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I've been posting NFL Free Agent Rumors and NFL Draft Rumors daily on each page. These are listed per team, so click on each link if you're interested in seeing all of the rumors from your favorite team.

However, I received a suggestion to post all of the latest rumors in a daily format for those interested in multiple teams. That's what I've done on this new NFL Rumors page. Follow @walterfootball for NFL Rumors Updates.

NFL Rumors - April 30 Updates:
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Christian Barmore and Tyson Campbell are two names to watch for the Jaguars. - Albert Breer, MMQB

I mocked Barmore to the Jaguars at No. 25 in early February as a replacement for Calais Campbell, so that makes sense. Tyson Campbell would fill a big need across from C.J. Henderson.

"Hearing a lot of Tyson Campbell as the first or second pick off the board in the second round." - Jonathan Jones, CBS

Both the Jaguars and Jets need a cornerback, so this makes sense. I know of some team in the middle of the second round that loves Campbell, so he won't fall too far.

The Cowboys love Trevon Moehrig. - Jane Slater, NFL Network

The only question is if he'll fall to them. After missing out on Patrick Surtain yesterday, the Cowboys could be inclined to move up for Moehrig.

"With the Raiders taking a right tackle in the first round, expect them to aggressively target the defense tonight on the second day of the 2021 NFL Draft." - Charlie Campbell,

The Raiders have so many holes on defense, so it would make sense for them to select the best defensive player available.

NFL Rumors - April 29 Updates:
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The Bears have made calls to move up the 2021 NFL Draft. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

They should definitely do so if it's for Justin Fields. They might be able to get Mac Jones at No. 20 if the 49ers pass on Jones.

"Our sources have told us that Mac Jones ain't going three." - Pat McAfee, The Pat McAfee Show

McAfee announced this on his show, though he admitted that he's not one to break stories or normally have sources.

"Really kind of over the last 24 hours I've got some buddies in the league that are like wait a second I really think this is going to be Trey Lance." - Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

It seems to be trending that way, but the pick could still be Mac Jones, or the selection could be traded to the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Packers that he doesn't want to return to the team. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Can you blame him? The Packers wasted a first-round pick on a quarterback last year, when selecting someone like Tee Higgins, Chase Claypool or Brandon Aiyuk could've put them over the top of the Buccaneers, giving Rodgers his second Super Bowl win. The Packers have gotten trade calls for Rodgers, including one from the 49ers. Green Bay told San Francisco that it would not be trading Rodgers, but perhaps it's time to call them back.

Trey Lance is now the favorite to be the No. 3 pick at Caesar's. - Nick Wagoner, ESPN

This means one of two things: One, the sportsbooks have been getting lots of smart/big money on Lance to be the pick. Two, someone at one of the top sportsbooks has inside information. It's likely the former, but don't discount the immense resources that people who run sportsbooks have at their disposal, as they often know about injuries before the public and media do.

Trey Lance is now the favorite to be the No. 3 pick at Caesar's. - Nick Wagoner, ESPN

This means one of two things: One, the sportsbooks have been getting lots of smart/big money on Lance to be the pick. Two, someone at one of the top sportsbooks has inside information. It's likely the former, but don't discount the immense resources that people who run sportsbooks have at their disposal, as they often know about injuries before the public and media do.

A source with the Falcons suggested that the pick would be Trey Lance if the 49ers pick Mac Jones. - Jordan Raanan, ESPN

This echoes what Cam Marino reported earlier during the draft process. The entire draft hinges on what the 49ers do at No. 3. If San Francisco selects mediocre talent Mac Jones at No. 3, every team will benefit.

"There's a lot of Trey Lance/Niners noise out there in NFL GM/coach circles this morning." - Michael Silver, NFL Network

Both Charlie and I have switched to Trey Lance, but it could just as easily be Mac Jones. The 49ers have been pressured not to let anything slip.

Najee Harris is the target. If he's off the board, it could be a quarterback who falls. - Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The quarterback presumably would be Mac Jones, who could easily fall into the 20s if the 49ers don't foolishly pick him at No. 3.

The prevailing thought is that the Giants pick one of the Alabama receivers at No. 11. - Jordan Raanan, ESPN

It makes a ton of sense, and if the Giants pick Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith, they'll go from having one of the worst receiving corps in the NFL to one of the best.

The Saints are looking to trade up into the top 10. - Jay Glazer, FOX Sports

It's most likely for a cornerback (Patrick Surtain, Jaycee Horn.) Doing so would be a huge mistake for the Saints, who don't have many resources as a result of their financial problems. Staying put and selecting someone like Greg Newsome, Tyson Campbell or Asante Samuel would be a better decision.

"Team sources said on Wednesday night that the Bengals had decided on LSU wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase." - Charlie Campbell,

It's down to Chase versus Penei Sewell. While Sewell might be the better choice, the Bengals seem locked in on Chase.

"A fourth elite prospect has enjoyed a steady rise with a lot of teams, however: South Carolina cornerback Jaycee Horn." - Charlie Campbell,

Campbell believes Horn could go as high as No. 8, given that he's viewed as an elite player by some teams.

NFL Rumors - April 28 Updates:
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The Jets believe there's a big dropoff at running back after Najee Harris and Javonte Williams. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Jets could pick Harris and Williams at Nos. 23 or 34 to fill a huge hole they have at running back. I currently have Williams slotted to the Jets in my 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

The Steelers love Trey Sermon. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Najee Harris is still considered the favorite for the 24th pick, but if he's off the board, the Steelers could draft Sermon on Day 2.

The 49ers are looking to obtain a "handful" of blockers on the second and third days of the draft. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

San Francisco's offensive line is solid, but old, so the team would obviously need successors/insurance plans for the likes of Trent Williams and Alex Mack.

The Bengals want to stick it to A.J. Green by selecting Ja'Marr Chase. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Cue up the Seinfeld episode where Jerry tries to return a shirt because of spite. Per Pauline, the Bengals had a contentious relationship with Green at the end, and they want to send a message to him by picking Chase. I never thought a team would draft for spite purposes, yet here we are.

