draft and I doubt that starts now even with this very good quarterback class. I think Washington under Ron Rivera would prefer to go the veteran quarterback route over starting over with another rookie. Maybe landing a Jacoby Brissett, Dak Prescott, or Cam Newton could make a sighting in the Nation’s Capital next season. In the meantime, they definitely need to improve upon the offensive line after foolishly hanging onto Trent Williams much longer than they should have. They barely got anything in return for Williams after years of distrust between him and the medical staff that made him a lost cause to remain in Washington. Sewell is the best player in the draft outside of the top two quarterbacks. Despite skipping this season he is still a lock as the top blocker and a pure left tackle who will be a ten year All-Pro for whoever drafts him. 

  1. Dallas Cowboys - Gregory Rousseau DE Miami 

  • I really would prefer them to let an expensive Dak Prescott go and reload with a new rookie quarterback on a cheap deal to rebuild this roster. Prescott is going to cost a ton and after already overpaying for Jaylon Smith, DeMarcus Lawrence, Amari Cooper, and Ezekiel Elliott this seems like a roster with no upside right now. Their once vaunted offensive line is either retired, injured, or not on the roster anymore besides Zach Martin who is also a very well paid man. All in all I cannot see a future in which retaining Prescott would be a good one. However, one of Jerry Jones’ biggest flaws is loyalty to his players and Prescott is one of his golden boys that he will probably take care of now after his injury. If not a quarterback and if Penei Sewell is off the board here I can see them looking at Rousseau. They have had zero pressure off the edge this year and maybe Lawrence is slowed by being double blocked, but the great pass rushers find a way to beat it and make a difference. Maybe adding Rousseau being across from him could free him up more giving them two dynamic edge rushers. 

  1. Los Angeles Chargers - Ja’Marr Chase WR LSU

  • I am not the biggest fan of Mike Williams who is often on the sideline injured and banged up. Same goes for Keenan Allen who is amazing when healthy, but also cannot stay healthy. The Chargers after making a coaching change most likely will look to load up on offensive talent to help out their young gunslinger Justin Herbert. To do that they need to find more healthy options in the passing game. Even if they do have Williams and Allen healthy it would certainly not hurt to also have Chase there to make this one of the most elite pass catching units in the league. Chase opted out of the season and has looked like a genius with how bad LSU has been this year after losing so much talent to last year’s draft. He saved himself a down year and is still seen by many as the locked in top receiver in the class despite not playing. If Sewell is still on the board, he would certainly be the pick here or even Rousseau if Melvin Ingram moves on this offseason. In the end, Chase is not a bad pick up for a team who could just out score teams next year to wins. 

  1. Miami Dolphins (via Houston Texans) - Micah Parsons LB Penn St

  • Well if you are Miami you need Houston to lose a bit more to get their main targets of Ja’Marr Chase or Penei Sewell to help out Tua Tagovailoa. Unfortunately, it looks to be too many bad teams ahead of even Houston to do so. Instead, they can take a luxury pick here like Micah Parsons to be the quarterback for their defense. I think under Brian Flores and his ability to scheme his defense finding top notch talent is not a huge need. However, it never hurts to land a talent like Parsons who would certainly be an upgrade over Elandon Roberts and Jerome Baker. Unlike those two, Parsons is not just a tackler, but a great pass coverage linebacker with ball skills and high awareness to make a play on the ball. As I said earlier, I am sure they would prefer to land talent to support Tua better as he looks the part of the franchise signal caller for the franchise, but landing Parsons who can provide the same boost to a talented defense is not a bad consolation prize. Many even believe Parsons is the 3rd or 4th best prospect overall in the draft. 

  1. Cincinnati Bengals - Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama

  • If this is the scenario that plays out in front of the Bengals I think trading down with a team in need of a quarterback is the smarter move. They have no bigger need than to protect Burrow better if they want to find any sort of success. However, predicting trades is certainly even harder to predict than the player picks so I will not be doing that just yet. If they do stay here and Sewell is off the board they could reach on lesser blockers like Alex Leatherwood or Sam Cosmi, but that may be just too big of a reach. Instead, they can look to improve the defense to keep Burrow out of shootouts that cause him to throw so many times behind a shaky offensive line. Surtain in the back end of their defense would certainly be a great pick up here. He can help out their perennially bad secondary and pass defense. They have had an affinity for bigger, stronger, and big blue chip corners like William Jackson, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Darqueze Dennard over the years. Surtain would certainly continue that trend for them. 

  1. New York Giants - Jaylen Waddle WR Alabama

  • The Giants are playing their way out of a blue chip talent to support Daniel Jones, but that certainly is not a bad thing since it looks like Jones is here to stay a bit longer. I always liked his talent level, athletic ability, and upside. His issues with turnovers is certainly something he can improve upon and hopefully a proper offseason as the go to starter would be a nice way to improve it. In any case, with a higher pick than expected here they can still find a talent to help out Jones moving forward. Darius Slayton is a great second or third option at receiver, but they could certainly do better finding a more dynamic playmaker on offense outside of a healthy Saquon Barkley. Waddle is still going to be a high pick despite his broken ankle that is an injury that is a lot more predictable to heal from than say an ACL or Achilles’ tear. He is a dynamic downfield weapon who is fast, but still quick and shifty. His ability to hit home runs at any point of the field is a great ability and could have him being a better prospect than even Henry Ruggs was last year. He would certainly be a nice option to have on easy bubble screens and slants for Daniel Jones. 

  1. Carolina Panthers - Trey Lance QB North Dakota St

  • I love Teddy Bridgewater and think he was a great signing for the Panthers, but then COVID happened and forced him to have a strange offseason not allowing him or Matt Rhule to really work together properly. Maybe they can get that in next offseason, but despite playing pretty well this season I think it’s clear that Bridgewater is not a long term solution in Carolina. Plus, his contract is more of a two year deal than the three year deal he actually signed with a clean break after next season where they can move on from him. Drafting a quarterback line Lance here to back him up and develop behind Bridgewater could give them a great option moving forward. I am a huge fan of Lance’s and can see him being a great quarterback at the pros. From his size, arm strength, mobility, and decision making he has all the talent in the world to be a great quarterback. The only issue is his lack of experience as a one year starter that will have teams hesitant to take him high. Hence why Carolina is a great spot for him to sit behind Bridgewater and develop in Rhule’s system. 

  1.  Atlanta Falcons - Caleb Farley CB Virginia Tech

  • Under Thomas Dmitroff and the former regime the Falcons never shied away from drafting the same position back to back seasons or even in the same first round. They may have to do so under their new GM and coach to fix last year’s selection of A.J. Terrell. Their first round corner has certainly not looked the part of a first rounder this season and has often been burnt deep by quarterbacks. It certainly does not help with guys like Jeff Gladney, Jaylon Johnson, Trevon Diggs, and others all taken after him looking much better as rookies this season. In a division with Tom Brady still in it and all his weapons it certainly would not hurt to upgrade the secondary anyways even if Terrell does turn it around. Farley is a former receiver turned corner and has only one full season of experience. He probably should have returned to school for another season, but despite not playing his stock continues to rise. Maybe he made a great decision not to play. He possesses the size, athleticism, and quickness to be a great corner at the next level. There may be some hiccups for him as he develops, but he should be a great prospect with maybe the most upside in the draft. 

  1.  Denver Broncos - Alex Leatherwood OL Alabama

  • I know John Elway here might go after a quarterback with how eager he is to move off from quarterbacks, but I really think he should stick with Lock for one more season. The young quarterback had no real starters reps the year he was drafted as the backup to Joe Flacco and then this offseason he clearly had no proper time to develop with COVID ruining most of the offseason. He deserves a fair shake at the job and hopefully the whole roster around him does not get decimated by injuries next season. One way to help Lock to improve is by finally finding a replacement for the terrible Garrett Bolles who has been one of the worst left tackles in the league. Alex Leatherwood comes in as an ultra versatile blocker who has experience all across the offensive line during his time at Alabama. He should get a fair shot at the left tackle spot looking great at it this season protecting Mac Jones with his athleticism and strength. If he does fail there he has great fall back options as a guard, center, or right tackle at the next level. 

