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2017 NFL Mock Draft by NewYorkSportsFanatic9 - 2.0
Published at 12/24/2016 6:01:29 PM

Hi i will be giving weekly mock drafts leading up to the draft. I give in depth analysis as to flaws and strengths of players if you enjoyed my mock go ahead and follow my twitter @CollegeFB_Film as I breakdown players and give my feedback on potential gems and busts. Thank u!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

A recent report came out that the Browns have a ''astronomical" grade on Myles Garrett so I have him over Trubisky for now. When breaking down tape Garrett seemed to make a bigger impact when standing up. He fits the Browns scheme as a 3-4 OLB which is where I think his future is. He creates good penetration and has size and speed that translates to the next level. Would like to see how his combine numbers compare to Khalil Mack and Von Miller. Does need some work in the run game but who cares if he puts up 15 sacks a year which all signs are pointing to. They could be getting the non QB that could make them decent again.

Last week selection : Mitch Trubisky - QB - UNC

2. 49ers: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

Mitch Trubisky doesn't fit the 49ers like Kizer does, but with that being said I don't think Chip Kelly will be back next year. I think Trubisky is the better QB but if Garrett goes 1 than all hell could break lose. Kizer has pinpoint accuracy when his footwork is good and that isn't that often. I prefer Kizer over Watson but I'm not gonna expect Kizer to be the next Dak. He has a lot of promising talents but no one talent that makes you go wow! hers need a qb and I do think Kizer is a upgrade over Kap, but in order for Kizer to win he's going to have to get more weapons on the outside.

Last week selection : Myles Garrett - DE - Texas A&M

3. Jaguars: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

In my previous mock draft I noted I'm not that high on Allen put all signs point to the Jags taking him. Malik Jackson has lived up to his billing so far and they need help getting to the QB. I think they should go O line here but in the ned Allen will be the selection. Allen could be the a force on the Jags young D along with Ramsey and Myles Jack. In 5 years the Jags D could be what the Broncos D is now. If developed right he could be a very good player.

Last week selection : Cam Robinson - OT - Bama

4. Bears: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

The Bears lose out on Kizer but I think they are fine with that knowing Trubisky is still here at 4. Trubisky's tape vs Pitt is the best single game tape from a QB I've watched all year. Trubisky is not a dual threat but is very mobile within the pocket, he has good size for the position and has NFL type accuracy. He needs to work on pre snap reads, a little footwork adjustment as his stance is unique to most quarterbacks, and being able to deal with a bigger offensive scheme. John Fox is good at developing quarterbacks and Trubisky could be really good under the right development plan.

Last week selection : DeShone Kizer - QB - ND

5. Jets: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Fournette is the top player on my board and I have him slipping to the Jets. Some will say draft a QB here but it makes no sense. You all but admit your 2nd rounder from last year has no future with your team. Fournette is Huge, Fast, Quick and has great vision. If anyone is fit to handle the NY spotlight its him, imagine being expected to be the next Adrian Peterson since the day you entered High School. The knocks on him are he can't stay healthy and he's had a down year. I think with some tutoring from Matt Forte he can be the best RB in the league in 4 years.

Last week selection : Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU

6. Titans: Quincy Wilson, Cornerback, Florida

On my board he is my top rated corner over the likes of Jalen Tabor and Adoree Jackson. I really like how the Florida DB's read the QB. They do a great job on it and that is large enpart to why Tabor is a 1st round pick. But Wilson can do way more than that. He is great in press, can play off and make a play, is aggressive when the opportunity presents itself but not overly aggressive where he will get burned. I really like Wilson and think he can really help that Titans lackluster secondary. He does need to become a more sure tackler on the outside though.

Last week selection : Johnathan Allen - DT - Bama

7. Browns: Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU

He is more of a in the box safety instead of a deep zone safety which is why I don't think the Jets will take him. He plays excellent Man coverage, makes big plays and tackles like a linebacker. Some things that I didn't like from his tape was when he would be back like a traditional safety and than have to come up and make a tackle in open space he was inconsitant in doing so. Also very limited film of him playing 2 deep zone which is a concern but has the athletic ability to play it in the NFL. Really like Adams a lot and think Browns will be getting a good one and they have arguably the worst Safety group in the NFL. Can be the leader of there defense as a rookie, yes he's that smart. Single smartest player during the game Ive seen all year.

Last week selection : Jalen Tabor - CB - Florida

8. Chargers: Jalen Tabor, Cornerback, Florida

In my previous mock I have them taking Wilson but I say he goes higher now and they take the other lockdown corner at Florida. Tabor isn't as big as Wilson but makes up for it with elite technique. Reads the QB better than any DB in this class and will help the Chargers secondary immediately. If they can manage to find a safety later in the draft, in 4-5 years this could be a really good secondary.