The Eagles love Kwity Paye. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Paye could be the choice at No. 12 if both Alabama receivers are off the board, which has a higher likelihood if the Falcons pick Kyle Pitts.

Assuming Kyle Pitts and Ja'Marr Chase are off the board, the Dolphins are moving away from Devonta Smith and are now preferring Penei Sewell or Jaylen Waddle. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

It would be the "worst-case scenario" for Miami if Pitts and Chase are off the board because the team would have to settle for drafting a franchise left tackle with their first-round choice.

"I continue to hear that it's Kyle Pitts for the Falcons." - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Charlie Campbell reported the same thing. Of course, some people in the Falcons' front office may prefer Pitts, while others will want Trey Lance.

The Cowboys are split on Patrick Surtain versus Jaycee Horn. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Horn may not even be available, so the Cowboys may not have to make a choice. All indications are that the Cowboys will draft Surtain, but there's certainly a possibility that they'll decide on Horn instead.

The Falcons, Saints and Buccaneers are interested in Kyle Trask. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline notes that they would all consider him in the second round. The Falcons make sense if they pass on Trey Lance, while the Buccaneers need a successor for Tom Brady. The Saints, on the other hand, shouldn't be drafting a quarterback with all of their needs.

The Falcons like defensive tackle Levi Onwuzurike as a second-round possibility. - Charlie Campbell,

Atlanta must bolster its defensive line, so Onwuzurike makes sense in the early second-round range.

The Falcons sound zeroed in on Kyle Pitts with the fourth-overall pick. - Charlie Campbell,

Atlanta could still go with Trey Lance as well. The pick seems to be down to Lance and Pitts, and the team doesn't appear interested in trading down (at least not unless it gets a huge premium.)

The Ravens have "cooled" on Terrace Marshall. - Jeff Zrebiec, The Athletic

Marshall is a popular pick to the Ravens, but Baltimore's front office is apparently scared off by Marshall's injury concerns. It's worth noting that the Ravens are not a lock to select a receiver in the first round. They run more than any other team, so they may decide to address their offensive line and pass rush instead.

The Lions tried to trade up for Ja'Marr Chase. - Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Detroit failed to do so because Atlanta's asking price was too high. I think this can tell us two things beyond the Lions' obvious desire for Chase. First, the Lions believe the Bengals will select Chase, which seems to be an increasing possibility. Second, the Falcons might be leaning toward a quarterback. Would Atlanta's asking price be so high if it planned on drafting a tight end? The Falcons could move down to No. 7 and obtain a stud, but not necessarily the quarterback they want (Trey Lance). 

The Saints are trying to trade up for Caleb Farley. - Charles Robinson, Yahoo!

This would be foolish for two reasons. First, Farley has some major medical issues and could slide out of the first round because of them. Second, the Saints have so many needs as a result of their cap situation, so squandering resources would be a poor decision.

NFL Rumors - April 27 Updates:
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Urban Meyer has narrowed down the No. 1 pick to Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network


Penei Sewell is a possibility for the Dolphins. - Adam Beasley, Miami Herald

No doubt. The Dolphins seem more likely to draft a play-maker, but if they believe Sewell is a generational talent, they couldn't possibly pass on him if the Bengals do.

NFL Rumors - April 26 Updates:
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The Broncos like Mac Jones at No. 9. - James Palmer, NFL Network

This reiterates what Cecil Lammey reported about the Broncos being interested in both Jones and Justin Fields.

The 49ers moved up to No. 3 with the idea of taking Mac Jones, but they've gotten to know Trey Lance, and now the decision is much more difficult. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

It's unclear why the 49ers traded two first-round picks for a quarterback they could have just gotten at No. 12, but it's not like they haven't done foolish things in the NFL Draft before (i.e. selecting Solomon Thomas over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.)

"Joe Judge loves DeVonta Smith; the Giants organization likes cornerback Jaycee Horn a lot; and Dave Gettleman loves Micah Parsons." - Peter King, NBC Sports

The Giants were split last year between Andrew Thomas and Tristan Wirfs. They should probably listen to the guys who wanted Wirfs.

"Kyle Shanahan believes Mac Jones is the accurate coach-on-the-field type he craves." - Peter King, NBC Sports

Shanahan prefers Jones to Trey Lance, but the San Francisco personnel department likes Lance more. King points out that Shanahan doesn't care; he had Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster as his second- and third-best players in the 2017 NFL Draft, and he chose Thomas over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. It's obvious that Shanahan doesn't know how to evaluate talent, but it sounds like he may get his way and select an Andy Dalton with DUIs with his third-overall choice.

"It seems like Broncos like Justin Fields and Mac Jones, but may not be as high on Lance as others." - Cecil Lammey,

Lammey has a long track record of nailing Denver picks. Given this news, it sounds like the Broncos could be in position to select Fields at No. 9.

"It won’t surprise me, if the Broncos do not draft a quarterback, to see Denver make a mid-round deal for Teddy Bridgewater with Carolina." - Peter King, NBC

This move wouldn't excite Denver fans very much, but there's no doubt that Bridgewater would be an upgrade over Drew Lock, or at least the version we saw in 2020.

The Patriots could trade up for Justin Fields. - Tom Pelissero, NFL Network

The Patriots are more secretive than the CCP, so it's doubtful that any rumors about Bill Belichick's plans come to fruition.

The Steelers dismissed the notion that picking a running back in the first round is a risky proposition. - Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It's not a risky proposition, but rather a stupid one. Wasting a first-round pick on a running back is always a loser move. To quote a running back-needy team: "We can get one in the fifth or sixth round."

While many in the 49ers' personnel department prefer Trey Lance, Kyle Shanahan would like Mac Jones to be the pick. - Todd McShay, ESPN

Ouch. Shanahan might get his say, which would mean that the 49ers surrendered two first-round picks for an Andy Dalton with DUIs. Some quarterback-needy teams later in the draft told us that they have no interest in Jones. If the 49ers really plan on picking Jones, they should probably trade down.

