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Best and Worst picks so far...
Published at 4/24/2020
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3 Good picks and 3 Bad picks

The first round is in the books, so lets see who made solid picks and who didn’t.

Lets start with the good picks…

3 up picks

1. Tua Tagovailoa 5th Overall (Dolphins)

The Dolphins managed to get their guy surprisingly without trading up to get him.  This is value in itself, though I think that Tua is still a risky pick based on his height, injuries and the fact that he’s from a school not known for producing NFL starting qb’s he was really the best they can do given they were not going to be able to get Joe Burrow. Waiting until next year would lend itself to too much uncertainty and would mean the Dolphins really had not gotten their rebuild underway yet, all in all a solid pick…

2. Isaiah Simmons 8th Overall (Cardinals)

The Cardinals got a blue chip player in not so blue chip territory, without having to trade up to get him, it’s a solid pick and will make their defense almost immediately better, passing on a lineman may come back to haunt them, but you can’t fill every need with a top 10 pick…

3. Jerry Jeudy 15th Overall (Broncos)

With the Raiders surprising pick of Ruggs at #12 the Broncos essentially got to pick from the best of receivers in the draft without trading up, overall solid pick to give Drew Lock a chance…

3 Down Picks

1. Jordan Love 26th Overall (Packers)

Well I don’t think anyone saw this one coming, a really dumb and senseless pick from a team that didn’t need a qb in the immediate term, not to mention the value is terrible, the only team that may have drafted him even early in the second round was New England and I would say that was unlikely, I guess the Packers may be going for a 3 year development like they did with Rodgers, overall reach pick for a qb with a high failure potential, which doesn’t make your team any better in the now…

2.  Justin Herbert 6th Overall (Chargers)

I knew he would probably go here but I just don’t think the value was there in it, we have no idea what offers may have been made if any but the Chargers are pretty stupid if they didn’t think they could get this guy 5-10 picks later then they drafted him, they could have easily traded back and still got him.  He’s really not a top 10 pick qb in my opinion, especially when Oregon qb’s have failed so much in the NFL…

3. Henry Ruggs #12 Overall (Raiders)

Another overvalue pick by a front office that is basically run by draft analysts and not real football talent evaluators, the Raiders change of scenery hasn’t changed the tradition of overvaluing talent in the draft and this is no exception…

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