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I've been posting NFL Free Agent Rumors and NFL Draft Rumors daily on each page. These are listed per team, so click on each link if you're interested in seeing all of the rumors from your favorite team.

However, I received a suggestion to post all of the latest rumors in a daily format for those interested in multiple teams. That's what I've done on this new NFL Rumors page. Follow @walterfootball for NFL Rumors Updates.

NFL Rumors - April 24 Updates:
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The Vikings are pursuing Trent Williams. - Courtney Cronin, ESPN

Perhaps they'll trade their second-round pick for Williams. They missed out on the tackles, and they must upgrade Riley Reiff.

The Saints are calling up to move up in the second round. - Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

The Saints have limited draft resources, but they're no strangers to moving up. They still need a receiver and a linebacker, so perhaps they're targeting someone like Zack Baun, Denzel Mims or Tee Higgins.

The Bengals like Denzel Mims and Ross Blacklock at No. 33. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

We were told the Bengals would take Zack Baun unless an unexpected player fell to them at No. 33. I don't know if Mims or Blacklock qualifies as "unexpected."

NFL Rumors - April 23 Updates:
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The Patriots are expected to trade Joe Thuney to the Dolphins for a second-round pick tonight, plus N'Keal Harry "some place" as well. - Paul Crane, Falcons Radio Network

The Thuney news can't surprise anyone, except for it being within the division. The Patriots giving up on Harry after one year would be shocking, but Bill Belichick undoubtedly understands the value of giving up on a sunk cost.

The "most obvious" target for the Jaguars when moving up to No. 3 is Andrew Thomas. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

This would be insanely stupid. The Jaguars shouldn't give up a huge haul for a tackle, especially when considering that there's a good chance they could get Thomas at No. 9. Some teams we've spoken to don't have Thomas as their top tackle, so a trade involving Thomas would be absolutely disastrous.

The Eagles are enamored with Jalen Reagor's speed and explosive ability. - Lance Zierlein,

This almost seems like the Eagles are making up for their mistake of passing on Marquise Brown last year. If the Eagles are really targeting Reagor in the first round, they should move down a few spots to select him.

The Packers are burning up the phone lines to move up. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

They're still using a landline? Anyway, the Packers may miss out on all the top receivers, so it would make sense for them to move up if they really like one specific wideout who wouldn't force them to mortgage most of their draft capital.

The Texans are looking to trade back into the first round. - Dianna Marie Russini, ESPN

Bill O'Brien can't wait until Friday to obtain his next draft bust. The Texans lack resources, so it'll be difficult for them to move up. If they do, however, they could target an offensive lineman (Isaiah Wilson), cornerback (Jeff Gladney) or an edge rusher (Yetur Gross-Matos).

The Colts have made calls about moving up into the end of the first round. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Everyone will speculate that it's for Jordan Love, but that would surprise me. I think it's more likely that Indianapolis would move up for a receiver like Brandon Aiyuk.

The Raiders "really like" CeeDee Lamb. - Josina Anderson, ESPN

Multiple sources have reported this. The Raiders also may really like another receiver as well.

Tua Tagovailoa to the Jaguars has gained steam in recent days. - Mike Florio, PFT

Better than Justin Herbert! The Jaguars have two first-round picks at the moment, and they could get No. 19 for Yannick Ngakoue. They have the ammo to move up for Tagovailoa in a deal with the Lions.

The Jaguars called the Lions about the No. 3 pick. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

The Dolphins better be careful, or they may lose their man. I actually speculated via text with Charlie last night that the Jaguars could be gearing up for a quarterback with their three potential first-round picks (the third coming for Yannick Ngakoue.) It would be better if the Jaguars tanked for Trevor Lawrence (or lost for Lawrence), but if they love Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert, it would make sense for them to jump up to No. 3.

The Vikings and Jaguars like Ezra Cleveland. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Browns may not get their man after all. Cleveland's stock is rising, so it sounds as though he'll be chosen in the first round.

The Eagles could offer No. 21, Rasul Douglas and another pick for No. 11. - Rich Cimini, ESPN

The Eagles would then select a receiver, perhaps Henry Ruggs or CeeDee Lamb. The Jets, meanwhile, would miss out on one of the top tackles, so they would be the clear losers of this trade, depending on what the other pick happens to be.

The Browns and Falcons could be a match for a trade in the first round. - Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports

It makes sense for both sides. Atlanta wants to move up for a stud like Javon Kinlaw, C.J. Henderson or a tackle (Kaleb McGary would move inside.) The Browns, meanwhile, reportedly like Ezra Cleveland, and No. 10 would be too early for him.

The gut feeling is that the Dolphins will draft Justin Herbert. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

Salguero, one of the top NFL team reporters, mocked Tua Tagovailoa to the Dolphins on Wednesday, but now believes the Dolphins will select Herbert because he doesn't see why the Dolphins would need to move up to No. 3 for Tagovailoa.

C.J. Henderson is Carolina's preference at No. 7 if Derrick Brown is off the board. - Charlie Campbell,

The Panthers reportedly love Brown, but may not think he'll be available. Interestingly, they'd prefer Henderson to Jeff Okudah.

Lions GM Bob Quinn favors Jeff Okudah, while Matt Patricia prefers Derrick Brown. - Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports

We heard last night that the Lions slightly prefer Okudah, which is why I made the change in my 2020 NFL Mock Draft, but it's certainly possible Patricia wins out with Brown. I personally would say it's 55-45 in favor of Okudah right now. Either way, the Lions are expected to drop to No. 5 or 6.

The Cowboys will not select Cesar Ruiz with their first pick. - Todd Archer, ESPN

The dream is K'Lavon Chaisson at No. 17, but Archer reports that Ruiz won't be a fallback option. We expect Dallas' fallback options to be a cornerback like A.J. Terrell or Trevon Diggs.

The Dolphins are attempting to acquire the No. 3 pick, so they can trade Nos. 3 and 5 for No. 1 for Joe Burrow. - Mike Florio, PFT

This might be a wet dream for the Dolphins, but the Bengals have spent the past six weeks installing the playbook with Burrow via FaceTime. Cincinnati probably would need a lot more than Nos. 3 and 5 to give up Burrow.

On Henry Ruggs being the pick for the Broncos, "Ruggs won't be there." - Cecil Lammey, 1043 The Fan

Cecil Lammey is the most reliable source when it comes to the Broncos, so definitely pay attention to this. We once mocked Ruggs to the Broncos, but Lammey now believes Ruggs won't be available.

"I think Justin Herbert is the Chargers' preference. I think they like him a lot." - Charles Robinson, Yahoo!

If true, this would make things very easy, as the Dolphins apparently have medically cleared Tua Tagovailoa.

The Lions are planning for the 2020 NFL Draft as if they have the fifth pick. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

This obviously means the Dolphins are trading up to No. 3, presumably for Tua Tagovailoa. It's a trade that makes so much sense for both parties.

The Falcons tried to trade for the No. 2 pick, but the Redskins have turned down all offers. - Jay Glazer, FOX Sports

Of course they have. Charlie Campbell reported back in February that the Redskins were smitten with Chase Young and weren't willing to trade the rights to draft him. The Falcons will have to move up for Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw, Jeff Okudah or C.J. Henderson.

NFL Rumors - April 22 Updates:
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The Raiders and Jaguars are closing in on a trade for Yannick Ngakoue. - Charlie Campbell,

There's a hangup between the 12th- and 19th-overall pick, but considering that the Jaguars don't have much leverage, they're expected to receive the 19th pick for their star edge rusher.