  1.  San Francisco 49ers - Shaun Wade DB Ohio St

  • Corners are hot commodities come draft day and having three go off the board this early makes a ton of sense. They all make sense to this point and in a pass happy league you have to have 2-3 good corners at all times to have a great defense. The 49ers certainly when all healthy have one of the best defensive front sevens. Unfortunately, they do not have the secondary to pair with that great front. Richard Sherman is their only top corner and at his age and upcoming free agency he might be on the outs in San Fran. Even if he does stay, he certainly is not good enough to be the top corner anymore with the extra emphasis on pass interference calls now and that being his biggest strength to slow down receivers. Wade could rise like all Ohio St corners tend to do come draft day. However, his lack of true outside corner ability could have him fall behind Surtain and Farley when it’s all said and done. He does possess versatility as a safety and slot corner who can match up well with speedy receivers and physical tight ends. His strength in the run game and blitzing is also a standout trait of his that could make him a great addition to an already great defense. 

  1.  Detroit Lions - DeVonta Smith WR Alabama

  • The Lions could be looking at a quarterback here, but I still think they will stick with Stafford for another season. His dead cap money if they cut or trade him may be a huge deterrent for a generally cheap franchise to take on. Plus, Stafford has been a pillar in the Detroit community with his volunteering and philanthropy that I doubt they want to ruin it that quickly. They could instead look for a new blocker, receiver, or defender here to help out what is one of the sneakier solid rosters in the NFL. With both Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones headed to free agency I would lean towards a receiver. I doubt they let Golladay go without being franchise tagged, but in a pass happy league having multiple options to lean on would not hurt at all. Smith to me is the Justin Jefferson of this class who wins with quickness, routes, hands, and leaping ability. He was able to stand out in a loaded receiver group last year at Alabama and now as the top option he continues to be a reliable target. He should be a very solid option for whoever drafts him. 

  1.  Minnesota Vikings - Wyatt Davis OG Ohio St

  • The Vikings look to be playing themselves out of their 1-5 hole making a run at the playoffs so picking this high would probably not be the case come draft day. In any case, with this pick they could look for a quarterback to replace Kirk Cousins who looks to be an anchor for this offense, but they look to be in the same boat as the Lions where his contract could sink them even more if they just move on from him. Instead, finding a new blocker or two to help him out could be a great move. I would also think an edge rusher would be a great addition, but there really are not many options behind Rousseau to be taken this high. Wyatt Davis is a rare guard who should be a high first round pick with his ability to blast open running lanes and continues to develop into a top notch pass blocker. The Vikings seem to have figured out their left guard issues inserting Ezra Cleveland, but now need to figure out the other guard spot. Davis would solve that quickly and continue to help this run first offense led by Dalvin Cook. 

  1.  New England Patriots - Kyle Pitts TE Florida

  • Here’s the pass catcher everyone wants the Patriots to draft. Bill Belichick has actually been a pretty bad drafter the past few seasons, hence why they are so bereft of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Selections of Isaiah Wynn, Sony Michel, and N’Keal Harry have all been pretty bad picks so far. It does not help either that they have been gutted of picks for a litany of offenses from deflate gate to other issues the past few years. In any case, they need talent on offense and Bill has had limited success finding tight ends like Ben Watson, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez over the years. Maybe Pitts could be the next one to help out his track record. Pitts to me might be the best athlete in the class with his ability to block, move out wide, and be an ideal red zone weapon. Not often do I think a tight end deserves even going in the first round, but I really think Pitts is a rare talent who has a possibility to even be a top 10 pick. 

  1.  Chicago Bears - Zach Wilson QB BYU

  • I am making this pick with the assumption that the Bears are going to end up picking higher than this, which will help make it more logical to take a quarterback. Normally taking a quarterback at this point usually looks like a desperation pick or one who will sit for a bit. However, for the Bears they need to keep trying to find a solution at quarterback that has not been found in decades for them. Wilson has the modern day talent from his mobility, arm talent, and ability to work off script. Hopefully he will have a better coach than the lackluster Matt Nagy who has definitely fallen off as a play caller since his first great season in Chicago. There is talent on this roster at receiver, tight end, and some good blockers to go along with a terrific defense that could make this a quick turn around if they can get the quarterback right. Wilson has been a sneaky riser this whole season so far and it would not be shocking if he ends up being a top 10 pick come next April. 

  1.  Cleveland Browns - Dylan Moses LB Alabama 

  • The Browns could go in many different directions here with possibly a corner, receiver, or a blocker here. Plus, edge rusher could be high on their list of needs with no one across from Myles Garrett has stepped up yet. However, they have lacked a strong interior presence without Christian Kirksey and Joe Schobert in the middle of their defense. It clearly also shows that they want to go back to their AFC North roots and become a true black and blue type power team. One way to stick to that trend is by beefing up the defense and what better way to do it than by bringing in a blue collar leader like Dylan Moses. I think he would have been a high draft pick last year, but obviously was forced to return to school this year after an ACL tear to start his season. He looks a step off this season, but a lot of it could be chalked up to him rounding into form off his injury. I think he should be a really nice selection as a high character, high intelligence, and solid athletic ability to be a safe pick at the linebacker position. Plus, pairing him with Mack Wilson, a former teammate maybe the two can recreate their terrific tandem during their Alabama days. 

  1.  Tennessee Titans - Carlos Basham OLB/DE Wake Forest

  • The Titans have been in search of a consistent pass rush for a while now even going as far as bringing in Cam Wake a year ago then bringing in Vic Beasley and Jadeveon Clowney this offseason. Both of those veterans are on one year deals and neither have really provided that spark to go along with their young stud tackle Jeffrey Simmons. I am sure coach Mike Vrabel would love to get his hands on another underrated defensive prospect like Carlos Basham who is in the same vein of sorts coming into the draft like Simmons was. Sure he does not have the injury that caused Simmons to miss half of his rookie year, but he does have a bit of a mystery around him. Basham has done a very nice job to help his stock to be probably the second best pass rusher in this weak class for them. He has the length, athleticism, and quickness to go along with experience to be a nice dynamic option off the edge. 

  1.  Philadelphia Eagles - Sam Cosmi OT Texas

  • The succession plan from Jason Peters to Andre Dillard has certainly not gone as planned. Dillard between injuries and play has not really picked up the torch to stabilize the left tackle spot. Sadly, Peters is probably still one of their best offensive linemen that is left healthy this season with Jason Kelce. Plus, the offensive line in general from Brandon Brooks, Lane Johnson, Kelce, and Peters are all certainly on the back ends of their career. Johnson and Brooks also have had a poor time staying healthy on the field the past few seasons. Overall, they need to get younger, better, and cheaper along the offensive line if they want Carson Wentz to round back into his old form. Shedding some payroll from guys like Brooks, Kelce, and Johnson may hurt initially, but it’s what needs to be done to rebuild this offense. Cosmi is a talented and athletic pass blocker, but needs to continue to bulk up and get stronger in the run game. Normally the pass blocking part is hard to master so I am sure a lot of GMs and coaches will gladly work with him in the run game at the next level. 

  1.  Arizona Cardinals - Kwity Paye OLB/DE Michigan 

  • The Cardinals have a sneaky solid defense from their linebackers to their defensive backs. Guys like Budda Baker, De’Vondre Campbell, Jordan Hicks, and Byron Murphy are finally getting their time to shine as the team continues to get more headlines and more primetime games. However, without Chandler Jones they lack a consistent pass rush. For the longest time they have been searching for another pass rusher and have come up empty. Haason Reddick actually has looked nice out there this season, but after not picking up his fifth year option he may look to get a nice payday elsewhere. Maybe Isaiah Simmons can fill in at the position, but they seem unsure of where to put their first round talent just yet. A rising star in the draft despite Michigan playing so poorly this year has been Kwity Paye who has looked much more than just a run stuffer this season. He could be a rapid riser with more great tape and a strong Pro Day. 

