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2018 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - Final Mock Draft
Published at 4/23/2018 10:06:25 PM

Well, it's finally here. We're one week away from the start of the draft and here is my last definitive mock draft prior to the big day. I will throw some trades in crossing my fingers that nothing happens from now until the draft. So without further adieu, here we go!

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Round 1

1. Browns: Josh Allen, Quarterback, Wyoming

I honestly hope this is just some smokescreen leading up to the draft, but signs point towards the Browns taking Josh Allen. Thankfully, they do have Tyrod Taylor he can sit behind for a bit, but Taylor's health have never been his best trait. Allen has potential, but his accuracy and experience is a big issue and he needs to sit for at least a season before he is ready or he'll just turn into another Blake Bortles. I do understand why they are making the pick though since he resembles a big body like Big Ben and Joe Flacco whom in division have had a lot of success. He also resembles Carson Wentz who they poorly traded away and now have FOMO over. All in all at least it's a quarterback, but I think it's the wrong one.

2. Giants: Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC

Again, a team is winning off of the Brown's stupidity by landing the better quarterback here. Darnold is the top option with his high ceiling, leadership, arm, size, accuracy, and being a sponge in the practice room. Not to say Allen is not, but Darnold has just all the components that make a quarterback great. Landing here is perfect for him to sit behind Eli Manning to learn from one of the best pros on how to be a great pro in the NFL.

3. Jets: Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma

I think the Jets are going to go be the Jets and make the wrong move by drafting Baker Mayfield. Not to say he cannot play or anything, I just do not see any upside. He is short, but comparing him to either Drew Brees or Russell Wilson is not correct at all. Mayfield is nowhere near as accurate as Brees or intelligent in looking at a defense. Nor is he as athletic as Wilson. If anything he is closer to Case Keenum if anything. Plus, he comes with some emotional baggage that can blow up on a bad Jets team under New York's bright lights. Hopefully, Josh McCown can mentor him on reigning in his emotions.

4. Browns: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

The Browns have their cake and eat it too here by getting their quarterback and running back for the next five years or more. Barkley is a great player who should be a plug and play 100 yards a game type of player. However, I worry about his strength and decision making. He had the most carries of negative yardage in the country last season and hardly ever went of 25 touches a game. Barkley is not the bell cow type back like Zeke Elliott is and more so a bigger version of Reggie Bush in my opinion. Which, makes me think he is not as much of a lock to be a great player like many think.

5. Broncos: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

The Broncos can certainly move up or down depending on what quarterback they want or if he is off the board already. I think they really like Mayfield and if he is off the board they could move. However, a generational pass rusher in Bradley Chubb is sitting here and a pairing with Von Miller is just too good to pass up. The two would help out their weaker secondary without Aqib Talib and give them a safety net if say they cut Miller in a few years for some salary cap space.

6. Bills: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

Trade Alert!!! The Bills give up their 12th, 22nd, and 56th pick of this year and a 2nd rounder next year to move up to the 6th pick.

I think the Bills goofed by not making the move the Jets made since now come draft day teams will know they are desperate to move up for a quarterback. Allowing a smart team like the Colts and Chris Ballard to have them over a barrel getting all the picks they want. Just look at what the Chiefs and Texans gave up last year to move up for a quarterback. Josh Rosen is a very high floor quarterback with the best natural skill in the draft. His health is more concerning to me than his brash attitude. If he stays healthy and bulks up a bit I can see him being in the same vein as Jared Goff if not better.

7. Buccaneers: Denzel Ward, Cornerback, Ohio State

The Bucs could go with Nelson, Ward, or one of the safeties here, but I have them taking Ward here. Not only is corner a harder position to find quality players at. It is also a very shallow position in this draft with many poor quality players after the top few. They desperately need an upgrade over the disappointing Vernon Hargreaves and a future heir apparent to the elder Brent Grimes.

8. Dolphins: Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Louisville

Trade Alert!!! The Dolphins give up their 11th, 42nd, and 73rd picks in this draft and a 2nd rounder next season for the 8th pick.

The Bears could stay here nabbing Quenton Nelson, but they have more needs than just guard so moving down makes a lot of sense. Plus, the Dolphins cannot sit tight watching their divisional rivals land their future franchise signal callers while they are stuck with Ryan Tannehill. Adam Gase is not long for Miami if he has another disappointing season so drafting a quarterback for him to groom can gain him an extra season or two. Jackson is a raw quarterback, but has a ton more upside than Tannehill and could fit well in Gase's system.

