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2018 NFL Mock Draft 2 by Ben1511 - 2.15
Published at 3/7/2018 8:47:38 PM

Post Combine Mock Draft 3 Rounds. Free Agency Thoughts to

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Round 1

1. Browns: Josh Allen, Quarterback, Wyoming

The Browns have passed on QB like Carson Wentz, Jarod Goff, and Deshaun Watson this have to be the year they draft a QB. Josh Allen to be is the best QB in this year class. His arm Strength, size, football IQ make him my guy. He struggled with inconsistency and bad passes in college but this could be with the talent he had to play with. If he cleans up his mistakes he would be a great NFL QB and strive in the tough AFC North. Also did u see that 70 yard pass with ease at the combine? That what makes him my number one guy.

2. Giants: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

Sources from the Giants tell us they believe Eli Manning will be there guy for the next couple seasons and they also believe Davis Webb is there QB of the future. If that is true they must give Eli protection and help. Step Forward Saquon Barkley. His combine he had was one of the best for a RB in recent years and that isn't all he has. He can do everything run,protect, return kicks, and catch to. The best RB coming out of college since Adrian Peterson. Pair Barkley with Odell you could have a dynamic offense for the future.

3. Colts: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

The colts grab the best player here and improve there Defensive line immensely. He wont be Myles Garret but his ability to pass rush and get to the QB warrants a top 5 selection. He also can play linebacker if needed

4. Browns: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

A generation talent, Fitzpatrick can do it all. Can cover almost anyone and athletic to do so, he can blitz and play the run game. Fitzpatrick has a great Football IQ that could make him a top player in the NFL. The browns get there QB and Defensive leader of the future.

5. Broncos: Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC

Most likely the Broncos will fail to get Kirk Cousins so John Elway grabs his QB of the future here. Darnold might need to sit a year if they land Case Keenum he might sit, but Darnold if needed will start day one. He will need to fix some mechanical issues, however his Football IQ as well as his clutch ability could make him a star.

6. Jets: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

Rosen to me is the most NFL ready QB and all the negatives about his love for football was put to rest during his combine. A pure pocket passer and can place the ball anywhere only his durability could hamper him.

7. Buccaneers: Denzel Ward, Cornerback, Ohio State

The Bucs take steps to improve there defense with a stud in the form of Denzel Ward. His combine shows his athleticism that he can stay with any WR and his ultra competitiveness will help him against any WR. Could play in the slot if needed.

8. Bears: Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver, Alabama

The best pure WR in the draft. If Ridley had better QB play his stats may look better but he has everything a WR need. He can catch or run any route u throw at him

9. 49ers: Prospect not selected

Still work in progress but everything is there to make him one of the best. The 49ers will upgrade there defense with a man who combines size and athleticism to do everything a LB should. He can cover, go sideline to sideline, blitz. Dream pick

10. Raiders: Roquan Smith, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

With Edmunds gone the Raiders upgrade there heavy depleted linebacker group. He is undersized but is ultra competitive that will allow him compete and do anything you ask him to do.

11. Dolphins: Quenton Nelson, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame

Dolphins get there dream pick with Nelson falling here. A generation talent, a vicious mauler in the trenches and can protect the QB and the RB in space.

12. Bengals: Connor Williams, Offensive Tackle, Texas

Bengals get protection for Dalton here. If Williams can get back to full health and stay healthy his unique skill set and athleticism can make him a top tier tackle in the league.

13. Redskins: Vita Vea, Defensive Tackle, Washington

In a division where the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants with Barkley who all have top tiers running games the Redskins will need to stop it. Paring Johnathon Allen with Vea will improve there run defense. Vea is a beast with scary size, his speed and skill set be a welcomed sight to the Redskins.

14. Packers: Joshua Jackson, Cornerback, Iowa

Packers upgrade there secondary with Jackson. He might not be the fastest but his elite play making ability will help him to make it in the NFL.

15. Cardinals: Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma

With the top 3 QB gone the Cardinals take Mayfield. Most likely Mayfield will sit a year behind a veteran but he is ultra competitive and a great passer even if he is undersized. If he can stop the off field issues and focus on football his drive inside can make him a great NFL QB.

16. Ravens: Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, SMU

The Ravens will try to draft ANOTHER WR again and they get a guy who can be a number 1 option. He has the size and the ability to make tough catches, but he will need to learn some things to become that Number 1 option.


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