  1.  New York Jets (via Seattle Seahawks) - Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma 

  • I know the hot button option here that will make a lot of nice headlines would be landing a flashy receiver here for Trevor Lawrence. However, receivers are not a huge need for them. They have guys like Breshad Perriman, Jamison Crowder, and rookie Denzel Mims who can all be nice options for the rookie signal caller. They also seem to have found the best left tackle from last year’s great blocking class with Mekhi Becton. Now they can go onto further improve the blocking in front of the future of their franchise. Humphrey could come in and solidify the middle of the line at center with his high end blocking ability. He is top notch in the run and pass with great technique to keep the pocket clean for Lawrence. Plus, he can take the blocking scheme calls away from Lawrence thanks to his high IQ and instincts. Having a tandem like Lawrence and Humphrey in the middle of their offense could have great long term success for the Jets moving forward. 

  1.  Miami Dolphins - Travis Etienne RB Clemson 

  • Normally I would not recommend drafting a running back in the first round, but not often does it make this much sense. The Dolphins have run out guys like Matt Brieda, Myles Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed, DeAndre Washington, Patrick Laird, Jordan Howard, and Malcolm Perry at running back this year. They have to do better behind Tua Tagovailoa to balance out the offense and give him a consistent runner to lean on. Etienne to me is a rare back worthy of being taken this high with his experience, hands, route running ability, blocking, and all around running talent making him a rare breed. I liken him to an Alvin Kamara type of back, but maybe even better between the tackles with his sneaky power and balance. He also is electric in the open field as a pass catcher and is a great dump off option for Tua to operate with. To me Miami has the opportunity and base here to turn into one of the next dynasties in the NFL. 

  1.  Indianapolis Colts - Kyle Trask QB Florida

  • The Colts to me could be the ideal landing spot for Dak Prescott if he leaves Dallas, but I am skeptical if that will happen. In the end I think the Phillip Rivers experiment in Indy will only be a year long attempt. They need a more long term solution at the position if they really want to make a push into the playoffs and Super Bowl with this terrific defense and offensive line. Maybe Jacob Eason could be the guy, but I doubt he is the answer either. I am not as high on the duo of Kyle Trask and Mac Jones as the next tier of guys after the top three and maybe Zach Wilson is a step above those two as well. He does possess the size, strength, mobility, and poise to be an intriguing quarterback prospect. I think it would be a worthy pick for Chris Ballard and company to finally make an attempt to move on from the Andrew Luck era with a new young prospect. 

  1.  Baltimore Ravens - Quincy Roche OLB Miami 

  • The Ravens have a nice defense that is being lifted up by their terrific secondary and coaching schemes. What would help them return to their greatness during their Super Bowl runs would be to find a go to pass rusher. The duo of Matt Judon and Tyus Bowser are a nice pair, but both are soon to be free agents and neither are good enough to break the bank for. Meanwhile, newest additions Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue have yet to really put the fear into the hearts of opposing quarterbacks so far this season. They need a guy who can be an every down threat like Terrell Suggs was in his prime. Maybe another Miami stud where they have had a lot of success can be their fix. Roche has done what Rousseau could have done had he stayed and played this season. He has helped his stock a ton showing off as a talented and athletic pass rush who has been a consistent threat all season long. His size and strength in the run game is not the best, but he maximizes his potential as a pure pass rusher. 

  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars (via Los Angeles Rams) - Pat Freiermuth TE Penn St

  • When you draft a new quarterback you normally come back with a new blocker, running back, receiver, or tight end to make life easier for them. The Jags have a solid receiving core of Laviska Shenault, D.J. Chark, Chris Conley, and Keelan Cole who can all make plays for Fields. They also have a pretty good offensive line with guys like Cam Robinson, Jawaan Taylor, Andrew Norwell, and Brandon Linder all being above average to very good blockers along the offensive line. Which means tight end could be the option here. Luckily for them there are two first round caliber tight ends in this draft. Freiermuth is a massive, athletic, and powerful tight end who can be an immediate starter just on his blocking alone. He is often compared to being a “Baby Gronk” however, I think he is a tad faster than the future Hall of Famer. He would certainly give Justin Fields a nice red zone target to lean on. 

  1.  Las Vegas Raiders - Christian Barmore DT Alabama 

  • The Raiders have still not properly found an edge rusher as dominant and gifted as Khalil Mack. Now that is certainly going to be a tall task, but their only real threat is Maxx Crosby whom on most teams would be a nice player. For the Raiders they desperately need him to carry the torch at getting after the quarterback more consistently than he is probably capable of. Had they taken Josh Allen out of Kentucky instead of Clellin Ferrel then this would all be a moot point. Alas they did not and now need to find other linemen to generate pressure. One like Barmore who can provide some interior presence they lack in the middle of their defense could be a nice addition. He has the size, strength, and power like most Alabama tackles of late possess. His upside in the pass rushing department helps him stand out from the previous models of Crimson Tide tackles. 

  1.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Aidan Hutchinson DE Michigan

  • The Bucs are in an odd spot here as they should be maximizing the talent on offense to make a push with Brady for the next one or two years if they want to win a Super Bowl. However, at this juncture they really have no stand out needs that fit here with the top prospects left on the board. There is no tackle that could replace Donovan Smith nor is there a good enough receiver to push into the line up and with Etienne off the board there is not a sure fire running back to help Brady out here. Instead, they can look to limiting other teams from scoring to help him out by adding another interior presence like Hutchinson at the five-technique. With the likes of Ndamukong Suh, Lavonte David, and Shaq Barrett all up for free agency this offseason they might be in a cap crunch to force them to lose one if not all three of their top defenders. Hutchinson like Kwity Paye has enjoyed a pretty good season displaying impressive bend and quickness for such a big athlete. He could be a late riser in the draft if he tests well for a bigger defender. 

  1.  Buffalo Bills - Jaycee Horn CB South Carolina 

  • The Bills just got Mossed or “Hopped” by DeAndre Hopkins proving they need some more size and length in their secondary. Despite being one of the best corners in the league Tre’Davious White has some issues when combating bigger receivers. Plus, guys like Taron Johnson and Levi Wallace are nice slot options, but neither are built to be an outside corner to pair with White. Maybe they can dip back into the Gamecock’s alumni like they did with Stefon Gilmore to fix that. Jaycee Horn has been one of the best corners in the country this year blanketing speed, big, and quick receivers in the SEC. Son of former great receiver Joe Horn certainly plays big like his dad and seems ready to be a day one contributor in the NFL. For a bigger corner, succeeding at his Pro Day or Combine drills is key for him to rise up in the draft despite putting up great tape this year on the field. 

  1.  Green Bay Packers - Trey Smith OL Tennessee 

  • I am not like the rest of the NFL fandom who thinks Aaron Rodgers needs more weapons to succeed. The man is still playing lights out this season with or without Davante Adams. What he really needs to continue this trend to continue to stave off Jordan Love is better protection upfront. They were slated to have three starting linemen to hit free agency in David Bakhtiari, Corey Linsley, and Lane Taylor. However, they just locked up Bakhtiari, which was crucial since he is arguably one of the best left tackles in the game. However, it may be difficult to retain Linsley and Taylor as well. Plus, both are just middle of the road talents anyways. At one point Trey Smith was seen as a top tackle prospect prior to his blood clots that forced him to sit out last year and parts of the previous year. Now healthy and at a great spot like guard to maximize his strength and power he has the poise to be one of the bigger steals of the draft. 

