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2020 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Instant Reactions
Published at 4/24/2020 9:46:05 AM

This is not an actual mock, but me following the draft making instant reactions. You can go ahead and tear me to shreds with my lack of credability or you can enjoy a friendly banter of wit. Which ever it is, I hope you enjoy and Happy Draft Day Everybody!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Bengals: Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

Grade: B-
I am making this prediction without even having heard the first pick. The Bengals are spineless organization that would not even enter conversations with the Dolphins in trading down. In a year with no OTAs or possibly Training Camp what good will Burrow do Year 1 anyways. You are actually better off just sticking with Dalton, gathering up all the Dolphins pick, and building up for next years better class. I do think Burrow is a nice quarterback, but I have many concerns. He never popped until he was a 5th year senior, essentially he is a one year wonder. His talent at LSU was nearly unmatched and you cannot tell me if Trevor Lawrence was on that roster that he would not put up the same if not better numbers than Burrow did. Without a doubt his strongest traits are his poise, accuracy, and ability to move well within the pocket. However, at LSU he could always expect his talented receivers and backs to be where they are supposed to be beating their coverage. It's a tough evaluation to make, but whoever is saying he's the next Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Joe Montana have to be out of their minds. At best I think he will be a better Tony Romo, but with a bad Bengals organization I can see him turn into a similar player to Matthew Stafford. No his arm is not as good, but he is every bit as good as him to put up very good numbers. Albeit also not land many wins thanks to a division with better teams that are more well run for the most part. Stafford could be a future Hall of Famer so it's not a bad thing to be him, but it is if you are a fan of the Bengals who will be left wanting more.

2. Redskins: Chase Young, Defensive End, Ohio State

Grade: B
Young is the best player in this draft, but like when the Giants took Saquon Barkley who was also the best prospect, I am not sure it was the right pick for either team getting the best player. The Redskins could look to be like the 49ers with a defensive line littered with first rounders. However, what they will lack with only 2 picks in the first 3 rounds is finding talent on their terrible offense to help out Haskins. With Ron Rivera being a defensive minded coach, I really cannot see the offense getting much better without better talent. I have seen teams like the Texans with J.J. Watt, Rams with Aaron Donald, and Bears with Khalil Mack who are all great talents not find wins until their respective teams got the quarterbacks right. Of course, minus the Bears who are wasting some of Mack's best years and whiffing on Trubisky is making the Raiders look like robber barons making off with their picks. Will the Redskins turn into the Bears with a terrific defense, but with an offense that cannot get out of it's way with an incompetent young quarterback.

3. Lions: Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

Grade: C
I do not understand why they did not trade down here. Was it the odd environment of this draft almost discouraging picks, but they had so much time to set it up. Maybe they did not get the offers they were looking for, which means they might have over played their hand. Jeff Okudah the player is an A in my opinion, but corners to me are as hard to judge jumping from college to pros as it is for receivers or blockers. He should fill the role left by Darius Slay, but how impactful are corners on the win loss record. He should be a fine player, but I just do not get why they did not move down. I still doubt they will be a good team going into next year and could have gotten a more impactful player in either Tua or Derrick Brown here in my opinion. Okudah I expect will be a fine player, but will he really be better than Slay who is one of the best corners in the league and they still could not find wins with him.

4. Giants: Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

Grade: A+
I love this pick, I loved Thomas going in and still think he is the best tackle in the class. He has the highest floor, and should be a 10 year Pro Bowl level tackle. I know he lacks the upside of either Wirfs or Wills. The Giants needed a sure thing here and Thomas is the surest tackle of the group. Unlike the other three who are all upside and more volatile prospects moving forward. Thomas should be a pillar protecting Daniel Jones for a long long time.

5. Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

Grade: B
I love this pick and the Dolphins would be crazy to pass up on him. They can sit Tua Tagovailoa behind both Fitzpatrick and Rosen until he is fully healthy. Plus, in this weird off season a year off may be necessary due to a lack of practice and OTA opportunities. Also, it would by the Dolphins time to build up the roster further. He certainly needs to learn how to get rid of the ball and that he is not as athletic as he thinks, which is how he keeps getting injured. Of course, this is a big risk cause injuries always show up in the NFL, but I doubt teams like the Texans and Eagles regret drafting their quarterbacks who were hurt in college. This risk is worth taking and if it does not work, I think Brian Flores is a good enough coach to have this team competitive and survive a bust at quarterback.

6. Chargers: Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Grade: C
This feels like Blake Bortles all over again. He is the prototypical big arm, big frame, and athletic mold people fall in love with. I never saw any pop or amazing things up in Oregon nor did I see him ever look confident. He is the opposite of Burrow in that regard. I worry if he will be able to operate in the NFL when the play breaks down often, that was his biggest issue in college. He will also not drive excitement around LA for the Chargers. This pick has me left feeling meh. I can see him fizzling out quickly like fellow former Duck Mariota has with a similar issue and I really liked Mariota coming out of college unlike my feelings with Herbert this year.

7. Panthers: Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

Grade: A+
I think he will end up being the best defender from the class. He can make a better impact from the interior like Aaron Donald has and he does not have to worry about quarterbacks getting rid of the ball quick like Chase Young will have to deal with. It is also harder to throw double blocks at him than it will be to throw them at Young. He should be a key cog in the middle of the Panthers defense and be a terror in a division with three top quarterbacks.

