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2020 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Week 12
Published at 11/23/2019 10:28:23 AM

After the injury to Tua and some teams getting into a groove winning a few meaningless games this mock will have a much different look than the last few weeks. So, without further adieu, here we go!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Bengals: Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Now with Tua dealing with what it feels like his 10th injury, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow will duke it out for the top quarterback spot in the draft. I lean towards Herbert who seems to be a better pure passer with good mobility. He looks to be a cross between Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff in my book. His arm is not as strong as Goff's, but his mobility and ability to move in the pocket is almost as good as Rodgers'. Overall, he will be a great upgrade over Andy Dalton for the Bengals and give Zac Taylor a quarterback with a skill set he can work with. I also love his experience playing in cold and rainy Oregon where he should be fine in the cold atmosphere of the AFC North.

2. Redskins: Chase Young, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

The Redskins often go after the big college name when drafting due to owner Dan Snyder only watching the big games. Not that they could not use a top edge rusher like Young, but they have more pressing needs at left tackle and elsewhere. Kerrigan is their only edge rusher of note, but could be a cap casualty this off season due to his age and cap hit. Young is a talented edge rusher, but his size and lack of power worries me. He looks like he should be the next Jadeveon Clowney who can disappear for stretches of plays and sometimes even games.

3. Giants: Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

The Giants should probably draft a lineman, edge rusher, or corner here, but I can see Dave Gettleman wanting to give his prize young signal caller another shiny new toy to work with. To me receivers really do not win games, just look at top names like OBJ, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, and others throughout the league put up great games that do not end up being wins. Jeudy will be much the same with his high end talent that is similar to former Bama stand out Julio Jones himself. He has great size, speed, and route running ability to dominate. This pick will win the media, fans, and the moment, but I doubt he makes a great impact on winning in the end.

4. Dolphins: Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

I am not serving up high praise on Joe Burrow like Rick Neuhiesel who calls him the next Tom Brady, but I do see him as an NFL starter. In my opinion, I honestly liken him more towards Blake Bortles and Mitch Trubisky than Brady. He has similar size, mobility, and big arm ability to attack teams down field. However, I just do not see anything special to him say like a Tua (when healthy), Herbert, Mahomes, or Watson when they were all coming into the draft. He certainly has a high floor as a 23 year old rookie, but I do not see any upside or special qualities here.

5. Jets: Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

The Jets would love love love for this to be how the draft falls out. They need to take the Colts model and protect Sam Darnold with a ton of talented blockers. Their only above average blocker is Brian Winters, but even he can be easily replaced. Thomas can step right in and give them a stand out left tackle they have missed since D'Brickashaw Ferguson retired. He has a high floor with his plug and play ability, but also high upside as he continues to refine his pass blocking ability. In the end, this could be the best pick of the draft.

6. Buccaneers: Jacob Eason, Quarterback, Washington

This could be a landing spot for Tua especially, if they retain Jameis Winston for maybe another year or two. However, Bruce Arians is a very old school coach who loves to have a stand in the pocket type passer for his system. The ideal target could be Eason who resembles a ton of Carson Palmer with his game with his size, arm strength, and passing ability. His ceiling is through the roof with his deep ball ability, but needs better coaching to hit his true potential. I think a coach like Arians could really get the most out of him and can actually make this team competitive in the NFC South.

7. Broncos: Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

The Broncos could be a candidate to take Tua with their need at quarterback, but with John Elway in charge I think he will always skew towards the more prototypical, big and strong armed quarterbacks. I also think they want to give Drew Lock a fair shake at the job. If they look away from quarterback they could be in the market for a corner after losing Bradley Roby last off season and now possibly Chris Harris this up coming off season. Okudah is another talented Buckeye corner who has risen much like his former Alma Mater teammates Roby, MarShon Lattimore, Eli Apple, and Denzel Ward. His talent is much like all of theirs as smaller,but quick and instinctive in coverage.

8. Falcons: Derrick Brown, 3-4 Defensive End, Auburn

Now this is the Falcons we all thought we would get to start the year, but it is very much too late in the season to start going on this run. If anything they are taking themselves out of the Chase Young sweepstakes, but coach Dan Quinn would much rather keep winning to save his job. They may miss on Young, but they get Derrick Brown here who is just as good as Young. In fact, I can see Brown having more of an overall impact rushing from the middle much like guys like Aaron Donald, Akeim Hicks, and DeForrest Buckner who have outside of Donald gone quietly as key cogs to their defenses. Brown alongside Grady Jarrett the two can be a wicked nasty one-two punch with the emerging Takk McKinley off the edge.

9. Cardinals: Grant Delpit, Safety, LSU

This pick is pretty simple and easy. The Cardinals sport one of the worst secondaries in the league that could be missing Patrick Peterson who has voiced a change of scenery in the past. Maybe he would decide to stay, but he is still an aging talent who needs more support around him. They lack a talented over the top safety who can roam behind Peterson and the rest of their defense. Delpit is a transedent safety who can really elevate a defense much like Eric Berry, Ed Reed, and Derwin James has over their careers. His awareness, speed, ball skills, and tackling abilities make him a game wrecking talent. He is one of maybe 5-6 true blue chippers in the draft who could turn into a future hall of famer.