There was talk about the Saints needed interior offensive line help at the combine. - Larry Holder, The Athletic

Sean Payton talked about it after the team re-signed Andrus Peat as well. Drew Brees hates interior pressure more than edge rush, so the area could be addressed as early as the first round. Larry Holder considers Cesar Ruiz as an option in the first round if Justin Jefferson, Patrick Queen and Kenneth Murray are all off the board at No. 24 overall.

Terron Armstead said that neither of Justin Jefferson, Henry Ruggs nor Patrick Queen gets past the Saints at No. 24. -

It's doubtful Armstead knows exactly what the front office is going to do, but it's interesting that he would voice his opinion on this, nonetheless.

The Falcons have called up to the Redskins for the No. 2 pick in order to get Chase Young. - Jay Glazer, FOX Sports

The Redskins absolutely love Young - per Charlie Campbell's combine report - so the Falcons would probably have to literally give up part of their franchise to move to the No. 2 slot. It's a shame for the Falcons, as they easily could've secured the second-overall choice had they just kept losing in the second half of the year.

The Falcons have a fallback deal in place with the Cardinals if they can't trade up higher. The target is Javon Kinlaw. - Paul Crane, Falcons Radio Network

That's interesting because I would have guessed the Falcons would move up for a cornerback. Kinlaw makes sense, however, as Atlanta has needed help next to Grady Jarrett for quite some time.

The Dolphins would like to trade up from No. 18 for a tackle. - Charlie Campbell,

The three tackles who make sense are Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas and Mekhi Becton. Given Becton's failed combine test and potential weight issues, he could fall into the early teens, which would make things easier for the Dolphins.

The Panthers don't sound like they want to trade down. - Charlie Campbell,

Carolina likely has two or three players in mind at No. 7, so if all are off the board, it could trade down. However, it seems as though the Panthers want a stud player at their current spot.

There's growing speculation that Justin Jefferson won't be available at No. 21. - Ray Didinger, 94 WIP

Jefferson is the most frequently mocked player to the Eagles. Legendary football writer Ray Didinger, however, said he heard that Jefferson's stock has been rising in recent days.

The Dolphins are gauging to see what it would take to move up to No. 3 for a tackle. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

This is nonsense. At least, I hope it is. This would make no sense because the Dolphins have three first-round picks to take whichever tackles they want. Unless the Dolphins believe Tristan Wirfs is the second coming of Anthony Munoz, they should remain at No. 5 and select a quarterback.

The Cardinals would like to trade down from No. 8 overall. - Tom Pelissero, NFL Network

Arizona has a number of needs it could address at No. 8, though I wonder if it would pass on Isaiah Simmons if he were available. Still, with a number of teams eager to move up for Jeff Okudah or C.J. Henderson, the Cardinals would have a nice opportunity to recoup the second-round pick they relinquished in the DeAndre Hopkins trade.

The Panthers are open to trading down a few spots. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Most teams are. A team might be interested in moving up to No. 7 for Jeff Okudah, if he's available. However, the Falcons are one of the teams interested in Okudah, so that would require the Panthers to make a deal with a divisional rival. Carolina would look very foolish if it gave the Falcons one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL for years to come.

Tua Tagovailoa is the favorite to be chosen at No. 5 overall. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

Salguero is one of the top NFL team reporters, and he noted that it's not a lock that a quarterback is chosen fifth overall. However, given that the Dolphins have given Tagovailoa a passing grade, it would be foolish to pass on a franchise quarterback in favor of a tackle, which is something the Dolphins did in 2008 when they chose Jake Long over Matt Ryan.

NFL Rumors - April 21 Updates:
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The Buccaneers are looking to trade up for an offensive tackle. - Charlie Campbell,

There's a chance all four tackles could be gone by No. 14, so it would make sense for the Buccaneers to move up a bit.

The Packers would prefer to draft a receiver or an offensive tackle in the first round. - Charlie Campbell,

Charlie wrote not to count out a linebacker, but Kenneth Murray and Patrick Queen aren't expected to be available.

The 49ers love both CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy. - Charlie Campbell,

Jeudy is more likely to be available. Either way, it appears as though San Francisco will likely take a receiver, but the team is keeping its options open, according to Charlie. Meanwhile, it appears as though the 49ers would like to trade down from No. 31.

The Panthers are committed to Teddy Bridgewater in 2020. - Charlie Campbell,

There's some speculation that the Panthers will either select a quarterback or trade up for one, but that's apparently not going to happen. Look for the Panthers to use their first-round pick on Derrick Brown or a corner.

The Lions are expected to draft a quarterback on Day 2. - Charlie Campbell,

Charlie specifically mentioned James Morgan, Jake Fromm and Jake Luton as possibilities. Jordan Love also makes sense, given that the Lions coached him in the Senior Bowl.

The Patriots and Buccaneers are discussing a trade involving Rob Gronkowski. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Gronkowski told the media that he would only come out of retirement to play with Tom Brady, hence the need to move him to Tampa. Jacob Camenker pointed out on Twitter that the deal could involve O.J. Howard, which would make sense because Howard was in Bruce Arians' dog house last year. 

Jerry Jones said he wouldn't deal the No. 17 pick for a veteran. - Jane Slater, NFL Network

People are linking Jamal Adams to the Cowboys, but they have other needs to address like cornerback, defensive end and center.

The Saints will consider Jalen Reagor at No. 24 overall. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

New Orleans signed Emmanuel Sanders, but still needs one more receiver. I currently have Justin Jefferson slotted to them in my 2020 NFL Mock Draft, but Reagor makes sense as well, despite his poor combine performance.

Ezra Cleveland is a "hot name" in the Dolphins' war room. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Dolphins will be drafting a quarterback at No. 5, but they have two other first-round picks. They must protect their new franchise signal-caller, so Cleveland makes sense for the team at No. 18 overall.

NFL Rumors - April 20 Updates:
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Justin Herbert is not in the Dolphins' plans. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Interesting. We had reason to believe the Dolphins liked Herbert slightly more than Tua Tagovailoa, but we were told that they loved both. Perhaps they've dropped Herbert on their big board recently based on interviews and such.

Jonathan Taylor said he wants to join the Seahawks, and Russell Wilson liked Taylor's post. - Rob Stanton,

I'm sure the Seahawks aren't going to draft someone based solely on what Wilson wants, but Taylor is an intriguing option for the team at No. 27 overall. 

The Lions' coaching staff has taken a liking to Derrick Brown. - Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

I'm sure they've taken a liking to Jeff Okudah and Isaiah Simmons as well. Still, I'm close to making the switch for my Detroit pick from Okudah to Brown.

Kyler Murray has campaigned for the Cardinals to use the eighth-overall pick on CeeDee Lamb. - Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

Murray obviously wants to throw to his former Sooner teammate again, but Lamb would be overkill when much greater needs can be filled with slightly better prospects.

The Chargers have loved Andrew Thomas throughout the fall and winter. - Peter King, NBC Sports

The Chargers need a quarterback, but if they don't like Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa, they'll spend the sixth-overall pick on the Georgia tackle.

The Giants have met extensively with Justin Herbert. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

This is a brilliant move, and no, I'm not being facetious. The Patriots do this all the time with quarterbacks so they have intel on them when they play against them. New head coach Joe Judge has apparently learned well under his former mentor, Bill Belichick. 

