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2019 NFL Mock Draft by Lammyj22 - 12.9
Published at 12/9/2018 7:18:36 PM

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Round 1

1. 49ers: Nick Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State

I think if they have the first pick, this is a no brainer. They've added many edge rushers even d-lineman in the first round, I think all of their d-lineman are first round picks with Buckner, Thomas and Armstead. I think this pick would out them over the top, though their defense still needs some work, obviously they lost Reuben Foster and Sherman isn't the best CB he used to be. Their defense still has a way to go but their talent and potential is really good and you could see the 49ers be competitive soon to come like we all predicted this year until Jimmy G got hurt. Other Picks: Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, Ed Oliver

2. Raiders: Prospect not selected

Williams has proven that he belongs at the top of this draft, he has had a great year at bam and you could see him be taken before Ed Oliver who has been hyped the entire college year. He could provide the pass rush that they miss and he would fit nice as a DT in that defense. You could also see the Raiders go heavy in free agency or trades like we've seen during the season. But I think Williams is the obvious pick here for them and with their other two picks they could hold out to see if they can get say Polite, Allen or Ferrell to fall to their next pick, or they could trade up. Other Picks: Ed Oliver, Clelin Ferrell, Josh Allen

3. Jets: Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

I think since the Jets believe that they have the QB of the future their gonna want to protect him, and obviously we saw that the O-line hasn't been the best and that the Jets need some new O-lineman so I think if they take Williams to play LT and release Kelvin Beachum or play him at RT or the opposite, the Jets could be on the uprise with a good young offense. Other Picks: Ed Oliver. Josh Allen, Greedy Williams

4. Cardinals: Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle, Houston

The Cardinals defense hasn't recovered after losing guys like Calais Campbell and Tyraan Mathieu, Chandler Jones and Patrick Peterson are the two guys that are the top players on that defense. Lets get some more pass rush with a guy like Ed Oliver, lets see how the Cardinals would look with a young DT who could be the start to a good young defense, find some young LB's to play around Oliver and Jones. Obviously the Cardinals have swung and missed with some first round players who are on the defense like Haason Reddick and Robert Nkemdiche, they both haven't shown much so adding Ed Oliver this high in the draft could be risky but should pay off. The Cardinals could be a team on the rise, especially with a young QB. Other Picks: Josh Allen, Devin White, N'Keal Harry

5. Lions: Greedy Williams, Cornerback, LSU

I think this is a no brainer here as well, if Williams is available, Williams could be the easiest pick for the Lions and HC Matt Patricia who is defense oriented. Having Darius Slay and Greedy Williams at the CB spot could be a really good duo in the secondary, then you have Glover Quin at Safety and the LB's could be better but you have Davis, Kennerd and Jones as LB's and the defense line looks ok with Ziggy, and Harrison and some other guys. But I think they could easily go defense here and if it's Williams he would be a great addition as I think that the Lions will likely go hard in FA to try and add better LB's and edge rushers for the defense. Other Picks: Devin White, Jachai Polite, Raekwon Davis

6. Falcons: Dexter Lawrence, Defensive Tackle, Clemson

I think Lawrence could be a stretch going this high, but I think that he would fit great in that defense, the Falcons have been looking for a guy who could play NT but in their 4-3 system and play him next to Grady Jarrett. We saw them try with Dontari Poe but Poe did not work out. Lawrence has the body type that they are looking for and he could fit great in that defense. Other Picks: Tyler Biadasz, Derrick Brown, DeAndre Baker

7. Giants: Prospect not selected

This is also a no brainer, the Giants badly need a QB for their future and if he comes out of College and declares for the NFL draft I think he would be the top guy on the Giants draft board. I think they could sit Eli or cut Eli soon seeing how they have really good offensive weapons and can only string out a couple wins. Bring in a new QB who could role out and run with his legs if need be. The Giants could finally be on the right path with a QB like that. Other Picks: Dwayne Haskins, Will Grier, Daniel Jones