The Eagles could target a running back on Day 2. - Reuben Frank, NBC Sports

Running back is one of the only positions the Eagles don't need to address, so it would make sense for Howie Roseman to spend an important draft choice on that area.

There's a strong reading that the Falcons will pick Kyle Pitts. - Todd McShay, ESPN

This seems more likely if Trey Lance is off the board. Cam Marino of USA Today reported that Lance is preferred over Justin Fields.

Kyle Pitts is the favorite for the Dolphins, if available, followed by Ja'Marr Chase. - Todd McShay, ESPN

The Chase suggestion is interesting because the Dolphins have stated that they've devalued players who sat out in 2020. This, of course, could have been smoke to ensure that Chase would fall to them if Pitts is off the board.

The Lions seem to prefer Kyle Pitts, Ja'Marr Chase, Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. - Todd McShay, ESPN

Penei Sewell's name wasn't mentioned, but he may not be there. This seems to be Pitts' absolute floor.

Penei Sewell is the favorite at No. 5. - Todd McShay, ESPN

This would be the best pick, given that Joe Burrow got hurt last year. Protecting him is extremely important, especially when considering the great defenses in the division.

There's some interest in Justin Fields within the Eagles' organization. - Todd McShay, ESPN

Only the Eagles would waste a second-round pick on a quarterback and then address the position in the first round the following year.

Patrick Surtain will be the pick at No. 10. - Todd McShay, ESPN

This, of course, assumes Surtain will be available. If he's not, the Cowboys could trade down for Jaycee Horn or Caleb Farley, per McShay's suggestion.

The Bills might be tempted to move from No. 30 into the 20s for Travis Etienne. - Todd McShay, ESPN

McShay reported that teams tend to like Etienne more than Najee Harris. Etienne would be a great fit in Buffalo's offense, but that would require spending a first-round pick on a running back, which is always a losing move.

The Ravens are definitely taking a receiver with one of their first-round picks. - Todd McShay, ESPN

Even if all the good receivers are gone? This is an obvious need for the Ravens, who could be deciding between Kadarius Toney and Terrace Marshall.

NFL Rumors - April 25 Updates:
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"I’ve been told that Justin Fields has maturity issues and that the Falcons are high on Trey Lance. Fields will fall out of the top five."
- Cam Marino, USA Today

Marino called A.J. Terrell to the Falcons last year, so this is legit news. With Kyle Shanahan favoring Mac Jones for some reason, Lance could be the pick at No. 4.

The 49ers' choice at No. 3 is down to Mac Jones and Trey Lance. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

The 49ers are apparently passing on Justin Fields, which mirrors what Michael Lombardi said a few days ago. Trading up for Jones would make little sense, so Lance is the logical choice.

People told me the [49ers'] pick would be Trey Lance. - Tony Pauline, Draft Network

Lance makes more sense than Mac Jones, who was described as a second-round prospect by some teams.

NFL Rumors - April 23 Updates:
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The Dolphins are content with where they are because they can draft Kyle Pitts or one of the top receivers at No. 6. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline notes that Pitts would be the preference over the top receivers, which makes sense.

NFL Rumors - April 22 Updates:
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The Raiders have done "extensive work" on the quarterbacks in this class. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Jon Gruden once allowed a falling Aaron Rodgers to drop past him, so it would make sense that he would delve into Justin Fields or Trey Lance, just in case.

The Dolphins and Broncos general managers have spoken to each other recently. - Zac Stevens, DNVR Sports

This would obviously spark some speculation about a possible trade between the two teams. If either Justin Fields or Trey Lance falls past the Falcons, Denver could be interested in trading up.

NFL Rumors - April 21 Updates:
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The Jaguars covet Ohio State center Josh Myers. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline nots that Myers could be Jacksonville's third-round pick, though he may not get there.

The Dolphins are looking for an edge player with their 18th-overall pick. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Perhaps they'll draft Zaven Collins, who will be a great fit in Brian Flores' system. Jaelen Phillips and Kwity Paye are other logical choices.

"I'm hearing [the third pick] is Trey Lance."  - Rich Eisen, NFL Network

That's what I'm hearing now. I'm hearing the kid is supremely talented, physically, and neck-up, smart. And also, (he) really wants to learn. Already talking to people, knocking on doors, (asking), 'What can I learn now?' That's what I'm hearing. I'm hearing he's proactively searching out the individuals that evaluate to find out what's up."

The Vikings want to draft Christian Darrisaw, but they don't believe he'll be available at No. 14. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

We've heard from some teams that love Darrisaw and some teams that don't consider him a first-round prospect. All it takes is one team though, and if the Vikings love him, they could certainly pick him at No. 14.

The Giants are very unlikely to trade down. - Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

Jeremiah specifically said we'll see a right turn in a Nascar race before the Giants trade down, which apparently doesn't happen. Dave Gettleman has never traded down in his history of being a general manager.

John Harbaugh said the Ravens would try to acquire receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft. -

Stop the presses! Actually, this is newsworthy because Harbaugh pluralized that word. Keep in mind that Baltimre could pass on the position at No. 27 and then address it on multiple occasions on Day 2.

NFL sources believe Jaylen Waddle will be a top-eight pick. - Charlie Campbell,

This would make the Panthers his floor. Carolina could use a receiver, given that D.J. Moore's contract is set to expire; Curtis Samuel is gone; and Robby Anderson is limited.

The Giants are considering trading down from No. 11. - Kevin Patra,

I'm sure the Giants have some players they're targeting at No. 11, and if none of them are available, they'll want to move down. Of course, you could say that about more than half the league.

The Vikings have done lots of work on the quarterbacks in this class. - Darren Wolfson, 5 Eyewitness News

Wolfson specifically mentioned Feleipe Franks as a quarterback in which the Vikings have shown interest.

I can't see [Jacksonville] drafting a safety at 25. - Hays Carlyon, 1010XL 92.5 FM

Carlyon was asked about Trevon Moehrig being an option with Jacksonville's second opening-round selection. The Jaguars could go in so many directions with that pick, just on defense alone.

