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New Vision And Free Agency thoughts
Published at 3/12/2020 3:22:06 PM

I run my mock drafts like I am in charge of each team and this is what I would do. I have some new insights as I have been studying the NFL that will impact this mock. My priorities are: QB, defensive coverage skills, WR, OL, and pass rushers. I don’t want to reach for a player because taking the best available player (BPA) is always the best option. I will trade up or pay big $ for franchise QB’s. I Will also sure some free agency thoughts.

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Round 1

1. Bengals: Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

Super easy pick as I need a franchise QB. Burrow is a stud coming off of the best collegiate QB season ever. I want to sign a veteran QB to my roster that can mentor and possibly start for me because I don’t want my new guy getting destroyed out there. I am looking for OL, WR, and TE help the most. I have to set Burrow up to succeed. I will franchise AJ Green to keep him for my young QB and to see if he has anything left before I make him an offer.

2. Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

I am willing to trade up to land a franchise QB. I didn’t build up all this draft capital to sit by and hope someone falls to me. Tua is a stud, he destroyed college for several seasons and has all the tools. I need to build up my team to support him and lan on redshirting him for his rookie season so he can get fully healthy and learn.

3. Lions: Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

I know everyone will scream about Chase Young being a better player but coverage skills are more valuable then pass rushing. Jeff is an elite CB that can lock down the opposing teams best WR. Teams have an easier time scheming against a pass rusher than coverage. I Plan to keep Slay and for a dynamic duo to stop offenses.

4. Giants: Isaiah Simmons, Outside Linebacker, Clemson

I know you are ready to hang me right now but elite coverage skills are more valuable than pass rushing. Simmons is a superstar athlete that can cover any TE or RB in the NFL with his size and speed. My defense can know hang with the George Kittle’s, Travis Kelce’s, and Alvin Kamari’s of the world. He is also a dangerous blitzer off the edge.

5. Redskins: Chase Young, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

I trade back picking up and extra pick and still get an elite prospect. Young is the BPA and his value surpasses the positional value of anyone else. Haskins is my franchise QB. Remember he started one year in college and half a season in his rookie year. Imagine how much better he will be with experience, a better OL and better weapons.

6. Chargers: Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

I am all in on the Brady sweepstakes so I need a new LT since I traded mine away. My team is loaded with talent and an ideal landing spot for Brady to get two more rings before retiring. Thomas is the pick over the other tackles because he started for 3 years at an SEC school including 2 at left tackle. His grades improved every year as well. I also plan to franchise Hunter Henry so Brady has more weapons and I went to see him stay healthy for another year before offering a long term deal.

7. Panthers: Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Guard, Iowa

I don’t think Justin Herbert is worth this pick nor to I think Cam Newton is done. Cam does need a better OL to keep him healthy. Wirfs is the most athletic OT and great experience in the Big 10 under a coach that has produced high quality NFL tackles.

8. Cardinals: Jedrick Wills, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

I have my franchise QB and I need to continue to support him. DJ Humphires is my LT but I need a RT because even with DJ my QB took 50 sacks. Wills has played RT in the SEC and excelled.

9. Jaguars: Mekhi Becton, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

I am trading Nick Folles and going with Minshew magic. To increase the magic I need a better OL. Becton is a monster of a man with great athleticism. Pairing him with Taylor gives me two huge OT’s.

10. Browns: Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I wanted an OT but the top ones are all gone, so next order is WR. Jeudy is a bonafide stud and having him with Landry and Beckham is dynamite. Yes, I am keeping Beckham and Landry. That is a scary set of WR’s.

11. Jets: CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

I also wanted an OT but I turn to WR help as well. I draft Lamb and resign Anderson making my team much more dynamic.

12. Raiders: Henry Ruggs, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I still like my QB Carr and need more playmakers for him to throw to. Ruggs is ultra dynamic with speed, leaping and huge hands. Elite playmakers change everything.

13. Colts: Derrick Brown, 3-4 Defensive End, Auburn

So of you are like FINALLY. The interior defensive line just doesn’t have great value. How many dominant defensive tackles have impacted their teams as much as QB, WR, coverage? Brown is an elite player and his BPA value is above any of the positional values at this point. And yes Brissett is my starting QB, and no Justin Herbert is not worth it for me at this point.

14. Buccaneers: Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Since QB is the most important position I need to take a chance. Herbert has tools and could be a franchise QB. I will sign a veteran as well, hopefully Teddy Bridgewater, worst case I franchise Winston to give Herbert a chance to get adjusted and see what he has. I plan on resigning Shaq Barnett because he had a good percentage of wins and QB pressures in Denver in the playing time he had. He did get a lot of sacks this year which makes everyone notice but we noticed his skills before the big sack total.

15. Broncos: Jalen Reagor, Wide Receiver, TCU

Reagor has great speed and is a perfect to expand my offense with my young QB.

16. Falcons: C.J. Henderson, Cornerback, Florida

My CB’s have not planned out like I want so I keep drafting them. Henderson has great size and speed. I need as many cover guys as possible to keep up with the offenses.


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