  1.  Kansas City Chiefs - Rashod Bateman WR Minnesota

  • The Chiefs do not need a receiver, but they are at the point with Mahomes that they can just take the best player available for as long as they see fit. Sure they can also reach on some needs like interior blocking and corners, but with Sammy Watkins’ deal up soon they could be in need of more receiver depth. It also could be needed with Mecole Hardman not developing and gaining a rapport with Mahomes like they had hoped. With two speed guys like Tyreek Hill and Hardman I think they would benefit from having a bigger, interior, and red zone threat like Bateman. He is an alpha getting after the ball and has no fear of going over the middle of the defense. Adding him could give the Chiefs another chain mover and target to expose with teams keeping extra eyes on Hill over the top and Kelce also already poaching defenses over the middle. If he runs a good 40 time to quell some worries about deep speed he should see his stock rise come draft day. 

  1.  New Orleans Saints - Mac Jones QB Alabama

  • The writing's on the wall for Drew Brees at this point after his latest huge injury and his prior months of playing just okay. I know they seem to have a succession plan in Jameis Winston, but they will realize that will not be the fix after Winston starts throwing picks more than Brees ever had. They will more than certainly want to find a more solid long term solution than Winston and he is also only on a one year deal. If he overperforms a more desperate team may just overpay for his services. In any case, this draft has oddly a lot of quarterbacks worthy of landing in the first round. From the obvious three then the next three in Wilson, Trask, and now Mac Jones. He is a big, strong armed, and poised quarterback who has impressed a lot this season. Many see him and Trask having similar Senior seasons to Joe Burrow helping themselves a ton come draft day. What impresses me the most about Jones was his ability to come in for Tua the past couple of seasons and still have this offense playing at a high level. Now with the job all to himself he has certainly been able to show more talent than many previously expected out of him. 

  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers - Jay Tufele DT USC

  • The Steelers most likely will not have this pick come draft day. I suspect that they may be in the hunt for a young quarterback like Sam Darnold to sit behind Big Ben for a season or two as their succession plan. It may be steep to trade a first round pick for him, but at 32 here who can really be taken here that will make the Steelers terrific roster. Sure maybe a corner or safety could be useful here. Maybe a right tackle or if they lose Ali Villanueva they could maybe find a possible replacement on the left side. All in all the best player available approach could be used here if they do not move this pick. At this juncture Jay Tufele could be the pick replacing the departed Javon Hargreave who left this past offseason. He would certainly give them another wrinkle to their already impressive defensive front. 

Second Round 

  1.  New York Jets - Tyson Campbell CB Georgia 

  • The Jets should be on the lookout to strengthen their weak secondary that has been an issue on what is rather a solid defense overall. Guys like Bless Austin and Pierre Desir are just not good enough to be relied on each week to defend teams top pass catchers. Plus in a division with Josh Allen emerging and Tua Tagovailoa looking pretty good the Jets need corners to slow down the young wave of quarterbacks in their division. Campbell is a speedy, quick, and ball centric corner who can be a nice steal at the top of the 2nd round. He possesses a ton of upside as a once highly thought of prospect out of high school who took a bit to figure it out at Georgia. This season he has been lights out for the most part. 

  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars - Marvin Wilson DT Florida St

  • The Jags seem determined to get back to their defensive glory of only a few seasons ago. Hence why they took Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson in back to back drafts to upgrade their pass rush. Now they just need to find the interior presence in the middle of their defensive line that they have lacked since Marcell Dareus and Malik Jackson left in recent years. They had hopes of Taven Bryan emerging as an heir apparent, but he has not developed as expected so far. Maybe a local talent that has lost some luster like Marvin Wilson could be a great value here. Wilson was once seen as a top notch prospect, but he has plateaued a bit on a poor Florida St program. Maybe he has the potential to be a nice value pick here. 

  1.  Dallas Cowboys - Dillon Radunz OT North Dakota St

  • As mentioned earlier the Cowboys need to reload on their offensive line. After losing guys like Travis Frederick and Doug Free to retirement they never really tried to properly replace those two. Along with the fact that Tyrone Smith has been held up by duct tape and toothpicks for the better part of the last few seasons should have had them looking to improve the depth along their front line. Radunz is a wild card prospect like many FCS players who lost their seasons this year. He has been a lights out blocker at the lower levels, but he will need to prove it at the Senior Bowl if there is one to help catapult his draft stock. 

  1.  Los Angeles Chargers - Joe Tryon OLB Washington

  • The Chargers just dropped a hefty sum to resume having Joey Bosa along their defensive line. Unfortunately, now they need to also face the facts that they are probably tapped out from keeping Melvin Ingram who deserves the same sort of contract. In a division with Patrick Mahomes to get past they certainly need to find pass rushers and defenders to keep him in check. Tryon is a dynamic prospect who needs to show improvement in this shortened Pac 12 season to maintain his steady draft stock. He has the tools and ability to be a nice rotational pass rusher right away with his speed, but certainly has the upside to develop into much much more. 

  1.  Miami Dolphins (via Houston) - Terrace Marshall WR LSU

  • The Dolphins miss out on their preferred LSU pass catcher in Ja’Marr Chase in the first round, but end up with Micah Parsons instead. Now they can come back around and take Chase’s former teammate Marshall instead. They have two top pass catchers in DeVante Parker and Preston Williams, but both are injury prone and in Parker’s case prone to going back to being irrelevant like he was at the beginning of his career. Marshall has the height-weight-speed element teams salivate over in receivers and if he tests well at the Combine he could really see his stock soar. He has the toughness and ability to be a middle of the field pass catcher to go along with being a deep threat. 

  1.  Washington Football Team - Rondale Moore WR Purdue

  • Washington could take a quarterback here if Mac Jones or Kyle Trask are still on the board, but without those two here they can look to further load up an offense bereth of talent. Outside of Terry McLaurin they really have nothing for any quarterback to work with. Maybe if they let Antonio Gibson catch passes like he did in college then they would have two building blocks to work with. Moore is another explosive talent who can add another option in their offense to make them a formidable one to match up with. Moore would be a much higher pick had injuries not been an issue throughout his career. 

  1.  Cincinnati Bengals - Jalen Mayfield OT Michigan

  • The Bengals should probably trade down in the first round if they miss out on Sewell, but they are one of the least active teams in the draft when it comes to moving up or down so that probably will not happen. In any case, they desperately need to improve the blocking in front of Burrow and should not be afraid to go after a blocker or two higher in the draft. One such option who could slip through the cracks is Jalen Mayfield who often gets overshadowed by how bad this offense can be at Michigan. He was one of the few tackles who slowed down Chase Young last year and has improved this season as well. 

  1.  Carolina Panthers - Brevin Jordan TE Miami

  • Ian Thomas has not been the replacement for Greg Olsen that they thought he would be for them. He has given them almost nothing from the tight end position and if they want Bridgewater or in this scenario Trey Lance to succeed they need a more reliable safety blanket to dump the ball off too. Jordan is currently doing a great job reviving Miami back into the “Tight End U” conversation as the next great tight end from their program. He possesses impressive size and mismatch capabilities to be a nice option in the middle of the field. 

  1.  New York Giants - Patrick Jones II DE/OLB Pittsburgh

  • The Giants have two so-so pass rushers in Lorenzo Carter and a surprisingly effective Kyler Fackrell. Neither are consistent or good enough to allow the Giants to just be comfortable with that duo at such an important position. Their defense overall however, is pretty solid especially against the run with guys like Leonard Williams and Dexter Lawrence plugging up holes in the middle of the line. If they can find a consistent pass rusher like Jones who can add to that powerful line with his own size coupled with quickness off the edge could be a great fit. This team could be dangerous in a weak NFC East if Daniel Jones can fix his turnover issues. 

  1.  Denver Broncos - Asante Samuel Jr CB Florida St

  • The Broncos could have had a strong corner group despite losing Chris Harris this past offseason with the addition of A.J. Bouye and a healthy Bryce Callahan. Unfortunately, neither of their veteran corners were able to stay healthy. Forcing them to rely on a rookie in Michael Ojemudia who actually has been a quiet success. Bouye is back and healthy, but clearly depth is an issue behind him. Samuel is a smaller corner, but uses his quickness and instincts to his advantage. A lot of Florida St defenders have looked bad on a poorly coached team so maybe he can develop further with better coaching. 

