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2019 NFL Mock Draft by uljets63 - 4.19
Published at 4/19/2019 10:20:59 PM

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Cardinals: Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Arizona holds all the cards here. I truly believe they are fine with going with Josh Rosen next year, and they are doing all this talking as a way to get people excited about Kyler Murray. I also believe that they do like Kyler Murray and are willing to trade Rosen. So, I think that if they get a trade offer that blows their socks off they will trade out of the top spot. If not they take Murray and trade Rosen next Thursday night.

2. Raiders: Nick Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State

TRADE: I see the Raiders making a couple moves on Thursday night. This might be a surprise to move up 2 spots here, but they want to gaurantee they get a top pass rusher. Nick Bosa will come in and have a big impact for the Silver and Black from Day 1. I think the Raiders can get this pick for this years 2nd Rounder and throw in next Years 2nd to sweetin the deal.

3. Jets: Josh Allen, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Kentucky

The Jets need to address their awful pass rush, and Josh Allen will be a good start to fix that area of need. Allen has a non-stop motor that Gregg Williams is going to love. I see Allen having a hard time at first because he will be asked to be their entire pass rush, but once he gets help he will be a absolute terror.

4. Bengals: Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

TRADE: Big trade here for the Bengals, and the 49ers do this trade because it will be a big haul of picks coming thier way, including next years 1st rounder from Cincy. Haskins is worthy of this kind of a trade up for Cincy, and when a team brings in a new HC, they usually want to get thier guy at QB. Haskins will be a huge upgrade over a pedestrian Andy Dalton.

5. Bills: Prospect not selected

TRADE: If the draft falls like this I could see Buffalo jumping up to get the Best Overall Plaer in this draft. Williams is a absolute steal here at #5, and I would give the Buc's this years 2nd and 3rd rounder and next years 2nd to move up to get him. Wiliams is a tone setter and he will be a great asset to a team that I believe is on the verge of being a contender again.

6. Giants: Jawaan Taylor, Offensive Tackle, Florida

The Giants are a mess right now, and they will continue to be a mess as long as Dave Gettelman is running the show. They should trade up and get Haskins, but they are probably going to hope he just falls to them at #6. The Giants should take Taylor here to atleast help Eli stay upright. Taylor is a top ten talent though,so, Gettelman will probably take a punter here and say he was the BPA.

7. Jaguars: T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Iowa

If Jawaan Taylor is gone this pick has to be Hockenson. T.J. will give Foles a safety blanket that he can rely on, and he is a playmaker. Plus, he is a inline blocker as well, so the run game will improve with this addition.

8. Lions: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

The Lions luck into the best LBer in this years draft. White will be a immediate impact player for this defense which is already pretty good. This could be a Gold Jacket canidate 15-20 years from now.

9. Buccaneers: Cody Ford, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

This will be looked at as a reach, but I believe Cody Ford is a top 15 talent. He can play either Gaurd or Tackle positios, and is a mauler. he will bring a attitude to this offensive lne that they desperatly need.

10. Vikings: Rashan Gary, Defensive End, Michigan

TRADE: Minnesota trading up here is a option, because you have 3 great players on the Dline available. I believe Gary will be the pick because of his athletisism and, he doesnt have health issues like Montez Sweat. Plus Everson Griffen is a risk to walk away at a moments notice.

11. 49ers: Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle, Houston

The 49ers will be huge winners on Thursday night if they can manage to trade down and still get Ed Oliver.He might be undersized, but he is great at using le erage to get under bigger guys and getting them on skates. Think of John Randle.

12. Packers: Chris Lindstrom, Offensive Guard, Boston College

There has been alot of talk that Lindstrom is climbing boards and could be a top 20 pick. I like him going to Green Bay here, you help keep Rodgers upright. Rodgers will probably ask for Marquise or AJ brown here, but what good is having good skill players if your QB is constantly on his backside.

13. Dolphins: Drew Lock, Quarterback, Missouri

This is a perfect situation for Lock here. He gets to sit behind Fitzpatrick for a year and learn from a very good QB. He will get a gae or two to play this year because Fitzpatrick never plays a full season. I am in the same Boat as Mel Kiper. I think Lock has flaws, but with proper coaching can become a very good QB, if not great.

14. Ravens: Marquise Brown, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

TRADE: I see Baltimore trading up here because there could be a run on WR's coming and they could miss on the top guys. Brown is small, but he has a great skill set and he has great bloodlines. Brown will help make this offense one of the best in the NFL, something the Ravens have never been able to say.

15. Redskins: Erik McCoy, Offensive Guard, Texas A&M

This will be a great pick for the Skins. Most fans will want a WR here, not me. Fix this interior line first, then get a WR. McCoy should be slated in at the LG position I believe. I think they should give Chase Roullier one more year to prove his worth.

16. Panthers: DeAndre Baker, Cornerback, Georgia

Carolina is a team that is hard to get a feel for. I believe that Baker should be the pick here simply because they haven't had good CB's since Norman and Benwikrere left. Baker was a shut down CB in college so hopefully his skill set transitions to the NFL. I think it will.

Picks 1-16


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