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2020 Draft QB grades
Published at 4/15/2020
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2020 NFL Draft Quarterback Grades

The Draft is now just about a week away and its time to give a final grading of the qbs of this draft class, where they should go and where they probably will go...

1. Joe Burrow

Grade: A-

Where he will go: #1 Overall (Bengals)

Where he should go: Top 5

Joe Burrow is an example of a traditional #1 overall pick, I would say pre-draft comparable to Jameis Winston or Sam Bradford, a solid choice and easy one as there's no qb close enough to challenge him for the #1 pick.  With the lowest risk potential he definitely equates to being a top 5 pick despite not being even considered for the #1 pick early on in the college football season last year.  He doesn't have the "cant miss" aura around him Andrew Luck did or Trevor Lawrence will but he is still a solid pick...

2. Tua Tagovailoa

Grade: B

Where he will go: #3 Overall (Dolphins via trade with Detroit)

Where he should go: #10-#20 Overall

Tua Tagovailoa was the consensus #1 for much of last year until the hip injury changed that.  Teams almost always draft the top qb's higher than they probably should go in a given draft and this year will probably be no exception.  Miami has more than enough ammunition to trade up 2 spots and will pin its future on Tua.  They didn't go through all that losing and tanking last year to not come out of this draft with no qb of the future.  There are too many variables to try for a qb in the next draft most notably the fact that they will probably not be worse than last year (the year they should have gotten the #1 pick).  After Burrow and Tagovailoa the quality potential of the remaining qb's definitely goes down and Miami likely knows this, there is definitely a lot more risk in picking Tua than Joe burrow given the injury history, smaller size, and the fact that Alabama isnt known for producing quality NFL qb's but theres no guarantee that they will be in a better position next year so ultimately they go for their qb of the future here...

3. Justin Herbert

Grade: C+

Where he will go: #6 Overall (Chargers)

Where he should go: #24-#50 Overall

Herbert had some projections of going #1 long ago but now he is definitely the consensus #3 qb in this draft class.  He has solid numbers but is it worth drafting the 3rd best guy out there so high in the draft, probably not, at least not in this draft.  It is clear the Chargers are positioning themselves to draft someone with the lack there of signing a qb in free agency, question will be whether it is this draft or not.  They have to draft someone this year if they expect anyone to show up to their games, not that there will be many at least not for the home team.  This definitely will be an overdraft from a school that has had multiple high pick failures at qb such as Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, and Marcus Mariotta...

4. Jordan Love

Grade: C-

Where he will go: #15-#40 Overall

Where he should go: 3rd-4th Round

 I really just don't see the potential here, if you draft someone in the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft, the goal is for them to be your starter at some point in the near future.  My idea of a potential starter is not a qb who only has 3 more td than int in his senior season.  Jameis Winston had 3 more td than int last season and threw for over 5000 yds and no one wants him, how is Jordan Love much better, just because he hasn't played in the pros? He really isn't first or even early second round in my opinion but he will likely be reached for by someone...

4. Jake Fromm

Grade: D+

Where he will go: 3rd-5th round

Where he should go: 3rd-5th round

From at least has the benefit of playing against some of the toughest competition in college football, but at this point all the higher rated qb's will be gone and teams will be shopping for backups, or developmental starters, my guess is his draft status holds up to that...

5. Jacob Eason

Grade: D+

Where he will go: 3rd-5th round

Where he should go: 3rd-5th round

Another likely backup or developmental qb for a team that already has a starter, not much lower than Fromm but faced lesser competition so I have him lower...


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