  1.  Atlanta Falcons - Jevon Holland S Oregon

  • The Falcons continue to add more playmakers to their secondary. They desperately need it and have ignored it for the most part in their desperate search for a pass rusher. Instead, they should focus on their secondary instead and hope for better results there than they have had in their pass rush. Keanu Neal being healthy has been a nice sight this year, but he still gets nicked up easily. Holland is a smaller safety who can moonlight at corner or the deep part of the field. He would be a nice pairing for Neal who is better in the box than in coverage. 

  1.  San Francisco 49ers - Daniel Faale OT Minnesota 

  • I am not sure they let Trent Williams walk after just one year, but they really did not give up much to get him. When healthy he is still one of the better tackles in the game, but even a change of scenery has not stopped him from missing games. At this point the money he is going to want the 49ers would be better served finding a cheaper and healthier option. Faale has the upside, size, and athleticism that GM John Lynch has looked for in his prospects of late. He is a tad raw being new to the game as a former Australian native, but his size and athleticism has him seen as a major upside selection. 

  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars (via Minnesota) - Eric Stokes CB Georgia

  • Despite having just taken C.J. Henderson last year in the first round the Jags corners could still use an upgrade. Henderson actually has played well as a rookie so far, but in this pass happy league you need two to three starting caliber corners if you want to slow offenses down. This draft is a little weak on the defensive side of the ball, but it does have a slew of quality corners that can be had at the end of the first round and throughout Day Two. Stokes is a big corner who has nice size and ability to be a great press corner. He would certainly pair very well with Henderson who is of a similar build. As a bigger corner he certainly could help himself with a good Pro Day or Combine to prove his hips are fluid and all that fancy Combine jargon. 

  1.  New England Patriots - Jackson Carman OG Clemson

  • The Patriots continue to build up their offense for their future signal caller or Cam Newton could probably stick around a little longer on another cheap deal with a proper offseason in the New England system. Their offensive line has been cast a rough hand with injuries the past few years with guys like Isaiah Wynn, Shaq Mason, and David Andrews all being hampered by injuries. While their one constant Joe Thuney at guard is probably going to leave this offseason after playing on the Franchise tag this past season. Carman is the ideal blocker for the Patriots who love versatile talents who can move around the front if need be. In college he has been a very solid tackle for Clemson for a few years now, but his size is better suited at guard in the pros. 

  1.  Detroit Lions - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB Notre Dame

  • The Lions have been searching for a linebacker to man the middle of their defense for the longest time now. They have brought in middling veterans like Jon Bostic and Christian Jones over the years to hopefully do the trick. Then they drafted Jarrad Davis in the first round hoping he would. This past offseason they reunited Jamie Collins with coach Matt Patricia hoping for the same success. Unfortunately, none of them have really done the job well enough to stop them from their continued search. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is the ideal modern day linebacker with his speed and coverage ability to lock down slot receivers and tight ends. He is a bit of a tweener, but he will find work in the NFL and be one of those guys many teams wish they did not pass on. 

  1.  Chicago Bears - Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame

  • It’s no secret that the Bears need to improve the blocking in front of whoever is at quarterback next season. Sure they have two good interior blockers in James Daniel and Cody Whitehair. However, the other guard spot has been up for grabs since Kyle Long’s injury riddled end to his career. Charles Leno was a solid left tackle, but since signing a nice extension he has started a swift decline into being one of the worst blockers in the league. Along with Bobby Massie who is a league minimum starter at right tackle. They need help overall upfront and a talent like Eichenberg from a fan favorite school like Notre Dame could be a nice addition. He has all the makings of being a safe solid pro who can be had on Day Two who can play either tackle spots with high end starting capabilities. 

  1.  Tennessee Titans - Chris Olave WR Ohio St

  • The Titans are set to lose Corey Davis this offseason after declining his fifth year option. Of course, the season where he is set to be a free agent he finally looks good and showing the promise that made him the fifth overall pick a few years ago. They did find A.J. Brown who has been a lightning bolt on offense, but injuries continue to hamper him. Adding another reliable route runner who can be a better red zone target like Chris Olave could be a nice selection. To me Olave is one of the biggest sleepers in the draft who has a very similar skill set to Michael Thomas who wins more often with his routes and hands than speed or explosion. Olave will do great wherever he gets drafted. 

  1.  Cleveland Browns - Joseph Ossai OLB Texas

  • More help for the defensive side of the ball to keep the score in check as the Browns lean on the ground game to hide Baker Mayfield’s deficiencies. They have been searching for a quality pass rusher across from Myles Garrett like many other teams with premier pass rushers. They had hoped that Olivier Vernon would be that guy, but he has had a very rough time finding his way on the field the past few seasons. Ossai is a similar versatile linebacker talent to Joe Schobert who left this past offseason. He can come off the edge with his quickness and bend to get at the quarterback. With Texas he has also had experience in coverage as a very solid cover linebacker when dropped back off the line. He might be a very quality pick to be had on Day 2. 

  1.  Philadelphia Eagles - Josh Myers C Ohio St

  • I would not be afraid if I were the Eagles and Howie Roseman their GM to draft multiple blockers to help out their weak offensive line. Even if it is a center where Jason Kelce is still playing very well. However, he has mentioned in this past offseason that retirement could be in the cards for one of the heroes of Philly’s Super Bowl run. Even if he does stick around for another season adding an interior blocker like Myers who can move to guard in the meantime would be a nice addition. He is a highly intelligent blocker with a great anchor to slow down bull rushers. Adding some of his blue collar attitude to a finesse line could be a nice addition to keep Wentz from getting beat up so often. 

  1.  Seattle Seahawks - Jordan Davis DT Georgia

  • The Seahawks never draft the clear need position on their roster. Despite huge needs at corner, and edge rusher to go along with their continually weak offensive line I can see them still just taking a player from left field. At this juncture, it could very well be Jordan Davis who can pair with Poona Ford giving them two stout interior defenders to build around. Davis is a big defender who moves with swift light feet along with great power and balance to push the pocket. Despite not having top notch outside edge rushers they have to see the success an interior pass rusher like Aaron Donald can have when they play the Rams twice a year. Maybe they want to find their own Donald with a guy like Davis who has the same tools to be a great defender. 

  1.  Miami Dolphins - Walker Little OT Stanford

  • I was not high on the Austin Jackson or Robert Hunt selections for the Dolphins who could have had better prospects where they selected. However, both are high upside guys who can flourish in their sophomore seasons with hopefully a proper offseason this time around after losing a lot of time due to the pandemic leading into the season. In any case, more blocking is never a bad move for a team like the Dolphins who have an injury prone young quarterback like Tua Tagovailoa. Walker Little was in contention to be another top tackle from last year’s class, but injuries forced him to miss most of the year last season. Now healthy he can hopefully prove he is still that talent with a very high floor and ability to start at a solid level right away. 

  1.  Indianapolis Colts - Hamlicar Rashed Jr DE/OLB Oregon St

  • The Colts are a team in a pretty comfortable situation outside of quarterback. Of course upgrades would make life a little easier if they find another new receiver, corner, or pass rusher to enhance the roster further. Matt Eberflus, their defensive coordinator to me has been doing one of the best jobs in the league making his side of the ball one of the best in the league despite no go to pass rusher, top corner, or even any top flight playmakers. His schemes have made them an elite unit, but I am sure he would not mind a new pass rusher or playmaking corner to make this defense even more dangerous. Rashed is an elite athlete who uses his length and quickness to defeat tackles in college. He still needs to develop more technique and bulk up a bit, but he is a high end athlete who would bring more talent to this defensive front. 

