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2021 Super Deluxe With Water Protection
Published at 12/11/2020 9:09:15 PM

(Round 1) I run all my mock drafts like I am the General Manager of each team. My priorities are franchise QB, pass coverage, pass protection, pass rush and playermakers. I am willing to trade draft capital for ONLY a franchise QB. It is NEVER worth it to reach for a player or a need. This is super deluxe with water protection because I will have team needs, picks, and thoughts included. Check out my round 2 (Super Deluxe) since we can't do more than one round.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Jets: Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson

Team Needs: QB, 34ILB, 34OLB, CB, WR, TE, RB, S
Picks: 1, 25, 33, 65, 88, 96, 128, 146, 174
The big question is what to do with Sam Darnold. Darnold has franchise QB qualities but previous GM's and coaches messed him up and didn't develop him very well. We will look to trade him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick to a QB needy team like Dallas, Chicago, New England, or Indianapolis.
We must trade Darnold because there is no way we are passing on Trevor Lawrence. He is an elite QB prospect comparable to an Andrew Luck coming out of college. I don't care if someone offers us 6 1st round draft picks we are keeping Trevor.

2. Jaguars: Prospect not selected

Team Needs: QB, LT, SS, FS, CB, DE, DT, TE, RB
Picks: 2, 25, 34, 45, 66, 97, 120, 129, 151, 192, 217
We obviously need a franchise QB and thank the Lord there are two in this draft class. While Trevor is superior to Justin, we feel completely confident that Fields can be a franchise QB. We will also look to trade up some of our lower picks for higher ones or trade with teams for future picks because we don't need 11 picks in this draft.

3. Bengals: Prospect not selected

Team Needs: WR, LT, OG, RT, TE, CB, SS, DE, WR, DT, RB, ILB, QB2
Picks: 3, 35, 67, 98, 130, 162, 193, 198
Thankfully this draft works out well for us as the top 2 teams are QB needy, leaving the top player on the board for us that meets a perfect need. We obviously failed to protect Joe Burrow this year and it really cost us. Sewell is as an elite LT prospect as you can find, similar to Joe Thomas in our minds. He is exactly what we need. As a review AJ Green was definitely now worth a franchise tag of $18 mil for this past season he is clearly a shell of his former self. Also, we are paying out $27 million for our starting defensive tackles (Geno Atkins and DJ Reader)??? Let's see if we can find a sucker to take on one of those deals. Let me be clear defensive tackles are NOT worth that much money!

4. Cowboys: Trey Lance, Quarterback, North Dakota State

Team Needs: QB, CB, FS, SS, OLB, DT, LT, TE
Picks: 4, 37, 68, 100, 168, 194
Now, I know that this is going to make a bunch of people mad and I wish it didn't work out like this but we can't afford to franchise nor sign Prescott to a big contract after a nasty injury like he had. Also, the previous GM has given out huge contracts that really have eaten up our payroll. We have to go with a young QB. We have elite offensive players to help make that transition easier. Lance is an athletic marvel and a potential franchise QB. He needs a year or two to develop which is why we have traded our 68th pick to the NY Jets for Sam Darnold. Darnold can lead us for a year while Lance learns before taking over in year two.

5. Chargers: Patrick Surtain II, Cornerback, Alabama

Team Needs: LT, DE, CB, S, LB, OG, OC, DT, TE, QB2
Picks: 5, 36, 69, 99, 132, 163, 186, 195
We proved everyone wrong last year by taking Justin Herbert and watching him exceed expectations. Now we must build around him. We wish their was a LT worthy of this pick but there isn't. We also don't think there is an edge rusher that can go this high so we take a CB. Surtain is a stud lock down CB and you need to have two of them to have an elite defense.

6. Eagles: Ja'Marr Chase, Wide Receiver, LSU

Team Needs: LT, WR, RB, OLB, ILB, CB, FS, SS, OG
Picks: 6, 38, 70, 131, 133, 165, 196
Well, we have moved on to the Jalen Hurts era. Wentz just hasn't been the same. That's partially on us for not giving him WR's that can get open or an offensive line that can block. But he has also had the injury bug. Either way we need to give him everything he needs to excel. There is no LT worthy of a top 10 pick but there is a WR worthy. Chase is an absolute monster and will create opportunities for big plays.

7. Panthers: Kyle Pitts, Tight End, Florida

Team Needs: LT, OG, CB, RB, WR, TE, OG, DT, DE, OLB, RT
Picks: 7, 39, 71, 102, 134, 166, 197
We are very happy with how Teddy Bridgewater has played this year and have zero plans to bring in another QB. Most of our top needs to not have a player worthy of a pick this high. Maybe DE but in this case we look for the best player available. We think Pitts is an absolute stud that will create mistmatches all over the field. He has completely dominated college football. TE isn't a huge need but his value trumps our other needs.

