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Why the Browns are Bad in 2019
Published at 11/4/2019
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      Well I don't think anyone expected the Browns to be this bad this year myself included.  It is very disappointing and it really sucks now to be stuck with half a season of nearly meaningless games.  That being said I wanted to provide some context as to why this has happened.

1. Too much roster turnover and unnecessary moves.

John Dorsey is not a bad GM but for some reason he has a distaste for players from the previous regime of Sashi Brown even if there good players.  Getting Rid of players like Kevin Zeitler and Emmanuel Ogbah were unnecessary and didn't make this team better as Kush/Teller are major downgrades and Vernon isn't really an upgrade either, especially when Ogbah is tearing it up in KC.  There are others as well such as Duke, etc..  but the fact is it is always better to build a team from within and Dorsey has decided to build with players from the outside and it has taken a lot of chemistry away from this team.

2. Mediocre Drafting

Sure picks such as Chubb and Garret, have worked well, but Austin Corbett at #33 was a BIG miss, and trading away players that you recently drafted such as him and Genard Avery prove this.  Others such as Greedy and Dnezel need to stay healthy to make those picks even worth it as well.

3. Hot Streak Head Coach Hire

Teams that hire Head Coaches based on a hot streak usually get burned later (ex Romeo Crennel in KC, Leslie Frasier in MIN, etc...) and it has happened this year with Freddie Kitchens.  I cant think of one instance where a coach from the previous staff got a head coaching job the following year without being the interim HC, it just doesn't happen.  The browns clearly screwed up with this hire as Freddie has found a way to totally underutilize the talent given, which is the best in the expansion era for the browns despite their record.  Predictable play calling, no discipline, lack of adjustments, boneheaded mistakes on challenges all factor into Kitchens likely being a one and done HC, hopefully the browns can mimic the KC Andy Reid hire by hiring Mcarthy after the season, if not I do like Dave Toub the ST coach of KC, very experienced, and not a one side of the ball kind of coach, it worked well for John Harbaugh so you never know.

There are other smaller reasons but these 3 are the most glaring and need to be fixed before this team can win anything more than a few games...

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