  1.  Baltimore Ravens - Jayson Oweh OLB Penn St

  • The Ravens have never been a team afraid to double down on positions during the draft. They will probably need to do so with both Bowser and Judon set to hit free agency. Neither have played well enough this season to be considered for a long term extension. Maybe Judon is worthy enough, but after being franchise tagged he is certainly going to be searching for a big deal. In any case, this defense still lacks the bite that prevents it from being one of the best in the league in my opinion. Oweh is a toolsy athletic edge rusher who has a lot of raw tools and traits to make him a top edge rusher. He needs a lot of work to get there, but the Ravens have the infrastructure and track record to get him there. 

  1.  Arizona Cardinals - Jaylen Twyman DT Pittsburgh

  • More help for a defensive front that could use more athleticism and speed. Especially, since formerly highly thought of prospect Zach Allen has not provided that spark alongside Corey Peters. If they can find a difference maker in the middle to take space and collapse the pocket it could allow their talented linebackers to shoot through clean gaps. Twyman is another talented Pitt Panther on defense this season that has certainly elevated his stock with Patrick Jones. He is still a raw talent technique and strength wise as a developing player with the body to put on more weight. His maturity and driven mentality will have him become a coach’s favorite throughout the interview process. All in all the Cardinals need to continue to get stout on defense to compete against the high powered offenses in the NFC West. 

  1.  Las Vegas Raiders - Paris Ford S Pittsburgh

  • Jon Gruden has mentioned before that he would have taken Derwin James Jr in the first round a few years back had the Raiders not taken Karl Joseph the year prior in the first round. I think it’s all revisionist history since he should have just taken the guy he wanted and worked out the kinks with the roster later. He did try to fix passing on James by drafting Jonathan Abram, but he like James has not been healthy at all so far throughout his career. Even if he does return healthy the Raiders need a better cover safety to patrol the back end of the defense since Abram is more of an in the box type safety. Ford is a smaller safety, but certainly is a ball hawk who knows how to make a play on the ball. The Raiders could use that sort of talent in the secondary. 

  1.  Los Angeles Rams - Rashawn Slater OT Northwestern

  • The Rams are similar like the Seahawks with their lack of care about giving Jared Goff proper protection. The only difference is, Goff is certainly not mobile enough to overcome those issues like Wilson can be for the Seahawks. Plus, Goff is one of the worst quarterbacks when faced with even the slightest bit of pressure. With Andrew Whitworth certainly one step towards retirement finding a new left tackle should be high on their to-do list. Slater is an intriguing athlete at tackle similar to Robert Hunt of last year. He has a high floor with the ability to kick in at guard. However, he has the balance, footwork, and lateral quickness to stick at tackle with a lot of potential. 

  1.  Buffalo Bills - Jaelen Phillips DE Miami 

  • Similar to the Colts the Bills have one of the best coached and best schemed defenses in the league. Sean McDermott has done a great job despite not having much talent on the edges for the past few seasons. He certainly would love to have some athletes that can put some pressure on the new young quarterbacks in his division to compete with. Jaelen Phillips much like Quincy Roche has certainly taken advantage of their increased snaps without Gregory Rousseau in the fold. He is a similar talent to Roche and even transferred as a formerly highly thought of high school prospect like his teammate. Only the issue with him is being a more raw and inexperienced player who continues to develop each week. 

  1.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cameron McGrone LB Michigan

  • The Bucs could probably use another receiver here or maybe a running back if they do not find Ronald Jones falters down the stretch. So far, Jones has done enough to keep his job moving forward. Instead, they can look towards the defensive side of the ball again to help keep the score in check for Brady to work with. The less time Brady spends dropping back to throw the better in my opinion to avoid hits and forcing throws. LaVonte David, their great linebacker, is a soon to be free agent, but with Shaq Barrett also needing a new deal I think they may prefer spending the money on Barrett over David. A new linebacker to fill the hole next to Devin White will be needed. McGrone has been a stellar defender with his tackling ability and improvements in the passing game. He is also an adept blitzer who could be a nice addition to Todd Bowles’ defense.

  1.  Green Bay Packers - Tedarrell Slaton DT Florida

  • Again, not a receiver for Rodgers, but I think he would prefer teams not scoring on his defense. Like Brady, the less times Rodgers needs to drop back and throw the ball the better to avoid contact at their elder ages. One way for the Packers to pull that off is by finally stopping the run and preventing opposing offenses to control the clock. Sure not having Kenny Clark is an issue, but he was healthy all last season when they again were gashed in the run game. Adding bulk, size, and muscle at the tackle spot may not be the flashy pick, but it’s needed for this team to succeed. Slaton is an ideal run stuffing nose tackle who has the ability to collapse the pocket on opposing quarterbacks. Maybe he can be the B.J. Raji talent they have been missing on defense. 

  1.  Kansas City Chiefs - Trey Hill C Georgia 

  • The Chiefs have the luxury of having a magician under center in Patrick Mahomes who is cool under pressure and can create big plays on the run. However, I am sure Andy Reid and company would prefer him to not have to move so often putting himself in danger. One way to do that is by finding some more talented blockers in the middle of their line. They have a few good tackles in Eric Wilson and Mitchell Schwartz, but the middle three positions are all upgradable. Hill has been a multi year starter for the Bulldogs that have been churning out NFL talent for a few drafts now along the offensive line. He does need to refine his abilities as a center in terms of snaps and technique, but he does the difficult part very well by being a great blocker. 

  1.  New Orleans Saints - Amon-Ra St.Brown WR USC

  • I think the Saints are about done with Michael Thomas and his frostiness towards coach Sean Payton. If they hang on to him after Brees retires he could make the locker room toxic with no leader like Brees to lean on for leadership. When Brees retires I think this team will be in a little bit of a rebuild retooling this roster. Even if they do hang onto Thomas looking for an ideal trade, they should still be looking for a receiver since their depth behind Thomas has clearly not been the best when he was out. St.Brown is an ideal slot receiver with his speed, shiftiness, and agility in the open field. Even if Thomas is here they can get a lot of run from the slot giving them another wrinkle in their offense for whoever is under center moving forward. 

  1.  PIttsburgh Steelers - Najee Harris RB Alabama 

  • The Steelers could go after a running back or a receiver here with both James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster set to be free agents. I doubt they really keep either with how bad their cap situation is. Maybe Conner comes back on a team friendly deal, but we all know how desperate running backs are to get their big paydays with how short their careers are. I think they would prefer a receiver here, but with the run on the best Day 2 options happening right before their pick they may take the best back available. The drop off between Harris the 2nd best back and Etienne the best back is pretty big. Hence why he falls this far after the Clemson product. That does not mean he cannot play however. Harris is a bigger back who runs with nice long strides, balance, and quickness. He also is a nice bak out of the back field. It’s odd to see an Alabama running back flying under the radar here. 

Third Round

  1.  New York Jets - Chuba Hubbard RB Oklahoma St

  • LaMichal Perrine is not the long term answer at running back here. They need to give Lawrence a consistent back to lean on in the offense. Hubbard is flying under the radar similar to Jonathan Taylor did a year ago after being over analyzed for basically being in college too long to be nitpicked at. He can do it all with speed, quickness, and power with improving hands. 

  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars - Trevon Moehrig S TCU

  • More help for the Jags defensive back field that needs more playmakers after letting go of so many great players like Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye. Henderson has been a nice corner so far as a rookie and maybe 2nd rounder Eric Stokes in this draft can add to it. However, in the NFL it’s also really nice to have a safety who can help shutdown receivers. I know they get overlooked a ton, but having an Eddie Jackson, Jamal Adams, or Tyrann Mathieu is also really nice to have. 

  1.  Los Angeles Chargers - Deonte Brown OG Alabama

  • If the Chargers want to see Herbert turn into the franchise quarterback he is poised to be, they need to enhance the blocking ahead of him. A tackle would be nice, but so would a guard or center. Especially, since three starting blockers Mike Pouncey, Forrest Lamp, and Dan Feeney are all set to be free agents. Only Pouncey is worth keeping and even he is a maybe with his injury history. Brown has been a nice road grading guard for Alabama, but still needs work in the passing game. Maturity is a bit of an issue and could have him drop further than his talent suggests. 

