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2019 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Vol 11
Published at 3/21/2019 3:56:54 PM

Getting closer to the draft and after the first wave of free agency the picture has become a little more clear. So, without further adieu, here we go!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Cardinals: Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma

I would hope this was a ruse to get a team to move up and draft Murray giving the Cardinals a kings ransom. The issue is there is only two teams capable of that in the Giants or the Raiders. Outside of maybe the Raiders I just do not see it happening. However, I understand if you give Kingsbury the keys to the future, you sort of have to make picks that would have him succeed. Murray may fit the system better with his mobility and arm more so than Rosen. I would not be shocked if Rosen were to explode with a more offensive mind, but Kingsbury seems set on landing Murray. My level of trust in Murray's future is a lot lower than Rosen who I think could flourish if they decide to trade him. Murray to me seems more like a media driven narrative since he is a much more exciting first overall pick than Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams. His arm is fantastic without a doubt, but his size is an issue otherwise no one would be bringing it up. He will be hit in the NFL, just ask Lamar Jackson and how that felt. Unlike Lamar, Kyler's o-line is severely worst than the Ravens blocking unit. Murray can surprise for a season or two, but his shine will wear off much quicker than Rosen who can play in any system rather than just one built around him like Murray. Last Week's Pick: Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma

2. 49ers: Quinnen Williams, 3-4 Defensive End, Alabama

The 49ers are reportedly in love with Quinnen Williams and it makes a ton of sense. They just solved their edge rushing issue trading for and then paying Dee Ford. Plus, they still have Solomon Thomas and Arik Armstead who are both steady producers with upside to rotate in. They do have an underrated interior presence in DeForrest Buckner, but pairing him with Williams could give them one of the best young front fours in football. I also have Williams ahead of Bosa, Gary, and Allen due to how rare an interior pass rusher like Williams comes along. Last Week's Pick: Quinnen Williams DT Alabama

3. Jets: Nick Bosa, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

The Jets win out two drafts in a row in my opinion. They got the best quarterback prospect in Sam Darnold who is young, more mature, and has a bigger upside than Mayfield. Now they land a possibly better lock defensively than Williams here in Nick Bosa. Bosa is a known commodity in what he can bring off the edge with high end energy, speed, athleticism, and strength. Many believe he should be a better player than his talented brother Joey who has been a Pro Bowler for the Chargers. If the Jets get Bosa here along with their quality free agent moves have a shot of sneaking into the playoffs if Darnold continues to get better. Last Week's Pick: Nick Bosa DE Ohio St

4. Raiders: Josh Allen, Outside Linebacker, Kentucky

The Raiders could trade up for Kyler Murray, but I hope Mike Mayock is more of a voice than just a yes man to stop Jon Gruden from making that mistake. They are better off sticking with Derek Carr with the new additions Antonio Brown and Trent Brown who could make him a better quarterback. It also looked like Carr and Gruden seemed to click down the stretch. Instead, they can use these three first round players to continue to supplement the roster. Josh Allen is as close as they can get in this draft to Khalil Mack. Allen much like Mack is a versatile athlete able to rush standing or with his hand in the dirt. I am a bit skeptical about his upside seemingly hitting a ceiling at Kentucky and being a bit of a jack of all trades type of defender. He does have incredible talent and would definitely an upgrade for the Raiders pass rush. Last Week's Pick: Josh Allen OLB Kentucky

5. Buccaneers: Rashan Gary, 3-4 Defensive End, Michigan

The Bucs just cut Vinny Curry in a bad contract from last year amounting to one year of mediocrity for the most part. They have been searching for a pass rusher for a long time now to pair with Gerald McCoy on the inside of the line. Bringing in a talented athlete like Rashan Gary makes a ton of sense. He is along the same line as Bosa, Williams, and Allen as one of the top four defenders in the class. Gary is the more upside of the four with less sure fire success due to his lack of refined ability. However, his size, length, speed, strength, and bend makes him an intriguing prospect to develop. I would not be shocked if he turns into the best defender out of these four prospects. Last Week's Pick: Rashan Gary DE Michigan