The Chiefs want to trade up for Henry Ruggs if he falls into the 20s. - Peter King, NBC Sports

That would be insane, and if Ruggs doesn't become a bust like the other 4.2X receivers, Patrick Mahomes would be even more unstoppable. The Chiefs have bigger needs than receiver with Sammy Watkins returning for another year, but I wouldn't root against a trade like this. There's something to be said about strengthening strengths, and giving Mahomes another weapon would make it extremely difficult for any team to outscore Kansas City.

Henry Ruggs will not get past No. 21. - Peter King, NBC Sports

The Eagles draft at that spot. It makes sense, as Ruggs would end up being the big-play threat DeSean Jackson was supposed to be.

The worst-kept secret in the NFL is that the Falcons want to move up for one of the top two cornerbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft. - Peter King, NBC Sports

To obtain Jeff Okudah or C.J. Henderson, the Falcons would have to leap the Jaguars, so they'd have to trade with the Cardinals or rival Panthers. Atlanta will have to offer them a great package of picks because moving down would require Arizona and Carolina to eschew blue-chip players like Isaiah Simmons and Derrick Brown.

The Buccaneers want a complete running back who can catch passes from Tom Brady. - Peter King, NBC Sports

Leonard Fournette would be a great acquisition for a third-day pick. If not, there are several options available in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Buccaneers could move up into the end of the opening round to take D'Andre Swift, or they could attempt to obtain Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Mike Mayock loves CeeDee Lamb. - Peter King, NBC Sports

King notes that Mayock believes Lamb is the most complete receiver in the NFL Draft. The  only question is if Lamb gets to the Raiders at No. 12.

Andrew Thomas is the preferred player for the Browns at No. 10. - Peter King, NBC Sports

If you're wondering what happened to the Browns' adoration with Ezra Cleveland, well, why not both? King notes that the Browns would like to trade down, so Cleveland would be the target if the Browns move into the 20s. Thomas, however, makes much more sense if Cleveland is marooned at No. 10.

The Jaguars would like to trade up for one of the top two cornerbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft. - Peter King, NBC Sports

Considering that the Jaguars could probably get one of the top two cornerbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft at No. 9, this would be a huge mistake. However, considering how many trades they've bungled recently, this won't exactly be a surprising turn of events if it happens.

NFL Rumors - April 19 Updates:
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The Chargers don't view Tyrod Taylor as a bridge quarterback. - Peter King, NBC Sports

In other words, Peter King believes the Chargers will pass on one of the top three quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft because they like Taylor so much. This has smokescreen written all over it because GM Tom Telesco is too smart to think this way. If the Chargers pass on Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert because they like Taylor so much, Charger fans should stop going to games. Oops, wait, I forgot there are no Charger fans.

Lions GM Bob Quinn told the media on a conference call that he doesn't know why teams have "shied" away from taking a cornerback early. - Tim Twentyman,

Cornerbacks don't get selected in the top three unless they're Champ Bailey, but Quinn apparently doesn't think that's a bad strategy. Perhaps he's pre-defending his pick, so this might be a sign that he's planning on drafting Jeff Okudah.

NFL Rumors - April 17 Updates:
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Colts GM Chris Ballard said he will not "force a quarterback" this April. -

Most people are forcing Jordan Love to the Colts atop Round 2, but that never made too much sense to me because the Colts are in win-now mode with an old quarterback, and they have a young backup in Jacoby Brissett. The Colts will take Love if they are smitten with him, but they can wait until next offseason to address the position again.

The Broncos have interest in Cesar Ruiz. - Cecil Lammey, 1043 The Fan

Denver needs a center, so Ruiz would make sense. The Broncos could trade down from No. 15 to obtain him, especially when considering that he's unlikely to be on the board in the middle of Round 2.

NFL Rumors - April 16 Updates:
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Bob Quinn has had discussions about trading the No. 3 overall pick. - Tim Twentyman,

The Lions almost have to move down because they can get whichever player they prefer at No. 6, given that the Giants are leaning toward a tackle. The Chargers are most likely to move up because they'd want to pass the Dolphins for the quarterback they like. However, don't count out a sleeper team like the Patriots. The Lions and the Patriots have dealt many times before, and New England obviously needs someone to replace Tom Brady. I'm sure the Lions wouldn't want to move all the way down to No. 23, but the Patriots could trade up twice, much like the Eagles did for Carson Wentz a few years ago.

The Eagles are aggressively pursuing a trade up for CeeDee Lamb. - Joe Tordy, 975 TheFanatic

Tordy said that Eagles GM Howie Roseman is "absolutely in love" with Lamb. For the Eagles to move up for Lamb, they'll have to pass the Jets and Raiders, so a trade with the Browns would make sense. Cleveland is reportedly looking to move down for a second-round offensive tackle, so both teams might be interested in a deal.

The Browns trading back in the first round for Ezra Cleveland would be the "least surprising move on draft day." - Dane Brugler, The Athletic

Ian Rapoport echoed those sentiments, noting that there's "buzz" around the Browns moving down for Cleveland. Forgoing talented tackles like Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas would be the most Brownsian thing to ever happen.

The Bengals have met with Joe Burrow weekly since mid-March. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Cincinnati appears to be circumventing the quarantine in a creative way. They won't be able to have Joe Burrow in practice until social distancing is eased, so they appear to be throwing the playbook at Burrow as early as possible.

No team has done more work on Justin Herbert than the Dolphins. - Barry Jackson, Miami Herald

We're hearing the Dolphins like Herbert a bit more than Tua Tagovailoa, but things can change in the coming days.

The Jets are leaning toward a tackle at No. 11. - Charlie Campbell,

This makes sense, and it would be the correct decision. Sam Darnold struggled immensely last year when his offensive line was ravaged by injury, so protecting him would allow the Jets to have the most success.

The Jets have been eyeing Henry Ruggs "very closely." - Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

Ruggs seems like an alternative to one of the top four tackles. Charlie Campbell recently reported that the Jets are likely to select a tackle at No. 11. If all four are gone, perhaps they'll go with Ruggs.

NFL Rumors - April 15 Updates:
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The Giants are most likely to address the offensive and defensive line at No. 4 than linebacker. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Many expect Isaiah Simmons to be the pick, but Dave Gettleman loves to beef up the trenches. An offensive tackle makes the most sense, but Pauline warns not to count out Derrick Brown.

The Seahawks and Titans would like to trade down. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Seattle always trades down, so this can't be a surprise. The Titans, meanwhile, don't have a fourth-round pick, so they can recoup that selection by dropping into the top half of the second frame.

The 49ers would prefer to trade the 31st pick than the 13th pick. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

San Francisco can get a true stud at No. 13, but trading No. 31 makes sense because the 49ers don't have another selection until No. 156.

The Raiders and Broncos are very high on Denzel Mims. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Baylor star receiver has seen his stock rise since the combine. Both the Raiders and Broncos need speed threats at the position, so it makes sense for them to grade Mims favorably. Mims would only be an option for the Raiders in the unlikely event that both CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy are off the board at No. 12. Mims would be an alternative to Henry Ruggs for the Broncos at No. 15.

The Packers really like Terrell Lewis. - Peter King, NBC Sports

King reports that Green Bay met the Alabama edge rusher multiple times throughout the pre-draft process. The Packers don't have a big need for an edge rusher, but they could use some depth at the position, and it never hurts t have a healthy rotation of pass rushers.

The Vikings and Browns are reportedly discussing an Odell Beckham trade that would involve second- and fifth-round picks being traded. - Marc Malusis, WFAN660

Malusis reported that this trade is being discussed, but it's not completed yet. However, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported this to be false. Still, it would be a blockbuster deal. It would look good on paper for the Vikings, but I would be shocked if Beckham meshed with Kirk Cousins. Besides, Beckham has some non-football issues that make him a risky acquisition. The Vikings, however, are all in on Cousins winning, so they may think they need to be aggressive. The Browns, meanwhile, would obviously be open to a CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy selection at No. 10 if this trade were to happen.

