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2020 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Week 8
Published at 10/24/2019 9:50:39 AM

Another week, another way too early mock. So without further adieu, here we go!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Dolphins: Jalen Hurts, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Here's my shock pick of the draft with Jalen Hurts jumping over Tua in the lead up to the draft. Where I know that Tua is the better quarterback, but after another ankle injury and with people nitpicking him the past few years I can see him dropping behind his former teammate. Hurts has the benefit of looking amazing in Lincoln Reilly's offense just like Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield did. The benefit of being the hot prospect is a real thing leading up to the draft and Hurts could benefit greatly from it. No matter who gets picked here, they will need a ton of help on offense down in Miami to be successful.

Last Week's Pick: Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama

2. Bengals: Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Herbert is the better fit here in my opinion than the smaller Tua. Herbert has the bigger arm, size, and more experience playing in cold inclement weather than Tua has down in Alabama. I also think he would be the better fit in Zac Taylor's offense if he is still the head coach up in Cincy. Herbert has a lot of the same traits and skills to Jared Goff who Taylor has a ton of experience with. I would not be shocked if Tua was the pick here, but after a second ankle injury I think teams may be scared off.

Last Week's Pick: Justin Herbert QB Oregon

3. Redskins: Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

The Redskins could pull a Cardinals move here if Tua falls in their laps. Owner Dan Snyder and president Bruce Allen have been known to fall in love with college superstars over better prospects in general. Not that Tua is a bad pick here, but he will experience the same problems on offense that they have had thus far into the season. However, Tua is a Russell Wilson-esque type quarterback with good mobility, arm talent, and ability to keep his eyes down field. If not for his ankle problems he would have been a lock first overall pick. Right now I can see him being the 3rd guy off the board in this scenario.

Last Week's Pick: Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama

4. Falcons: Chase Young, Defensive End, Ohio State

The Falcons look to be in free fall and their head coach Dan Quinn will feel the brunt of it. Oddly enough, with him being a defensive minded head coach their offense is humming, but it's the defense that's been the biggest issue. Being that as it may, I doubt they bring in a defensive minded head coach again. In which, case just loading on talent will be needed. Takk McKinley has finally started to shine, but soon to be free agent Vic Beasley has been a big disappointment since his break out year a few seasons ago. Young could step in right away giving the Falcons a Von Miller-esque type pass rusher they have been dying for.

Last Week's Pick: Chase Young DE/OLB Ohio St

5. Jets: Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I keep flip flopping here between better corners or a better offense around Sam Darnold with the first pick. Last week, where the offense looked fine I went with corner. Now after that debacle against the Patriots I most surely went offense here. The Jets desperately need a go to guy to help Darnold look better unlike guys like Robby Anderson who looks better thanks to Darnold. Jeudy is the next best thing since Julio Jones at the receiver position to hit the NFL. He should hit the ground running and never look back as one of the premier pass catchers in the game.

6. Giants: Grant Delpit, Safety, LSU

The Giants may actually get the better end of that OBJ trade with Jabrill Peppers looking pretty damn good in a Giants uniform. He also has better off the field traits as a leader than the former All-Pro receiver ever had for the Giants. However, this defense is so putrid everywhere that they might as well take the best player available approach. Delpit is a true blue chip prospect at the safety spot with many likening him to a Eric Berry/Derwin James type of talent. He should come in and immediately be a great pairing to go with Peppers. If anything it should help Peppers flourish with less duties and only being tasked with worrying about attacking the ground game.

7. Chargers: Jacob Eason, Quarterback, Washington

The Chargers should look to make a clean break with Phillip Rivers and head coach Anthony Lynn if the season continues to go this way. Rivers deserves better and with his contract up at the end of the season could find it more enticing playing elsewhere away from one of the lowliest franchises in the league. I also think, the Chargers just need a fresh start and new hope as they try to make their mark in LA. Eason has the makings of a Matthew Stafford/Brett Favre type quarterback with a massive arm and nice stocky build. Now that comes with some good with his high upside with his arm, ability to make every throw, and operate a pro offense. However, his penchant for throwing the ball in tough windows with bad mechanics could hurt his team like it did for Favre and Stafford. I think he should be firmly entrenched as a first round qb and most likely will not fall out of the top 10 picks.

Last Week's Pick: Jalen Hurts QB Oklahoma

8. Broncos: Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

If Andrew Thomas is here to be had the Broncos have to be sprinting to the podium to make the pick. Garrett Bolles has been an abject disaster blocking the blindside for whoever the Broncos have at quarterback. It could get even worst if they put young Drew Lock in behind this shaky o-line. Luckily this draft boasts 2-3 first round caliber tackles to choose from. The first being Andrew Thomas who is an instant starter who has All-Pro upside. The Broncos have been in desperate need of a talent like this.