  1.  Houston Texans - Sage Surratt WR Wake Forest

  • I honestly do not think receivers are that huge of a need in Houston, but they are probably going to overcompensate after trading DeAndre Hopkins away for a bag of peanuts. However, they do have free agents in Kenny Stills, and Will Fuller set to be free agents. Plus, Brandin Cooks could be traded again with veteran Randall Cobb probably being a cap casualty. Surratt is a shifty and bigger receiver who wins with size and routes. Lacks a bit of speed teams look for in a high draft pick at receiver. He should be a very quality player on Day 2 to be had. 

  1.  Washington Football Team - Kellen Mond QB Texas A&M 

  • Washington could be taking Trey Lance in the first round, but there has never been three quarterbacks taken with the first three picks in the draft. I doubt it starts here. Instead, they can take Sewell and other top players to build up the roster. I think Mond is a little bit of an under the radar quarterback in this class mostly due to his team not being able to play. When they do he has shown great mobility, accuracy, and decision making. He reminds me of a diet version of Deshaun Watson where he lacks the top end athleticism and arm strength. However, he should still be able to be a very good quarterback in the NFL and could learn a ton from Alex Smith like Patrick Mahomes did. 

  1.  Dallas Cowboys - Jamie Newman QB Georgia 

  • I think the Cowboys should strongly consider a quarterback if they are picking in the top 5 this year. However, I can see Jerry Jones who is oddly loyal despite being an erratic owner might extend a big deal towards Dak Prescott’s way. I think that is a mistake with where this team is headed with a tight cap space and aging players. In any case, they might think they can find another Dak later in the draft and take the best defender in the draft in Gregory Rousseau with their first pick in this mock. Jamie Newman probably should have stayed in school to enhance his draft stock on a loaded Georgia team. Now he is just a very high upside player who still needs development. Maybe they franchise Dak one more time and can develop Newman behind him. 

  1.  Cincinnati Bengals - Xavier Thomas DE Clemson

  • I am not sure trading away Carlos Dunlap for essentially nothing was the wisest choice. Nor has the phasing out of Geno Atkins been the best for a weak defense. Now they are going to have to search for a few new pass rushers with guys like Sam Hubbard and Carl Lawson have not developed as well as they hoped. The Bengals general draft directly from the blue blood colleges thanks to GM/Owner Paul Brown not being qualified enough or dedicated enough to find more gems from smaller colleges. Thomas is a quality edge setter who has high energy off the edge. A tad undersized, but he does everything well and has a nice high floor to be taken on Day 2. 

  1.  New York Giants - Alijah Vera-Tucker OG USC

  • I feel like the Giants are just perpetually in need of better blockers. It certainly helps that Daniel Jones is proving to be a quietly athletic quarterback in the pocket with good speed to take off. However, with first round pick Andrew Thomas not panning out as expected they might have to even look to finding a new tackle to push him a bit. Hopefully the return of Nate Solder can help out. Regardless adding another guard to pair with their only steady blocker Will Hernandez would be a nice addition. 

  1.  Carolina Panthers - Jabril Cox LB LSU

  • The Panthers are in need of finding better linebacker play in the middle of the defense. Certainly the retirement of Luke Kuechly is going to cause a big talent gap there and it will be close to impossible to find one player to provide that type of production. Maybe finding multiple good linebackers to replace him would be a wise way to go. Shaq Thompson is about a league average linebacker and has been terrible against the run. Cox is a tackling machine with a ton of experience from his days at North Dakota St and now at LSU. He is a quick starter in the NFL with his ability. 

  1.  Atlanta Falcons - Tamorrion Terry WR Florida St

  • With Julio Jones on the trading block the Falcons should be in a search for another receiver to pair with Calvin Ridley. It would also help adding some depth with Ridley’s injury history of late causing him to miss a few games a year. Same goes for Jones who is often out a game or two a season straining what is a weak depth chart behind the starters. Terry is a big bodied receiver who can provide Matt Ryan a nice big red zone target since Jones seems to be allergic to the end zone. 

  1.  Denver Broncos - Azeez Olujari OLB Georgia 

  • The Broncos are going to be in need of a new edge rusher with Von Miller looking about done in Denver with his contract up this offseason. I think it would be nice of them to allow him to go to another team where he has a better shot to win another ring. One intriguing prospect is Olujari the red shirt sophomore pass rusher for the Bulldogs who has really come on this season so far. He clearly needs a lot of work still development wise, but his upside is immense as a pure athletic talent and work out warrior type player. His stock should rise a ton as we get closer to draft day if he enters it. 

  1.  Washington Football Team (via San Francisco) - Kylin Hill RB Texas A&M 

  • I think Washington is using their standout rookie Antonio Gibson all wrong where he should be used more in the passing game, but so far he has been their go to goal line back. Maybe they can elevate his role next year with more time to work with him in the offense. Regardless he and their other back J.D. McKissic are not true between the tackle runners that can be leaned on for a ton of carries. Hill could be the bully back of that trio with his strength and power between the tackles. He does have some character concerns, but Washington has shown to be willing to give players like him chances. 

  1.  New England Patriots - Forfeited 

  2.  Detroit Lions - Derion Kendrick CB Clemson 

  • Finding someone who can fully replace Darius Slay will be a tall task for the Lions. Maybe Jeff Okudah can develop into that guy, but thus far he has not been the best corner in the class despite being taken so high. Sure their pass rush is not helping him out, but he should still be better than he is thus far. Kendrick is rising up boards similarly to his teammate A.J. Terrell from last year. If anything Kendrick has a much higher ceiling as a former receiver still learning proper technique at the position. He has gotten better each week and will only continue to do so in the pros. 

  1.  Minnesota Vikings - Brenton Cox Jr DE Florida 

  • The Vikings clearly do not have the pass rush they used to have a year ago. Danielle Hunter has been out all season with a neck injury, that can always be weird to come back from. Then they failed to re-sign Everson Griffen, but he has had a poor season with the Cowboys and now Lions. They need to find young talent on the edges and one intriguing athlete is Brenton Cox Jr who has been a great find for the Gators this year. He has some maturity issues having been kicked off the team in Georgia. However, he has been clean at Florida and has been a great player thus far for them with his athleticism and size. 

  1.  Chicago Bears - Kenneth Gainwell RB Kentucky 

  • The Bears have one of it not maybe the worst running attack in the NFL. For a team with such great history with finding running backs and making them into stars they have to be looking to rectify it this offseason. Sure their offensive line is not making matters any better, but even when they were healthy last season David Montgormery was just okay. Gainwell opted out this season after losing relatives to COVID, but he was a lightning rod at running back for the past few seasons for Kentucky. He is a bit small as a back, but has the hands and speed to be a game breaker. 

  1.  Cleveland Browns - Rodarius Williams CB Oklahoma St

  • When healthy Denzel Ward is one of the better corners in the league that can shut down opposing receivers with ease with his quickness. Unfortunately, health has been an issue for him and his fellow corner Greedy Williams who has rarely been on the field. They could really use a new corner to pair with Ward and slow down the strong offenses in the AFC North. Williams is a highly experienced corner who has had a ton of playing time at Stillwater and has gotten better with each season. Many scouts see him as a high riser with his play this year and will probably go somewhere on Day 2. 

  1.  Tennessee Titans - Israel Mukuamu CB South Carolina 

  • The Titans have two disappointing corners that have been burned all season long. Malcolm Butler has clearly been a big disappointment since he left New England and he is another guy Bill Belichick seems to have gotten right when he got rid of him. Meanwhile Adoree Jackson, their former first rounder has either been hurt or inconsistent on the field. Trading for Desmond King helps, but they need more size in this smaller cornerback room. Mukuamu is a freak sized athlete at 6’4” at the corner position and possesses an intriguing skill set to be a great mid round pick. 

