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Realistic Landing Spots for Josh Rosen
Published at 5/27/2020
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In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cardinals selected Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick. During that 2018 season, Rosen started for that Cardinals team and ended up placing 32nd in the league, resulting in the Cardinals taking Kyler Murray with the number 1 pick who indeed was a QB. During that draft, in the second round, he was traded to the Miami Dolphins. Where he played alongside QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, and as some say, on of the worst teams in NFL History. He is now expected to be traded as the Dolphins have drafted Tua Tagovailoa.

To me, it is extremely unfair that he hasn't been given a real chance to succeed in the NFL. He played behind the 2018 Cardinals. They had a bad defense, awful O-Line, and not to many assets for Rosen at all. Then he continued on with his career and became a Miami Dolphin. Where he had a good receiving core, horrendous O-Line, and below average defense.

Bad parts about Rosen: He has a TD-INT ratio of 12-19, completion percentage of 54.8% which isn't god awful but needs to get better. And when he has bad games, they are bad.

Good parts about Rosen: Though his completion percentage is low, dating back to college, it never has been special so he isn't reliant on being more accurate. Pretty decent runner in terms of being a QB. His good games showed how good of a QB he can be. And he is still only 23! (Fun Fact: Joe Burrow is older than him)

And finally, here are my destinations that would make sense for Josh Rosen:

Steelers: It would make sense to see if he could learn behind Big Ben and possibly be his successor. Plus, if he goes down again, Rosen would make a sweet back-up, especially because he'd have a team around him in Pittsburgh

Titans: Tannehill turns 32 in July, and has had a past with Injuries. Plus, their back-up is Logan Woodside. So say Tannehill fails, here comes Rosen

Jaguars: Though I don't see/think it'll happen, it would make sense. They need a back-up that's not Mike Glennon, and they need someone to put some pressure on Minshew so he knows that if he doesn't play well, Rosen will be roaring to go.

Vikings: I personally like the idea of this trade. Their back-up QB is nobody Sean Mannion and Cousins turns 32 this August so he is definitely getting up there in age. Yes Kirk just signed a big deal, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee he will play good.

Lions: Not only would Rosen be a great back-up for this team, he could be the follow up to Matt Stafford, who's "out year" on his contract could be after this season. He is also 32 years old so in terms of planning ahead, Rosen could be the guy.

Buccaneers: Similar to the Jags one, where though I personally don't see this happening, it would make sense. Back-up Brady, learn behind Brady, maybe even play after Brady calls it quits. 

Falcons: I like this one. Mentored by Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub, then could potentially become the starter if they are confident enough in the future.

To summarize:

Yes, there is not a single NFL team that would take in Rosen to be their starter (Maybe the Patriots) but Rosen is still 23 years old, and has yet to be around a complete NFL offense. So in terms of trading him, the teams above would make sense because he would be a very solid back-up and provide a starting QB if theirs retires/gets injured/fails to suceed.

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