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2020 Draft Grade: Seattle Seahawks
Published at 5/2/2020
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With the draft in the books time to go back and do a wrap up of how teams made out. I might be a bit of a harsh critic to the top 3 round picks, but that is where you need to hit in the draft to be successful. Sure most of the league is 4th rounders and later, but any that turn into Pro Bowlers or All-Pro players is mostly out of luck. So without further adieu, the yearly head scratching picking Seattle Seahawks are on the board. 

1 (27) - Jordyn Brooks LB Texas Tech - Seahawk-ian......translation F

2 (16) - Darrell Taylor OLB Tennessee - Seahawk-ian.....translation F

3 (5) - Damien Lewis OG LSU - A

I feel like every single year the Seahawks make picks like these in the first two rounds. Last year it was L.J. Collier, the year before Rashaad Penny, and a few years before that Germain Ifedi. It's like they do not care how to use the board or even maximize their first round picks. Thus far all three of those previous names have not contributed anything and Ifedi is gone. I did like Brooks as a prospect, but late in the 2nd or somewhere in the 3rd felt like a much better landing spot for him. They did need to find heir apparents for Bobby Wagner, Mychal Kendricks, and K.J. Wright. However, Brooks has no way of starting unless one of them gets hurt or they cut them. I would not cut any of them and I would have waited to take Brooks later. Same goes for Darrell Taylor who was a Day 3 pick of a project edge rusher. He is much too small to be an every down edge rusher and he really does not fit their defense. Unless, they move to a 3-4 front, but that does not seem to be in the plans. Plus, they just brought back Bruce Irvin to play his LEO role that they created for him, the only spot Taylor could fit in their defense. Maybe they envision Brooks and Taylor to be the next generation for their linebackers, but that was not a huge need position at all like o-line, corner, safety, or receiver was for them. I think the Lewis pick is a bit of a reach, but it gets an A, since they finally ended up drafting a blocker for Russell Wilson. The negative is, they ended up cutting a lot of their veterans soon there after the draft. Lewis will not be ready to start this season due to a lack of workouts, OTAs, and possibly training camps. For a team that needs to maximize each year with Wilson in their prime, this pick was a curious one despite it being a solid player.  People feel bad for Rodgers due to the lack of quality offensive players the Packers seem to avoid in the draft, but I think the Seahawks are way worst with what they do to Wilson. 

4 (27) - Colby Parkinson TE Stanford - C

4 (38) - DeeJay Dallas RB Miami - F

5 (2) - Alton Robinson DE Syracuse - B

6 (36) - Freddie Swain WR Florida - C

7 (37) - Stephen Sullivan TE LSU - F

Clearly the Seahawks are in the same boat as the Rams and Bears hell bent on upgrading the tight end position. A year after Will Dissly proved worthy prior to an injury and an off season where they picked up veteran Greg Olsen most would have thought they would stay still there. Nope, they went and took two back up worthy tight ends in Parkinson and Sullivan. Unfortunately, I do really like both of those players and could have seen them being quality pick ups for many other teams. Both will not start for them unless injuries take place again at the position. They continue to also throw assets at the running back position, which makes no sense to me. They are a team able to just put any back into the line up and be fine. Why waste another pick on a mid round back. Swain is an athletic upside specimen, but after ignoring other bigger needs at safety, corner, and o-line this was a disappointing pick to me. The only pick that does make sense is Alton Robinson who fills a big need they have on the edge after losing Jadeveon Clowney and Ziggy Ansah this off season. I wish they had done it sooner, but I guess it's fine since Robinson could have gone much higher than this and does provide the athletic upside they look for in a prospect. Out of all their picks he will probably be the best pro right away for them since Brooks and Taylor will have to wait a year or two to start. Overall, this draft does get an F in the end with their outrageous reaches in the first and second round. They have so many more needs elsewhere all along the o-line, corner, safety, and defensive line. This was a bad bad draft and one that I have no clue why does not get enough media members calling them out on it. If not for Russell Wilson, there is no chance that Pete Carroll or GM John Scheinder would still be in charge in Seattle. They take some terrible picks and continue to disrespect Wilson by never giving him any high quality talents to work with. 

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