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10 NFL Players you can expect to play at the top of their game in 2020
Published at 5/30/2020
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  • Josh Allen: The Bills snagging Jake Fromm does two things here, one; its provides the team a solid backup QB, two, puts some heat on Josh Allen to have to perform at the top of his game because his contract year is coming up. Josh Allen is obviously a better QB than him, but Jake has the potential to put up some QB comp for Josh before his last contract year
  • Dak Prescott: With all the assets Dak has now, plus its his contract year, he’ll need to prove himself to the Cowboys organization. Because the cowboys have to make a tough decision, either pay Prescott because you think he can be a QB to bring you to a SB, or get rid of him and move on.
  • Leonard Williams: Wherever he plays this year, Williams has to revive his career if he wants to get paid. 2016 was a great year for him, included with a pro bowl, but since then we’ve yet to see that production. 
  • Allen Robinson: 2015 was a phenomenal year for Allen. The next year wasn’t up to par at all, and then the next year it was the ACL tear. His first year with the Bears was not good, but then 2019 was very good. Not 2015 good, but good. Now it’s his contract year, and if he wants to see money, it has got to be a good year.
  • T.Y. Hilton: This is a weird but explainable one. Hilton’s 2016 year was top notch but then 2017 wasn’t. But then 2018 was great. Obviously 2019 had the injury, but he wasn’t on track for a good year regardless. 2020 is his contract year and it needs to be good for him to be paid as the top receiver in this league he claims to be.
  • Hunter Henry: One of the best tight ends in the league, when he plays that is. Missed the entire 2018, and missed 4 weeks of 2019, he has to play well and stay healthy if the Chargers want to plan on keeping him. Still at age 25, he has got a career ahead of him. But that is where, because this is his big contract year.
  • Kenyan Drake: After a whole 3 years with the Dolphins, he got traded to the Cardinals around the mid-way point of the season. And he popped off to end the season, posting 80 rushing YPG. That’s more than double what he ever could do in one season in Miami. Here’s the thing, can he do that or even more next season? On his contract year, he sure will have to. But the underlying question is, will he?
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster: A talented WR for the Steelers, is coming up on his contract year. And while he didn't have his QB1 last year and missed a few games, his numbers are going down. Like really down. He'll obviously get to be really good this year and I think he will. But it's all dependent on how good he needs to be in order for the Steelers organization to keep him as their true WR1. His catch percentage is what concerns me the most. Has only been dropping since rookie year.
  • Baker Mayfield: This one is quite obvious. He balled out rookie year, but then fell apart hard in sophomore season. Which does and can happen to certain players and they can make a recovery. Or, their career can fall in shambles. Baker dropped in nearly every single stat except for yards. With lots of time remaining on his contract, this won't be one of those contract year players who have to ball out to get money. But he needs to prove he can be a starting QB.
  • David Johnson: After being traded to the Texans, Johnson will have to do some work to keep the weight of Deshaun Watson. He played incredible, receiving 1st team all pro honors in 2016, got hurt in 2017, missed whole season, and has never been the same. As it seems, he can't be the player he was in 2016. But at 28 years old, he's not done yet, and at a team where he won't be relied on as heavily. No he doesn't need production levels from 2016, but he sure needs the effectiveness. 

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