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Eric Brown
2017 NFL Mock Draft by Eric Brown - 2.22
Published at 2/22/2017 3:21:51 PM

I'm an armchair QB, but it's fun to put yourself in the "what would I do if I were the GM?

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

No brainer here, Garrett is a freakish athlete. He is the type of athlete that will cause opposing teams to change thier gamplan to aviod him. At 6'5" 270LBS with game-wreaking potential, the Browns cannot take a chance on a QB with t hiss guy on the board.

2. 49ers: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The 49ers need to add lineman on both sides of the ball to become competitive. Allen is a great pass rusher, and run stopper. I dont think Kyle Shannahan and John Lynch want to attach thier careers to a rookie QB from this draft class.

3. Bears: Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU

Chicago has focused on building thier defensive front 7 the past few years, and I expect them to focus on the secondary in this draft. Again I think they pass on a QB in the draft for a veteran free agent. Adams will make thier secondary better from day 1.

4. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

The Jaguars are a young talented team, and I think Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin will make them competitors in the next few years. Last years draft was defense heavy, so I think they fill a major hole on offense by drafting a game changer. With Fournette in Hackett's offensive system the Jaguars now have a dangerous run game.

5. Titans: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

The Titans address thier weak secondary with the number 5 pick. There are two good WR's they could target here but I think the CB position is too big of a hole to fill to pass on a guy of Humphrey's calipar.

6. Jets: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

I'm honestly not really sure what the Jet's QB plan is moving forward, but I know they're not sold on any of thier QB's for the long term future. The Jets are talented enough to get to a competitive state but inconsistant QB play killed thier season. After the season Dak Prescott had I think the Jets notice Deshaun's similarities, and pull the trigger.

7. Chargers: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

The Charger's receiving core has been extremly unreliable as of late with injuries. LA looks to build some solidarity moving forward by drafting Corey Davis, and I think Anthony Lynn will like Davis's big body for run blocking, over Mike Williams.

8. Panthers: Ryan Ramcyzk, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

The NFL lacks talent at the tackle position for many reasons, and Carolina has needed a good tackle for a least 3 years now. Cam hasent been the same since taking a pounding by Von Miller in the Super Bowl. I think Carolina's coaching staff reconizes they need to find help for Cam.

9. Bengals: Solomon Thomas, Defensive End, Stanford

Cincinnati needs to develop a pass rush, and I think Thomas helps them take steps in the right direction. Thier inside pass rush is solid so OLB or DE is a definite priority.

10. Bills: Malik Hooker, Safety, Ohio State

Luckly for the Bills Hooker falls on thier lap at 10. With Aaron Williams potential career ending injury, the Bills must address the saftey position. The Bills will also need WR help but Hooker's potential is too good to pass up.

11. Saints: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

The Saints defense has been struggling for years now, and in the competitive division they play in, good defense matters. The Saints draft a defensive leader in Foster, and hopefully, for Drew Brees sake, they make a little progress to become competitive.

12. Browns: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Hue gets a weapon at 12. The past has told us that the Browns should not draft QB's in the first round of the draft, and after passing on Carson Wentz I think they have learned thier lesson. I think they will adress the QB position in free agency, and Mike Williams along with Terrelle Pryor are some good incentives for a free agent QB.

13. Cardinals: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

In my opinion Trubisky is the most talented QB in this years draft. He's extremly moble in the pocket and delivers a beautiful deep ball with pinpoint accuracy. It's too bad phycical skills alone dont make you a great or even good QB in the NFL. He has only played one full year in college and almost all of his plays were from the shotgun. If he sits behind Carson Palmer for a year or two, he will have a very high celing.

14. Colts: Zach Cunningham, Outside Linebacker, Vanderbilt

The Colts make a smart move here and take the best avalible inside linebacker. Many mock put a running back here but the Colts have too many holes to fill to take a RB with the 14th pick.

15. Eagles: Sidney Jones, Cornerback, Washington

I know the Eagles would love to get Carson Wentz some help here but they have some serious CB problems. Sidney Jones is a solid CB and has all of the physical skills to become a shutdown corner.

16. Ravens: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

As always the Ravens stick to thier drafting fundamentals and draft defense early. Barnett is talented enough to be drafted higher than 16 but falls to the Ravens, good news for his career development.

Picks 1-16


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