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NFL Team Tier List
Published at 5/15/2020
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In my opinion there is 6 different type of classes/tiers an NFL Team can be in. Those are: Title Worthy, Contenders, Playoff Hopeful, In the Hunt, Below average/direction unknown, Rebuilding. Here is how I define them.

Title Worthy: These teams got all the part to win a title this year such as the conference title, or super bowl title. Those teams to me are: Chiefs, Ravens, Packers, Seahawks, 49ers.

Contenders: These teams are just about playoff locks and could make it to their conference title game, they just won't have enough gas or assets to bring home a trophy, in my opinion. These teams to me are: Bills, Vikings, Saints, Steelers, Eagles.

Playoff Hopeful: These teams could definitely see the playoffs this year and I bet their fans sure think they are. But they are for sure not by any means a lock to see the playoffs. These teams to me are: Buccaneers, Falcons, Cowboys, Broncos, Cardinals, Colts, Titans.

In the Hunt: These teams could have a breakout season and get a wildcard spot but they'll probably be 6-10 to 9-7. Now you might be wondering, John, how is a 6-10 team in the hunt? I say this because these teams probably believe that they are in the hunt or have the talent to be in the hunt but could be altered through just a single little injury or a player not playing well. These teams to me are: Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Rams, Raiders.

Below Average/unclear direction: These teams to me are teams who will occasionally make appearances in the hunt but aren't that good to be consistently there. I also added unclear direction because these teams might be not good and not seeming to want to rebuild, or have a playoff looking roster. So to me, the direction they are headed is unclear and/or confusing. These teams to me are: Bears, Giants, Lions, Jets, Texans

Rebuilding: These teams to me are teams that maybe we will see in the "in the hunt" category, but are in the process of rebuilding. These teams to me are: Bengals, Chargers, Redskins, Panthers, Jaguars

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