6. Giants: Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

I have zero clue what the Giants are doing here any more. They should have stuck with McAdoo's decision to bench Eli two seasons ago and started the rebuild then. Now they tried to string two seasons along in an attempt to make a go at the Super Bowl only amounting into a bigger rebuild mess. They need to move off of Eli and will be forced by media and fans to take a quarterback here. They do supposedly really like Haskins, but he is nowhere as good as they would have gotten if they took Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or Josh Allen last year. It would be really beneficial for Haskins to sit behind Eli for a year to refine his mechanics and learn from him on how to handle the New York media. Last Week's Pick: Devin White LB LSU

7. Jaguars: D.K. Metcalf, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss

The Jags need to surround Nick Foles with better weapons if they want him to succeed this season. Also, they have a limited window with this already talented defense so they need to maximize this one year before it all blows up. They have a few okay options at receiver in Dede Westbrook, Marqise Lee, Keelan Cole, and D.J. Chark. However, Foles needs more than that since he is more of a game manager than a quarterback who makes receivers better. Metcalf could be a game changer for them with his size, speed, and athletic talent to hit it big on anytime he gets the ball. I am skeptical about Metcalf's long term success due to his lack of routes and natural receiver skills. However, in the short term he has the makings of Dez Bryant as an impact on the field due to his size and speed. Last Week's Pick: T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa

8. Lions: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

The Lions here are a toss up to either take White or Hockenson. Both fill a big need, but I feel like a linebacker here is more pressing. Not only that a linebacker can make a bigger impact than a tight end. I also think they are still licking their wounds over taking Ebron top ten then watching him flourish else where. White to me is a culture changing player who can solidify the middle of the Lions defense and give them some one who can call the coverage. He is a major upgrade over Jarrad Davis who is looking like a bust at this point. I also think Matt Patricia values great linebackers from his time with Belichick who always had a great linebacker in the middle of the defense. Last Week's Pick: Montez Sweat DE Mississippi St

9. Bills: Jawaan Taylor, Offensive Tackle, Florida

I would figure the Bills would possibly add Hockenson here, but Tyler Kroft has upside to be a sneaky good pick up. Instead, it will allow them to go after a more pressing position like left tackle. They have done some good moves to upgrade their offensive line with the additions of Mitch Morse, Spenser Long, Ty Nsekhe, Jon Feliciano, and LaAdrian Waddle. They are not amazing names, but definitely upgrades from what they had. One big need is still a blindside blocker to put the finishing touches on this turn around. Taylor is the only clear cut top blocker from this class who can step in right away and play left tackle. He has athletic upside, length, footwork, and technique to come in right away. I am sure after his workouts and Pro Day he should be a lock top 20 to top 15 pick here. Last Week's Pick: Jawaan Taylor OT Florida

10. Broncos: T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Iowa

The Broncos get the guy they probably want the most here. Joe Flacco loves throwing the ball to tight ends and currently the Broncos have no one of note at the position on the roster. Sure they still have Jake Butt, but at this point he has shown nothing to make the Broncos excited about. Hockenson can be a mismatch nightmare to roll coverage away from their new young receivers. It would also give them a quality blocker as Hockenson is one of those rare blocking tight ends as well. He is not a monster like Gronk is size wise, but I can see him being a similar talent to Gronk for the Broncos. Last Week's Pick: Christian Wilkins DT Clemson

11. Bengals: Cody Ford, Offensive Guard, Oklahoma

The Bengals did an okay job over spending on bad blockers like Bobby Hart and John Miller. Unfortunetly, their blocking still needs help outside of those spots filled. Cordy Glenn is a below average blocker and so is Clint Boling. Part of Andy Dalton's regression comes from the Bengals decision to go cheap on the o-line by not paying Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler, now they are paying the price. I think Ford who is still in the running to go top 20 even after a poor Combine showing would be a perfect fit. His versatility as a tackle and guard is a big plus along with his athletic talents. I do worry about his strength playing in a finesse conference in the Big 12. However, more and more the NFL is turning into the Big 12 offensively so he should fit just nicely. Last Week's Pick: Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio St