The Bills and Buccaneers have been mentioned as landing spots for some of the top defensive tackles. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline mentioned Christian Barmore and Levi Onwuzurike as potential options for the teams drafting 30th and 32nd in a week.

The Steelers have narrowed their options down to Najee Harris, Teven Jankins and Landon Dickerson. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Dickerson might be a reach because of his injury history. Harris isn't ideal either because of his position. Jenkins makes the most sense, but he's the least likely of the three to still be on the board.

The Dolphins are "very high" on Najee Harris. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Despite this, Pauline says that he thinks it's unlikely Miami will choose Harris at No. 18. Perhaps they will do so if they can get Harris atop Round 2.

The Cardinals will not draft Najee Harris at No. 16. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Perhaps they might if they trade down, as the Cardinals need a running back. That said, it's not very wise to use a first-round pick on a running back.

The Cardinals covet Patrick Surtain, Jaylen Waddle and Jaycee Horn. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Unfortunately for the Cardinals, all three could be off the board. Waddle certainly won't make it, and it's very likely that Surtain and Horn will be chosen as well.

The Bears, Packers and Saints are high on D’Wayne Eskridge. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Western Michigan receiver had a terrific pro day, which could vault him into Day 2. All three teams in question are desperate for a receiver (including the Bears, who may trade Anthony Miller.)

The Eagles are exploring a trade into the top 10. - Ben Standig, The Athletic

Perhaps the Eagles believe that all of the receivers will be off the board by No. 12. A trade with the Panthers would make sense.

NFL Rumors - April 20 Updates:
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There is a 70-percent chance that the 49ers pick Mac Jones. - Mel Kiper, ESPN

Kiper is obviously speculating. However, as one skeptical NFL personnel man told us, "Do you really think the 49ers watched Patrick Mahomes beat them in the Super Bowl, only to give up two firsts to move up for a mediocre talent like Mac Jones?" Kyle Shanahan said he wants a mobile quarterback, which would make Justin Fields or Trey Lance more likely. NFL personnel told Charlie Campbell that they expect Fields to be the pick.

There is a rumored Patriots-Packers trade involving Jordan Love. - , Gillette Nation

Apparently, a janitor found a paper where a proposed trade would have the Patriots and Packers swapping their first-round choices, with New England receiving Jordan Love and a fourth-round pick. I don't see this happening - the Patriots could have just drafted Love last year - but crazier things have happened.

The Lions will do "whatever they can to impact the bigs on either side" in the first round. - Dan Orlovsky, ESPN

The typically clueless Orlovsky was probably just speculating, but he once played for the Lions, so maybe he has some insight for a change. I'm sure Detroit would love it if Penei Sewell fell to them at No. 7 overall.

NFL Rumors - April 19 Updates:
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The Dolphins are considering trading the No. 6 pick. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Miami has gone from three to 12 and then to six thus far, but they could be on the move again. A team like the Broncos, Patriots or Bears could opt to move to No. 6 for the fifth quarterback in the class.

Redskins GM Martin Mayhew stated that he wants a quarterback with lots of collegiate experience. -

Scratch Trey Lance and Mac Jones off the list. The Redskins didn't even attend Lance's pro day. It's more likely that the Redskins will spend a Round 2-4 selection on a quarterback.

An NFC coach said that he can't see the Cowboys passing on Rashawn Slater if he's available. - Peter King, NBC Sports

"The offensive line is declining fast" was the reasoning. Slater would be a good pick, but the Cowboys could also address their dreadful secondary. Regardless, coaches don't know what other teams will do.

NFL Rumors - April 18 Updates:
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The "drumbeat" in Cincinnati is loud for Ja'Marr Chase. - Peter King, NBC Sports

The connection is Joe Burrow, who had a great year when targeting Chase in 2019. However, Kyler Murray requested CeeDee Lamb last year, yet the Cardinals went with Isaiah Simmons instead.

NFL Rumors - April 17 Updates:
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The 49ers are very involved in Trey Lance's pro day. - Dan Graziano, ESPN

Lance has been working with quarterback coach John Beck, who has close ties to Kyle Shanahan. Speaking of Shanahan, he expressed his desire for a mobile quarterback, so either Lance or Justin Fields makes more sense for San Francisco than Mac Jones.

Justin Fields will not be the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. - Michael Lombardi, The Athletic

This has to be music to the ears of the Falcons, Broncos and any other quarterback-needy team. Fields was the only quarterback worth trading up for who would be available at No. 3, and yet San Francisco won't be drafting him for some reason. This, of course, wouldn't be the first time the 49ers screwed up a quarterback decision; they paid Jimmy Garoppolo tons of money, and they also picked Solomon Thomas over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

The 49ers are still undecided about what to do with the third-overall pick. - Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

It's hard to buy this because the 49ers gave up two first-round picks to move from No. 12 to 3. If it's true, however, the 49ers probably should've had a plan before making a huge move like this.

The Steelers are likely to draft a running back in the first round and no later than the second round. - Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Spending a first-round selection on a running back would be a mistake, but there will be plenty of viable runners available in the second frame. This is an obvious huge need, but the Steelers have other holes to fill as well, including their offensive line and cornerback group.

The Broncos have "mile high" regard for both Trey Lance and Justin Fields. - Woody Paige, Denver Post

Paige, who is either living in dank darkness or dark dankness these days, wrote that the Broncos could trade up for either quarterback. 

NFL Rumors - April 13 Updates:
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Many around the league expect the Falcons to draft Kyle Pitts. - Adam Beasley, Miami Herald

Keep in mind that most people around the league don't know what other teams are going to do. That said, it's a very logical selection if there's no trade.

NFL Rumors - April 12 Updates:
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Bruce Arians said he wouldn't be against drafting a quarterback this April. -

The Buccaneers almost have to, given that Tom Brady is the only quarterback on the roster at the moment. Given that Tampa doesn't have many needs, it could spend a Round 2-4 selection on Brady's potential successor.