NFL Rumors - April 13 Updates:
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The Patriots love Justin Herbert, "but enough to trade for him?" - Peter King, NBC Sports

I don't think I trust anyone claiming to know what the Patriots will do. But it is possible that they like Herbert over Tua Tagovailoa. The Patriots are less transparent than the Chinese government, so it's anyone's guess as to whom they'll draft.

The Cowboys love Cesar Ruiz. - Peter King, NBC Sports

The belief is that the Cowboys can trade down a few spots and then select Ruiz, as choosing him at No. 17 would be a reach. They could use Ruiz in the wake of Travis Frederick's retirement.

The Browns love Ezra Cleveland. - Peter King, NBC Sports

Not enough to select him at No. 10 overall, but they apparently have their eye on him in the second round. This would obviously free them up to select a stud defensive player instead.

The Jaguars won't take a quarterback at No. 9 because they want to give Gardner Minshew a real shot.  - Peter King, NBC Sports

In other words, they're gearing up to draft Trevor Lawrence next April.

A "GM friend of Tom Telesco's" thinks that Telesco is very high on Justin Herbert.  - Peter King, NBC Sports

This doesn't mean Telesco likes Herbert, but it's at least something. We've had the Chargers trading up for Tua Tagovailoa in our 2020 NFL Mock Draft, but perhaps they'll leap ahead of Miami for Herbert after all.

No one I've spoken to believes Ron Rivera will do anything but select Chase Young second overall.  - Peter King, NBC Sports

Charlie Campbell reported as much back in February prior to the combine. Campbell wrote that the Redskins loved Chase Young too much to trade down.

NFL Rumors - April 11 Updates:
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The Ravens like both Patrick Queen and Kenneth Murray. - Jeff Zrebiec, The Athletic

Baltimore has never replaced C.J. Mosley, so either Queen or Murray would be a nice answer in the middle of the defense. However, both could be gone by No. 28, so the Ravens may have to trade up to acquire one of them.

The Giants are leaning toward an offensive tackle over Isaiah Simmons at No. 4 overall. - Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

Vacchiano notes that the Giants would like to trade down, but it makes sense for them to select a tackle over Simmons, given that they need to protect Daniel Jones as well as possible.

The Eagles have been doing their homework on Michigan C/G Cesar Ruiz. - Jeff Skversky, 6 ABC

Skversky reports that the Eagles have met with Ruiz on several occasions. Ruiz is a local prospect for the Eagles, and he told the media that he would love to go to the Eagles. He would make sense as a successor for Jason Kelce.

The Packers planned on bringing in most of the top quarterbacks for prospect visits. - Tom Silverstein, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

This doesn't mean the Packers will select a quarterback in the early rounds, but they're at least weighing their options with Aaron Rodgers entering the twilight of his career.

NFL Rumors - April 8 Updates:
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The 49ers are looking at offensive tackles, prospects who will be available late in the first round. They're looking into tight ends in the middle rounds. They've also focused on defensive linemen, and safety is on the team's to-do list. - Matt Barrows, The Athletic

Barrows is basing this on the prospects the teams have virtually interviewed throughout this bizarre draft process. You can determine what teams will do based on which positions they meet with, and the virtual meetings shouldn't be different.

NFL Rumors - April 3 Updates:
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The Falcons and Jets have discussed an NFL Draft trade involving the No. 11 pick. - Paul Crane, Falcons Radio Network

It's hard to imagine the Jets doing this unless they believe the top four tackles will be off the board. However, they could pull the trigger if they're all chosen. What's more interesting is whom the Falcons would move up for. Perhaps they'd target Javon Kinlaw or C.J. Henderson, or maybe this is part of a two-step process to get either Isaiah Simmons or Derrick Brown.

NFL Rumors - March 31 Updates:
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The Cardinals are interested in Utah RB Zack Moss. - John Weinfuss, ESPN

Arizona dealt David Johnson in one of the most lopsided deals we've ever seen, but it still needs to replenish its running back depth. Taking Moss in the third round would make sense.

NFL Rumors - March 30 Updates:
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The Dolphins are trying to trade up for the No. 1 pick. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

This would be quite the blockbuster deal, as Salguero reports that the Dolphins love Joe Burrow. There's no doubt that Burrow is the safest of the top three quarterback prospects, but the Dolphins would have to surrender all three of their first-round choices, plus one of their opening-round selections in 2021 in the exchange. It doesn't seem worth it, especially with Tua Tagovailoa's medical checks being better than expected.

The Steelers are expected to draft a running back this April. - Ed Bouchette, The Athletic

James Conner is coming off a down season and is entering his contract year, so this makes sense. The Steelers can get a solid back in Rounds 2-4.

NFL Rumors - March 19 Updates:
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The Falcons and Dolphins had the most interest in Todd Gurley prior to his release. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Smartly, neither team wanted to surrender resources for Gurley, given his high price tag. He'll be available for a much cheaper deal now, and both Miami and Atlanta are logical landing spots. Go here to see other teams that could sign Todd Gurley.

The Bills are interested in Melvin Gordon. - Matt Parrino,

Umm... why? Devin Singletary looked like a special player at times during his rookie campaign, especially very late in the year when he was recovered from his injury. I like what the Bills have done this offseason, but I feel as though this would be overkill. Overpaying for a running back like the injury-prone Gordon would be a big mistake, especially when Singletary is on the roster.

The Colts, Packers and Redskins have interest in Delanie Walker. - John Keim, ESPN

Walker turns 36 in the summer, so he obviously doesn't have much time remaining in the NFL. However, he might be serviceable for another season, and all three teams in question need a tight end. The Colts have Jack Doyle, but they like running two-tight end sets, which means a void was created when Eric Ebron left the team.

The Cowboys have interest in Emmanuel Sanders. - Jane Slater, NFL Network

Dallas managed to re-sign Amari Cooper, but lost Randall Cobb to a ridiculous contract from the Texans. They need a third receiver to go along with Cooper and Michael Gallup, and they can sign Sanders because they have lots of money to spend.

The Rams are attempting to trade Todd Gurley. - Michael Silver, NFL Network

The problem is that no sane team will want to trade for Gurley unless they receive compensation in a Brock Osweiler-type deal. Not only does Gurley have degenerative knees that will shorten his career and prevent him from handling a full seasonal workload; he also is under a miserable contract that will crush any team's cap situation. If I were running a team, I would need at least a third-round pick packaged with Gurley to obtain him, and even that may not be enough.

The Eagles are working on a trade for Darius Slay. - Josina Anderson, ESPN

This would be a great move for Philadelphia, and a necessary one, as the cornerback-desperate Eagles missed out on Chris Harris and Byron Jones. "Big Play" Slay would be a great consolation prize. This deal makes sense for the Lions after they signed Desmond Trufant.

NFL Rumors - March 16 Updates:
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The Raiders are closing in on Marcus Mariota. - Mike Garafolo, NFL Network

I'm eager to see what offensive coordinator and quarterbacks guru Greg Olson can do with Mariota. I don't think it's out of the question that Mariota can do to Derek Carr as Ryan Tannehill did to him in 2019.

The Giants are making a strong push to sign Blake Martinez. - Matt Lombardo,

New York has needed help at linebacker for quite some time, so Martinez would be a very welcome addition.