10. Lions: Trevon Diggs, Cornerback, Alabama

It feels like this secondary and pass defense needs a bit more work overall. It may get even worst if they trade Darius Slay. There has been grumblings that he has grown impatient with Detroits' mediocrity and there has been even rumors of him being traded during this past trade deadline. Even if they do retain him, they have been much like the Cardinals unable to find talent to support him. They have found a quality safety in Tracy Walker to help out, but they have whiffed on many corners over the years. Justin Coleman was a nice pick up, but he is more of a secondary maybe even third option in a defensive backfield to really be relied on. Diggs is a top ten talent who would have been one off the first corners off the board last year had he been healthy. He is a dynamic, reliable, and strong corner who can anchor the opposite side of Slay or even be the focal point if Slay is gone.

11. Chargers: Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

This would be a super ideal location for Tua to land with. It's often not how high you go that predicts your success, but more so the situation. If say Lamar Jackson gone to the Browns instead, of Baker Mayfield I doubt he would be having this electric success. Much goes the same if Patrick Mahomes went to the Bears instead of Trubisky. If Tua lands in LA where they have a great defense in place, pretty good weapons at receiver and even running back even if they do lose Melvin Gordon. Their o-line needs work, but so does most of the league. Phillip Rivers needs some new scenery and is a free agent this off season to make a clean break. Tua can be the start of something new with his upside and talent. Of course, injuries could be a big wrench into his development. I trust that Tua can put the injury bug behind him away from Alabama's meat grinder of practices and training staff that has been regularly scrutinized by scouts and analysts. In due time, I can see him going toe to toe with Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West.

12. Jaguars: Isaiah Simmons, Outside Linebacker, Clemson

If Jacksonville was a more high profile location more would be said about Telvin Smith and his "hiatus" from football. Much like B.J. Raji with the Packers a handful of years ago, I doubt he comes back. The Jags really miss his presence in the middle of their defense alongside Myles Jacks who is a one man show now at linebacker. Isaiah Simmons is a tweener safety/linebacker type defender who resembles a more dynamic Budda Baker type player. He can fly all over the field with side line to side line speed and hit like a linebacker. His ball skills, and coverage abilities are all plus traits. He is a new wave of linebackers in this pass happy league that defenses need to avoid being caught out of position or undermanned against hurry up offenses and the like.

13. Browns: Walker Little, Offensive Tackle, Stanford

The Browns winning a bit actually puts them in a better spot to pick a left tackle like Walker Little here. If they picked any higher it might have been deemed a reach. However, as long as he turns out to be a good player no one would say otherwise. Just look at how well Mike McGlinchey and Jack Conklin have turned out after people called them reaches. Anyways, the Browns certainly need to upgrade the protection in front of Baker Mayfield and sorely miss the presences of Joe Thomas and Kevin Zeitler on their line. Little to me resembles a lot like the likes of McGlinchey and Kolton Miller from the past two drafts. Despite the injuries he should be able to step in right away at either tackle spots for the Browns. Hopefully they can even heist away Trent Williams to sure up both spots.

14. Raiders: Paulson Adebo, Cornerback, Stanford

The Raiders could go all defense to help support their shockingly solid offense that has a solid base thanks to a strong running game. They could always use a new receiver or two, but they can look for that via free agency or later in the draft. Instead, they can take the best defensive player available here to sure up their leaky secondary. They just let former first rounder Gareon Conley go and the rest of the group is a big mixed bag of mediocrity. Adebo would look mighty fine in the black and silver with his style of rougher defense and ability to press his receivers with his length. I see Adebo as a comp to Stephon Gilmore and he should have the same sort of impact that is not the flashiest, but works very well from week to week.

15. Eagles: CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

The Eagles are in need of a deep threat and were hoping to get that from DeSean Jackson, but Jackson has rapidly shown his age in recent years with an inability to stay healthy. CeeDee Lamb is a clone of his former teammate Marquise Brown, but a lot more healthy and just a tick or two slower. He is a more well rounded receiver who can run routes, get open, and catch the ball consistently. I think he should be a better pro than Brown in the long run and Lamb should be a great weapon for Carson Wentz to use in the passing game.

16. Dolphins: Solomon Kindley, Offensive Guard, Georgia

The Dolphins land hopefully their quarterback of the future, but now they need to go all in and protect their future franchise signal caller. Outside of Michael Deiter the rest of this pathetic o-line is quickly expendable moving forward. Kindley is a plug and play type of blocker who may not be a sexy pick, but is the right pick to take here. He can add a blue collar and nasty type of disposition who can anchor a line. Kindley may not be as dominant as a guy like Quenton Nelson was, but he is not far behind at the guard spot and should be a steal here with his high floor and ready to play ability.

Picks 1-16


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