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Chicago Bears 2020 Off Season Strategy
Published at 1/19/2020
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Chicago Bears in 2020 (1-19)

I put on my Pace hat today and explore how we right the train that got off the tracks in 2019. The team does not have buckets of cap space, yet with cuts there should be enough for at least some moves. Let’s start at the top, with QB. I agree competition is vital for growth and we’ll learn something from the direction the Bears choose. There is abundant quality at the position in free agency, that costs and the draft QB class is deep and tempting. Ideally the Bears might seek a one year free agent, because of Mitch’s contract, yet most good free agents want at least two years, and hope for longer. Will a budget draft QB provide real competition?…Doubtful. Waiting until after the draft is what I expect. I also expect a vet. It’s a somewhat risky strategy. The other way to go is look for a bona-fide starter and bench Mitch. The Bears are lucky the position is so deep, because that gives them flexibility. The harsh reality is if Mitch preforms in 2020 he is either paid or walks, odds are it is a Lose – Lose situation for Chicago with Mitch.

Offensive guard is most the likely the O-Line fix, but don’t rule out us drafting a tackle in waiting either. I think this position is in the mix for one of our two second round picks, but economically it is not the best play. Guard is not a pricy position and thus it would make better sense to get a vet in FA. Having paid Leno and Massie we are stuck. If one of the two top guards is there in the draft, guard may be the pick. It is tough to mock any position not knowing the Bears draft board. My guess is FA.

Tight end is another black hole for us. My guess is that we go free agency here, though neither the draft nor FA has a glut of talent. We might even double up here late in the draft with a flyer.

 The wide receiver draft is quite deep and talented, yet I expect we’ll promote from within here and maybe add a late draft pick.

The D-line is strong. With a healthy Hicks returning, I doubt any changes. We have the same situation with Floyd as at QB and as the class is deep in the draft this should be in play for the second round pick. My opinion is it is crucial to improve OLB as not doing so works at odds to capitalize on Mack’s significant talents.

 I think corner and safety are also at play in the draft as there is value in avoiding a pricy FA. Inside LB is the other need I expect is addressed in the draft.

2020 draft picks

  • Round 1: None
  • Round 2: Oakland, Chicago OLB/ S
  • Round 3: None
  • Round 4: None
  • Round 5: Oakland, Chicago CB/LB
  • Round 6: Chicago, Philadelphia G/WR
  • Round 7: Chicago Nose

Biggest offseason needs

  • Quarterback FA (vet)
  • Offensive guard FA (vet)
  • Linebacker Draft
  • Safety Draft
  • Edge rusher Draft
  • Cornerback Draft

    Tight end   FA (vet)

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