The Giants are heavily pursuing Jadeveon Clowney. - Art Stapleton, USA Today

There was a fake Adam Schefter account that tweeted out that Clowney signed with the Giants, but perhaps the author of this fake account has some divination abilities. Clowney would be huge for the Giants, who must upgrade their pass rush and in turn, improve the secondary. Clowney, the best non-quarterback available, would certainly help them do that.

Teddy Bridgewater is the Buccaneers' backup plan if they can't land Tom Brady. - Charles Robinson, Yahoo!

I imagine Brady has to be intrigued with playing with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard. He would do well there, as would Teddy Bridgewater under Bruce Arians.

The Dolphins are interested in Colts OT/G Joe Haeg. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

I imagine they'd want to give him a 3-year, $30 million contract. This would be a massive overpay, but that has been Miami's strategy thus far in free agency.

The Cowboys, Bills, Jets and Raiders are interested in Chris Harris. - Josina Anderson, ESPN

Harris is in his 30s now, but he's still playing at a high level. All of these teams make lots of sense, except maybe the Bills, who already have a strong secondary.

The Dolphins, Jets, Raiders and Eagles are interested in Byron Jones. - Josina Anderson, ESPN

All of these locations make sense for Jones. Miami can afford to pay Jones the most, and he would also benefit from not paying in state taxes in Florida. The Eagles, however, would offer him an opportunity for revenge.

The Colts are expected to pursue Philip Rivers. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

This is obvious, as the Colts are in desperate need of an upgrade at quarterback. I'm sure Philip Rivers would prefer to stay in Florida with his family, but Indianapolis would allow him to make a deep playoff run and perhaps even win a Super Bowl.

Brandin Cooks could be traded again this offseason. - Michael Silver, NFL Network

Silver notes that this wouldn't take a first-round pick this time, nor should it. Cooks has either clashed with teammates or disappointed at his 18 NFL stops thus far, and there's no reason to believe that won't continue to happen.

The Bears are attempting to trade for Nick Foles. - Michael Lombardi, The Athletic

And yet, the Jaguars don't want to part with Nick Foles. This is the NFL's version of Dumb & Dumber, except Bill O'Brien would need to be involved somehow. I don't understand both sides of this. Foles is overpaid, so the Bears shouldn't want him, and yet the Jaguars should be dying to shed such a horrible contract.

The Texans have traded DeAndre Hopkins because of friction between Bill O'Brien and Hopkins. - Aaron Wilson, Houston Chronicle

What a surprise. O'Brien is not only the dumbest person in the NFL, he's also the most abrasive. He cannot get along with anyone. At some point, the Texans must realize this and fire him before he trades other talented players for nothing.

The Texans have traded WR De'Andre Hopkins to the Cardinals for RB David Johnson. -

It's unclear if the Texans will be getting a very high pick in return (No. 7 overall?) but I have a feeling that's not the case. Bill O'Brien is the dumbest person in the NFL, and he has full control over the Texans' franchise. If it weren't for Deshaun Watson, the Texans would be one of the worst teams in the NFL right now.

NFL Rumors - March 15 Updates:
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The Packers and Raiders will be all over Cory Littleton. - Vic Tafur, The Athletic

This would make sense, as Littleton would be an outstanding signing for both teams. The Packers and Raiders have a major weakness at linebacker, and Littleton is the best player at his position on the market. Both the Packers and Raiders saw Littleton firsthand in their 2018 matchups against the Rams.

The 49ers are not interested in Tom Brady, whose choices are down to Tampa Bay and New England. - Chris Simms, NBC

San Francisco would rather keep Jimmy Garoppolo, who holds on to the ball too long in the pocket and ended up costing them a Super Bowl victory. Makes sense. I've said all along that I believe Brady will ultimately go back to the Patriots, but it sounds as though the Buccaneers are interested.

The Dolphins are interested in Melvin Gordon. - Cameron Wolfe, ESPN

Miami will likely have its pick of the litter in regard to a rookie running back at No. 18 overall - i.e. D'Andre Swift or Jonathan Taylor - but the team could just eschew both of them by signing Melvin Gordon. The Dolphins have the most cap space in the NFL, so they can afford to give Gordon what he wants. Still, the Dolphins shouldn't overpay for a running back, given the large number of talented players available at the position this offseason.

NFL Rumors - March 13 Updates:
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The Titans are not interested in Tom Brady and want to re-sign Ryan Tannehill. - Dianna Marie Russini, ESPN

Welcome to 2020, where the Titans would prefer to have Tannehill as their quarterback over Brady. This seems like a huge mistake. Brady is obviously on the decline, but he can still lead a team to the Super Bowl. Tannehill will not go toe to toe with Patrick Mahomes in a shootout.

The Texans have displayed steady interest in J.K. Dobbins throughout the pre-draft process. - Aaron Wilson, Houston Chronicle

The Texans, of course, don't have a first-round pick, but it's possible that they could obtain Dobbins after moving up several spots in the second frame. Dobbins was expected to visit the Texans, but the Wuhan Coronavirus has prevented that from happening.

Christian Kirksey is visiting the Packers and Bills. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Green Bay makes much more sense than Buffalo. The Packers have a big need at linebacker, while the Bills would just use Kirksey as a backup.

NFL Rumors - March 12 Updates:
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Christian Kirk is visiting the Raiders. - Kevin Patra,

The Raiders are in desperate need of a linebacker. Kirksey would be a nice buy-low option after struggling with injuries in recent seasons.

The Buccaneers are going "all in" on Tom Brady. - Rick Stroud, Tampa Bay Times

It would be shocking to see Brady go to Tampa, but it would be fun to see him work with all of the Buccaneers' talented receivers and tight ends.

NFL Rumors - March 10 Updates:
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Gabe Jackson has been discussed in trade talks. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

It wouldn't be a good idea for the Raiders to trade Jackson, as they'd be selling low. Jackson is coming off a down year, which was the result of an MCL injury he suffered in August. He's also owed about $28 million over the next three years, so they won't get anything substantial in return for him because teams might be hesitant to acquire such a highly paid player. Jackson is likely to rebound in 2020, so the Raiders should just keep him.

The Jets are interested in James Bradberry. - Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

It seems like the Jets are interested in everyone at this rate. As Kenny would say, "I think the Jets are interested in your sister." This makes sense though, as the Jets have tons of needs and lots of cap space to utilize.

NFL Rumors - March 7 Updates:
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The Jets are interested in Byron Jones. - Rich Cimini, ESPN

New York is currently paying lots of money to Trumaine Johnson, but considering that he was a bust signing, the team is desperate at the position. The Jets have plenty of money to spend, so they could snare the best corner on the market.

The Cardinals and Texans have interest in trading for Trent Williams. - Ben Standig, The Athletic

Both are very logical fits for Williams. The Cardinals have a huge hole opposite of recently re-signed D.J. Humphries, while the Texans have a major need at right tackle as well.

The Jets plan on pursing Graham Glasgow and Joe Thuney. - Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

They're also in the market for Trent Williams. All three play different positions on the offensive line, but this all makes sense because the Jets have so many holes up front. Sam Darnold will take a huge step forward in 2020 if the Jets can successfully repair their offensive line.

NFL Rumors - March 6 Updates:
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The Jets are one of the teams pursuing Trent Williams. - Connor Hughes, The Athletic

This makes sense on paper. The Jets have plenty of money to spend, and they have a huge hole at tackle. They need to do whatever it takes to protect Sam Darnold, so it shouldn't shock anyone if they trade for Williams. That said, they could have buyer's remorse if they surrender too much, given that Williams has an injury history and was out of football all of 2019.

