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2017 NFL Mock Draft by Devon - 1.15
Published at 1/15/2017 7:06:29 PM

First mock of the year. I will update every so often. I coach football, know football, and like all of us, love football. Hope you enjoy. Feedback in incouraged.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

No one is going to tell me that Jared Goff can be the first pick last year, but Deshaun Watson can't be the first pick this year. It's simple: Cleveland needs a QB, and Watson is coming off of one of the greatest QB careers in college football history, including 2 National Championship games where he torched a defense loaded with NFL talent.

People can knock Watson all they want, but in the end, he's a leader and a winner. He is the best QB in the class and those type of players have a tendency of going number one. Especially when the team picking first has a dire need at QB. Cleveland also had multiple picks in the first few rounds where they can draft quality players at other positions.

2. 49ers: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

This one is hard for me because this team needs a QB worse than the Browns. But it is hard for me to believe that they will take Trabisky considering he's only had 13 starts. They are in a difficult position in not having quality QBs to take as high as 2 so maybe they trade down. But as for now they get the best defensive player and a player many have as the best overall player in Garrett.

3. Bears: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

Maybe a Bears fan can help me out on this one but I still cannot see Trabisky or Kizer going this high. Especially with a player like Allen on the board. The Bears already have a very good front seven and this pick would put them tops in the league in that category. It's my thoughts that the bears will address the QB position in Free Agency.

4. Jaguars: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

I have a feeling that the Jaguars could surprise everyone here and take one of the top Safety's in this class (Hooker or Adams) simply because this isn't a luxury pick for them. Jacksonville is loaded with former top picks that are loaded with potential. Their problem is just waiting for those players to develop. With that being said, I have them taking the next best Pass Rusher in this class. Pairing Barnett with Fowler will give them elite pass rushers for years to come. Allowing them to better deal with Mariota and Luck.

5. Titans: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Many people have Tennessee taking a safety here. As a fan of this team, I just can't see it. Cornerback is where this secondary is in dire need of help. Byard and Searcy have been solid starters, especially with Byard being a 3rd round pick last year and graded out by PFF as their best DB.

With the CB class being one of the strongest this draft, the Titans will choose the final piece of their offense and address the CB position with the 18th pick. They are set at QB, OL, have two outstanding RBs, TE and have 2 quality receivers in Matthews and Sharpe. Williams will be that final piece of their offense allowing them to focus on defense and depth the rest of the draft.

6. Jets: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

Trubisky only has 13 starts under his belt, which is alarming. Every year we see teams reach for a QB and that's what I think this will be. The Jets seem to have 100 young QBs on the roster that haven't worked out. Due to a weak QB class and a very desperate team, Trubisky will be next in line. Hopefully for them, he works out.

7. Chargers: Malik Hooker, Safety, Ohio State

My favorite player in the draft. I wouldn't be suprised if the Bears, Jaguars, or Titans take him, but I have him falling to 7 and the Chargers hit the lottery here. When the ball is thrown deep, this kid has a better chance of coming down with the ball than the receiver does. He's that good. Not only a cover guy, any time you watch OSU, this kid is all over the place laying the wood to somebody. Also scored 3 defensive TDs (should have been 4 but one called back do to clipping on the opposite side of the field). Expect an immediate Pro-Bowler here.

8. Panthers: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

I personally believe Dalvin Cook is the best back in this class, but many feel it's Fournette. Only time will tell, but I do believe that Fournette will be the first Back drafted. Jonathan Stewart is still a very serviceable back but will be turning 30 soon and I know that a lot of teams have a very high grade on Fournette. The Panthers won't be shy on pairing a big power back with Cam Newton.

9. Bengals: Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU

No one knows what's going to happen with Pac Man Jones, but Jamal Adams is a top player in this draft. This draft has two elite players at the Safety position and both are top 10 talents. The Bengals were dismantled by injuries this year on offense. The result is picking #9 overall and they land an elite DB.

10. Bills: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

The Bills have an elite running game and appear to have given up on Tyrod Taylor. Also, a new coach often means a new QB. Kizer needs time to develop and a strong running game to lean on when he does make his debut. Buffalo gives him that option.

11. Saints: Quincy Wilson, Cornerback, Florida

Possibly this drafts deepest position is CB. It will be up for debate as to who is the top of the bunch, but right now Wilson seems to have the edge. The Saints need all the help they can get on defense and have for years. Being able to grab a potential shut down corner would be the smart move here.

12. Browns: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

Another elite corner is off the board. Lattimore only started one year at OSU due to hamstring injuries his first two years. But like Hooker, that's all he needed to prove he is elite. Teams will fall in love with his playmaking ability. Cleveland needs help in the secondary as Joe Haden seems to have lost a step. A pass rusher is a possibility here but I have Lattimore rated higher than any of the remaining pass rushers.

13. Cardinals: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

Another Alabama inside linebacker. It seems like these guys are getting drafted in the first round every year. Foster is the real deal. Capable of leading and anchoring a defense for a decade. Great communicator and vicious, sure tackler. He will help bring that Arizona defense back to elite status.

14. Colts: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

It's no secret that the Colts main priority needs to be protecting Andrew Luck. He's been getting beat up for the past couple of years. Robinson has had some off the field issues that I believe will cause him to fall out of the top 10, but the talent is there. If he can keep his head on straight, he can be a 10 year starter.

15. Eagles: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

Some people have Davis rated as the best receiver in the class. I don't see it that way but he is definitely number 2. A big body, experienced pass catcher that will help Carson Wentz in his development.

16. Ravens: Malik McDowell, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

The Ravens would love to grab a DL here. Thankfully, one of the best in the class falls to the. McDowell is a powerful and versatile player that can slide right into their 3-4 system.

Picks 1-16


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