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Starting Qb's that could be playing elsewhere next year...
Published at 10/14/2020
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Starting qbs that could be playing elsewhere next year.

The season is just about a third of the way through and this is a good measuring point of how good or bad most teams are this year, it is also a somewhat good indicator of where qbs stand as well. In this article I will discuss some starting qbs that may be playing elsewhere next year and possibly where.

Sam Darnold (NYJ)

Darnold was a consensus top or second to top qb prospect in 2018, he has performed with mediocrity since, in no small part though due to the Jets inability to put a team around him.  Make no mistake if the Jets get the top pick (which is quite likely) they will draft Trevor Lawrence and trade Darnold.  Where u may ask? Possibly Pittsburgh or maybe a team like the Saints or Colts.  A team that has an aging qb but won’t have a high first round pick next year to pick a good qb seems likely, and the trade value for Darnold is probably only a 2nd or 3rd round pick so the compensation won’t be too heavy either.

Carson Wentz (PHI)

Wentz looked every bit the part of the second overall pick in the draft his first few seasons, but is clearly not anymore.  With second rounder Jalen Hurts behind him the Eagles won’t hesitate to move on after the season id Wentz keeps up the poor numbers.  They didn’t hesitate to move on from Donovan Mcnabb and they won’t here.  They may still be able to get a 2nd round pick for him based on his past success, as someone will likely be willing to give him a fresh start, think Tampa, Minnesota, or even Chicago here…

Matt Ryan (ATL)

This ones not really going to be because of ability but rather age.  Ryan probably only has 2-5 good seasons left in him and with the Falcons likely getting a relatively high pick in the draft, they may opt to move on from Ryan.  There not winning with him anyway right now so it may be better to just start fresh.  He would likely command a late first round pick in a trade made possibly by Minnesota, Chicago, Denver or maybe Indy, teams unwilling or incapable of drafting successful qb’s high.

Kirk Cousins (MIN)

If the Vikings want to move on from mediocrity they need to move on from Kirk Cousins.  It wasn’t an experiment all for not as he won a playoff game last year for them, but he likely won’t be able to take them to the next level, much like Alex Smith couldn’t in KC.  A trade would yield decent compensation, maybe a late 1st and a 3rd or 2 seconds, similar to what the 49ers got for Smith.  Possible teams would be Tampa, the Saints, Colts, or Broncos.

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