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King of Currywurst
King of Currywurst 2021 NFL Mock Draft 3.0
Published at 4/6/2021 9:45:26 AM

This Draft will be without any Trades. Next Update on Player Picks will probably be two weeks prior to the NFL Draft. Also feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think about my mock, which picks you agree with and which not and why. PS: Sorry if my english is a little bad here and there because im from germany.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson

The Jaguars obiously select Trevor Lawrence at No.1. I personally like Zach Wilson at least the same as Trevor Lawrence (maybe even a little more), but the thing is you cant screw this up if your are the Jaguars. Wilson had one outstanding year at BYU, while Lawrence has delivered and was under pressure of everyone watching him and expecting him to play great since highschool. I guess you cant screw this Pick with either Wilson or Lawrence, but you get the safer bet with Lawrence since he has delivered year after year after year. The worst you can get out of Lawrence probably is a Andrew Luck type of career.

Other Options:
Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
As i said earlier i absoloutly love Wilson and i wouldnt be suprised if he turns out to be the better QB.

2. Jets: Zach Wilson, Quarterback, BYU

The Jets are replacing Sam Darnold with an absolute stud. Wilson worked on his Hips in the offseason and now he makes throws you only see from Mahomes in the NFL. He has a canon of an arm (65-Yards in Air against WKU), pinpoint accuracy on every level of the field, quick release and can do houdini things in the pocket. He hasnt been under pressure a lot this season, but even if he has been he still played great. Very fun to watch this guy and for me the most special talent in this draft class. Could be the next Rodgers/Mahomes.

Other Options:
Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
If the Jaguars somehow pick Wilson over Lawrence he definitly is the pick here.

Trade Down
There are a lot of QB needy Teams, so the Jets could get a lot of value for trading this Pick.

Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
If the Jets decide to stay with Sam Darnold, Sewell would be a great addition to protect him. Becton and Sewell in the O-Line would be Elite.

3. 49ers: Mac Jones, Quarterback, Alabama

Mac Jones seems like a QB that could fit in a Shanahan offense. He has pinpoint accuracy within the first 10 yards, times his throws very well and stays calm under pressure. The concerns for him are his elite supporting cast and that he has only started one year, but i still think he could be a very solid starter (especially under Shanahan) and that he is the guy Shanahan likes the most.

Other options:
Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
Fields would be the other option if the 49ers don't take Jones, because he looks the most NFL ready of the remaining Quaterbacks.

Trey Lance, QB, NDSU
I think a lot of NFL Teams have Lance high on their board because of his 2019 Season, but his only game in 2020 was really bad and that would scare me if i was a NFL Team.

4. Falcons: Kyle Pitts, Tight End, Florida

The Falcons are looking to trade out of the No. 4 Pick. With the Panthers trading for Darnold, the only 2 teams for me who could need a QB are the Patriots and Broncos. The Patriots would only trade up for Jones i guess and with no other QB needy team remaining, the Broncos wont have to trade up in this scenario. With that said, the Falcons probably won't take a QB here. I guess they just take the best remaining Player which is Kyle Pitts. Hes tall, has great speed for a TE (4.44 at his Pro Day), massive wingspan and dominated last year in college.

Other Options:
Trade down.

5. Bengals: Penei Sewell, Offensive Tackle, Oregon

The Bengals need to protect Joe Burrow to make sure he doesnt get injured that bad again as he did last season, and so they pick by far the best OT in this draft. He didnt play in 2020 but he dominated earlier at a very young age, so i dont see any risk here.

6. Dolphins: Ja'Marr Chase, Wide Receiver, LSU

The Dolphins grab Tua a very special Weapon in Ja'Marr Chase. Very nice after the catch with a lot of broken tackles, pretty fast and tracks the ball exceptional good. He caught 84 catches for nearly 1800 yards and 20 Tds in 2019, just think about what he may be able to do 1,5 years later... The best receiver in this Draft class by a lot.

Other Options:

Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
Kyle Pitts is obvioulsy a Top-5 Player in this Draft. He still would be a good addition and another receiving Weapon in the Dolphins offense and maybe Flores does want to set up a 2 TE offense like the Patriots.

Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
The Dolphins might want to invest a high Pick in an OT to protect Tua from injuries like the one he suffered in college.

7. Lions: DeVonta Smith, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I really didnt know who tho choose here. Could be either Jalen Waddle or DeVonta Smith. I personally have Smith (and even another receiver) higher becuase they can be used much more then waddle, and i have a feeling becuase of his size that NFL Teams would choose Smith over Waddle. He is a Heisman trophy winner this year as a WR which tells you how gifted he is. Some may be concerned because of his frame but on Tape there is not one example where that would be a problem.

Other Options:
Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
As i mentioned could be 50/50 between those two but the fact Smith won Heisman an is a little bit taller will probably get him drafted earlier.

8. Panthers: Caleb Farley, Cornerback, Virginia Tech

The question here is do the Panthers take the better defensive player available or do they adress their bigger need. I personally think they will adress the need and take a CB, but i could also see them drafting a LB here. They need help in their Backfield an with Farley they get a very talented guy. He has good size, speed and plays good in coverage, in my opinion the best CB in this draft.

Other Options:
Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
In my opinion he is the best defensive player available at this point of the draft so maybe they want to take him over the CB need.

Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama
I see why a lot of teams could like him very much so he could also be the Pick here.

9. Broncos: Justin Fields, Quarterback, Ohio State

I personally think Fields is a little overhyped, espacially his last season was really not that good. He played very well against Clemson in the Playoffs, I guess thats the reason why a lot of people love him. But he definitly has arm talent and athletic ability that he can use in the NFL.

Other Options:
Trey Lance, QB, NDSU
I think a lot of NFL Teams have Lance high on their board because of his 2019 Season, but his only game in 2020 was really bad and that would scare me if i was a NFL Team.

10. Cowboys: Patrick Surtain, Cornerback, Alabama

The Cowboys Defensive Backs were completly lost for a big part of last season, so they need help here as fast as possible. At 10 they will very likely be able to select one of the two first round talent CB's and in this case Surtain is ready for them to be drafted. He has everything you wish from a CB except the high end speed, and thats why i think he only will be the second CB drafted because thats something you probably ask for if you draft a CB early.

11. Giants: Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver, Alabama

The Giants need more Weapons for Jones and with they select a Slot-Receiver weapon. Hes a freak of an athlete and defintly would have impressed with his stats over the season if he didnt get injured after 4 games. He had 28 receptions for nearly 600 yards and 4 scores in that 4 games which still is very impressive.

12. Eagles: Dyami Brown, Wide Receiver, North Carolina

The Eagles need help at nearly every position, and to evaluate if they want to continue with Hurts or not they give him a strong weapon to find out if he is their QB they want to have him as the face of their Franchise. So they add a very scary player to give make Jalen Hurts live a little bit easier. He dominated in every game he played. Remembers me a lot of Darren Waller, except I expect him to even play better then he does. He could even be a Number 2 WR in this class... Very special Talent.

13. Chargers: Rashawn Slater, Offensive Guard, Northwestern

The Chargers need to protect Justin Herbert, and they get a stud to do so. Before opting out the 2020 season, Slater allowed only 5 QB pressures in his 2019 season. Some teams may still use him on the inside, but he for sure is atlethic enough to protect Herberts Blind Side.

Other Options:
Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virgina Tech
Its extremly close between those two guys (especally because you dont know if a teams thinks Slater can play on the outsinde or not), so i wouldnt be shocked if they pick someone who played outside tackle before.

14. Vikings: Christian Barmore, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The Vikings need as much help on defense as they can get. Barmore started a little slow in two the season, but got better as the season continued. Especally his Playoff games really impressed.

15. Patriots: Rashod Bateman, Wide Receiver, Minnesota

The Patriots need more production from ther receiving corps. Bateman can seperate while running a route, he gets of the line very quickly and wins contested catches in the air. Hes a very good outside Receiver and thats especally where the Patriots had problems.

16. Cardinals: Tyson Campbell, Cornerback, Georgia

The Cardinals could also youse Talent on CB, so they adress this position with their pick. He has good size, speed and athletisizm. What he lacks in is strenght, but that can be worked on and he has the natural talent to be selected this high.

Picks 1-16


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