kcchiefs21's Published Draft Mocks

NFL 2022

  1. Week 15 Mock Draft Cy Stoltz view
    Draft order is up to date using tankathon. I update each week, and every few weeks I'll add captions.
  2. Cy Stoltz Post-Wildcard Round Mock Draft view
    Try to go with best player available over need until after free agency.
  3. Cy Stoltz 2022 Mock Draft view
    Don't project trades and give thorough explanations, reasonings, and analysis. I recommend skimming.

NFL 2021

  1. Cy Stoltz 2021 Mock Draft view
    My Final Mock Draft for this season. 3 rounds.

NFL 2020

  1. 2020 Cy Stoltz Mock view
    Go pretty in depth with captions, and try to combine information about the team and the player in my reasoning for the picks. Some of my picks defy conventional wisdom, but when has the draft ever not defied conventional wisdom? If you have any questions feel free to email me at cstoltz58@gmail.com

NFL 2019

  1. 2019 Cy Stoltz Preliminary Mock Draft view
    Free agency and roster cuts are going to play a huge role in draft decision making, but this mock is predictive as possible under the current roster climate. Players picked are projections of what I believe the team will pursue, and not necessarily reflective of my scouting assessment of the player. I like to give a detailed, in depth breakdown of each pick along with a quick assessment of the player, as well as listing other potential options for each pick. The alternative options are more players I think the team will target and aren't based on who is on or off the board so much. I refer to defensive tackles as 3 techniques and noseguards because I think that's an easy way to differentiate the two skill sets and roles in most base defenses, and I follow a similar path of logic when applying grades to characteristics of players. Using an A+ through F scale of grading is easy to understand and effective enough.
  2. Cy Stoltz Final Mock 2019 view
    An attempt to be as accurate as possible for the draft tomorrow night. This draft is difficult to project because of the wide range of teams that could go after the top 4 quarterbacks. It has 14 surefire first round talents, and a lot of depth after that so I'd expect teams trading up for those first round talents. After that I'd expect a lot of volatility and for a lot of trade movement. Since 5 rounds is a lot I created these links to make it easier to scroll through all the prospects and see what picks your favorite teams made. AFC teams will be the link below http://walterfootball.com/openrant/published/1059 and NFC Teams will be this link http://walterfootball.com/OpenRant/Published/1062

NFL 2018

  1. Cy Mock Draft 2018 view
    This was probably the hardest mock I've done in a good amount of years of doing this; I would anticipate a record number of trades this year. 5 quarterbacks is a pretty unprecedented amount in the first round, and I think teams proved last year that they will get paranoid and move up for their guys so I tried to adjust for that. I projected a couple of trades early, but later in the draft that gets too speculative in choosing who would trade up while its easier to identify a prospect that makes sense for a team to target for a trade at certain points. The later it goes the more it tends to lean towards best player available rather than team specific destinations. I segment breakdown by pick then notes on player. Notes: Texans will target tight end and offensive line with their first pick. Chiefs will go CB, OLB, DL, TE, RB, S probably close to that order and Rams will target OLB, ILB, and OL with their selections. I was complimentary of most players because I think this will be considered an elite draft on the level of 2013 in 5 years time.

NFL 2017

  1. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by kcchiefs21 - 4.27 view

NFL 2016

  1. 2016 Combine NFL Mock Draft by kcchiefs21 - 2.28 view
    I had 7 picks right in 14 and 6 in 15, I try to assign best player available at a position of need, and try to apply what I know about GM's and the teams drafting and what their draft history is. I don't believe in projecting trades unless the trade is settled before the draft because of their unpredictable nature.

NFL 2015

  1. Cy Mock Draft 2015 view

NFL 2014

  1. Cy Mock Draft view

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