Kellen Mond has been texting with Josh McDaniels. - Jim McBride, Boston Globe

It's unclear if they're sharing memes, or if they're discussing football. In all seriousness, it doesn't mean the Patriots necessarily like Mond over the other second-day quarterbacks, but it would be enough for me to match Mond to New England in my mock draft.

NFL Rumors - April 11 Updates:
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The Dolphins would prefer not to select players who opted out of the 2020 college season. - Tony Pauline, Draft Network

It wouldn't surprise me if other teams feel the same way. There was no reason for these players to opt out, and teams may legitimately suspect that the players who skipped the 2020 season don't have a great passion for football.

NFL Rumors - April 9 Updates:
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Kyle Shanahan will attend Justin Fields' upcoming pro day. - Matt Barrows, The Athletic

People began slotting Mac Jones to the 49ers when Shanahan skipped out on Fields' pro day in favor of Jones' mediocre workout, but that was because Fields had another impending pro day. It would make the most sense for San Francisco to select Fields; he's a far superior prospect, and he has the mobility that Shanahan covets.

The Eagles initially tried to move up to No. 3 for Zach Wilson, but were told he would be unavailable. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

This, of course, means the Jets will select JetBlue Wilson's nephew with the second pick.

Jerry Jones is infatuated with Kyle Pitts and could trade up for him. - Chris Mortensen, ESPN

Pitts is an incredibly gifted player, but moving up for a tight end doesn't seem like the greatest strategy, especially when a team has so many holes on its roster like the Cowboys do.

The Falcons are now aligned with what they want to do with the fourth pick. - D. Orlando Ledbetter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Earlier, general manager Terry Fontenot wanted a quarterback with that selection, while new head coach Arthur Smith desired to stick with Matt Ryan. We're not sure what decision the Falcons have come to, however.

NFL Rumors - April 8 Updates:
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"I can't find anyone who thinks it's other than Mac Jones at No. 3." - Matt Miller, Rich Eisen Show

Miller also told Rich Eisen that it's difficult to be a draft analyst. Perhaps Miller should look harder because neither Charlie nor I have Jones to the 49ers in our mocks.

The Redskins could unload all of their picks to move up for Trey Lance. - Michael Lombardi, The Athletic

The Redskins apparently "love" Lance. Nevertheless, such a move would be incredibly stupid, as Ryan Fitzpatrick and Taylor Heinicke would likely be better options than Lance.

The Titans are seriously interested in Teven Jenkins. - Charley Casserly, NFL Network

Will Tennessee spend another first-round pick on a tackle after Isaiah Wilson failed? Potentially, yes, because Jenkins may not be available in Round 2. The Titans have reportedly met with Jenkins on numerous occasions.

NFL personnel believe that the 49ers will pick Justin Fields after trading up to No. 3. - Charlie Campbell,

Keep in mind that teams don't know what other teams will do, but it makes the most sense. The 49ers skipped Fields' initial workout, but the Ohio State product had another workout planned for later this month.

Indications are that the Panthers will select the best player available. - Tony Pauline, Draft Network

Pauline mentions Penei Sewell, Kyle Pitts and Patrick Surtain II as options. Sewell and Pitts are likely to be off the board, so Surtain would be the selection if this is true.

NFL Rumors - April 6 Updates:
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The Falcons are open to trading the No. 4 pick after receiving calls for it, but they are split on whether to draft Trey Lance. - Chris Mortensen, ESPN

Head coach Arthur Smith wants to move forward with Matt Ryan, but general manager Terry Fontenot wants to select Trey Lance. The Falcons probably should have gotten on the same page when deciding their hires. At any rate, Smith is correct; it would be a mistake to draft a mediocre quarterback over an elite talent. The Falcons should trade down if they get a good deal.

NFL Rumors - April 2 Updates:
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Teven Jenkins is drawing lots of interest from the Steelers and Jets. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Jets' interest is an odd one because they have a solid offensive line. The Steelers, conversely, lost three starting offensive linemen this offseason.

NFL Rumors - April 1 Updates:
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Kyle Pitts said that the Falcons are very interested in him. - D. Orlando Ledbetter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Keep in mind that prospects never know where they're going unless they're the No. 1 pick, so take this with a grain of salt. However, the Falcons have met with Pitts on numerous occasions, and he would be an obvious fit on their roster.

The Chargers' interest in Asante Samuel Jr. is "heating up." - Gavino Borquez, USA Today

The article cites that the Chargers met with Samuel on numerous occasions. Samuel would fill a need at cornerback, created by the Casey Hayward release.

NFL Rumors - March 29 Updates:
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The 49ers will be attending Mac Jones' pro day instead of Justin Fields' pro day. - Peter King, NBC Sports

This doesn't necessarily mean they'll draft Jones, which wouldn't make sense because they probably could have gotten him at No. 12. They could already like Fields and are using this as a smoke screen. They could want Trey Lance, and they're looking at an alternative. Or, perhaps they're foolish and want Jones after all. However, the latter guess goes against what Kyle Shanahan said months ago, which was that he wants a mobile quarterback running his offense.

The Redskins are likely to draft a quarterback. - John Keim, ESPN

This doesn't mean they'll do so in the first round. Unless Mac Jones falls to them at No. 19, they'd have to make a huge reach for one at that pick, so it would make sense for them to wait until Rounds 2-4.

NFL Rumors - March 22 Updates:
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Sammy Watkins will visit the Ravens and Colts. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

They shouldn't pay him much. Watkins has been a disappointment for years, and he couldn't even be consistent when catching passes from Patrick Mahomes. The team that signs him should give him a low-cost, 1-year "prove it" deal.

NFL Rumors - March 19 Updates:
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Melvin Ingram will visit the Chiefs. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Ingram turns 32 in April, and he played in only nine games last year. He's obviously in a decline, but he could help the Chiefs win another Super Bowl in 2021. He'd be a great addition on a 1-year "prove it" deal.