Last week selection : Quincy Wilson - CB - Florida

9. Cardinals: Carl Lawson, Defensive End, Auburn

Lawson's stock has sky rocketed since my last mock and I see why. He has extreme burst off the edge, sets the edge on runs, and was ranked the number 2 player coming out of high school for a reason. He has had his battle with injuries which is a concern but can be a force off the edge in this cardinals defense. It crazy to list all the names on the Cardinals D and for them to be picking this high. I think lawson can be a easy double digit sack guy with the Cardinals

Last week selection : Charles Harris - 3/4 OLB - Missouri

10. Bengals: Jarrad Davis, Inside Linebacker, Florida

I like Davis a lot, a old school type linebacker. Solid in pass coverage and makes tackles something the Bengals both need. Not really going to find him as a pass rusher but will occasionaly make a tackle for loss. When watching tape on him, Thomas Davis came to mind. If the Bengals can get anywhere close to that with Davis I think they would be happy. He also is the leader of his defense that features 4 potential 1st round picks this year and seems to understand the game very well from film, but has to control his emotions on the field better. Can be looked upon to replace Vontaze Burfict.

Last week selection : Tim Williams - 3/4 OLB - Bama

11. Panthers: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Another Cam in Carolina!!!! Robinson is a great run blocker, Takes good angles on runs and opens up big holes for his back. When he went up against Derek Barnett and Myles Garrett he held his own against both. Shut them down during run plays and did just enough in pass plays. He lacks quickness and I think at the NFL combine he will test poorly in Lateral quickness drills. Can add some much needed help along that Carolina oline

Last week selection : Jabrill Peppers - S - Michigan

12. Saints: Malik McDowell, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

McDowell's film against Notre Dame is impressive. He gets to work against potential 1st round picks on Notre Dames Oline regulary, He is extremely quick and powerful for a DT and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't fall all the way to 12. I think he is a little underweight for his position and adding 10 pounds could really help him at the next level. Other than Myles Garrett and Carl Lawson I think this is the best pure pass rusher in the class. He could go a long way in building this defense back up in the trenches.

Last week selection : Jamal Adams - S - LSU

13. Bills: Jabrill Peppers, Safety, Michigan

The Bills need a spark to there defense and theres no one that provides a spark like Jabrill Peppers. Will improve there special teams right away and can be a impact at Safety for them. I know reports are that Rex Ryan is most likely to leave but if he stays, all i have to say is watch out. if theres any coach in this league willing to put peppers on offense its Ryan. 2 years ago e put Jets D lineman Sheldon Richardson on Offense and gave him the ball. Imagine a Peppers McCoy read option at the 1 yard line, scary. Good get for Buffalo.

Last week selection : Mike Williams - WR - Clemson

14. Colts: Dalvin Cook, Running Back, Florida State

The Colts need help at Rb really bad. Frank Gore isn't the same and calvin Cook can be a huge upgrade. The Colts do need corners but with the Florida boys off the board I say they take Cook. He is good between the tackles and has the speed to bounce it outside. The Colts are a pass happy team, with that being said Cook is a good blocker and has decent hands. I see Cook as being a household name by this time next year. If the Colts go O line in next rounds that would help even more.

Last week selection : Jourdan Lewis - CB - Michigan

15. Eagles: Adoree' Jackson, Cornerback, USC

Jackson like Peppers is a world class athlete. His athleticism bails him out of some times poor technique but overall a good corner. Can play bump & run, has good ball skills and doesn't get lost in zone. Would like to see him improve on tackling. Has gotten beat by top WR's in College Football like John Ross so keep a eye on that, but I think he can be a no.1 corner in this league if he can master his technique, the sky is the limit for him. Can become atop corner in the league and the future of Philly's defense

Last week selection : Adoree Jackson - CB - USC

16. Redskins: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

Foster is the best all around ILB in this class. He's a A+ tackler, best at getting TFL's, and I think fits best in a 3-4 zone scheme like the Redskins. Foster is a better pass rusher than Cunningham and at this point in his career more polished than Cunningham, note* Alabama has a defense full of 5 stars so obviously he doesn't get as much attention as Cunningham on a Vanderbilt team full of no names. Something Foster does need to improve on is his Man coverage skills. He just doesn't look confident in Man to Man coverage. He is a easy target for the shake and bait that leads to a big gain. Thats why I like the redskins here who don't ask the LB's to man up with opposing RB's or TE's. Foster can be the next great Alabama ILB, it seems like they come up with a new stud at this position every year.

Last week selection : Reuben Foster - ILB - Bama

Picks 1-16


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