The Raiders are interested in Marcus Mariota. - Mike Garafolo, NFL Network

Unlike the Tom Brady signing, this would allow the Raiders to keep Derek Carr, all while finding an alternative plan at the position. Coincidentally, it would mirror what the Titans did with Mariota as the incumbent when they signed Ryan Tannehill. Mariota is still young (26), so there's still time for him to finally live up to his 2015 draft billing. Also, there's little doubt that quarterbacks guru Greg Olson will get the most out of him.

There is speculation that the Jets could take Henry Ruggs with their first-round pick. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline went on to note that this would be a mistake, but Ruggs would help address a very weak receiving corps. Pauline said this when discussing the possibility of one of the top four offensive linemen being available at No. 11 overall, so it sounds like Ruggs is the fallback option if all four are gone.

NFL Rumors - March 5 Updates:
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It's possible that the Dolphins will use one of their first-round picks on Ezra Cleveland. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline specifically mentioned Cleveland when discussing the Dolphins and how he hasn't heard anything regarding a trade. Cleveland would make sense with the final of three opening-round selections.

Jadeveon Clowney is interested in playing for the Giants. - Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

I'm sure Clowney is willing to play for whomever is willing to pay him a ton of money, but he mentioned the Giants specifically. The Giants have the sixth-most cap space in the NFL at the moment, so they can afford to pay Clowney a big contract. Clowney would go a long way in improving the Giants' horrific secondary, which is likely to see some upgrades as well.

NFL Rumors - March 4 Updates:
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Sammy Watkins wants to play for the Texans. - Pete Sweeney, Arrowhead Pride

Watkins is currently under contract with the Chiefs, but Kansas City is expected to cut him because his contract is so bloated. The Texans might be able to sign him for a relatively cheap, 1-year "prove it" contract, and if so, that would be a nice move. Then again, Bill O'Brien is still calling the shots for the Texans, so he might surrender a first-round pick in a trade for Watkins.

The 49ers are "closing hard" on Tom Brady, who did not have a productive phone call with Bill Belichick today. - Tom Curran, NBC Sports Boston

There have been talks about a sign-and-trade involving Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo, though Ian Rapoport said that he hadn't heard anything on that matter. Brady had a phone call with Belichick which, according to Curran, didn't go very well. Things can change in the next two weeks, however, so don't discount the possibility of Brady returning to New England.

NFL Rumors - March 3 Updates:
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The Dolphins are interested in Logan Ryan. - Barry Jackson, Miami Herald

The fit makes a ton of sense. Not only do the Dolphins need a cornerback, but Ryan has experience in Brian Flores' system, as the two were together in New England a few years ago.

The Redskins are unlikely to trade down from No. 2 overall. - Charlie Campbell,

This is for a couple of reasons. First, the Redskins absolutely love Chase Young and don't want to pass on him. Second, the Redskins don't believe the Dolphins will want to surrender what it takes to move from No. 5 to 2.

The Lions don't anticipate any major quarterback changes this offseason. - Charlie Campbell,

They could find a quarterback of the future in the mid-rounds, but the Lions won't be selecting Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert at No. 3 overall. Ownership wants to make a jump to playoff contention in 2020, and drafting a quarterback at No. 3 overall won't accomplish that.

The Cowboys prefer addressing their defense in the first round. - Charlie Campbell,

Specifically, the Cowboys are seeking to fix their defensive line and secondary. Things could change after free agency, but there's no doubt that Dallas has big holes to fill in those two areas.

"Have it on good authority that Eagles assistant to GM Connor Barwin met a couple times with Florida edge rusher Jonathan Greenard at Senior Bowl. Returned to Philly and raved about him to Howie Roseman." - Ed Kracz, Sports Illustrated

Barwin may push for the Eagles to select Greenard in the second round, but the Eagles have more pressing needs than edge rusher.

NFL Rumors - March 2 Updates:
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Josh Jacobs will  be more involved in the passing game in 2020, according to Mike Mayock. -

This is huge, and it'll vault Jacobs closer to the top of my fantasy football rankings. The one issue with Jacobs last year was that he had just 21 targets, but that number should sore in 2020.

NFL Rumors - March 1 Updates:
Comment on these NFL Rumors

The Cowboys, Raiders, Texans, Jets and Lions are interested in CB Chris Harris. - Troy Renick, Denver 7

Harris has been one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL over the past several seasons, but there is some concern with him, given that he turns 31 this offseason. These teams that are interested in him better make sure they're not paying on past production. Harris would make sense for all of these teams, as all five must improve their cornerback play. It'll be interesting to see if Detroit's decision-making at No. 3 would change if it lands Harris.

The Redskins are one of the teams most interested in James Bradberry. - Connor Hughes, The Athletic

Bradberry is ranked as the No. 2 cornerback in free agency, so adding him would provide a huge, much-needed boost to the secondary. The Redskins must upgrade the position this offseason, and Bradberry would be a great fit because he's used to playing in Ron Rivera's system.

The Bears have been in touch with Andy Dalton. - Paul Dehner, The Athletic

Chicago isn't ready to give up on Mitchell Trubisky yet, but the front office would be foolish to enter the 2020 campaign without finding some veteran competition for the apparent first-round bust. Dalton would probably be an upgrade over Trubisky, but we've seen him fail to lead a team deep into the playoffs despite having supreme talent around him.

Rob Havenstein is a trade candidate. - Rich Hammond, The Athletic

The Rams already have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, so the blocking would get even worse if Havenstein were to be traded. However, given the Rams' lack of cap space and draft capital, they might be forced into dealing Havenstein, who is expected to rebound off a down 2019 campaign.

The Jets are not expected to sign Jack Conklin. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Pro Football Talk reported that Conklin would sign with the Jets, but Schefter is calling that out as fake news. Conklin would be a nice addition for the Jets, who need two new offensive tackles.

The Raiders are expected to target CB Byron Jones in free agency. - Vincent Bonsignore, Las Vegas Review-Journal

This would be a great signing. Jones is the top cornerback in free agency, and the Raiders' secondary is in desperate need of multiple upgrades. With the Raiders likely to target a receiver and a linebacker in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, signing Jones would allow them to focus on those other positions.

NFL Rumors - Feb 29 Updates:
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Jack Conklin is expected to sign with the Jets. - , Pro Football Talk

This would be a huge boon for Sam Darnold, who performed much better last year when his offensive line was intact. Conklin would be an enormous upgrade at right tackle. It's worth noting that this wouldn't preclude the Jets from selecting a left tackle at No. 11 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft because they'd still need a blind-side protector to replace Kelvin Beachum.

NFL Rumors - Feb 28 Updates:
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The Redskins are expected to make a bid on Philip Rivers. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Wut. For those who may have forgotten - because the Redskins seem to have - the team in question drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round last year. Haskins got off to a rough start in his first few appearances, but improved each week at the end of the year. He has promise heading into 2020, especially if the Redskins can resolve the Trent Williams situation. I don't understand why the Redskins would block Haskins from starting. Meanwhile, it would be puzzling to see Rivers go to Washington, given that he has so many better options available.

The Saints are planning to draft two wide receivers this April. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

This shouldn't be a surprise. Michael Thomas was amazing last year, but the Saints had nothing else at the position. Ted Ginn won't be around much longer, while Tre'Quan Smith has never lived up to his potential. Given how strong this receiving class is, it makes sense for New Orleans to duble dip at the position.