NFL Rumors - March 18 Updates:
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The Ravens have reached out to Kenny Golladay's agent. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Golladay would be an enormous upgrade for the Ravens at one of their positions of weakness, but his talents would be almost wasted in Baltimore because the Ravens run more than any team in the NFL. Golladay's stats would take a dive, which could make him reluctant to sign there.

The Broncos are expected to make a push for Kyle Fuller. - Mike Garofolo, NFL Network

The Bears cut their Pro Bowl cornerback so they could afford Andy Dalton. What a smart move. Fuller played for Vic Fangio, so the fit would be very logical. Fuller would also fill a huge need in Denver's secondary.

The Jets are having conversations with JuJu Smith-Schuster. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Smith-Schuster comes with locker room drama, but you can say that about many talented receivers. The Jets sorely need a No. 1 wideout for either Zach Wilson or Justin Fields, and Smith-Schuster would certainly qualify for that role. Given that the Jets have lots of cap space and an impending rookie quarterback contract, they won't be hurting too much if the Smith-Schuster signing blows up in their face.

NFL Rumors - March 17 Updates:
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The Bears offered three first-round picks, a third-round pick and two unnamed starters for Russell Wilson. - Dan Patrick, NBC

It's not nearly enough. The Seahawks wouldn't receive any selections in the top five - or even the top 15 - so Chicago offered more if it really wanted Wilson. Instead, the Bears ended up with Andy Dalton.

The Panthers are "locked in" on Deshaun Watson. - Joseph Person, The Athletic

It's apparently owner Axe Tepper's life goal to acquire Deshaun Watson, and the starting point is reportedly three first-round picks. The Texans would be making a huge mistake if they trade Watson for only three first-rounders because the next two opening-round selections will probably be in the 20s.

NFL Rumors - March 16 Updates:
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The Saints are interested in signing Richard Sherman. - Tom Pelissero, NFL Network

With that money? The Saints are $11 million over the cap. Perhaps they'd have some funds if they didn't give Jameis Winston $12 million on Monday. Sherman would be a nice addition to start across from Marshon Lattimore, but unless Sherman takes a very cheap deal, it doesn't seem feasible for New Orleans.

The Buccaneers are interested in James White. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Perhaps the least-surprising news in free agency. Leonard Fournette is bound to leave, and I'm sure Tom Brady would love to have his reliable running back on his team.

Pete Carroll has interest in Sam Darnold as a possible replacement for Russell Wilson. - Pat Leonard, New York Daily News

That's not too much of a downgrade, right? The Seahawks would be going from an elite quarterback to a guy who saw the undead when playing against Bill Belichick for the first time. This will work out well.

NFL Rumors - March 15 Updates:
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The Seahawks are making a bid for Leonard Fournette. - Albert Breer, MMQB

It'll be interesting to see how much the Seahawks overpay Fournette. Seattle is in the middle of the pack as far as cap space is concerned, so overpaying for a slightly overrated player would be a huge mistake.

The Giants are making a push to sign Leonard Floyd. - Dianna Marie Russini, ESPN

They better not overpay. Floyd was a bust throughout his career until signing on with the Rams last year. He had a great season, but simply was able to benefit from teams focusing on Aaron Donald. Floyd should get a 1-year "prove it" deal at best.

The Bengals are interested in signing Trey Hendrickson. - Josina Anderson, ESPN

Cincinnati used to be notorious for never spending in free agency, but things have changed. Hendrickson would be a needed upgrade on the edge for the Bengals.

The Bears have checked in on Trent Williams. - Brad Biggs, Chicago Tribune

It would be a nice signing. The Bears have regressed from 2018 because their offensive line hasn't been as good as it was that year. Williams would be a nice short-term fix to turn things around in that regard.

The Patriots are working on a deal with Kendrick Bourne. - Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Meh. The Patriots struggle to identify talent at receiver, so if they think this is their splash signing at the position, they're sorely mistaken. Bourne could be a quality role player for them, but that's about it.

The Patriots are making a major push for Matthew Judon. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

New England needs to bolster its pass rush, so Judon would be a nice addition. It's worth noting that the Ravens don't want to give Judon a huge contract, so the Patriots shouldn't be willing to do so.

The Browns, Jets and Vikings have expressed interest in Trey Hendrickson. - Josina Anderson, ESPN

All three need an edge rusher, so this all makes sense. Hendrickson is a 26-year-old defensive end with a ton of long-term upside. He'll command a huge contract.

The Titans won't re-sign Jonnu Smith or Corey Davis. - Dianna Marie Russini, ESPN

This isn't much of a surprise. Both players have been inconsistent in their young careers, so giving either a big contract would be a mistake.

Kyle Long is visiting the Raiders. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

The Raiders dumped three-fifths of the offensive line last week, so they need to find replacements in free agency or the draft.

A.J. Bouye is visiting the Bengals. - Mike Klis, 9News

The Bengals are likely to lose William Jackson this offseason, so they'll need a replacement if he leaves. Bouye isn't as good as Jackson, but he'd be a fine fill-in in this scenario.

NFL Rumors - March 13 Updates:
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John Brown told the media that he would be interested in signing with the Colts or Steelers. -

Indianapolis would be better for his production because the Steeler receiving corps is crowded, even when factoring in JuJu Smith-Schuster's expected departure. The Colts need a new No. 1 receiver with T.Y. Hilton entering free agency, and Carson Wentz would make nice use of Brown's speed.

James Conner is on the Dolphins' radar. - Barry Jackson, Miami Herald

Why? I don't see the mediocre Conner as an upgrade over Myles Gaskin. The two could form a decent committee, but Miami would be better off finding a new running back in the 2021 NFL Draft.

NFL Rumors - March 10 Updates:
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Expect the Jets to pursue Patriots guard Joe Thuney when free agency begins. - Scott Mason, Play Like A Jet

The Jets already have a solid offensive line, so a Thuney signing would give them one of the elite fronts for whichever quarterback they draft at No. 2 overall.

The Packers had interest in Zach Ertz at the trade deadline. - Peter Bukowski, SB Nation

But what about Robert Tonyan? The Packers would be wasting their money with Ertz unless thy get him cheaply; he's a declining, injury-prone player who is now a shell of his former self.

