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Unimaginative Mock 7.0 (FINAL 24.4) (2 rounds)
Published at 4/24/2019 6:41:34 PM

Hello! I'm Unimaginative. I began making mocks last year, and Walter Football was one of my primary resources in learning the players and preparing it. It went horribly. I think I got a total of three picks right (Vander Esch, Gesicki, Barkley), but I had a lot of fun doing it. I am assigning picks based on what I perceive as areas in which need and BAP align, to an extent. I'm also trying to factor in the preferences of coaches, owners, and GMs. Thank you for reading, and enjoy! Feel free to comment below, I'd love to explain my reasoning for any picks anyone wants to ask about!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Cardinals: Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Previous Pick: QB Kyler Murray - Oklahoma

I just don't see how the Murray rumors can be a smokescreen at this point. It seems almost certain that, barring the trade deal to end all trade deals, AZ will stay put at #1 and take Murray, before dealing Rosen to a team like the Patriots or Chargers with an aging QB. It's a risky pick that seems like a desperate last ditch by Steve Keim to save his job; just like the Kingsbury hiring. I'm rooting for both Murray and Kingsbury to succeed, because that's just who I am; but like many of Keim's moves this off-season, both are questionable additions.

I could also see: EDGE Nick Bosa, DT Quinnen Williams

2. 49ers: Nick Bosa, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

Previous Pick: OT Jawaan Taylor - Florida

Though I think the 49ers don't really need to add anyone else to their defensive front. However, Bosa is a high floor pass rusher, and quality pass rushers are something you can never have enough of. He also renders Arik Armstead/Soloman Thomas potentially expendable, and either one of the disappointing former first rounders could be quality trade bait if San Fran wants to move back up in the draft.

I could also see: Trading down, DT Quinnen Williams

3. Falcons: Quinnen Williams, 3-4 Defensive End, Alabama

Previous Pick: EDGE Nick Bosa - Ohio State (Pick by Jets)

A big move by the Falcons, who send the #14 pick, #45 pick, and WR Mohamed Sanu to the Jets to take Williams. Atlanta needs an interior pass rusher next to Grady Jarrett, and the Alabama star fits that bill. By sending a quality WR in Sanu to the Jets as well, the Falcons are able to get a bit of a discount in terms of the draft capital needed to trade up. I could also see:

Jets stay put and draft EDGE Josh Allen, EDGE Nick Bosa

4. Raiders: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

Previous Pick: DT Quinnen Williams - Alabama

With Bosa, Williams, and Murray all gone in this scenario, Oak-Vegas adds a player who should be the heartbeat of their defense for the next decade in Devin White. They have a desperate need at inside linebacker, and while it isn't a premium position, White's ability as a blitzer and in coverage makes him worth it.

I could also see: EDGE Josh Allen, DT Quinnen Williams

5. Buccaneers: Josh Allen, Outside Linebacker, Kentucky

Previous Pick: LB Devin White - LSU

Josh Allen is a great fit in Todd Bowles 3-4 scheme. With his coverage abilities, he fits extremely well as an outside 'backer, whose primary reponsibility is to rush the passer, but can drop into coverage and create confusion. He's probably my favorite player in the draft, and has Pro Bowl potential.

I could also see: LB Devin White, OT Jawaan Taylor

6. Giants: Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle, Houston

Previous Pick: EDGE Josh Allen - Kentucky

The Giants pass on a quarterback early to add Oliver. It sounds like New York likes Devin White, Josh Allen, and Ed Oliver, so they take the one who is available at six. It is interesting that Gettleman could add a diva personality, like Oliver is reputed to be, after trading Odell Beckham for that very reason. But who am I to judge? I'm not an NFL GM... then again, I'm not sure Gettleman is either.

I could also see: LB Devin White, EDGE Montez Sweat

7. Jaguars: Jawaan Taylor, Offensive Tackle, Florida

Previous Pick: TE T.J. Hockenson - Iowa

I really like the idea of T.J. Hockenson to Jacksonville in this slot, but Jawaan Taylor feels much more likely. He is a day one starter at tackle, and allows Cam Robinson to move to right tackle, and give Nick Foles a pair of solid protectors.