The Raiders really like Jalen Reagor. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Pauline notes that the Raiders are planning for a receiver-heavy draft, and that Reagor could be their target with their second pick in the opening round. It's worth noting that Pauline reported this before Reagor's combine workout.

The Patriots and Colts have shown interest in Marcus Mariota. - Tony Pauline, NFL Network

New England needs a contingency plan if Tom Brady ends up leaving for one of the teams his reps met with (Colts, Raiders, Chargers.) If the Patriots sign Mariota, they'll likely use an early draft choice on a quarterback, so Mariota would be a backup/reclamation project for Bill Belichick. The same would apply to the Colts.

The Eagles are exploring the possibility of trading up for a receiver. - Benjamin Allbright, Pro Football Network

The speculation is that the Eagles are attempting to move ahead of the Broncos, presumably for one of the Alabama prospects. This makes sense, as the Eagles are desperate for receiving help. Of course, they could have obtained Marquise Brown last year after trading up, but they selected Andre Dillard instead.

The Browns really like Ezra Cleveland. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

The Browns are in desperate need of two tackles. Depending on what happens in free agency, they could select a pair of tackles in the first two rounds. Cleveland would make sense on Day 2 at some point.

Tom Brady's agents have met with the Colts, Raiders and Chargers at the combine. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Jeff Darlington has sparked speculation that Tom Brady will leave the Patriots for one of these teams, and this just adds fuel to the fire. It must also be noted that Brady and the Patriots have not discussed a contract yet. That said, a lot can change in the next few weeks, and Brady could easily be doing this just to gain some leverage with New England. While it's certainly possible that Brady signs with one of these three teams, my money would still be on him returning to New England, though this is just speculation, of course.

The Bears are planning to pursue Austin Hooper. - Jason Lieser, Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago overpaid for Trey Burton a couple of offseasons ago. Burton has been a major bust, and spending for Hooper would be a much wiser move. With the Packers also pursuing Hooper, Chicago might be willing to pay more than market value for the athletic tight end.

The Packers will make a run at Austin Hooper this offseason. - Rob Demovsky, ESPN

Hooper is an athletic, young tight end who has made an improvement each season in the NFL. His production wouldn't increase as much in Green Bay because he always played from behind in Atlanta, but he would provide a huge boost for the Packers, who have endured a rapidly declining Jimmy Graham in recent years.

NFL Rumors - Feb 27 Updates:
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The Colts are the most likely landing spot for Eric Berry. - Jim Trotter, NFL Network

Berry sat out last year, but will be attempting a comeback at the age of 31. It would be great to see Berry again, so hopefully he can perform well off his hiatus. The Colts could use a safety, and it would make sense for Berry to want to play alongside Justin Houston for a Super Bowl contender once again.

NFL Rumors - Feb 25 Updates:
Comment on these NFL Rumors

It would be stunning if Tom Brady returned to New England. - Jeff Darlington, ESPN

It's unclear if Darlington is basing this on reporting or opinion, but it's shocking news regardless. Brady is coming off a down year, but he had an awful supporting cast. He's likely to rebound in 2020. Darlington mentioned the Titans, Raiders and Chargers as the front-runners to obtain Brady.

The Titans are handicapped to be the favorites to obtain Tom Brady. - Jeff Darlington, ESPN

This includes the Patriots. Per Darlington, the order of teams most likely to land Brady are the Titans, Raiders and then the Patriots. Tennessee makes sense as a fit, given that Brady is close to both Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson, both of whom spent time with the Patriots. I'm sure Brady is intrigued with the prospect of working with A.J. Brown, who seems like he could emerge as a superstar in his second NFL season.

The Panthers are moving forward with Cam Newton as their starting quarterback. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Previous reports said that new owner Bobby Axelrod wanted to trade Newton, but Carolina will try to win with Newton at least once more next year. Newton has a wide range of outcomes in 2020; he could easily be injured for the entire year once again, or he could revert to his 2015 MVP status if he stays healthy and his offensive line improves.

Joe Burrow said he'll play with whichever team drafts him. -

This is straight from the horse's mouth, and it's a huge deal. The only thing keeping the Bengals away from selecting Burrow was a possible Eli Manning situation, but that apparently won't happen.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock said he's open to upgrading Derek Carr. -

Coaches and general managers will often say that a certain quarterback is their starter, so this is a big deal. Mayock is well aware that Carr is a pedestrian talent with a low ceiling, and he's correct to being open to upgrading Carr. Per Adam Schefter, the Raiders are No. 2 in the race to land Tom Brady, only behind Tennessee.

The Redskins are unlikely to part with the No. 2 overall pick. - Charlie Campbell,

Charlie Campbell explained this further in the NFL Hot Press article he posted, but in short, the Redskins love Chase Young and don't believe the Dolphins will be willing to surrender what it'll take to move up to No. 2.

Giants GM Dave Gettleman said the team is "open for business" in regard to trading the No. 4 pick. -

That makes sense, given that the Giants have plenty of tackle options at No. 4. A team could certainly be intrigued with moving up to No. 4 for either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert.

Henry Ruggs has a strong relationship with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. -

It's not even clear if Ruggs will make it to No. 22, but Ruggs and Daboll spent time together at Alabama, so Ruggs would be able to pick up Buffalo's offense very quickly.

The Cardinals are looking for a fast, outside receiver. -

Arizona met with CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs at the combine. "I'm always looking for a fast outside guy. We're going to do what's best for our organization, but those three guys are definitely in play."

NFL Rumors - Feb 24 Updates:
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Cleveland is a landing spot for Anthony Harris. - Mary Kay Cabot,

Harris is a very talented, young safety. He's actually the No. 5 overall player in the Top 100 NFL Free Agent Rankings. Thus, the Browns would land a big-time player if this comes to fruition. If Harris joins the secondary, Cleveland will have one of the best defenses in the NFL with Myles Garrett returning from suspension. Cleveland will have a chance to land Harris as a result of the Vikings being in cap purgatory, stemming from the awful Kirk Cousins contract.

NFL Rumors - Feb 21 Updates:
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Nelson Agholor has been linked to the Colts this offseason. - Stephen Holder, The Athletic

Agholor played for Frank Reich when the two won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia a couple of years ago, so the fit makes sense. However, Agholor drops passes late in games, so he wouldn't be an upgrade o any sort for Indianapolis' mediocre receiving corps.

NFL Rumors - Feb 18 Updates:
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Stefon Diggs has deleted everything Vikings-related on Instagram. -

This could mean nothing, but it seems likely that Diggs will be traded. He's been displeased with his role in the offense with Kirk Cousins, and because of Cousins' contract, Minnesota is a whopping $11 million over the cap. There aren't even three teams over the cap, so that's the sort of rough shape the Vikings are in at the moment.

NFL Rumors - Feb 17 Updates:
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The Dolphins may prefer Justin Herbert to Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 NFL Draft. - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

The Dolphins have reportedly coveted Tagovailoa all along, but Stephen Ross recently spoke about being concerned about Tagovailoa's durability. This might be a legitimate worry, but it could also be Ross' attempt to keep other teams from moving ahead of No. 5 for Tagovailoa so his team doesn't have to do so. My money would still be on Miami selecting Tagovailoa, especially if he throws well ahead of the NFL Draft.

NFL Rumors - Feb 15 Updates:
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The Raiders are prepared to give Tom Brady a 2-year, $60 million contract. - Larry Fitzgerald Sr., Minnesota reporter

If so, it doesn't sound like enough. I imagine other teams will be willing to give Brady more money than that, so the Raiders will have to up the ante if they want to upgrade Derek Carr.

