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Most Overpaid Qb’s per the Talent in Recent Memory…
Published at 3/16/2020
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Most Overpaid Qb’s per the talent in Recent Memory…

So the Titans have decided to give Ryan Tannehill a ridiculous amount of money for being a game manager qb, this will come back to bite them as much of his success was based on Derrick Henry.  As such, I decided to make a list of the top 10 most overpaid qb's per their talent of Recent Memory.

10. Derek Anderson (2008, Browns)

 3 years, $24 Million

The Browns strangely decided to extend Anderson a year after using a first round pick on Brady Quinn the previous year, they would come to regret it quickly as Andersons career year in 2007 quickly faded into memory in 2008 throwing 9 td and 8 int after throwing 29 td and 19 int the previous year.

9. Matt Cassel (2009, Chiefs)

6 Years, $62.7 Million

The Chiefs like the Browns also decided to pin their hopes on a lackluster game manager qb who had a decent year and though it didn’t happen right away it came to burn them, Cassel actually ended up having an even better year than 2008 in 2010 when he had a 27-7 td int ratio, however he quickly returned to backup qb form, never throwing for more than 11 td’s in a season for the rest of his career…

8. Sam Bradford (2016, Vikings)

2 Years, $36 Million

Sam Bradford is probably the most overpaid NFL qb of all time for the amount he actually played in his career, aside from being the last #1 pick qb to take advantage of the defunct ridiculous rookie contracts of the 2000’s the Eagles ended up paying him big money despite lackluster stats and no playoff appearances, and then trading him for a first round pick to the Vikings where he had a decent statistical year but no playoffs and then an another injured year to boot in 2017, he then managed to fleece the Cardinals out of 15 million dollars for 3 games of play in 2018…

7. Kirk Cousins (2018, Vikings)

3 Years, $84 Million

Kirk Cousins is a decent qb, no question, but that’s all he is.  He will not win you a Super Bowl, but will be paid like he can, if all your team cares about is having 8-11 win seasons and making it as far as the 2nd round of the playoffs, be my guest but the only way he would have a chance is if he took a significant pay cut like Brady has done to put a team good enough on the field to help carry him to the next level…

6. Case Keenum (2018, Broncos)

2 Years, $36 Million

The Vikings wisely knew Case Keenum was a career backup who had a career year in 2017 and moved on immediately.  The Broncos on the other hand decided to continue their strategy of not drafting a qb high in the first round and they got the real Case Keenum in exchange.  With 18 td and 15 int it was only a 1 year stint in Denver for Case Keenum… 

5. Brock Osweiler (2016, Texans)

4 Years, 72 Million

Brock Osweiler is the very definition of having to show very little to get a big deal as a qb in the NFL, 10 td's and 6 Int was all it took in 2015 for Osweiler to cash in big with Houston in 2016.  15 td, 16 Int, a benching, 5 fumbles, and 2 lousy playoff games later Osweiler was scrap metal for the Texans.  This contract was so bad that the Texans had to trade a 2nd round pick to the browns just to get the money off the books, definitely one of the worst…

4. Alex Smith (2018, Redskins)

4 Years, $94 Million

At this point in time it was very clear what Alex Smith was as a qb, a quality game manager who will not win you a Super Bowl.  He had more than enough chances to and proved he could not get it done in SF and KC yet he continued to get paid like he was a top tier qb with this contract, and now with the injury the Redskins have been forced to move on with a lot of the money still on the books…

3. Ryan Tannehill (2020, Titans)

4 Years, 118 million

This brand new deal again shows how having to do little gets you paid big as a qb, Tannehill was a game manager who had a great rb and had to do little to get to the AFC  championship this past season and now he will hamstring the titans salary cap for years to come, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not even on the team anymore after 2 years of this terrible deal…

2. Nick Foles (2019, Jaguars)

4 Years, $88 Million

Nick Foles is probably going to go down as one of the worst career qb’s to win a Super Bowl, this guy has only been good in limited spurts, and the Eagles knew it, thus letting him walk.  It only took 3 starts after his injury in Jacksonville for the team to realize he’s a career backup, now their stuck with him and his 50 million in guaranteed money…

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick (2011, Bills)

6 Years, $59 Million

Probably one of the streakiest qb’s of all time Ryan Fitzpatrick had a streak just long enough to get paid in 2011, it didn’t last though as Fitzpatrick and the Bills would decline quickly that year.  He did actually have a respectable year in 2012 but has returned to form as a Journeyman ever since…

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