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The NFL prime time scheduling is broken...
Published at 5/11/2020
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The NFL prime time scheduling is broken…

So the NFL Schedule is out and I must say it is time to discuss the leagues lack of competence in scheduling primetime games…

The NFL schedules its Monday Night Football and Sunday Night football games (the most exclusive timeslots) every year based pretty much solely on the previous years performance of teams and not based on actually how good these teams will actually be the coming season.  This has come to bite the league in the ass many times as many teams end up not being as good as they thought or really were never going to be good to begin with, yes im talking about you NFC East… 

Seriously why do the New England Patriots have 5 prime time games (the max) on the schedule for next year?  Everyone knows that they’re going to be bad this year and the league will just have to flex out the games it can later in the year when it realizes Jarrett Stidham and the Patriots are unwatchable tv, it would be one thing if the Pats just won the Super bowl, but they just came off their worst playoff performance in many years, so they don’t even have that going for them…

The Rams are another example, this is probably being done somewhat to show off their new pad in LA, ok maybe that works for 1 game but 4 combined mnf and snf games for a team that missed the playoffs and probably will again as it travels through salary cap hell, doesn’t make for very appealing television, have they forgotten about the mnf game against the Ravens last year already??

I guess either the league is clueless or they just care about market size as neither of these 2 teams project very well this coming season.

Then you have games towards the end of the season that almost certainly project as being flexed or lousy, the mnf games they can’t even flex.  Seriously Steelers and Bengals mnf in week 15? Why? The Bengals will not be a playoff contender this year and the Steelers will be up in the air so why would they schedule this game they can’t even change so late in the season when it almost certainly will be very lackluster?  Bills/49ers week 13? Why? These two teams have absolutely no relation or commonality between each other, very random matchup… A snf game late in the season for the Broncos, why? What have the Broncos done on the field to earn that?

Frankly there are more examples but these are just some, clearly the league doesn’t know how to schedule games anymore especially mnf games and there will likely be multiple flexes for snf football as well this year…   

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