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Simulating the NFL playoffs 2020
Published at 12/31/2019
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The NFL Playoffs start this weekend so its time to make a few predictions and simulations.

Round 1 WC Weekend

Game 1 Buffalo at Houston

The Bills have had an impressive season this year, much better than people thought, but given the average qb play of Josh Allen and losses against the better teams I think their dream season ends early in Houston to the superior offense of Deshaun Watson/Will Fuller/Deandre Hopkins.

Houston 31, Buffalo 17

Game 2 Tennessee at New England

New England finally has to play a round 1 game for a change but will it result in an early exit? I doubt it, Tennessee has had some very solid play this year but probably not enough to knock New England out this early.

New England 24, Tennessee 17

Game 3 

Vikings at Saints

The Vikings are having one of those solid seasons that will probably not go far though because there simply just not better than the best this year, New Orleans is too good for an upset, especially at home.

Saints 34, Vikings 24

Game 4

Seattle at Philadelphia

The injuries have taken there toll in Seattle but there still probably good enough to beat a pretty mediocre Eagles team battered by injuries as well.

Seattle 31, Philadelphia 20

Round 2 Divisional Round

Houston at Baltimore

Houston has some pieces to be successful, but their defense is a major liability and it showed the last time these teams met, this one will probably not be too close.

Baltimore 38, Houston 21

New England at KC

This has been the worst New England team in awhile, and Brady threw for the least amount of tds since his rookie campaign excluding his injured year, the Chiefs take this one this time.

KC 28, NE 18

New Orleans at Green Bay

New Orleans plays better in a dome, however Green Bay has had some really strange stinker games this year and not a great defense, New Orleans steals this one away.

New Orleans 24, Green Bay 21

Seattle at SF

This matchup has been close both times, but San Francisco has been almost unbeatable this year, I think they will maintain that for at least the division round...

SF 28, Seattle 18

Round 3 Conference Championships NFC 

New Orleans at SF

New Orleans has the superior QB/RB/WR and a good enough defense to get them past SF...

 New Orleans 24, SF 21



Pat Mahommes is the more complete qb between him and Lamar Jackson, it showed during the season and I expect him to come through again.

KC 34, Baltimore 28

Superbowl LIV

KC vs New Orleans

New Orleans is the most complete team in the NFL this year , and I think it will be enough to win it all this year.

New Orleans 27, KC 21

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