8. Cardinals: Isaiah Simmons, Outside Linebacker, Clemson

Grade: A
How boring is this draft, no trades, and for the most part going chalk down the draft boards. I love Simmons as a talent, but I get why he slipped a bit here. He needs to land with a smart defensive coordinator who will know what to do with him. Clemson's defensive coordinator Brent Venables is one of the best in all of football not just college and knew just how to use him. On a talentless defense like the Cardinals have I hope they do not overwhelm him with doing a lot right out the box. He should be a nice instant chess piece who can be an ultimate sideline to sideline at the safety/linebacker spot. I do love what the Cardinals are doing this off season gaining top notch talent all across the roster and should be much more competitive with Murray going into his sophomore year.

9. Jaguars: C.J. Henderson, Cornerback, Florida

Grade: C+
I am always weary of taking corners high. I totally understand why teams do with how important it keeps getting every year in a passing league. He has a lot of injury issues, tackling issues, and did not cause many turnovers his last year at Florida. It makes no sense also after trading Ramsey and Bouye. They would have been better off just paying Ramsey and not having to gamble on another corner here. I do not get it and I think this could be one of the bigger whiffs in the class. Also, Florida's history of sending corners to the NFL lately has not been the best. Looking at you Teez Tabor and Quincy Wilson.

10. Browns: Jedrick Wills, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Grade: B+
This is a pick they have to make, but I would lean Wirfs since they also need help at guard and he is a firmer fit at left tackle. Wills being a right tackle, of course he did block Tua's blindside, but flipping to the left side could be difficult. With Conklin on the right side he has to work at left tackle, and if he does not I am not sure he has the strength to kick in at guard. I respect evaluators who have high hopes for him so I do expect him to be fine. However, Alabama does not have a great history of sending blockers to the NFL either. They do fill a big need if he even turns into a solid blocker with how badly they needed help at left tackle.

11. Jets: Mekhi Becton, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

Grade: B-
I think Becton is too big of a high risk/high reward pick to make here with Wirfs still on the board. Understandably, the Jets could have been wowed with his athleticism at the Combine. I could careless if my offensive linemen can run and jump well. He is a raw blocker who has not faced the best competition in the ACC. I am not too high on Wirfs either, but at least he is coming out of Iowa a blocking factory. However, like the Browns they had to take one of the top tackles no matter who it was with their huge need at the left tackle spot.

12. Raiders: Henry Ruggs, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Grade: F
Any lower grade I could give them here I would. The Raiders must have had a glitch by the ghost of Al Davis here. Ruggs is a speed demon for sure, but he pulled up lame at the Combine and was unable to show that he can actually run routes or catch consistently. There is no way he is as good as CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy. He is a receiver who will struggle with press coverage and need to be schemed to get open. That is not the type of receiver you want this high. He will at best turn into another Tavon Austin to me. It took a bit, but to me this is the worst pick of the draft so far and it's not even close.

13. Buccaneers: Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Tackle, Iowa

Draft Grade: A
That grade is pending depending on what they gave up to move one spot. However, it could be worth it. Wirfs technically has the highest upside and a pretty high floor also out of all the tackles. I am not as sure of him as I am of Thomas, but he was the 2nd best tackle in my opinion. There are some concerns he could kick in at guard like fellow former Hawkeye Brandon Scherff. Which, is fine landing that here since Scherff has turned into one of the best guards. I am sure the Bucs would prefer him to hit it at left tackle, but landing an All-Pro guard would not be bad consolation prize.

14. 49ers: Javon Kinlaw, Defensive Tackle, South Carolina

Grade: C-
WTF is going on here. I understand you could not pay both Buckner and Armstead, but why move Buckner just to draft his replacement. Kinlaw has a ton of talent, but he is not a sure thing. He is extremely raw and could get better in San Fran with their good coaching. I still do not get it moving off a better player right now in Buckner for a project in Kinlaw. Plus, I still see Jeudy and Lamb here as better fits and prospects.

15. Broncos: Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Grade: A+
The Broncos missed out on the top four tackles so taking Jeudy here is a great fit. They needed a top notch receiver after losing Emmanuel Sanders. He is a great talent and to me he is the best receiver in the class by far. No receiver has the stop and start ability that he has that makes him so special. Knee issues be damned he never missed a game or practice at Alabama. He proved it going up against top defenders in the SEC and will certainly help out Drew Lock a ton.

16. Falcons: A.J. Terrell, Cornerback, Clemson

Grade: D
I feel like the Falcons were amazing drafting just a few years ago. However the past two or three drafts they have been frequent reachers in the draft. I actually would have preferred them trade a bunch of picks for Chase Young, which was a rumor this morning. He is solid technical corner who benefited playing on an amazing defense at Clemson against weak competition. In big match ups he struggled against better receivers at Ohio St and LSU this year. He was alright the previous year, but again benefited with one of the best defensive fronts in the country when they beat Alabama. I understand the Falcons needed secondary help in an NFC South with Brees, Bridgewater, and Brady, but Xavier McKinney would have been a much better pick here.

Picks 1-16


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