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2019 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Post Super Bowl
Published at 2/11/2019 1:04:13 PM

After a close Super Bowl that saw the Patriots as the winner many teams have already started to turn the page to next season. The NFL is truly a 365 sport now with the off season and now is just the beginning leading up to the draft. So without further adieu, here we go! Gonna throw in some trades to change it up a bit so bare with me on some of this.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Giants: Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

Giants trade: 6th, 37th, 129th and their 1st round pick in 2020. Cardinals trade: 1st My first attempt at trades this early in the process, but I really cannot see a team like the Giants, Raiders, Redskins, or Jags just hoping a quarterback reaches them. It's such an important position that taking that chance is too big of a gamble. The Giants sort of blew it last year passing on Darnold, Allen, and Rosen, but they did get a great running back. Hopefully, they can land the right quarterback to help out Barkley to make a young tandem. Personally, I think Haskins needs some time to develop especially coming out of Urban Meyer's quarterback friendly offense. I also, think it would not hurt for him to learn from Eli Manning on how to handle the New York media. This is a big gamble, but one I think they need to make after winning too many games this past season and passing on multiple starting quarterbacks last year. Last Week's Pick: Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio St at Pick #6

2. Broncos: Drew Lock, Quarterback, Missouri

Broncos Trade: 10th, 41st, 107th, and next year's 1st round pick 49ers Trade: 2nd Another jump up that probably does happen. The 49ers have multiple needs on defense and adding just Bosa, Williams, or Allen will not make a huge difference in one year. Plus, with Garoppolo's big deal they need to load up on cheaper talent in the draft than free agency. On the flip side I think the Broncos under John Elway are in love with Drew Lock. If they stay at the 10th pick they risk the Raiders, Jags, and possibly another team moving up to land him. Many do not see Case Keenum as the long term answer and this team has some good pieces on the roster to compete with the right quarterback. Lock needs a bit of seasoning, but his IQ, arm, and mobility are all plus traits. Keenum has one more year on his deal so he could start for most of it if they decide to let Lock season like their rivals the Cheifs did with Mahomes. Last Week's Pick: Drew Lock QB Missouri at Pick #10

3. Jets: Nick Bosa, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

The Jets if they remain here get lucky two drafts in a row landing who I think are top talents. Last year, they landed who I think is the top quarterback from that draft in Sam Darnold after the Giants passed on him. Now, they land Bosa in part due to the Giants trying to rectify last year's draft pick passing on Darnold. Bosa would be a perfect get here for them as they lack the edge pressure on defense that would round out an actually talented group for the Jets. It would also make opposing offenses put up lower scores not forcing Darnold to throw a lot. I would not mind an offensive tackle here, but Bosa falling in their laps is too good to pass up. Last Week's Pick: Jonah Williams OT Alabama

4. Raiders: Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma

I would not be shocked if Jon Gruden feels compelled enough to jump the up in the draft with their plethora of picks in the first round to land the quarterback they want. I do not think Carr who is a very good quarterback is the long term answer here and if I were the Jags, Redskins, or Bengals I would be calling to see what it would take to get him. Gruden wants his "own guy" like he has with much of the roster thus far. Has shown love for Murray and it would still give the young quarterback a shot at playing both sports with the A's in town. It would also drum up more hype as they move to Vegas. Personally, I do not think Murray will work in the NFL, but I also did not like Mayfield last year and might have to eat crow if he continues to play well. So, you never know what will happen when he sees the field. Last Week's Pick: Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma

5. Buccaneers: Jawaan Taylor, Offensive Tackle, Florida

The Bucs sort of luck out here with having their pick of top blockers to choose from. I still contend blocking is not the biggest issue due to being one of the top passing offenses in terms of yards last season. However, losing their starting left tackle Donovan Smith and right tackle Demar Dotson getting older a new blocker is needed. Taylor is in the mix as the top tackle available and in terms of size, athleticism, and upside he is at the top of most scouts lists. The Bucs like drafting local players too so this is just a good fit all around for a team trying to salvage Jameis Winston's career. Last Week's Pick: Greedy Williams CB LSU

6. Cardinals: Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Cardinals here can still land a top defensive talent like Josh Allen or Quinnen Williams here after trading down. However, under Kliff Kingsbury the Cardinals need to see Josh Rosen work and one way to do that is to protect him and surround him with talent. It's easier to find good weapons later in the draft than top line blockers. The Cardinals are loaded with picks after the trade to land weapons. Right here is a great moment to take a top blocker like Jonah Williams. Williams may not be the nasty blocker like Quenton Nelson has been, but Williams is versatile, and technical to move around the line. He would be a good piece to upgrade one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Last Week's Pick: Nick Bosa DE Ohio St at Pick #1

7. Jaguars: Quinnen Williams, 3-4 Defensive End, Alabama

I think the Jags are in a tough spot here. They want to land a new quarterback, but are in a salary cap issue due to big free agency splurges in recent seasons. Trading for Carr would be tough in that sense and would need to cut big defensive talents to do so. Same with bringing in a Foles, Flacco, or another veteran. Personally, I think they are stuck with Bortles for one more season, but one contract that can be let go of is Malik Jackson's who has been a mixed bag since his arrival. Leaving a hole to bring in Williams who slides down the board as quarterbacks and offensive linemen take over in the first 6 picks. I am a bit mixed on Williams who is a bit young and inexperienced who I am skeptical if he would be good away from Alabama's talent. He does have upside, but I am not convinced he is going to be as great as people say. Last Week's Pick: Jawaan Taylor OT Florida