9. Browns: Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

They just drafted Denzel Ward in the first round two years ago, but the depth behind him is putrid unless Greedy Williams steps his game up. Even before he does that he needs to prove he can be healthy on the field and the same goes for Ward. In today's NFL you can never use too many good corners much like pass rushers. Okudah can join his teammate and create a second Buckeye secondary in the NFL to rival the Saints unit.

Last Week's Pick: Walker Little OT Stanford

10. Dolphins: Jonathan Taylor, Running Back, Wisconsin

A young quarterback's best friend besides a dominant left tackle is a game changing running back behind him. I really think Taylor will be going high in the first round given his talent to finding the hole, his power, and his ability to get away from defenders with speed. He is as good of a back as Saquon Barkley or Ezekiel Elliott to come into the draft in my opinion. His upside may be higher as he continues to improve his pass catching ability that is now being more incorporated into the Wisconsin offense. This would give the Dolphins a top back they have been missing since the Ricky Williams days.

Last Week's Pick: CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma

11. Buccaneers: Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

The Bucs could obviously go after a quarterback here, but if I were them I would take a shot at a veteran or wait until the 2nd round to find a developmental type qb. Winston is done here, but I think this roster is good enough to compete for a playoff with even a little bit of an upgrade at the position. Passing on a qb here allows them to take a blue chip prospect to help elevate this defense. They are a much better unit with an improving young secondary to go along with a talented linebacker core. Derrick Brown should give them what they miss from letting Gerald McCoy on the interior of their defense. He has the ability to fit in Todd Bowle's multiple front defense and should help the pass rush out right away.

Last Week's Pick: Jacob Eason QB Washington

12. Lions: Isaiah Simmons, Outside Linebacker, Clemson

The Lions just shipped Quandre Diggs over to the Seahawks. Makes sense since he has never been a great defender and has often committed dumb roughing penalties every week. Plus, Tracy Walker has emerged as a nice young defender who continues to improve with each week. However, they can still use a talented running mate next to him. Enter in tweener Isaiah Simmons who some see as a small linebacker, while others see him as a big safety. He has elite speed, instincts, and play making ability to be a lock first round pick. Head coach Matt Patricia should have fun maximizing his talents.

Last Week's Pick: Jalen Reagor WR TCU

13. Jaguars: Trevon Diggs, Cornerback, Alabama

The Jags ripped the band-aid off finally and dealt their diva corner Jalen Ramsey to the glitz LA Rams who will perpetually be starved for star power to keep relevant in the LA market. Sure, it's going to hurt the Jags this season, but they should bounce back just fine if either Foles or Minshew prove they can play with a pretty formidable Jags roster. One way to ease the pain of losing Jalen Ramsey is by drafting a replacement and one with less baggage and ego like Trevon Diggs who would have been a solid first rounder last year. He returned to school to prove he can stay healthy and thus far he has done so very well this year. His length, press ability, and ball skills should be appealing to many teams in the NFL.

Last Week's Pick: Andrew Thomas OT Georgia

14. Eagles: Paulson Adebo, Cornerback, Stanford

The Eagles need to do something desperately to fix this putrid defense. They should have made a move for Jalen Ramsey or at the very least Marcus Peters. There are a few other intriguing corners and defensive backs who could be traded for, but the clock is ticking for the former Super Bowl champ. Most likely they will do nothing mid-season, but this off season they should go all in to improve this secondary. There are 4-5 first round caliber players here who could be a perfect fit here. Adebo is an intriguing name with his tactician type style on the outside winning with his length and technique over speed and strength. He could challenge for the top corner spot when it's all said and done.

Last Week's Pick: C.J. Henderson CB Florida

15. Titans: Yetur Gross-Matos, Defensive End, Penn State

The Titans and Bucs continue to be inseparably the same ever since they drafted Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota five years ago. They both struggled to win their quarterbacks who have shown sparks of greatness. Now they are both going to struggle to figure out life without their former highly thought of prospects. I doubt they have a shot to draft one in the first round barring trading up. Instead, both could use some extra firepower on defense. Gross-Matos is a physical freak who should be a lock top 20 pick after his stand out Combine.

Last Week's Pick: Joe Burrow QB LSU

16. Raiders: CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

The Raiders with their plethora of picks in the last draft and this one should look to just spread the wealth all over the roster to elevate this team as it heads to Vegas. They almost got a steal in the Antonio Brown deal, but we all saw how that ended. Now they will be forced to go look for a new receiver or two in the draft. Lamb is a dynamic big play receiver who could be a nice weapon to have across from the steady Tyrell Williams. I would not be shocked if Lamb runs a great 40 time at the Combine that he ends up a top 10 pick.

Last Week's Pick: Isaiah Simmons S Clemson

Picks 1-16


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