It's unlikely that the Jets will re-sign Robby Anderson. - Connor Hughes, The Athletic

Anderson wants $13-15 million per year, which is absurd. The Jets are willing to give him "just" $10 million, which is still a high number. It sounds like Anderson will be overpaid this offseason.

Tampa Bay is a landing spot for Tony Jefferson. - Greg Auman, The Athletic

Jefferson was cut after dealing with a knee injury last year, but he's still young and can rebound. Bruce Arians drafted him once upon a time, so Jefferson re-joining his former coach makes sense.

NFL Rumors - Feb 12 Updates:
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The Bengals are trying to facilitate a trade for Andy Dalton. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Dalton is a sub-par quarterback, but he would be an upgrade for some teams. Trading for Dalton would require a third-day pick.

The Falcons are weighing moving on from Devonta Freeman. - Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Freeman has trouble staying healthy, and his injuries have taken a toll on his explosiveness. Atlanta will save $3.5 million if they release Freeman, but they'll have a gaping hole at running back.

The Eagles have Demarcus Robinson in "their sights." - Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia is in dire need of a deep option at receiver after DeSean Jackson flopped. Demarcus Robinson flashed in 2019, but didn't have much of an opportunity with Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins in front of him.

NFL Rumors - Feb 10 Updates:
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The Buccaneers' interest in Philip Rivers is legitimate. - Jenna Laine, ESPN

This makes so much sense for obvious reasons. Bruce Arians had success with Carson Palmer in Arizona, and I'm sure he's exhausted from all of Jameis Winston's interceptions. It's worth noting that Laine said that the Buccaneers have interest in all of the other veteran quarterbacks - Drew Brees, Tom Brady - but Rivers is most likely to sign with Tampa Bay because he moved his family to Florida.

NFL Rumors - Feb 6 Updates:
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Todd Gurley could be traded this offseason. - Lindsey Thiry, ESPN

The Rams apparently would like to move on from Gurley and his albatross of a contract, but that'll be difficult because cutting him would produce about $25 million in dead money. Trading Gurley would be tough as well because he has arthritic knees, making his future very bleak. Teams would be interested in trading for Gurley if he had a manageable contract, but that's not the case. The Rams may have to roster him for at least one more year.

NFL Rumors - Feb 4 Updates:
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Greg Olsen will visit the Seahawks this week. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

This is an odd fit because Olsen would be a downgrade from both Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister.

NFL Rumors - Feb 3 Updates:
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There's increasing chatter connecting Philip Rivers to the Buccaneers. - Benjamin Allbright, Pro Football Network

Rivers has moved to Florida, so this makes sense. Rivers would do well with Tampa Bay's excellent supporting cast.

Patriots scouts were gushing about SMU WR James Proche at the Senior Bowl. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Proche fits the type of receiver Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have had the most success with, so perhaps they'll target him early on Day 3.

The Cardinals, Packers and Seahawks are expected to pursue Austin Hooper. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Both Arizona and Green Bay need tight ends. Seattle would be an odd fit with Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister on the roster.

The Jets will go hard after Joe Thuney. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Thuney is the top free agent guard, and he would fill a huge need, all while weakening a hated rival.

Logan Ryan will be in play for the Eagles. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Philadelphia is in desperate need for cornerback help, and Ryan won't be enough. Still, he would provide some needed help.

Tom Brady's wife prefers Miami. - Tony Pauline, Pro Football Network

Brady is favored to go back to the Patriots, but don't count out Miami if Gisele has any pull.

Team sources say Jerry Jeudy will be drafted outside of the top five. - Charlie Campbell,

Jeudy has been linked to the Giants, but team sources say that Jeudy could fall because he doesn't have elite size, and the receiving class is very deep, so teams may think they can get a talented receiver atop Round 2. Arizona could land Jeudy at No. 8 for those reasons.

The Colts are expected to make a run at Jadeveon Clowney. - Charlie Campbell,

Indianapolis needs to strengthen its pass rush to deal with Deshaun Watson, and it has plenty of cap space to obtain the dominant defensive end.

The Jets' early inclination is to go offensive tackle or cornerback at No. 11 in the 2020 NFL Draft. - Charlie Campbell,

There should be at least a couple of tackles that could interest the Jets at that juncture. They really need a tackle to help protect Sam Darnold.

Alabama offensive tackle Jedrick Wills is a top target for the Dolphins at No. 18. - Charlie Campbell,

Miami has been focused on Tua Tagovailoa, so they've undoubtedly had their chance to check out Tagovailoa's tackle. Wills makes sense at No. 18 overall, but he may not be available. 

The Dolphins are highly interested in Tua Tagovailoa. - Charlie Campbell,

Charlie pointed out that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross traveled to watch Tagovailoa play twice during the regular season, which is not commonplace for an owner. Ross and Tagovailoa were also invited to the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl party, so that was another opportunity for the two to meet.

The Broncos will be targeting a center this offseason. - Charlie Campbell,

Offensive line coach Mike Munchak is not a fan of Connor McGovern and wants an upgrade over him. Perhaps Denver will select a center on Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Michael Brockers thanked the Rams on Twitter. -

It seems as though Brockers will move on. The Rams have signed some dubious contracts of late, so they can't afford to keep their great defense intact.

Washington is a landing spot for Greg Olsen. - Mark Maske, Washington Post

Olsen to the Redskins makes sense because he played for Ron Rivera for a long time. The Redskins need a tight end, so they could sign Olsen as a short-term solution.

NFL Rumors - Feb 2 Updates:
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The Raiders will pursue Tom Brady. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

Brady met with owner Mark Davis, who is understandably interested in signing the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady would be a massive upgrade over the underwhelming Derek Carr.

NFL Rumors - Jan 27 Updates:
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The Chargers have moved on from Philip Rivers. - Jay Glazer, FOX Sports

The Chargers will undoubtedly be one of the teams willing to trade up for Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 NFL Draft. If they can't get Tagovailoa, they may settle for Justin Herbert. Of course, they could pursue a veteran quarterback on the market like Tom Brady or Teddy Bridgewater.

The Chargers have moved on from Philip Rivers. - Jay Glazer, FOX Sports

This can't be a surprise, given that Rivers moved his entire family to Florida. Rivers, however, seems to be intent on playing in 2020, and I'd say the favorites to land him are the Buccaneers and Dolphins. 

NFL Rumors - Jan 22 Updates:
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Jordan Love will be a top-15 pick. - Matt Miller, Bleacher Report

This sounds like the Matt Barkley No. 8 overall proclamation. We'll see, but I don't think so.

NFL Rumors - Jan 19 Updates:
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Philip Rivers has permanently moved to Florida. - Chris Mortensen, ESPN

This doesn't mean that he's officially done with the Chargers, but it certainly seems like that's the case. The Dolphins, Buccaneers and Jaguars could all use Rivers as a short-term solution.

The Colts, Chargers, Browns and Raiders have shown the most interest in Florida International QB James Morgan.  - Charlie Campbell,

Morgan lit up the East-West Shrine practices and could be chosen in the third or fourth round in the 2020 NFL Draft. All four teams need quarterbacks (Cleveland and Oakland don't have young, developmental players at the position), so it would make sense for all four teams to draft him.

The Bengals don't intend to trade the top pick. - Adam Schefter, ESPN

That's what the Bengals are saying now, but if Joe Burrow were to pull an Eli Manning and refuse to sign with the team, Cincinnati wouldn't have a choice.

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