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2019 NFL Mock Draft by apug - 4.11
Published at 4/11/2019 9:33:00 PM

No Trades Mock

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Cardinals: Nick Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State

Talk of Murray is to generate trade interest. Pure smoke screen. No one bites and Cardinals take Bosa.

2. 49ers: Prospect not selected

4th straight year they take a DL. They want to trade out but because the Jets follows them, it is unlikely any team interested in a QB pays the premium for #2 pick. They take a DT and prepare to package Arik Armstead in a trade for a mid round selection.

3. Jets: Josh Allen, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Kentucky

Jets are in a premium trade spot. The most valuable pick in terms of trades in the draft. Every QB should still be available and the 3rd (2nd best) defensive lineman will still be here. With nobody having any real idea what the Raiders and talking-head-GM Mayock will do in the draft. The Jets will trade. Mock of no trades so they stay and take best pass rusher.

4. Raiders: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

Mayock has said they are taking "foundational football players." That means QB, DE, OT, LB, TE, & RB. Got the QB already (no way they deal Carr. If they wanted to they would have done it already) and with top elite pass rushers gone, go get the rock of the defense in White. Center of D for years to come with this pick, at a position that likely won't kill the cap in four years.

5. Buccaneers: Jawaan Taylor, Offensive Tackle, Florida

Want to help your struggling young QB? You tried adding WRs previously (see DeSean Jackson) and it didn't work. Go get an OT that helps in BOTH the passing and run game. Instant upgrade and offense better for whoever is playing QB for next five years.

6. Giants: Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Yes Giants, you do need to get a QB, LB, OT, DL and deep threat WR. Go get the QB that is the most exciting to get your fan base and media excited. Let him sit, don't worry Eli can handle the bad media like he has his whole career to let Murray come along right.

7. Jaguars: T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Iowa

Add Foles in offseason. Top OT is gone. Go get a TE because you have no viable TE on your roster. Ertz did wonders for Foles in Philadephia. Other potential: Metcalf (he should slide though) because Foles did really well with Alshon Jeffires running deep routes.

8. Lions: Montez Sweat, Defensive End, Mississippi State

Sitting at 8 and Sweat falls to you because of his heart condition. Take the risk on a top 5 pass rusher who can also learn from Flowers who already knows the scheme from NE.

9. Bills: Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle, Houston

You were a playoff contender one year, then forfeited that status for future in Josh Allen. If it were me, I'd go get an offensive lineman or trade down for a WR later. But I submit mock drafts rather than make them. So, they go with Kyle Williams replacement.

10. Broncos: Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

Joe Flacco is perfect guy to fill gap to "compete" while rebuilding. Get the QB to replace him. Haskins can sit for two years behind Flacco while you beef up the rest of the roster.

11. Bengals: Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Bengals are my favorite team as a fan. I must like losers. I'll let everyone in on the worst kept secret. Mike Brown is the worst owner in all of major sports and college Athletic Directors. No way he moves on from Dalton or drafts a QB early. Dalton is under contract and a mediocre QB who by Brown's measures can win. The Bengals can take a DE, LB, or OL here. Williams is my best pick because he can play right tackle or Guard. But the Bengals likely won't do it because they think its too high for an OL EVEN THOUGH BOBBY HART plays for them. I'd bet they take the DT Wilkins.

12. Packers: Christian Wilkins, Defensive Tackle, Clemson

Packers get their new BJ Raji, They got pass rushers in FA. They should get an offensive lineman here to protect Rodgers but they won't because they never prioritize the o-line until its pure shambles.

13. Dolphins: Drew Lock, Quarterback, Missouri

Dolphins get QB of future. The talk of not being interested in a QB this year is smokescreen to try and prevent teams from moving up. Likely a QB is still here at 13.

14. Falcons: Brian Burns, Defensive End, Florida State

Falcons take Burns to pair with Vic Beasley for two speedster book ends. Gary is better prospect but Falcons love speed rushers. Would be tough to have a deep drop back against Beasley, Burns, and Jarrett (not counting anyone else).

15. Redskins: Rashan Gary, Defensive End, Michigan

Add a much needed young pass rusher. With Collins on the back end and now Gary up front the redskins defense is built like the Vikings in 2017. Makes Keenum potentially successful.

16. Panthers: Prospect not selected

The young version of Julius Peppers. Maybe not as athletic (who was/is) but a solid DE to make the front seven respectable.

Picks 1-16


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