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Published at 5/22/2019 9:15:43 AM

Now that they draft lottery is done we can make a real mock draft. I run my mock drafts as if I was the GM of each team. This is what I would do.

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Round 1

Round 1: 1-15
1. Pelicans: Prospect not selected

There are rumors that Zion will go back to school because he doesn't want to play in New Orleans. Zion, please don't be one of those superstars that is a pre-madona. Man up and go be a franchise player. You could be the face of an organization and build something great. Zion is the best player in the draft by a long shot and he will be the #1 pick regardless of what happens.

Pelicans's Needs via ESPN's RPM

2. Grizzlies: Prospect not selected

The Grizzlies are terrible and need a franchise player. Morant is a super athletic PG that can help them rebuild. He is the clear cut #2 pick. He can score, create, rebound, play defense.

Grizzlies's Needs via ESPN's RPM

3. Knicks: Prospect not selected

Barrett is a versatile SF that can score, shoot, rebound, etc. He is the clear cut #3 prospect in this draft. The Knicks, like the Grizzlies are horrible and need everything so taking the best player available (BPA) is the smartest option. Barrett should be a starter and fringe all star for the next 10-12 years.

Knicks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

4. Pelicans: Prospect not selected

Here is what I learned from being a Cavs fan, LeBron James is possibly the greatest player ever and he will WRECK your team in the process of winning a championship. He will make your team trade for veterans so you can win now only to have a bare cabinet when he leaves. This pick is all but traded to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis. The Pelicans continue their rebuild with White, a super fast player with the ball in his hands. If they resign Randle, draft Zion and have White coming off the bench as the 6th man. That is a solid young team.

Pelicans's Needs via ESPN's RPM

5. Cavaliers: Prospect not selected

The NBA has to be rigged right? How in the world does LeBron destroy Cleveland a 2nd time only to watch the team he goes to get a higher draft pick than them? After taking a future PG last year, they go with a SG this year. Culver really elevated his game this year, he is a go to scorer with good range and plays solid defense. I think he has better star power than anyone else left on the board

Cavaliers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

6. Suns: Prospect not selected

The Suns really need a PG. The Pelicans trading into the top 5 again steal the player the Suns really wanted. Garland was considered the top PG in this class before his injury, then Morant and White blow up. The Suns think about trading back but no one really offers anything great plus the upside of the next PG in the draft is like, ummmm..... pick 25. They hope Garland is the future PG they need to become a playoff team.

Suns's Needs via ESPN's RPM

7. Bulls: Prospect not selected

The Bulls just need the BPA's as their roster is really slim. Rui has versatility and a smooth quality to his game. He should be a good fit anywhere.

Bulls's Needs via ESPN's RPM

8. Hawks: Prospect not selected

The Hawks need wing players and they heavily value shooters. This seems like a perfect fit.

Hawks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

9. Wizards: Prospect not selected

Assuming they can't trade Wall because of his injury they take the best compliment they can find to Wall and Beal. Reddish is a great shooter that has experience being the 3rd wheel. He should be able to solidify the SF spot for the Wizards.

Wizards's Needs via ESPN's RPM

10. Hawks: Prospect not selected

Pick #9 = DeAndre Hunter SF
Nick is a great 3 point shooter. He can step right into the SG spot for a young Hawks team. With these 2 picks in the draft the Hawks could really build a team in the East.

Hawks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

11. Timberwolves: Prospect not selected

I am not sure why this team can't succeed. They have great pieces to the puzzle but can't seem to put them all together. They could really go with a SG that can hit the 3 ball to space the floor. Okpala seems like the best fit for that role.

Timberwolves's Needs via ESPN's RPM

12. Hornets: Prospect not selected

The Hornets are a mess. They are only average with Walker and he'll need a big contract this off season. They have been drafting big man for years with no real starters coming from it. Oh and they have the most ridiculous contract in Kidd-Gilchrist making like 15 mil per season, you're like who is that? Exactly. Little is a freak athlete that can bring some really spunk to this team. I am betting that he was on too short of a lease in college and that his game can really excel in the NBA.

Hornets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

13. Heat: Prospect not selected

Langford is a very athletic 2 guard but doesn't have the outside shot you would want. He should be able to step in and fill some of the production that Wade will leave behind.

Heat's Needs via ESPN's RPM

14. Celtics: Prospect not selected

Fernando has a very polished game, he is also an excellent passer. He is arguably the best center in the draft. Al Horford will be a free agent after next season so they Celtics could use some depth inside that can possibly start down the road.

Celtics's Needs via ESPN's RPM

15. Pistons: Prospect not selected

Sekou has all the upside to develop into a very skilled and versatile forward. The Pistons have a strong front-court and their biggest weakness is at SF so this seems like a perfect fit.

Pistons's Needs via ESPN's RPM

Round 1: 1-15


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