I could also see: TE T.J. Hockenson, OL Jonah Williams

8. Redskins: Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

Previous Pick: QB Dwayne Haskins - Ohio State (Pick by Bengals)

The rumor is that Washington is dead set on Haskins, and are willing to trade up to get him. By giving up the #46 overall pick, in addition to swapping firsts, Washington may be able to get the deal done with the Lions and add the Ohio State star. Not a bad deal for either team. I could also see:

Detroit stays put and selects EDGE Montez Sweat, EDGE Rashan Gary

9. Bills: Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Previous Pick: EDGE Montez Sweat - Mississippi State

Protect Josh Allen! Williams may the best offensive lineman in the draft. He is an extremely smart player, with good technique. I expect him to not just be a tackle, but be a good one in the NFL, but if he falters, a move to guard is a very safe fall back. The Bills are headed in the right direction here.

I could also see: DL Christian Wilkins, EDGE Montez Sweat

10. Giants: Daniel Jones, Quarterback, Duke

Previous Pick: QB Drew Lock - Missouri (Pick by Dolphins)

I've heard there is one team that has Daniel Jones as their #1 QB. I've got no idea who it is, but the Giants seem like as good of a prediction as anyone. After passing on Haskins, they trade with Denver to get Jones, preventing the Broncos, Dolphins, or Redskins from beating them to him. Like with Haskins in Cincy, Jones will get an opportunity to learn for a year. Alternatively, he's thrown into the fire when Eli Manning throws an interception on the first play of the season.

I could also see: Denver staying put and drafting TE TJ Hockenson, Denver staying put and drafting OL Jonah Williams

11. Bengals: Drew Lock, Quarterback, Missouri

Previous Pick: EDGE Rashan Gary - Michigan (pick by Lions)

A new regime is likely to bring in a new QB. Lock is a physically gifted QB, who needs development in terms of the cerebral aspects of the posistion. Zac Taylor, the former Rams QB coach, is just the guy to train him up for a year, before jettisoning Andy Dalton with little cap hit. I could also see: OT Andre Dillard, TE T.J. Hockenson.

12. Packers: Christian Wilkins, 3-4 Defensive End, Clemson

Previous Pick: DL Christian Wilkins - Clemson

There is only one year left on Mike Daniels contract, so the Packers could look to add someone this year to succeed him. Wilkins is an extremely smart, high character player, who can start as a rookie before taking Daniels role. Green Bay's front 7 suddenly look like they could be one of the league's best.

I could also see: OL Jonah Williams, LB Devin Bush.

13. Dolphins: Montez Sweat, Outside Linebacker, Mississippi State

Previous Pick: OT Jonah Williams - Alabama

Sweat is one of the most athletic pass rushers in the draft. Though some teams have knocked him, due to his heart condition and character concerns, he should be a productive pass rusher early in his career. As Miami builds for the future, with the intent to tank this year, they get the best pass rusher available.

I could also see: EDGE Rashan Gary, EDGE Clelin Ferrell

14. Jets: Andre Dillard, Offensive Tackle, Washington State

Previous Pick: OL Garrett Bradbury - N.C. State (pick by Falcons)

The Jets manage to come away with a good WR, an extra second rounder, and a left tackle in Andre Dillard. He's an excellent pass protector, who should shore up Sam Darnold's blindside from day one. Though he isn't a good run blocker yet, I've heard the Jets have a new running back who can make some yards for himself.

I could also see: Falcons stay put and select TE T.J. Hockenson, Falcons stay put and select EDGE Clelin Ferrell/EDGE Rashan Gary.

15. Lions: T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Iowa

Previous Pick: QB Daniel Jones - Duke (pick by Washington)

Hockenson could easily go higher than this. However, due to his posistion, the run on QBs, and the many talented trench players, Hock falls to Detroit at 15. Even though they gave a fairly large contract to former Steeler TE Jessie James, Hockenson's talent and the lack of an entrenched starter makes him a must pick for Detroit after trading down.

I could also see: Lions draft EDGE Clelin Ferrell, Lions draft LB Devin Bush

16. Panthers: Clelin Ferrell, 3-4 Outside Linebacker, Clemson

Previous Pick: EDGE Clelin Ferrell - Clemson

Following Julius Pepper's retirement after playing for ~92 seasons, an edge rusher is a big need for the Panthers. Ferrell should be a good player, and fits well in the Panthers 4-3.

I could also see: EDGE Rashan Gary, OL Garrett Bradbury.

Picks 1-16


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