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2017 NFL Mock Draft by Kyle_Pinkava - 1.1
Published at 1/3/2017 9:52:25 PM

This is my first mock of the season. Please note that there are no trades in this mock and I have only scouted QB, RB, WR, TE, and the front 7. I have yet to get to O-Line, CB's, and Safety. I did rush through some descriptions so there could be spelling and grammatical errors. I do have some guys who maybe should be higher that I will fix next time. If you disagree, share your thoughts.

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Round 1

1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

The Cleveland Browns have the first overall pick in this year's NFL draft and have so many needs. The biggest is probably the quarterback position, which is not good with RG3 and Kessler. But with picks later in the draft, the Browns have to go with Myles Garret, who is a one of a kind prospect who the Browns should take at #1. You can make the argument that they should go for the QB because they have Ogbah but I wouldn't pass on Garrett, no matter the circumstances.

2. 49ers: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

The 49ers are starting over with the firing of Chip Kelly. Unlike some other years, so many teams in this year's draft NEED a quarterback. The Niners have Gabbert and Ponder as FA's and they should just move on from Kaepernick. The quarterback market both in the draft and free agency is extremely weak. For the draft, I like Trubisky slightly more than Kizer, though many others have the opposite. I think Trubisky is a more complete product than Kizer. The 2nd pick is extremely high for a quarterback in this draft but these teams NEED one. If Garret falls to #2 though, I'd take him over a QB.

3. Bears: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

The Jay Cutler era is likely over unless the Bears shockingly bring him back. The Bears have some needs but taking Kizer here is smart. In a normal draft, he would be late first to early second to me but the Bears critically need a QB. Kier arm strength shows to me that he has the potential to be a great QB. His accuracy concerns me a bit but the Bears should still take him.Matt Barkley is not the answer but he may start the season as the Bears starting QB to help develop Kizer.

4. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Yes folks, I got a big surprise coming here.

Leonard Fournette is the best running back in this class who I think is better than Elliot coming into last year's draft and could be the next AP. Many have him going to the Jets and Panthers but I'm not seeing many talking about the Jaguars. The Jaguars should stick with Bortles, especially is this weak QB offseason. I think he needs some better coaching but getting Fournette would take pressure off of Bortles. The Jaguars run game has been dull under the Bortles era as Ivory sucks and Yeldon is not the answer. The Jags would be able to get a running game going with Bortles, which I think would help him tremendously. Jonathan Allen is great but I think the Jaguars are gonna shock some people.

5. Titans: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

The Titans had a great 2016 as they look ahead toward a strong future. There are two needs really pressing for the Titans: Secondary and WR. Cornerback is too high and I like Jamal Adams, but I think Williams is the best call here. I am a huge Mike Williams fan and I think giving Mariota another weapon alongside Richard Matthews will benefit Mariota a ton. Williams size and ability is unreal. Hopefully this Mike Williams turns out great. This pick originally belonged to the Rams before the Titans traded for it last year.

6. Jets: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The Jets awful 2016 season brings them into this offseason with a serious QB need. Though I don't see the Jets going to a QB until the 2nd round. The Jets have a boatload of needs but I think Allen is the choice here. It's already a surprise he dropped and the Jets currently are ok on the D-Line, being one of their lesser needs. However, I think Wilkerson or Richardson will be gone by draft day, maybe even both. Allen is a monster who would seriously benefit the Jets D-Line.

7. Chargers: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Chargers had an awful 2016 season and they may evidently move to LA. They want to get off to a good start and it begins on the offensive line. I think Bosa was a great pick but there biggest need was the O-Line. One again, it's no different. Cam Robinson is the best O-Lineman in this draft but comes in with character concerns. I think The Chargers take the gamble and select Robinson over Ramsczyk and Adams at safety.