12. Packers: Devin Bush, Inside Linebacker, Michigan

The Packers oddly spent money in free agency for the first time in a long while, but all on the defensive side for the most part. In what is a loaded defensive class it seems like the odd direction to go, but at least they brought in quality players like Adrian Amos, Za'Darius Smith, and Preston Smith. However, they could still use an upgrade in the middle linebacker spot along side the run stuffing Blake Martinez who is a liability in coverage. Enter Devin Bush who specializes in covering tight ends and slot receivers. He is just a tick behind Devin White talent wise, but in any draft without White he would have gone in the top 10. His talent is along the same line as Roquan Smith who the Packers will be seeing a lot of for the next few seasons. I am sure they would love to have their own and get him here to round out what should be a better defense heading into next season. Last Week's Pick: Devin Bush LB Michigan

13. Dolphins: Montez Sweat, Outside Linebacker, Mississippi State

Here is Sweat's dramatic fall after his heart condition issues popped up. I do not believe them to be as threatening as Maurice Hurst's was last year and many still believe he will be a high first rounder. The Dolphins who are officially in tank mode with Ryan Fitzpatrick should take the best pass rusher available and draft a quarterback high next year. Sweat would be a perfect fit after losing Andre Branch, Cam Wake, and William Hayes. They are also in talks of trading Robert Quinn. Meanwhile, Charles Harris has yet to make an impact after being a first rounder a few seasons ago. Last Week's Pick: Clellin Ferrell DE Clemson

14. Falcons: Christian Wilkins, 3-4 Defensive End, Clemson

I would be in favor of the Falcons passing on another defensive linemen since more often than not they have turned into mediocre players thus far. However, I do understand their need to fix the pass rush in a pass happy league with Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Jameis Winston who is now being coached by Bruce Arians. They have had success with Clemson linemen in the past with Grady Jarrett who has been consistent and Vic Beasley who was great for a year. I think Wilkins is more on the Jarrett spectrum if not more so. He is a ready to play at a high level veteran player with a ton of experience as a consistent playmaker on a loaded Clemson line, but often outplayed the other more high profile names. He could have easily been a first rounder last year and should remain so this year. Last Week's Pick: Ed Oliver DT Houston

15. Redskins: Marquise Brown, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

I think the Redskins could be tempted to move up for Dwayne Haskins since they do have Case Keenum to start for a year and Alex Smith still in tow to mentor him like he did with Patrick Mahomes. Unfortunately, in my drafts I rather not make trades since they are an even bigger crap shoot than the picks themselves. So in this scenario, finding an explosive playmaker should be in their mindset. They have one of the slowest offenses in the league in my opinion and miss having a big play threat like they had with DeSean Jackson a few seasons ago. Brown could fill that roll and then some with his ability to be a threat anytime he gets his hands on the ball. I could see him rivaling Tyreek Hill as one of the more dangerous playmakers in the NFL in no time. Last Week's Pick: D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss

16. Panthers: Clelin Ferrell, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Clemson

The Panthers just landed Bruce Irvin on a one year deal, but they have needed a pass rusher for a long while now. Mario Addison has been an okay contributor, but on most teams he would be more of a rotational piece and not an every down player like he has been for the Panthers. Luckily for the Panthers, there are more than a few options that could be available for them here. Ferrell is a forgotten name in this draft who could be a "sleeper" here for the Panthers to snatch up. They get a local product who can immediately come in and be a force. Much like Wilkins he was on a great line, but was often a standout and a key cog for this team's success. I think he could be a sneaky great pick here. Last Week's Pick: Byron Murphy CB Washington

Picks 1-16


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