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Published at 11/2/2019
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       So were about half way through the season and its time to discuss some of the results.  What youre seeing here now is a back firing on teams using high picks on game manager Qbs.  I think its safe to say that Mitch trubisky, and Daniel Jones are game manager level qbs that got drafted way to high.  Trubisky surprised me last season with a 2-1 td int ratio however it seems to me that he is settling to form now, even with the recovery from injury.  Dan Jones is still just starting out but based on his college performance there is no reason to believe he will be anymore than a Joe Flacco/Andy Dalton level qb at the very best and that might be a reach since he clearly has issues with fumbles that have carried over from college.

     The Bears will have to do something after this year unless Trubisky turns it around and quickly.  They didn't trade 2 first rounders for Khalil Mack to have Trubisky waste it in Mediocrity.  Look to see the bears find Qb help via free agency perhaps Phillip Rivers tries one last push for a Sb run with another team, but that's pure speculation at this point.  There will be starter level qbs via trade or free agency available (Foles?, Bridgewater, Dalton, Rosen) someone will be out of luck between Kyle Allen/Cam Newton in Carolina as well, and teams don't keep 2 starter level qbs on a roster.

    The Bengals have finally realized that Andy Dalton is nothing more than a average Game manager qb and will not lead them anywhere after wasting 9 seasons on him, don't get me wrong many teams would take 5 straight playoff appearances but eventually fans and the front office are going to want more than that.  Kirk Cousins is an example of a quality game manager qb who will be able to make the Vikings competitive but probably wont be able to lead the Vikings past the conf championship, just as Alex Smith could not in SF and KC.  Jimmy Garoppolo I forsee having the same issue, hes winning games but he will not win a superbowl unless his running game and defense carry him there.  

     The fact is teams have to decide if they want to be patient and draft a game changer qb, or do they want to draft a qb that may be able to win games but never get them the ultimate prize.  Sure it works once in awhile for a team but its very rare and ultimately just leads teams in a big circle until they go and use a high pick on a real qb.  Dak Prescott is another game manager level qb, hes never thrown for more than 25 td in a season and reports are saying he should get a record contract?  That would be foolish on Dallas part.  He may be able to get them to the playoffs but how long until that's not enough?

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