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2018 NFL Mock Draft by RTORRES27 - 7.0
Published at 4/24/2018 8:27:32 PM

Thursday is the big day and it is time to make a definite mock. Hope you enjoy

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC

As things stand Cleveland will take a QB with the first overall pick and it will be Darnold or Allen. Darnold has been on the top of mocks for more than a year for a reason, he has all the required skills to become a franchise QB. His average 2017 season made everyone less excited about him because of turnovers but I definetly prefer him than Josh Allen.

2. Giants: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

It seems that NY will not draft a QB and want to draft one of the best players of the class instead of trading down. Barkley could be special and is worth of a top 5 pick. What worries me is the Giants OL, it is really bad and his production could drop a bit. I honestly would prefer a trade on this scenario to improve the overall talent instead of getting a player from a position that could be upgraded by a Day 2 player like Kamara, D.Johnson or Cook, that is cheaper and still good.

3. Jets: Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Reports say that Jets are in love with Mayfield and could take him even with Rosen available. I think that if you like a lot a player you should take him if you have the chance, especially in a key position like QB because you will have to believe in him and insist for at least 3 years. It is like the realation between Bortles and Jaguars, even though he is not a quality QB, the staff trusts on him.

4. Browns: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

This text from this site's mock sums up my opinion. "This is exactly why the Browns should select Saquon Barkley first overall. It's absolutely mind-boggling as to why they'd risk losing out on the best player in the class when they won't be losing out on one of the top three quarterbacks. I could understand it if they had the first and eighth picks, for example, but Nos. 1 and 4 allow them to do the logical thing and go with Barkley and then whichever quarterback is left over (Cleveland likes all three.) "
Taking Barkley would be much better and he would be better in Cleveland than in NY with better blocking and they would still have their franchise QB.

5. Broncos: Quenton Nelson, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame

2 good QBs are avilable but I think that they will trust in Keenum, Nelson is too good to pass. The blocking needs upgrades and altough he is a guard he is the safest pick of the Draft. Nelson has All-Pro potential and is a rare prospect.

6. Bills: Josh Allen, Quarterback, Wyoming

TRADE- There is a high chance that Buffalo make a big move. They have 2 first round picks and need a QB. Also Colts could definetly trade down if Nelson and Chubb are gone.
It seems that Rosen was his stock down and could be only the fourth QB selected. Allen has a big chance of playing for Cleveland but in my Mock he goes to Buffalo.

7. Buccaneers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

They are targetting Nelson or Fitzpatrick and should be satisfied that one of them are available. Bucs take Fitzpatrick to bring a quality player to play alongside 2017 draft pick Evans. There is a chance that James get drafted before Fitzpatrick but I will stick with my last mock pick.

8. Cardinals: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

TRADE- Bears actually have a pretty good roster and are going to be a good pick for breakout team. There is not an ideal player to Chicago with this pick so they trade down.
Cardinals are another team that are likely going to trade for a QB as Bradford is not trustable. Rosen is talented and will improve a lot while working with Bruce Arians, he also will have a legendary WR and arguably the best RB of the NFL to help him.

9. Raiders: Roquan Smith, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

TRADE- Raiders want Smith a lot and swap picks with San Francisco to get him. What an impact a coin flip can make...
Their LBs are horrible and Oakland/LV need an upgrade on the position. I have them taking Smith for the entire offseason as this is a great fit to fill a need.

10. 49ers: Denzel Ward, Cornerback, Ohio State

TRADE - I know that Reuben Foster has some BIG off-field issues and the LB group is not good , but I think that they should prioritize the value of a player. Ward is the best CB of the class and would make a very interesting pair with Richard Sherman.

11. Dolphins: Prospect not selected

Dolphins have one of the worst LB groups of the League with only Raekwon McMillan as a capable player. An upgrade is essential.

12. Colts: Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

TRADE- Colts made the best decision and adquire even more picks to establish their future. If Luck returs he will need to be better protected if he wants to have any chance to become the old Luck again. McGlinchey is the best OT of the class and will be a solid contributor.

13. Redskins: Da'Ron Payne, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The run defense was bad and there is a need at NT. Payne was a monster in the College Playoffs and has the ability to collapse the pocket and is also a good run defender. Matching Payne with his former teamate from Alabama Johnathan Allen would be very interesting.

14. Packers: Derwin James, Safety, Florida State

One of the safeties will drop a bit because Tampa Bay is the only team on the top 10 with a clear safety need. The secondary has been an issue for many years and Green Bay will be delighted if they get a quality player to lead their defense to a playoff push.

15. Bears: Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver, Alabama

TRADE- To improve the overall performance of the offense a new WR is very important, even with Allen Robinson on the roster. Kevin White disappointed and Bears are in a good position to take a risk and draft another WR early.

16. Ravens: Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, SMU

Perrimann can be now considered as a bust, Maclin is gone and Wallace is meh. Even with John Brown and Crabtree another WR is needed.

Picks 1-16


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