9. 49ers: Quenton Nelson, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame

The 49ers would probably be open to trading down, too. However, the Bears pulled the trigger in front of them. Granted they can land Nelson here, but as another young rebuilding team they would prefer more picks. Adding Nelson would give them three former first round guards along with Josh Garnett, and Laken Tomlinson. Nelson would be a major upgrade over them and give Jimmy Garoppolo him another stud blocker to go with Joe Staley.

10. Raiders: Derwin James, Safety, Florida State

The Raiders are another team who can trade down since they need a ton of defensive help, but I doubt they pull the trigger. Especially, with them looking to make big splash moves to build up hype as they move to Vegas. They really do not need to spend another valuable pick on a safety, but Karl Joseph has yet to bloom and their former second rounder Obi Melifonwu cannot stay healthy in his first year. James would be a huge upgrade with an amazing upside thanks to his athletic talent. He would be their new Charles Woodson to build around on defense.

11. Bears: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

The Bears move back and still stand a chance to land one of their key targets. They love Ward, Fitzpatrick, and other defensive backs in this draft, which has me thinking they will focus there on the draft rather than the front seven. Fitzpatrick would be an upgrade over Adrian Amos who is a nice player, but lacks that game changing quality you want in the safety spot. He along with his former teammate Eddie Jackson would give them a nice dynamic duo who can move all over the field. Fitzpatrick is also a coach on the field who can take up the mic for a defense lacking a voice outside of Akiem Hicks who is a tad on the quieter side.

12. Colts: Prospect not selected

Like the Bears, the Colts could take a myriad of players at the 6th pick, but they can fleece a team needy for a quarterback and land a few more lotto picks to landing potential game changers to add to their barren roster. Edmunds to me is the biggest wild card in the draft with how young and inexperienced he is at 19. However, he a ton of talent, speed, athleticism, tackling ability, and versatility to be a key piece on any defense. He should elevate this team's linebacker unit immediately whether on the edge or inside.

13. Patriots: Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

Trade Alert!!! The Pats give up their 23rd, 43rd and a 3rd round pick next year to move up to the 13th selection.

The Patriots have never moved up in the draft before, but they also have never gone with zero answers at left tackle to protect Tom Brady either. Mike McGlinchey is the only clear cut immediate starter at tackle in this draft overall and even then he might be a better pick at right tackle. He does have potential to stay on the left side with his length and top end technique. His athleticism may hold him back, but same with Nate Solder who was never a high end overpowering tackle. If anything I think McGlinchey would be a long term upgrade over Solder.

14. Packers: Vita Vea, Defensive Tackle, Washington

The Packers stay put and land this draft's freak athlete at defensive tackle. Vita Vea is a 350 lb mammoth tackle with the first step and speed on the inside to rival a guy like Aaron Donald. Vea is a game wrecker on the interior and has a high floor similar to Danny Shelton who was a former Husky who was a plug and play run stuffer. If anything Vea has a lot more upside as a developing pass rusher. He should be a key cog to help out the rest of the defense.

15. Chargers: Da'Ron Payne, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

Trade Alert!!! The Chargers move up to the 15th pick swapping their 17th and 84th with the Cardinals.

The Chargers have a generally loaded roster with very little glaring needs overall outside of kicker. I can see them using some of their draft capital to move up and land the guy of their choice to round out this roster for one last push for a Super Bowl with Phillip Rivers. Payne would be an ideal fit in the middle along with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa on the edge. They had the worst starting tackle duos in the league last year and Payne would be an immediate upgrade.

16. Lions: Marcus Davenport, Defensive End, Texas-San Antonio

Trade Alert!!!! The Lions move up to the 16th selection swapping their 20th and 82nd pick with the Ravens as well as a 4th rounder next year.

The Lions are another team with a generally solid roster over all from their o-line to their receivers to the quarterback and to their secondary. Their one glaring need is at defensive end where they have little talent outside of Ziggy Ansah who is on his franchise tag. He could be gone by next year with another underwhelming year or one with more nagging injuries. Finding him a compliment like Davenport can clear out some blockers for Ansah to play better. Plus, this is a weak edge rusher draft so landing Davenport may be a big need for them.


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