8. Panthers: Ryan Ramcyzk, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

The Panthers 2016 season was a big L but they don't have any dead serious need. Offensive Line is the biggest one. I don't believe Ramcyzk is a top 10 pick, maybe not even top 20 but I haven't watched any film on him nor Robinson. The Panthers need to give Cam some more protection and Ramczyk is the best for the Panthers right here though if they actually did, I wouldn't be completely on board. I do predict who each team takes but I may not agree that the pick is the best. There will be some reaches.

9. Bengals: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

The Bengals have a couple of needs heading into the offseason and I think at this point, it would come down to Barnett, Williams, or Adams. Tim Williams and Jamal Adams are sensational but Williams has off the field issues and safety isn't a big need. So I think Barnett fits the fold. He gives the Bengals pass rush some needed youth and is very underrated in my opinion, though Williams is better on the field.

10. Bills: Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU

The Bills are about to go through some kind of a rebuild with GM Doug Whaley leading the way. Personally, I think Whaley should of been fired along with Rex but I don't make that decision. The Bills need a QB but I don't think it's gonna happen here. I originally had Quincy Wilson but I changed it to Adams cause of the great talent the Bills would get out of him. I also changed it because I think Whaley will finally make a good pick in the draft.

11. Saints: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

The Saints defense was better than it was expected in 2016 but still not very good. The linebacking core for the Saints is atrocious. Laurinitus is finished and I am not a Stephone Anthony nor Dannell Ellerbe fan. They could use a CB but I think Rueben Foster is the smart pick here, who is the best linebacker in this class who the Saints desperately need. The future outlook of Foster is tremendous.

12. Browns: Quincy Wilson, Cornerback, Florida

The Browns are back on the clock as they acquired this pick last year from the Eagles for basically Carson Went. The Browns may of regretted not keeping that pick but now they stand at 12 and they ain't gonna pick Watson. I don't even think Hue Jackson is or will be a fan of Watson anyway. At cornerback, Joe Haden is finished already and the Browns need to get someone to replace and going through the draft is probably the best choice. I have not put film into CB's and the rankings for CB's has been all over the place but I am seeing Wilson being the best. I will buy into it for now but after some film, his #1 ranked cornerback holding could change.

13. Cardinals: Tim Williams, Outside Linebacker, Alabama

The Cardinals were my super bowl pick this year.... Now they stand at #13 with their pick and they have multiple options. They could go Cunningham, Davis, Humphrey and some other options but I think they pull the gun and go with Williams. Williams talent on the football field of getting to the QB is phenomenal but his off the field issues are a concern. We saw the Cardinals take Nkmediche with their pick last year. Though that hasn't worked out yet, I can see the Cardinals giving Williams a chance. Chandler Jones is a free agent this offseason too.

14. Eagles: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

The Eagles got Carson Went in a big trade last year and with the trade with the Vikings, they only move down two spots. Not a bad deal. The Eagles have three critical needs WR, RB, and CB - not in that specific order. If I were the Eagles, Carson Went needs more help and he did't have a lot to work with in year one. The Eagles wide receivers need the most help with Agholor and Green-Beckham being a waste of time. Davis isn't quite on Williams level but he is a good fit in Philly with Carson Wentz. I can imagine Dalvin Cook and a CB will also be going through the Eagles front office.

15. Colts: Zach Cunningham, Outside Linebacker, Vanderbilt

The Colts defense has held this team back the last two years and it's time to upgrade. The linebacking core is the worst out of all of it though an argument can be made there. Zach Cunningham makes the most sense for the Colts here with MLB being a crucial need. I was impressed by Cunningham's talent but Foster is better and I think 15 may be a little high but they need him.

16. Ravens: Charles Harris, Defensive End, Missouri

The Ravens have a couple of needs that are glaring and I think it will come down to a difficult decision. To me here, it's either Cook or Harris. Cook has extreme potential to be great but I'm not buying into the Ravens selecting a RB in the middle of the first round. It just doesn't seem right. So they go with Harris, who I like but #16 is a reach. I think the defensive scheme will determine his potential on the Ravens. They have Suggs and Dumervill on the edge who are getting older, so youth is needed.


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