  1.  Philadelphia Eagles - Nick Bolton LB Missouri  

  • The Eagles once had a great linebacker group with Nigel Bradham, Mychal Kendricks, and Jordan Hicks on their way to a Super Bowl win. Now they have guys like Alex Singleton and Nate Gerry who are safeties moonlighting at linebacker. Both have had their lucky plays here or there benefiting off their safety roots in coverage, but both are lousy in man coverage when they have to find their guy to go with. Bolton is a modern day linebacker with great coverage skills and despite his lack of size he is an ideal backer to have in the middle of their defense. 

  1.  Arizona Cardinals - Zaven Collins OLB Tulsa

  • I honestly do not think the Cardinals could use too much help on the defensive side of the ball. As long as Kyler Murray is healthy on offense he is good enough to elevate with any talent around him. What can really help him, but is out of his control is by having a defense who can stop the high powered offenses in the NFC West. Collins is a nice hybrid linebacker who can take over the spot of De’Vondre Campbell who has been great, but playing on a one year deal. Collins, Isaiah Simmons, and first rounder Kwity Paye could really solidify this unit into one of the best young defenses in the league. 

  1.  Los Angeles Rams - Tyler Shelvin DT LSU 

  • I feel like the Rams are perpetually trying to find another pass rusher who can take off some attention from Aaron Donald. They have tried everything from Robert Quinn to Ndamukong Suh to Leonard Floyd and others throughout the years. Veteran Michael Brockers is always consistent, but still never gets the sack numbers a guy playing alongside Donald should. Shelvin is a relentless defender in the run game and has a ton of power to punch the interior of the line forcing it collapse upon itself. Maybe he can learn a thing or two from Donald to enhance his technique to be a more threat as a pass rusher. 

  1.  Minnesota Vikings (via Baltimore) - Andre Cisco S Syracuse

  • The Vikings thought they had something in Anthony Harris after his breakout season last year, but they were wise to Franchise Tag him to see if he was worth long term money. So far he has proven to be a flash in the pan and has not looked nearly as good as he did last year. There were some rumors he was on the trading block so I would not be shocked if they looked for a cheaper option via the draft with their tight cap situation. Cisco is a ballhawking safety who can patrol the back end of the field and be an elite playmaker. He reminds me a ton of Jessie Bates when he was coming out of Wake Forest as an underrated prospect. 

  1.  Miami Dolphins - Landon Dickerson C Alabama

  • Keeping Tua Tagovailoa comfortable in the pocket has to be high on the Dolphins priority list during this offseason. He has done a well enough job protecting himself by moving and scrambling with an attention to sliding to protect himself. Regardless, protecting him better to stand in the pocket comfortably has to be on their minds. Dickerson is a smart center who maximizes his lack of talent with his technique and hand usage. His comfort with Tua would also be a plus from their time back at Alabama. 

  1.  Indianapolis Colts - Kadarius Toney WR Florida 

  • Phillip Rivers may be capable of working with the Colts limited weapons around him thanks to his veteran savvy. However, Kyle Trask in this situation will need more than a young Michael Pittman and Jonathan Taylor to be comfortable. Maybe a veteran T.Y. Hilton would be a nice addition, but his health has sapped him of his talent. He is also a soon to be free agent this offseason. Adding an explosive talent like Toney could be a great addition. He is not the biggest receiver, but is an ultimate gadget and shifty player who can move all over the offense. Toney is a talent that the Colts have not had for a long time and could really help elevate their boring offense. 

  1.  Las Vegas Raiders - Cade Mays OG/T Tennessee 

  • It feels like veterans Gabe Jackson and Rodney Hudson are living on borrowed time in Las Vegas as the last few holdovers from the Reggie McKenzie era. Meanwhile the boneheaded Richie Incognito is a fading talent again mired in injuries all season long much like he used to be up in Buffalo towards the end. Either way this offensive line could use more depth and help with the rate that they get the virus and injured. Mays could be a nice developmental option as a former Bulldog who transferred for playing time to Tennessee and seems to be getting better each week. 

  1.  Buffalo Bills - Thayor Munford OG Ohio St

  • The Bills roster is overall a pretty good one and not many rookies are going to be coming in and cracking the starting lineup. However, they, like every other team in the league could use more talent and depth across the offensive line. They do have two good tackles in Dion Dawkins and Cody Ford who do a great job protecting Josh Allen. Their interior of the line could use work where Mitch Morse is always missing games and Jon Feliciano being a league average blocker. Munford plays tackle for the Buckeyes, but at his size he is a much better fit for guard at the next level. He lacks the athletic upside that his teammate Wyatt Davis possesses, but he is a steady blocker who has a very high floor to be a starter quickly in the league. 

  1.  New York Jets (via Seattle) - Hunter Long TE Boston College

  • The Jets have been waiting and waiting for Chris Herndon to emerge as a threat at the tight end spot. So far he has been ultra inconsistent on the field and for him just getting on the field has been a difficult thing. With Trevor Lawrence in the fold finding him a go to dump off option at tight end would be a great addition. It would also help add some nice interior presence to go along with their talented receivers. Long is a nice versatile tight end who has great hands and knows how to get open. He reminds me a ton of all those consistent tight ends out of Stanford that have been littered over the NFL. 

  1.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Javonte Williams RB UNC

  • The Bucs should be on the lookout to give Brady a go to pass catching back. Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette have moonlighted over there this season, but neither are really natural pass catchers to be that effective there. Adding one like Javonte Williams who is a converted receiver could be an ideal addition. He has quietly been under the radar on a surprisingly great UNC team that has turned around under Mack Brown’s leadership. He is a very strong back too who can be a nice consistent runner when asked to be one, but he has a ton of experience in the passing game that would be great for Brady to lean on. 

  1.  Green Bay Packers - Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma St

  • Here you go, here's your receiver for Aaron Rodgers and it’s an awfully good one here late in the third round. This class is certainly not as strong as last year’s at the position. However, there are a bunch of intriguing names like Wallace who may not be an ideal outside receiver, but can move around the offense to be a nice match up chess piece. Health is a big issue for the speedster, but if he is on the field he can fill in the role that Randall Cobb used to fill on offense as a nice chain mover and deep option for Rodgers. 

  1.  Kansas City Chiefs - Chazz Surratt LB UNC

  • The Chiefs continue to find some luxury additions for their roster that can help continue this dynasty. Linebacker has been a weaker position on their defense for a few years now. With overpaid Anthony Hitchens being a nice player, they could easily get a cheaper option. Maybe second round rookie Willie Gay can turn into a top option, but it never hurts having more help in the middle of the defense. Especially, with their top competition the Raiders relying so heavily on the run game. Surratt is a great athlete with size, speed, and quickness to go along with improving traits as a linebacker. He fits ideally in what the Chiefs look for in their defensive prospects. 

  1.  Cleveland Browns (via New Orleans) - Jhamon Ausbon WR Texas A&M

  • The Browns might be done with OBJ and Jarvis Landry with both being very overpaid receivers who have not been effective in this offense. If new coach Kevin Stefansi can bring this team to the playoffs he will have more sway on player decisions and may want to build a locker room around guys that support him rather than loud ones like Landry and Beckham that can be a bit toxic for a young roster. Plus, both have had a lot of injury issues over the years so better depth is not a bad idea. Ausbon has a lot of the physical traits and upside that teams will love to take a chance on in Day 2. After opting out of the season he will need to make up a lot of ground to rise up boards during workouts and the Combine if there is one this year. 

  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers - Seth Williams WR Auburn

  • The Steelers are set to lose both James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster with both expecting to cost a lot. I am sure they would like to keep both, but the Steelers are in a poor cap situation that will be exacerbated by the cap going down due to the pandemic. They have been one of the better teams drafting receivers like Smith-Schuster, Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace, and Hines Ward over the years. They do have some whiffs like James Washington and a few others. Diontae Johnson has been a nice find, but more depth is needed. Williams is a big, fast, and experienced receiver. He is not the shiftiest in the open field and does not run advanced routes. His upside is very high and could be a find like Terry McLaurin was a few years ago.

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