8. Lions: Josh Allen, Outside Linebacker, Kentucky

Again, the Lions luck into Josh Allen falling to them. He is not only a top talent, but lines right into their wheel house of biggest needs. They need a guy who can rush the passer, but also need to upgrade their linebacker talent in the middle of the field. He has a jack of all trades kind of talent to him that head coach Matt Patricia could work with. While in New England Patricia has worked with players like Chandler Jones, Donta' Hightower, and Jamie Collins who were all similar athletic talents like Allen. This should be a great fit. Last Week's Pick: Josh Allen LB Kentucky

9. Bills: Andre Dillard, Offensive Tackle, Washington State

The Bills are in the same boat as the Cardinals with their young quarterbacks. Even though there are top defensive talents like Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary, and Clelin Ferrell here I think a new tackle is more important to help Josh Allen to develop. Dillard enjoyed himself a terrific Senior Bowl and has shown great footwork to be considered a first round option. It will be interesting to see who among Dillard, Williams, Little, Taylor, and Ford will come out on top as first round options. I think all will due to the high need of better blocking, but who are first to come off the board will be interesting to watch. Last Week's Pick: Ed Oliver DT Houston

10. 49ers: Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle, Houston

The 49ers trade down landing a plethora of picks and still land a top defensive linemen in this loaded class that they are looking for. Greedy Williams could also be an option here, but I think Oliver is the safer pick. Many are down on him due to a down season. However, he was a focal point of many opposing offenses to stop while at Houston while also preparing himself for the NFL trying to avoid injuries. Oliver once he reaches the NFL should show his true talented self. Combining him with DeForrest Buckner on the interior of their defensive line should be a tough combo to slow down. Last Week's Pick: Quinnen Williams DT Alabama at Pick #2

11. Bengals: Daniel Jones, Quarterback, Duke

A little bit of a shocking pick here, but new offensive head coach Zac Taylor may want to get his own guy in here as the Bengals try to buck the mediocrity surrounding this franchise. One key culprit of the mediocrity is Andy Dalton who is an okay quarterback, but not good enough to win on his own. Dalton also has shown a history of being brittle being hurt for many games towards the end of the year. Daniel Jones is a technically sound quarterback with a high IQ and talented arm. He sort of reminds me of a Jared Goff minus the elite arm talent. Sitting behind Dalton should help him to develop and possibly also get the best out of Dalton with competition behind him. Last Week's Pick: Devin White LB LSU

12. Packers: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

The Packers could be looking at the plethora of edge rushers here in Gary, Ferrell, Polite, and Sweat on the board. However, that position is so deep they can hold off and land one possibly with their second first round selection. The one position not nearly as deep is inside linebacker where there are only two to three first round options. White is the lock among that group with his speed, athleticism, and tackling ability that has many seeing him as the next Roquan Smith. The Packers need that sort of modern day linebacker in the middle of their defense where guys like Blake Martinez are more of a throwback run stuffing thumper and a liability in pass coverage. Last Week's Pick: Montez Sweat OLB Mississippi St

13. Dolphins: Rashan Gary, 3-4 Defensive End, Michigan

The Dolphins have failed to muster anything out of their 2018 first round pick Charles Harris who has barely seen the field. He could get more options with Robert Quinn a soon to be free agent, but that's not something you want to take a chance on in this league. With Cam Wake not getting any younger and increasingly less effective the Dolphins need someone to get to Brady. Gary is a top 10 talent in many people's eyes and landing him here is great value. I am a bit hesitant as he is still a work in progress technique wise. However, his athleticism and strength make him a salivating prospect to work with for many coaches. Last Week's Pick: Rashan Gary DE Michigan

14. Falcons: Greedy Williams, Cornerback, LSU

The Falcons have gone the defensive line route a few times in the first round and it has not gone well thus far. Takk McKinley, Grady Jarrett, and Vic Beasley all having their moments, but have yet to be that consistent game changer they need. So, defensive line could be the option, but I would buck the trend moving to a corner which is also needed. Greedy Williams is a mixed review prospect thus far, but if he runs well at the Combine and flashes his good ball skills he should lock himself as the top corner. Coming out of Defensive Back University at LSU I think he will turn out great before he turns into a bust. Last Week's Pick: Travyon Mullen CB Clemson

15. Redskins: T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Iowa

The Redskins should be in the market to move up for a quarterback or nabbing a veteran in free agency after the Alex Smith injury. His career is definitely in jeopardy and even before that I doubt he was a long term option for the Redskins. There are a few intriguing second rounders that could compete for the gig if they sit tight here and pick up say a Joe Flacco or Nick Foles. If they stay here landing more talent on offense is needed in their plodding passing attack. Jordan Reed's health is hard to trust and this tight end class is much better overall than the receiver class. Hockenson is one of two top end Iowa tight ends who could be first rounders. T.J. is the younger of the two and currently has the less diva personality. Last Week's Pick: Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina

16. Panthers: Clelin Ferrell, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Clemson

Julius Peppers has finally hung up his cleats for greener pastures outside of football. This day was coming sooner rather than later and now the Panthers are stuck with Mario Addison as their "premier" pass rusher off the edge. That is partly why this defense declined so quickly throughout the season due to their lack of top end defenders. Ferrell a local star should be available to them and at this juncture is a great value. His intensity, experience, and speed off the edge should be a good start as the Panthers look to retool this defense. Last Week's Pick: Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

Picks 1-16


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