8. Falcons: Micah Parsons, Linebacker, Penn State

Team Needs: OC, S, OLB, DE, RB, TE, WR, QB2, CB
Picks: 8, 41, 72, 107, 138, 169
Some think that Matt Ryan needs replaced. We couldn't disagree more. Ryan is still playing at a franchise level and we have him through 2023. Our defense has been an issue for several years now. Parsons is the kind of elite defensive player that can have a real impact on the game. He is fastest enough to excel in coverage, has the skills to blitz or rush off the edge and the size to stop the run.

9. Dolphins: DeVonta Smith, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Pick traded from Houston Texans
Team Needs: WR, RB, OC, 34ILB, OT, NT, QB2, RB
Picks: 9, 22, 40, 56, 87, 118, 152, 192
We have blown everyone else's expectations out of the water except our own. We knew what we were doing and are very excited about being able to add multiple high picks to our already playoff caliber team. Some may be surprised by us picking Smith over Waddle but Smith has dominated the best of college football for two seasons now. He is an elite WR and he played with our starting QB making him worthy of a top 10 pick.

10. Broncos: Prospect not selected

Team Needs: CB, 34OLB, 34DE, FS, WR, QB2, 34ILB, 34NT
Picks: 10, 41, 72, 103, 138, 169, 200, 219
Some are questioning Drew Lock. Not sure why, this is his 2nd season with less than a full 16 games under his belt as a starter. We are still confident in his abilities. So we are torn between two one year wonder prospects that both opted out of the 2020 season. Caleb Farley and Gregory Rousseau. We go with Farley since CB is the higher need on our board. We like Farley as a big shutdown corner.

11. Redskins: Kyle Trask, Quarterback, Florida

Team Needs: QB, OLB, FS, ILB, LT, WR, TE, CB, OG, OC, SS
Picks: 11, 46, 76, 77, 107, 138, 173, 203, 208
Dwayne Haskins just hasn't developed the way we want so we are back in the long term QB hunt. Kyle Trask has dominated SEC football this season. He has thrown for 3+ TDs in more straight games than anyone in SEC history. His is tall, big armed, accurate QB that has been excellent this season.

12. Lions: Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Team Needs: WR, FS, SS, DT, LB, RB, CB, WR, OT
Picks 12, 43, 78, 109, 140
Some are thinking it's time for Matthew Stafford to go, we don't agree. We still see him as a franchise QB. Jaylen Waddle has the kind of speed that can change the dynamic of any game. All of our top WR's are free agents so we need to add at least one starter in the draft.

13. Bears: Zach Wilson, Quarterback, BYU

Team Needs: QB, WR, OG, OT, OC, RB, WR, S, CB, 34DE
Picks: 13, 48, 78, 140, 175, 199
A couple of thoughts: we should not have signed Jimmy Graham for $10 million per season, we should also have the best edge rushing duo in the league since we are paying over $40 million a season for them. We clearly still need an answer at QB. Wilson has looked good this year but still needs time to develop. Folles can start for another year before Wilson takes over.

14. 49ers: Christian Darrisaw, Offensive Tackle, Virginia Tech

Team Needs: LT, OG, QB, RB, CB, TE, OLB, SS, CB, ILB, FB
Picks: 14, 45, 106, 141, 158, 172, 191, 202
Jimmy G has still been hurt too much to know if he is a franchise QB or not. He is getting paid like one so we need to figure it our or move on. Since we missed out on the top 5 QB's we will have to give it another year. Our oline is our biggest need. Darrisaw has looked great this year and seems like a starting OT in the NFL. We are banking on LT which we might need depending on how resigning Trent Williams goes. We are committed to running the football so adding powerful lineman is a key.

15. Jets: Gregory Rousseau, Defensive End, Miami

We trade picks #25 & 89 to the Patriots to get pick #15
Team Needs: QB, 34ILB, 34OLB, CB, WR, TE, RB, S
Picks: 1 (Trevor Lawrence QB), 15, 33, 65, 96, 128, 146, 174
Rousseau has great athleticism and size. We are sorely in need of edge rushers so it was worth it to move up and get the one we wanted.

16. Cardinals: Jaycee Horn, Cornerback, South Carolina

Team Needs: CB, S, LT, RB, WR, OG, 34DE, 34OLB, OC, TE, 34ILB, QB2
Picks: 16, 48, 80, 144, 208
If we have a chance to trade back and pick up an extra pick we will probably do it. Horn is a big lock down CB which we really need. We want to get our guy.

Picks 1-16


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