The Seahawks had interest in Matthew Judon last year. - Corbin Smith,

The Ravens did not franchise Judon, so he'll hit free agency. The Seahawks need multiple edge rushers, so Judon would be a nice addition at the right price.

NFL Rumors - March 9 Updates:
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A league source says Kenny Golladay is expected to sign with the Dolphins or Giants. - Adam Beasley, Miami Herald

Beasley reported that the Dolphins have considerable interest in Golladay. Both teams would make sense for Golladay, who would fill a need for a No. 1 receiver.

Packers GM Brian Gurekunst was at Northwestern's Pro Day. - Peter Bukowski, SB Nation

Rashawn Slater will be off the board by the time the Packers are on the clock, but perhaps he was there to see cornerback Greg Newsome. The Packers like big defenders, and they need a cornerback.

NFL Rumors - March 8 Updates:
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Lions GM Brad Holmes didn't discount the possibility of drafting a quarterback early this April. -

The Lions acquired Jared Goff, but they're smart enough to know he's not the long-term answer. It's unlikely they'll take a quarterback at No. 7, but they would be foolish to automatically pass on Justin Fields if he were to fall to their pick.

A.J. Bouye visited the Raiders. - Mike Klis, 9News

Bouye was just cut by the Broncos for salary reasons. He would be a nice upgrade for the Raiders, who have some well-documented struggles defensively.

NFL Rumors - March 6 Updates:
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The Bills want to add a tight end in free agency. - Joe Buscaglia, The Athletic

If so, they have plenty of options to choose from. They can sign Hunter Henry, Kyle Rudolph, Jonnu Smith, Gerald Everett, Cameron Brate, and perhaps Zach Ertz eventually.

Kyle Rudolph would like to sign with the Patriots. - Doug Kyed, NESN

The two parties expressed interest in one another two years ago. The signing makes all the sense in the world, given New England's dire need at the position.

NFL Rumors - March 5 Updates:
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The Bears have prioritized at making a run at Russell Wilson. - Brad Biggs, Chicago Tribune

The Seahawks would be fools to trade one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. If they do, however, they would need at least four first-round picks as a starting point - remember, none of the Chicago selections will be in the top 10 in all likelihood - and then something on top of that. Moving Wilson for anything less would be an utter failure, and it would condemn the Seahawks to the bottom of the standings for many years.

The Redskins make sense for Teddy Bridgewater because of multiple connections. - John Keim, ESPN

Bridgewater has been coached by Redskins offensive coordinator Scott Turner in Minnesota, and he was acquired by Marty Hurney in Carolina last year. The Redskins no longer have Alex Smith, so they need someone to compete with Taylor Heinicke, just in case his performance in the playoffs was a fluke.

NFL Rumors - March 3 Updates:
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The Raiders have had discussions about trading Trent Brown. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Breaking apart the strength of the team, the offensive line, doesn't seem like the best strategy. The Raiders already cut Gabe Jackson, and their blocking will be worse if Brown is traded. Granted, Brown has trouble staying healthy, but trading him now would be selling low in the wake of his five-game 2020 campaign.

Kyle Rudolph is interested in signing with the Browns. - Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Rudolph reportedly wants to reunite with Kevin Stefanski. The Browns, however, have lots invested in tight ends, including the overpaid Austin Hooper. It would be foolish for them to also give lots of money to Rudolph.

The Steelers showed interest in Najee Harris at the Senior Bowl. - Dave Bryan, Steelers Depot

The fit makes sense, given Pittsburgh's huge need at running back. Harris may not be available at No. 24, however.

The Giants showed interest in Kyle Van Noy prior to 2020. - Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

Miami just cut Van Noy, so if the Giants still want him, they have to be considered one of the favorites to sign him. Van Noy would be a good fit in New York, given that the Giants have a big need for an outside linebacker.

The Patriots have shown interest in Kyle Rudolph in the past. - Doug Kyed, NESN

Rudolph was just released by the Vikings. The Patriots have a huge need at tight end, so this is a natural fit.

NFL Rumors - March 2 Updates:
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The Dolphins are now free to sign Haason Reddick in the wake of the J.J. Watt deal. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

Salguero points out the system fit for Reddkick, which indicates Miami's potential interest in him. Given Watt's deal, the Cardinals will have issues re-signing Reddick, who had a great 2020 campaign. Reddick would be a nice replacement for Kyle Van Noy.

The Patriots are "aggressively" scouting the top quarterbacks from the 2021 NFL Draft. - Jeff Howe, The Athletic

So, they're going to draft a quarterback this time? That appears to be the case, though nothing is guaranteed. If Bill Belichick can't move up for Zach Wilson or Justin Fields, he may eschew the position once again.

Alex Smith could go to the Bears. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

The connection is Matt Nagy, who coached Smith in Kansas City. Smith has shown that he can get a team with a great defense to the playoffs, though Chicago wouldn't go very far in the postseason with the 37-year-old. Still, Smith would be a good signing as a 1-year bridge for whomever the Bears end up drafting in April.

The Ravens won't pursue a No. 1 receiver in free agency. - Jamison Hensley, ESPN

This isn't a surprise. The Ravens are in the middle of the pack in salary cap, and they have other areas to address. The 2021 NFL Draft class is also strong at wideout, so the Ravens can just obtain a talented player at the position in the first or second round.

The Jaguars should heavily pursue Hunter Henry. - Michael DiRocco, ESPN

It's unclear if this reporter expects them to, or if he's just giving his opinion. Either way, it would be a huge mistake for the Jaguars to overpay for Henry, given his extensive injury history.

The Steelers are unlikely to re-sign James Conner. - Brooke Pryor, ESPN

This is hardly a surprise. Conner has been a big disappointment in the past two seasons. It was more of a shock that they didn't give carries to their other backs last year. If the Steelers don't add a talented running back in free agency, they'll likely use a pick on one in the first three rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft.