8. Bills: N'Keal Harry, Wide Receiver, Arizona State

After cutting both Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes, I see that the Bills are in the market for a WR and N'Keal Harry in my opinion is the best WR available. I think you add Harry and Zay Jones. I think they would be great weapons for the big arm of Josh Allen. The Bills are kind of the opposite of the Giants, they have their QB but not a lot of weapons. The Giants have the weapons but no QB. But Harry would be a great option for their QB of the future. Other Picks: DeAndre Baker, David Edwards, Raekwon Davis

9. Jaguars: Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

If the Jaguars are serious about being done with Blake Bortles, they should show their fan base by cutting him and drafting Heisman nominee, Dwayne Haskins. I've seen many great things out of Haskins and he could be a really good QB in the NFL if he decides to come out of College and play pro ball. He would do great with the O-line that the Jaguars have now and he would play great with Fournette. The Jaguars just need to find some new WR's to play with and they could be back in contention within the next 1-2 years. Other Picks: Will Grier, Daniel Jones, David Edwards

10. Packers: Prospect not selected

Yes, I know many of you are thinking why is it not a S, or OLB being taken here? Well I think with the Packers 3-4 defense, Davis would be a great edge rush on the defensive line and could be a great help to the Packers defense with the help of Mike Daniels. Sure they need a OLB and Josh Allen and Jachai Polite are on the board, but they have a second 1st round pick and I think they could trade up if the wanted to or they could deal it for a veteran OLB. Other Picks: Josh Allen, Jachai Polite, Deionte Thompson

11. Browns: David Edwards, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

Obviously the Browns need a LT as they are trying different things with guys like Desmond Harrison, Chris Hubbard and many others. I think they should go ahead and select a OT before they take anything else. We know that Wisconsin has produced some good O-Lineman like fellow Brown Kevin Zietler, also guys like Rob Havenstein, Travis Frederick, Ryan Ramczyk, Ricky Wagner, and the man himself Joe Thomas. Edwards could be just as good as Joe Thomas and could be a steal for the Browns at 11. Other Picks: DeAndre Baker, Kelvin Harmon, Derrick Brown

12. Buccaneers: DeAndre Baker, Cornerback, Georgia

A CB is needed, there is no doubt about that. They missed last time when they selected Vernon Hargraves. But Baker could be a lot better than him. I quite like this CB class and I think Baker could be a star. The Bucs also need a QB, but I don't know what they will be thinking if they are looking to FA or if they might stay another year with either Winston or Fitzmagic. Or look for a trade. Jacoby Brissett could be a guy they spend on. But Baker is a guy I could see them taking before a QB. Other Picks: Will Grier, Daniel Jones, Deionte Thompson

13. Bengals: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

Their LB core has not looked good in recent years. Burfict is a nut case and I could see him being cut because of that very fact. Malik Jefferson I had as a first round talent and could be a great replacement. I would love to see them finally take that MLB in round 1 and take Devin White and be just Tham much closer to a really good defense. Other Picks: Devin Bush, Mack Wilson, Will Grier

14. Dolphins: Will Grier, Quarterback, West Virginia

After the many injuries of Ryan Tannehill, I could see him being cut and have the Dolphins look to the draft for their QB of the future. With many interesting guys in the draft I could see either Daniel Jones or even Drew Lock going here too. Though I grade Grier higher than both I could see Jones or Lock going here. Grier would be a great addition to a team that looked as though they were going to be rebuilding completely. Other Picks: Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, Jeffery Simmons

15. Colts: Prospect not selected

I expect the Colts to go after defense with their first pick this year. When they were competitive they had guys like Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. Darius Leonard obviously is a great defensive player at the LB position, adding some edge rush like Ferrell would be great and could make the Colts a lot more competitive within the next couple years. Other Picks: Josh Allen, Jachai Polite, Byron Murphy

16. Redskins: Prospect not selected

No one know if Alex Smith will even play ever again, but if he can play it is said that he won't be able to make it by the beginning of 2019. So I think with all the backup QB's that they have it would make the most sense to take a QB in case Smith can't come back you are already planned for your future since Smith wouldn't be with you any more. If Jones plays well then it's a win scenario. I think it just makes the most sense. Other Picks: Kelvin Harmon, Byron Murphy, Mack Wilson


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