NFL Rumors - March 1 Updates:
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The 49ers have reached out to the Panthers to acquire Teddy Bridgewater. - Joseph Person, The Athletic

This assumes the 49ers would want Bridgewater as the backup after the Nick Mullens debacle last year, but you can't ever count out Bridgewater being an upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo, who has had trouble staying healthy in his career. The same can be said of Bridgewater, but Garoppolo has mostly been a disappointment in San Francisco.

The Packers have met with cornerbacks more than any other position this offseason. - Peter Bukowski, SB Nation

Green Bay seems locked into upgrading its hole across from Jaire Alexander, which makes sense in the wake of Kevin King's horrible NFC Championship performance.

NFL Rumors - Feb 25 Updates:
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Corey Linsley is expected to enter free agency. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Linsley is such an important part of Green Bay's offense, so it would be a huge blow to the Packers if he were to leave.

No believes the Texans will trade Deshaun Watson. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Lots of teams have called for Watson, but the Texans reportedly aren't budging. It would be foolish of them to do so why they don't have as much leverage. Rapoport opined that this impasse will last a very long time, and I would agree with that.

Deshaun Watson met with new head coach David Culley, but reiterated that he will not play for the Texans again. - Dan Graziano, ESPN

The Texans shouldn't budge unless they get a great deal. They'd lose leverage if they dealt Watson soon, so they should hold on to him as soon as possible, even if it means Watson misses all of 2021.

Russell Wilson will waive his no-trade clause in deals with the Bears, Cowboys, Raiders and Saints. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Wilson's agent noted that they haven't requested a trade, but listed four teams Wilson would like to go. So much for that previous report. At any rate, Wilson's top destination should be New Orleans because of Sean Payton, the great offensive line, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. The worst destination would be Chicago because the Bears have a horrible offensive line, and there's no guarantee Allen Robinson will be retained.

Russell Wilson's camp has broached trade discussions with the Dolphins, Raiders, Saints and Jets. - Michael-Shawn Dugar, The Athletic

I'm not sure who this reporter is, but it's an interesting story nonetheless. Per the report, Wilson is frustrated with Pete Carroll, who was recently extended. Any of the four teams would automatically become one of the Super Bowl favorites if they acquire Wilson. This includes the Jets, who would actually be able to protect Wilson with a solid offensive line.

NFL Rumors - Feb 24 Updates:
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Ben Roethlisberger will return for the 2021 season, according to Steelers President Art Rooney. -

The Steelers previously did not commit to Roethlisberger returning, so this is big news. They obviously came to their senses and realized they couldn't find a better quarterback than Roethlisberger this offseason.

The Patriots have been calling about every veteran quarterback available. - Jeff Howe, The Athletic

This includes Jimmy Garoppolo, who could conceivably make his return to the Patriots. New England could also go after another former player in Jacoby Brissett.

There's mutual interest between the Dolphins and Aaron Jones. - Barry Jackson, Miami Herald

The Dolphins have the 10th-most cap space in the NFL, so they can afford to spend big bucks on a running back. Jones is expected to fetch a big contract this offseason, which would make it difficult for the cap-strapped Packers to retain him. That said, it's often a mistake to shell out lots of money to a player at a position that is very replaceable. 

NFL Rumors - Feb 19 Updates:
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Mike Vrabel said that the team has had discussions about signing J.J. Watt. -

Watt makes so much sense for Tennessee. The Titans need a pass rush, and Watt has played for Vrabel in the past. Going to Tennessee would allow Watt to get revenge on his former team.

NFL Rumors - Feb 18 Updates:
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The Colts called about Derek Carr's availability prior to trading for Carson Wentz, but the Raiders told them they weren't interested in trading him. - Jim Ayello, Indianapolis Star

The Raiders are obviously overvaluing Carr, whom they should have considered trading. Nevertheless, the Raiders are more interested in moving Marcus Mariota this offseason.

NFL Rumors - Feb 17 Updates:
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The Broncos aren't interested in Carson Wentz despite their intention to trade for Deshaun Watson. - James Palmer, NFL Network

Wentz and Drew Lock had the same stats last year, so the Broncos don't deem it too much of an upgrade. Granted, 2020 was Wentz's worst year and Lock's best season, but Wentz's contract also must be factored into the decision.

The "Eagles draft a quarterback sixth overall" if they trade Carson Wentz. - Les Bowen,

This would make the Jalen Hurts draft pick even worse than it already was, and it already was the worst pick in the history of the NFL Draft.

The Panthers are prepared to go all in to acquire Deshaun Watson, which means that they're willing to surrender three first-round picks and Christian McCaffrey. - David Newton, ESPN

AND Christian McCaffrey. Wow. This may seem like a lot to some, but Watson is a top-five NFL quarterback in his  mid-20s. With so much competition for him, a team may even outbid Carolina.

The Broncos will pursue Deshaun Watson. - Troy Renck, ABC News Denver

Denver is desperate for a quarterback upgrade, as it tried to trade for Matthew Stafford before the Rams came in with a better offer. Watson said he was intrigued with the move to Denver, but the competition for his services will be fierce.

NFL Rumors - Feb 14 Updates:
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The Eagles have had discussions with the Colts and Seahawks in a trade involving Zach Ertz. - Eric Kracz, Sports Illustrated

You have to admire the Eagles for trying to obtain resources for their declining players with bloated contracts, but any team that gives up anything substantial for a regressing 31-year-old tight end would be making a big mistake. 

The Bills, Browns, Steelers and Titans have expressed interest in J.J. Watt. - Ed Werder, ESPN

All of these teams seem like natural fits for Watt. Perhaps the Titans make the most sense because Watt played for Mike Vrabel several years ago. Here are more NFL teams that could sign Watt.

The Colts have offered two second-round picks for Carson Wentz. - Ron Jaworski, WPVI Philadelphia

The Eagles are seeking two first-round picks for Wentz, so the two teams are clearly at an impasse. Philadelphia might have obtained the two first-rounders if it weren't for Wentz's albatross of a contract, but the financial situation is what's most challenging when it comes to trading Wentz.

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